Sunday, July 14, 2019

there are strings of stories of lost opportunities

                                                 Attribution: Rajasekharan Parameswaran at English Wikipedia

Image: Regret, an oil painting (here)

the 12 given words:
change grow humility seven listen
string stories plate where sits rain still

change for the better
grow in stature
in all humility
exhorting oneself to move forward

but there is so much on the plate
tugging at one's conscience
seven sisters as potential brides
suitors aplenty
but aren't you moving forward
to stake your bid?

listen hard young man
there are strings of stories
of lost opportunities
where one sits in the rain
not wanting to make the first move

upon knowing later
still gloating!
that sitting still is a decision
indecisive but still a decision

you have the right to it
in not making a move!
it leaves a bitter taste for most times
but one is happy to wait for the next round

not quite
for better or for worse
indecision kills the initiative
isn't it better to decide
and not succeeding
a lesson learned
but instead to sit pretty
happy in fool's paradise

many had decided so
taking pride in being decisive
in not making a decision

Brenda's Sunday Whirl Wordle #412
Sherry's at PU's Poetry Pantry #486

Wednesday, July 10, 2019

listen up, here I am all bound

                                                                                    Attribution: Alexander Technique
Image: Weed Through Pavement (here)

10 of the 12 given words:
listen velvet wrinkles prowl 
doddering (tremble or totter, typically because of old age)
inscrutable (impossible to understand or interpret)
blathering (the action of talking long-windedly)
fifteen daughter alone
junkets (a dish of sweetened and flavoured curds of milk)

listen up, here I am all bound
out of a velvet surface in wrinkled grounds
extending cover from prowling elements
incessantly doddering
through their inscrutable blatherings

are there reasons to believe seeing
a fifteen-year-old daughter
is to be left alone and open to danger
I may be stuck in open space
but my presence is not misplaced
bravely weathering the storm
for young innocents are known
to be open to manipulations
they may fall for even little trinkets
exploited to the fullest with cheap junkets
parents hope and pray for salvation
to court and cover for divine intervention

MMT's Sunday's Whirligig #222
The Sunday Muse for the image - break this week
Marian's at Real Toad's - trinkets

Sunday, July 7, 2019

With bird's eye view keenly

                                                                                          Attribution: Anarhla
Image: Formidable pair (here)

Two of a kind
Contending to be commonly refined
Roaming outwardly 
With bird's eye view keenly
Bidding to pick on doomed victims
Ruling the heavens deemed
As a right a show of force no less
Divinely blessed
Appropriately extended 
Ability of one so wicked
With sharp claws to ensure
Tearing apart at leisure
Be forewarned
(55 words)

Kerry's at Real Toad's -  Art Flash 55

Friday, July 5, 2019

rarely one is spared

                                                                               Author Pankaj Purohit
Image: Unknown Shadows (here)

11 of 12 given words:
rarely, spared, greasy swirling delivering, 
knuckles wanting curb news note
finches (a songbird with a colorful plumage)

rarely one is spared the bother
greasy it may seem swirling in the mind
delivering gestures wither
fears of the unknown in shadows defined

perhaps a knock at the knuckles
to remind the wandering lust to refrain
from wanting ideas for helping to unravel
and curb news that impinges a cluttered brain

just note it down and not to be unduly disturbed
finches flap their wings to register their presence
managing it very well unperturbed
gains to plunder with untold abundance 

MMT's Sunday's Whirligig #221 
Susan's at PU's Midweek Motif  - uncertain times

Tuesday, July 2, 2019

The designs would just turn ballistic

                                                                                                       Artist: Boudin
Image: Incredible sunset  (here)

She liked art as a medium of expression
It provoked her mind to no end
That was the only way she felt the liaison
There was a start so she would not lament
And not bothering on the consequence

She picked a theme to start with the show
It would trigger the process unwittingly
Otherwise she would be stumped to know
A compelling desire for the veracity
It just could not be explained in the flow
Once it got off the ground without a clawback
There was just no turning back

Today it was wriggling in her head like magic
It came in brilliance of something psychedelic
Another time it was colorful and kaleidoscopic
It was easy once the cob-webs cleared up the logic

It could be so hopelessly a chore to fix
That dampened the creative juices
The designs would just turn ballistic
in the mind all confusing and listless
She had been through many times like this
The hazardous recalls of an impressionist artist

Sanaa's at Real Toad's Tuesday's Platform

Saturday, June 22, 2019

Never thought it was a reward

Image: Fighting to Preserve theirTurfs (here)

