Wednesday, March 19, 2014

We have been blessed!

                                                                                                Attribution: Lucipara
Image: Admittedly We Are Intimidating

3WW : authentic enlist phobia
Poetry Jam:  owls

Sure, we are seldom seen
That’s understandable
As we are nocturnal
We hunt in the dark
But we don’t depend on luck

We have been blessed
We may not have the looks
But we are authentic
For we have adapted ourselves
Coloration of our feathers are dull
That make us almost invisible
Serrated edges of our wings can muffle
its sound that our flight is silent

Invariably our strategy
is stealth and surprise
We don’t enlist support from others
We are supposed to be wise, remember?
We can accomplish it all with flying colors
(pardon the pun)

Besides we are made
to be a lethal killing machine
Don’t get us wrong
It is no phobia
We need to survive like everyone else

Our talons are powerful
Our beaks sharp
We can crush the skulls of rabbits
And swallow whole
For we have been blessed

Written for Thomg's hosting  at 3WW and alan's at Poetry Jam


  1. I once held an owl when living in Spain. Great write Hank.

  2. Blessed they are and they sure are mighty

  3. A powerful evocation of this mysterious bird, Hank! I like the idea that the owl is authentic.

  4. They certainly are apex hunters..old and wise..

  5. I really learned a lot about owls from your poem, Hank!!
    You characterized them well.

  6. great post perfectly describes an owl

  7. You have captured the owl, Hank. Wise, self-sufficient and fierce at times.....I think they are beautiful, in an eery way!

  8. Well done Hank, this really works and i love that positive take on the owl, the joy of creation bestowed.

  9. I like the voice in this Hank. Quite a realistic voice of a beautiful hunter. Thanks for sharing this

  10. they can def be lethal...when they are after their prey...and can be pretty intimidating up close....saw one at one of the fairs i worked this summer and what talons they have...and those eyes....

  11. I think owls are so beautiful, but scary, too.

  12. Hank,

    A tribute to the assets of this most powerful bird. A mysterious feathered night owl!!!


  13. I can hear the owl's voice. Very coool! Once we found the little one in the bushes...and he lived for couple days at someone's home...Respect!

  14. Blessed with scariness. What a thought.

  15. This is a neat take on Poetry Jam's prompt: speaking from the Owl's perceptive - proud, methodical and reasoned.

  16. luv the narrator Owl, so many people have had their say, now you let owl speak

    much love...

  17. An owl is a creature of mystery - beautiful and aloof who will kill to survive. I like this take on the prompts.

  18. that's a great shot ...a majestic picture of the owl..well done Hank..

  19. I loe the voice that gives up seeking to justify killing for a living and turns to the supernatural: "For we are blessed." Indeed.

  20. One of my favorite "Hank Poems."

  21. I love the confidence of owls, trusting in their invisibility. Having been a bird watcher it is amazing to find them when they are sleeping around in daytime and quite confident in their disguise. Great poem.

  22. Hank, loved this! You captured the mystery and gave us great details, owls are wonderful and blessed :-)