Saturday, March 29, 2014

What was it?

                                                                                Hank's Pastel Sketch
Image: This sketch was done over a
week-end when Hank started this poetry

I thought I had a glimpse of you
A fleeting moment across the window
Your brother I met a week ago
He told me you might be home
It was going to be semester break
There was likelihood you would be back

It took a toll on me
Even though our campus were
not too far apart
We did not get to meet
We did not get to talk
I was sad thinking about it

You said you had had enough
It was taking too much of your time
I thought at least we could talk over it
We kept at it for that long
What was it, 3 years?

I remembered the one about the cat
The fur fluffy and white
I said I could not see it that well
There was not much of a cat
And you said it blended with
the background which was white
and we had a good laugh
It was fun!

And remember your eyes?
I thought I could see the twinkle
I thought it was a good portrait
But you said I made it look too good
And it was not realistic
Again we had a good laugh

It was a fortnightly affair
And quite regularly
You said you were tired
You had to concentrate on your studies
You had no time to indulge in it
I had to accept it

You had wanted to forget it all
And to destroy everything

I remembered that day
When we both decided
What was it, 30 years ago?

Now we met again after all these years
Yesterday was memorable
Your grandchildren were lovely
Both the little girls were cute

And I was so happy when you told me
You still had them with you
You did not have the heart to do it
And I was glad I too did not do it
as well!

There are things we kept a secret after all….

Note: This is part fact part fiction. Hank used
to exchange through the post little sketches
and paintings with a talented neighbor during
college days

For Claudia's hosting at d'Verse's OpenLinkNight, shared with
Kerry's at Real Toad's  -  where the phrase 'There are things we 
kept secret after' is to be included and Mary's at Poets United's
Poetry Pantry #195


  1. its cool they still had them...i still have mine on my fridge...
    you could see the twinkle he could well.

    thats cool

  2. Sometimes, we hold on to things as they are pieces of
    ourselves that we don't wish to part with even if time passed
    is 30 years..enjoyed this Hank..

  3. The best things are those we hold onto that have fond memories attached

  4. 30 years...40 matter. There are things that will always be special, that hold memories that we can never go back to but that we will always treasure. Thanks for sharing this.

  5. Hank, you are indeed multi-talented! Time passes so quickly when you think about it...and it is good to have things about which we have good memories to look back on.

  6. i keep small mementos when they come with strong memories. its good to reflect on and remember.

  7. So beautifully written! Some things are meant to be kept secret while at the same time they remain sweet in memories. :)

  8. yes precious moments are not for all...only to be cherished by special souls...nicely put up

  9. Hank, this is one of my favourite of your poems! You have written with true authenticity of emotion - the reader shares the hopes and disappointments of the speaker.

  10. nice on meting someone again after so many years... sounds like you had a lovely time together... cool sketch as well... you would love odilon redon - he did lots of amazing pastels

  11. lovely memories brought up to date.

  12. Hank, the link you put in over at PU led nowhere. I could not find the poem you were trying to link, so I linked this one. If it is not the right one, link another. And I will replace it. Happy Sunday.

    1. It's ok, Mary, I must have made some mistakes in linking. Leave it as it is! Thanks for helping out!


  13. touching story, the glimpse into a life, how our relationships may never end, although we aren't in touch...

  14. Memories being good for the soul, evermore!

  15. My favorite poem of your if you allow me to say that. This is so heartfelt and beautiful that whatever part represents the fiction cannot be separated from the text.


  16. Hank you are a very talented artist...beautiful pastel.
    This is indeed a heartfelt warm poem. Your friend seems to be a very nice person.

  17. I liked your sweet and nostalgic poem, and the story you shared. Very nice painting!

  18. Hank, what a wonderful sketch. The apple looks good enough to eat! And it is cool you got together after so many years and both still had the sketches!

  19. This is extremely touching Hank.. and to have them still.. but we all have those histories in the past.. -- how cool to reconnect.. though part fiction.

  20. A perfect slice of life and secrets from days gone by.

  21. Life and its beauty...reuniting and realization each kept secrets

  22. Oh, lovely, Hank! I'm the apple eater too :) and the pastel - my media too :) ~ fun!

    1. That's great, humbird! Be seeing yours too!


  23. I love this one, Hank. I have kept things that hurt me to look at, but for some reason,
    I need to have them.

  24. some things are best when kept for the sake of a smile! :)

  25. Wonderful story, wonderful pastel!

  26. Lovely...The soul-mates made each other feel whole, healed and intact even after so many years! How wonderful...touching. A very emotional poem, Hank. Loved it.