Gingerly he stepped forward
Steps he took with measured ease
Never thought it was a reward
Doing adult things as they please

Growing up was not easy
Youngsters craved independence
Rules were broken readily
Elders considered a nuisance

Frank's at d'Verse's  - Quatrain

Sunday, June 16, 2019

Two hearts locked in place exquisitely beautiful

                                                                          Author Alice Donovan Rouse (@alicekat)
Image: Two Hearts Locked In Place (here)

What of it?
Reflecting on good fortune snug on a pedestal
When life was of prophetic indications pulsating
Looking to the sky clouds bidding as palatable
A tussle to recollect images of a pretty plaything

What of sweet recollections?
Gracious imaginations with mutual feelings of awe
Boy and girl whispering sweet nothings manifold
Insisting on a sacrifice towards a future together
Warm memories nostalgic in  part but put on hold

What of uncanny acquiesce?
The winter of their life together devoid of fears
Meant for each other a relationship so blissful
What kept alive little anecdotes of yesteryears
Two hearts locked in place exquisitely beautiful

Sherry at PU's Poetry Pantry #483

Wednesday, June 12, 2019

there is a lull in a man's wants

                                                                        Attribution: Chris 73 / Wikimedia Commons
Image:    Desire for Food is a Fulfilment (here)

the 12 given words:
lull, swirlingreflectiongrateful, lips 
tastes certain, give table, fried, chicken  stews,

there is a lull in a man's wants
amidst swirling waters racing under the bridge
on reflection grateful that his lips are sealed
where tastes begin to sweeten
but an uncanny reluctance to push the door open
puts a damper on his initiative

perhaps a certain twist in reality is in order
given the choice right on the table
a fried chicken or pumpkin stews
something savory or something sweet

a decisive take is asked for
a tune for a burning feel
a man's desire needs fulfillment
only a loving wife understands
a straying heart is caught dead in its tracks

Sumana's at PU's Midweek Motif bridge
MMT's Sunday's Whirligig #218

Saturday, June 8, 2019

he plopped down hard with such delight

                                                                                             Author: Carlo Pautasso
Image: Stressed out Needing Refreshment
Upon Arriving Home (here)

the three onomatopoeia words are:
plop howl munch 

it had been such a hard day's night
trudging in slowly through the door
he plopped down hard with such delight
onto the padded chair minus the roar

most times it accompanied the walk
when arriving home usually beaming
very much unlike a fallen rose stalk
worn out then pending sweet dreams

howls of laughter earlier were the mood
munching chomp, chomp at the goodies
the live-wire at the party now subdued
the fast lane could end in such drudgeries

Carrie's the Sunday Muse #59
Sherry's at PU's Poetry Pantry #482

Monday, June 3, 2019

withstand static electricity cancel reactive foresight announce dirty
finial (a relatively small, ornamental, terminal feature at the top of a gable, pinnacle, etc.)
lese majesty (an attack on any custom, institution, belief, etc., held sacred by numbers of people)
crevice (a narrow opening or fissure, especially in a rock or wall.)
stairwell (a shaft in a building in which a staircase is built).
  1. "the stairwell echoed with the sounds of pounding feet

MLMM's Wordle #136

Saturday, June 1, 2019

staring into the barrel of a gun is set to threaten

                                                                                       Author: leosaumurejr
Image: Staring down the barrel of a gun (here)

it may not even be flowing smoothly
nor in the violent nature of a personality
the tread of time is so ruthless that it 
tramples even the kings under its feet

why the necessity to nurse it with care
when it tramples all opposition who dare
is it not all too glaring in the midday sun
to offer none of an excuse to meekly run?

hey! is it not all too obvious seeing the act
of abandoning a cause trussed in a sack?
to accept responsibility is none of a bother
but to win accolades even at risks of murder?

not something to be tolerated in life's blessings
even if clearly caught in the cross-hair fuming
staring into the barrel of a gun is set to threaten
impacting as innocently as a kind of a challenge

MLMM's Saturday Mix – Unique Personality

Friday, May 31, 2019

Lamenting sadly life's woes that easily falter

                                                                                                            Author Vojife
Image: Melting Snow (here)

Extending quickly a reach scathingly beyond
Colorful hues yonder across pristine skies
To hug intently an endearment spellbound
Stepping across yellow daffodils in the wilds

Ungainly steps seemingly over fast waters
That plunge icy cold furiously down below
Lamenting sadly life's woes that easily falter
Into a roaring abyss of melted white snow

Resolute resolution stamps a hard wallop
Determined to pick up the pieces and get on
Pinnacle of lofty goals more than a wild snub
Colorful rainbows and a penchant for a song

Mish's at d'Verse's OLN #244

Friday, May 24, 2019

so why flog the issue unobtrusively offered

                                                                                                 Author:  Jessie Eastland
Image: Impending Doom Permeates the Air  (here)

the sky looked like ink, no stars,
just black; that’s how it began
wither the sorrow to go this far
to accentuate a sadness unplanned

when nature came into the act
perhaps in sympathy to a lost cause
holding on to an occurrence after the fact
but sinister trending without a pause

so why flog the issue unobtrusively offered
just accept it with grace without the fanfare
the sooth-sayers wound down flustered
caught off-guard summer's end none were aware

a peaceful end to a strategy on the quiet
lost in darkness progressing unnoticed
without rocking the boat as when it started
diplomacy as a tool yet no rules were breached

MLMM's First line Friday 
Marian's at Real Toad's - summer's end

Wednesday, May 15, 2019

'Love thy neighbor' no more alive

                                                                                                   Attribution: Toni
Image: Care and Patience
on the Balcony(here)

the 12 given Wordle words:
blocks alley clues insight permit style 
shift siren shoot lights tracks live

Note: It is such a joy looking at
all the greenery reflecting on your
green fingers, Carrie. Hank's take 
here is entirely fiction just borrowing
one of your wonderful pictures to 
spice it up. Apologies, not one 
from Hank's own garden

Two blocks away by the alley
No clues apparent on its origin
But was creating curiosity daily
Mysterious occupants not seen

An insight into their interests
Permitted clues to their style
The balcony provided the first
Colors and greenery were high

There was a shift in the order
Sirens blaring in the dead of night
A shootout suddenly did occur
Powerful lights were shone bright

It was just not easy to keep track
Of how neighbors live their life
Even basic information we lack
'Love thy neighbor' no more alive

Brenda's Sunday Whirl Wordle #403
Carrie's Sunday Muse -  wednesday 
muse #8 garden-spot
Sherry's at PU's Poetry Pantry #480

the crowd is to shield their presence

                                                               Artist: Wilhelm Gentz (1822–1890)
Image: The Father of Cats, riding a camel with saddlebags
full of cats, and a crowd of pilgrims following him (here)

the 12 given words:
warfare, hail pilgrim, disdain falsehood crowd, 
shield tales, obscurereason, crest, roads

it is open warfare
hail the pilgrims
reacting to the glare
of publicity with disdain

not to put up with falsehood
the crowd is to shield their presence
with tales of grandeur to boot
perhaps obscure but with good reasons

on the crest of success
brimming with confidence
leading rightly to  manifest
itself on to roads of credence

MMT's Sunday Whirligig  #214
Rommy's The Tuesday Platform  - going buggy

Everywhere but not a Drop to Drink

                                                                          Author Markus Koljonen (Dilaudid)
Image: The Manneken Pis in Brussels (here)

Note: Not in my elements but one of the elements

Water, water, everywhere
The aftermath of the tsunami
Sadly not a drop to drink
Gnawing on man’s ability
To survive on the brink

Manneken Pis was able though
To target a flow without a miss
He has now female company
In the form of Jenneke Pis
Of the watering hole jargon
Bloody Mary , Whiskey American
Sealed lifelong friendships
At the Long Bar with every long sips

Of Titanic, touted indestructibly
A wayward iceberg was all
That wrought the unthinkable
Long thought to be a casualty
Of the notorious Bermuda Triangle
All the drama spawned a movie
That caught the imagination of all

Arguments may ignite
Between the optimist
And the pessimist
That glass is half full
Nay, it is half empty
Whatever caught the two fools
Both are correct eventually

Oceans occupy three-fourths
Of Mother Earth’s surface
So also Man’s body fluids
But there is no denying
We can still go without food
But without water we are dead!

Gospel's at d'Verse's Poetics - in my elements

Saturday, April 20, 2019

nippy and fast one can never get it easy

                                                                               Author Marko Knuutila
Image: The sneer on their faces (here)

Theme: Animals - R for Rabbits

crocuses pop up early, to inspire true spring joy
deer and rabbits attracted to flowers - are a nuisance
bitter with sharp fragrance marigold keep them out

honeysuckle planted at the fringes known to repel
but once inside tulips bulbs are most vulnerable
flower beds with colors often turned over in the nights

what tough luck to be victims of 'adorable' little critters
added to the woes are the ever-present little squirrels
nippy and fast one can never get it easy to win them all

Magaly's at Real Toads  -  weekend mini challenge
For A to Z Challenge  -  R

Wednesday, April 17, 2019

The Mind Is Its Own Beautiful Prisoner

                                                                                                       Author Raul654
Image:  An Okapi (here)

Theme: Animal  -  O for Okapi

The Mind Is Its Own Beautiful Prisoner
beautiful no less but still very much imprisoned
to twist and shout not consigned to the back burner
struggling to find an outlet with good reasons

to speak its mind hankering on free expressions
not to be throttled or squeezed by the neck
but gluttony of efforts to push forward its opinions
the mind its own energy not under wraps

can one stifle its desire to make its presence felt
a prisoner of conscience holding back its strength
ought to be given space in fairness without regret
likened to the okapi waiting to strike a chime

For A to Z Challenge :  O
Sanaa's at Real Toad's

Tuesday, April 16, 2019

Poetry as an Enduring Fighter

                                                                              Author Biopauker (talk) /J. Dietrich

Image: Early morning Riser (here)

Theme Animals:  N for Nightingale

what is poetry to the poet
an avenue of expression
in a delicate way in concert
with finesse and good reasons

may perhaps be camouflaged
but done within a subtlety of treatment
outlined intellectually supercharged
to bring to great effect dire moments

of truth to be readily acknowledged
painful it may seem but dutifully swallowed
aligned to a Nightingale's dawn message
sweet and tender even if logic disallowed

served its purpose as a fighter for a just cause
to extend a sophistication of word usage
beautifully expounded with nothing lost
but a play in the finest of creative language

Anmol (HA) at Real Toads' -  tuesday platform 
For A to Z Challenge :  N

Sunday, April 14, 2019

regal in its bearing

                                                                                                  Author:  Frank Wouters
Image:  A regal specimen (here)

Theme: Animals - M for Markhor

its unique shape as an obvious attraction
a pair of spectacular spiraling horns
enduring goat on the ledge of mountains
sprightly, agile with quick movements

to the big male species, there are reasons
of practical uses for their crowning glory
fighting for females during the mating season.
to removing of the bark from a tree

it also serves as a historical record 
there are rings on it like that of a tree
indicative of how old is its lot
fascinating specimen regal in its beauty 

Gor A to Z  Challenge  - M
Anmol's (HA) at Real Toad's - tuesday platform

Saturday, April 13, 2019

with ghost-like reflective eyes

                                                                      Attribution - jenny genannt (CC BY-SA 3.0)  
Image: A Lemur (here)

Theme: Animals -  L for Lemur

a primate found only in Madagascar
with ghost-like reflective eyes roaming
coupled with wailing screams from afar
strangely with additional tongue for grooming

done on one another as often done by primates
are strangely found within a matriarchal society
where more control is exercised by females
strangely to source for water on its own ingenuity

eat leaves of fleshy plants to get water it was able
strangely blessed with an intelligence of a higher level

For A to Z Challenge: L
Sherry's at PU's Poetry Pantry #446

Wednesday, April 10, 2019

bee safe pesticides not very safe after all

                                                                                  Author Ferran Pestana
Image: A Honey Bee in the Act

Theme Animals - H for Honey Bee

honey bees  with elements of a destroyer
to humans owing to its deadly stings
but as pollinators for flowers as a savior
a provider of total food of its making

often debated as a subject of ridicule
honey as food in storage for the generation
but is it created out of vomit or poo
that a forager bee regurgitates on its return

a house bee through process of trophallaxis
turning the raw nectar to sweet tasting honey
but a matter of more direct concern
are bee safe pesticides not very safe after all

For A to Z Challenge:  H

Monday, April 8, 2019

its commercial value enhanced

                                                                Author XV8-Cri
Image: A Gerbil (here)
Pet of the Year 2007 in Finland

Theme: Animal  -  G for Gerbil

cute little darling similar to the hamster
but edged it off as the pet of choice
sporting a tail as long as its body
shed off like a lizard's in times of danger
just a common desert rodent
but its commercial value enhanced
boasted pride of place in modern homes

For A to Z Challenge : G

Strangely only half the body is asleep - a Limerick

                                                                                             Author inkknife_2000
Image: Sleeping on one Leg (here)

The colour of the flamingo comes from eating
a type of algae that then turns the flamingo into
the bright pink bird that we are so familiar with.

Theme: Animals -  F for Flamingo

standing on one leg can be pretty tiring
not so as the flamingo is actually resting
the half of the body
not on the standing leg is really
asleep switching later without thwarting

For A to Z Challenge :  F

you must have a small appetite

                                                                                    Author Allan Whittome (Whitto)
Image: The Echidna (spiny anteater) (here)

Of family Tachyglossidae, has a long tongue 
of around 18cm that can whip in and out of 
its mouth at incredible speeds. Apparently, 
they might not be the same as the Old World 
porcupines of family Hystricidae, and of the 
New World porcupines of family Erethizontidae.

Theme: Animals E for Echidna 

spiny anteater, you are fascinating
nature has decided that your diet
comprise of tiny ants
you must have a small appetite
to survive with just swooshes of
your long tongue

it would mean many many swooshes
per anthill or you would have to
look for many, many anthills

Life can be pretty tiring or you may
choose to go hungry - what a choice!

For A to Z Challenge:  E

Saturday, April 6, 2019

runs in the race but never winning

                                                                                        Author: unknown
Image: A Hook-nosed Dodo (here)
a) large extinct flightless bird found 
on Mauritius until the end of the 17th century  
b) an old-fashioned and ineffective person.

Theme: Animals - D for Dodo

dodos like the platypus forgotten
in the separation of land mass found
respectively only in Mauritius and
Australia but the dodos unlike the
latter ended  as a sad consequence
of exposure to early settlers

being flightless most vulnerable easily
likened to the turkey as an attraction
that it became extinct within
a short space of 50 years

now only remembered not in a celebrated
way as a person who runs in the race but
never winning

For A to Z Challenge:  D
Magaly's at PU's Poetry Pantry  -  telling tales 

Thursday, April 4, 2019

How to launder strengths to last longer

                                                                                                 Author Ishai Parasol
Image: A Camel Convoy  (here)

Theme: Animals - C for Camels

To ask for relief on a tired traveler
In a slush trudging in a sea of sand
Following one behind the other
In a long line for miles without a bend

Perhaps to hit an oasis a trite too soon
Melting under the scorch of the burning sun
An option of not many choices of doom
Maybe in spirit the mind spells fun

A sign of not accepting defeat
Where words of wisdom truly thrive
Succulent to the inner self in deeds
Trying times but given to lots of drive

In a land devoid of opportunities
That a desert can offer to camel travellers
Heatstrokes can well be an ailment to see
How to launder strengths to last longer

For the A to Z Challenge: C
Mish's at d'Verse OLN #240

cooperation in the animal world

                                                                                            Author: Charles J Sharp
Image: An African Buffalo (here)

Theme: Animals  - B for Buffalo

an ox-pecker perched gingerly mindful
not to unsettle on a soulmate
having a nose area a larder of live goodies

such is the quiet endeavor in acts
of cooperation in the animal world

the heavy-set  buffalo unperturbed
maligned a little surveying the scene
perhaps with designs to turn itself
into a martyr of sorts fighting
for a cause in friendly relationships

it provides a respite to review its
thoughts without panting in excitement
with negligible distractions to both

For the A to Z Challenge: B

Monday, April 1, 2019

'to hang an albatross around his neck'

                                                                                                Author Duncan Wright
Image: Gibson's Albatross a subspecies
of Antipodean Albatross (here)

Theme: Animals - A for Albatross

seafaring folks are beset with dangers

in their travels praying for kind weather
or alternatively not to invoke
acts of ill-luck on the high seas
the ancient mariner chose 'to hang
an albatross around his neck'
 a senseless act that attracted
immediate retribution

a moral message 'warning against
thoughtless and foolhardy actions
that invoked grave consequences

For the A to Z April Challenge - A

Thursday, March 28, 2019

now lost in thoughts

                                                                            Author Rodrigo Della F├ívera
Image: A Sad Girl (here)

the chosen words:
inseparable afternoon song bowl untried 
teasingly care dust shadows smudge  

just uprooted from the circle of friends
that kept her company in times of loneliness
inseparable most afternoons in noisy rants
forced on alone minding her own business

her loving Dad on transfer on promotion
to a locality far away from the songs and dance
she used to bowl gleefully over in teenage romps
now lost in thoughts groping in a trance

should she try to stir up the hornet's nest
in an untried cause of flirting and flaunting
teasingly uncaringly splayed in  the dust
endowed with good looks naughtily endearing?

coughing off restrictive shadows of doubt
mindful not to unwittingly smudge her Dad's
reputation as a law enforcer she was wrought
with a swirling of questions in her head

Sanaa at Real Toad's
Get Listed - late march edition