Saturday, April 19, 2014

Probabilities do Shock

                                                                     Attribution: Hank's snapshot
Image: Hank with a Whopper

Fishing for high stakes
Probabilities do shock
With luck of the draw

Wants markedly varied
Propensity for success
Not quite ascertained

Stay on the sidelines
Play safe, for happiness not
meant to be gambled

For Chev's CARPE DIEM #452 with prompt  -  fishing

Virtuoso of vital virtues

                                                                                              Attribution: Abrget47j
Image: Boulders on the Beach
cause of Complaints  (here)

A to Z Challenge # 23  -  V for Lots of V Words

Vacated his position
On his own volition
Viciousness of dealing
With various visitors
Volatile in voluminous
Complaints venting
Anger with vehemence
And vengeance

This he found was
In variance with some
Vacationers versed
In variety of versatile
And vibrant conduct

Before he veered
Into vagaries of vain
Venerable vendetta
He chose to venture out

Vamoose so they say
Not vanquished but
Vaulting with verdant
Speed valiant in vestiges
Of vanity and dignity
With valuable lessons
Validated verdant against
A vanguard that might
Verge otherwise into
Veritable voices of  
Insanity virulent of a
Virtuoso of vital virtues

A to Z Challenge

Shadows of Endearment

                                                                               Attribution: Ildar Sagdejar
Image: Shadows of Railings (here)

A to Z Challenge: #21  -  U for Unannounced

Note: A shadorma comprises six non-rhyming 
lines and the syllable pattern is 3-5-3-3-7-5.

How I wished
It did not happen
Sun above
fiercely wrought
shadows of endearment on
heels of memory

Day of reckoning
She just left
Much like the passing winds with
good-byes cast aside

For Gemma's Shadowy Autumn's Walkway
of Shadows Shot Sundays 2,
Straight Out of the Camera Sunday and
A to Z Challenge

Friday, April 18, 2014

Buoyed by the turbulence!

                                                                              Attribution: Nevit Dilmen
Image: A Beating Heart

A to Z Challenge: #20  T  for Turbulence
Na PoWriMo
Quickly's :  Bump

Sunday Whirl with words:
stolen twice water rocking bridge 
aches mess open sway sink sharp limb  

Stolen again I did fear
Twice before it had happened
Much water had flowed under
Rocking the bridge to no end

Still felt all over, the aches
Buoyed by the turbulence
It created such a mess
Open secret of some relevance

It did sway and nearly did sink
A sharp rebuke was of no effect
Caused weakening of the limb
Inflicted more than just a smack

Stolen again it was most vulnerable
A pretty lass this time around
Stolen again without scruples
My heart as yet to be found

A to Z Challenge

Sincerity in Friendships - A Rubaiyat

                                                                                              Author: Brandon Shapiro
Image:  Two U.S. Air Force Thunderbird F-16
Fighting Falcons executing a precision
acrobat technique, March 23, 2014, at
MacDill Air Force Base, Fla

NaPoWriMo #18
A to Z Challenge: #19   S  for Sincerity

Note: A Rubaiyat  with an AABA rhyme scheme
While  keeping a 10 syllable count on all lines
as an option

Seeing double and testing one’s visuals
High up in the clouds very unusual
Two Fighting Falcons in reversed stacking
Working up to something sensational

Reminiscent of two friends together
Extending friendship of feelings so dear
Come what may trusting in one not lacking
But relationships sustained forever

The feelings of heavens opening up
Keeping sincerity of the heart
Giving way that easy not relenting
Tightly in one’s grasp and ever so hard

NaPoWriMo #18
A to Z Challenge

The Magpie had Landed! - Tan Renga

                                                                                             Attribution: David Friel
Image: The Magpie (here)

NaPoWriMo: #17
A to Z Challenge:  #18   R  for  retrace routes
                                                  and resting required
in the backyard
the rainbow in the birdbath breaks -
a sipping Magpie                     (Kristjaan)
a savior for all to see
bless the human heart so true    (Hank)

in the backyard
the rainbow in the birdbath breaks -
a sipping Magpie                     (Kristjaan)
stop awhile for tired bones
season’s  journey overland       (Hank)

in the backyard
the rainbow in the birdbath breaks -
a sipping Magpie                     (Kristjaan)
Migrating birds retrace routes
and resting required though      (Hank)

Note: A Tan Renga comprises a 5-7-5 of one poet (Kristjaan)
combined with another of a 7-7 (Hank)


Thursday, April 17, 2014

Quick to Avoid!

                                                                                      Attribution: H Krisp (CCA 3.0U)
Image: Odd Man Out (here)

A to Z Challenge: #17   Q  for Quick
3WW  -  animate impassioned  pervert
CARPE  DIEM:  balloon

Indications of
animated gathering
created for all

Made up his mind not
part of the equation and
quick to avoid them

Impassioned plea to
be left alone but foiled by
perverted conduct

Noise ballooned to a
crescendo imposing  hurt 
feelings on others

Thomg's 3WW and Chev's CARPE DIEM
NaPoWriMo  #17
A to Z Challenge

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Prospects of a Good Swing

                                                        Attribution: Mango Leaves by Phyllis Galembo
Anthony Desmond's hosting at d'Verse Poetics: The Photography
of Phyllis Galembo

NaPoWriMo  #16
A to Z Challenge: #16   P  for Prospects of a Good Swing

Quickly # 16 with Prompt:
To choose  6 words from a given list
and to spread them out one per line.
The chosen words are:
awful buried doubt reason continues curious

It was just awful  to think about it
He buried himself under lots of mango leaves
Doubts still lingering in his thoughts
It was not open to reason
But he kept saying, …’a bad golfer continues to practice..’

There were curious stares
He just could not help it
He was ashamed of his bad drives
He needed to get himself camouflaged
The leaves were a good form of disguise

NaPoWriMo  #16
A to Z Challenge: #16
Quickly's # 16

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Outlook on life

                                                                                          Attribution: Aneta Kaluzna
Image: An Opening for Reflection (here)

A Terza Rima comprising 3 stanzas and one
line with rhyming structure of ABA-BCB-CDC-D
and maintaining a 10 syllable count for each line

NaPoWriMo: # 15
A to Z Challenge: #15    O for Outlook

A          Look to the future a peek now perceived
B          None can be denied but one’s destiny
A          Dare say clamoring lots to be achieved

B          A look at life reveals some infamy
C          But care to deny is sad episode
B          Released tensions under close scrutiny

C          Lest allowed to simmer may just explode
D         Responsible beings where are you now
C         Outlook on life to unfairly unload

D         Not likely but stamp it hard with a vow

For NaPoWriMo to be shared with A to Z Challenge

None Are Aware!

                                                                                     Attribution: Jon Sullivan
Image: Not many aware of what bees do exactly

NaPoWriMo: #14 The Prompt:  To write a poem
comprising questions except for the last line
A to Z Challenge: #14     N for None Are Aware

What life has to give?
What soul has bared it all?
What of the moon?
Is it so delicate that cries its heart out?
Can the wind not extend its helping hand?
Is mankind so helpless?
Is mankind not concerned?
Is man so distanced from it all?

What’s eating him?
What is he ranting about?
Anyone knows how he got here?
None are aware?
And all of you are clueless?

Is he the same guy?
The one dating the beautiful lady next door?
The lady who had left town for good not many days ago?

No wonder he has gone bonkers!

For NaPoWriMo and A to Z Challenge 

Monday, April 14, 2014

A Masters Champion

                                                                                                                                           User: Mbrooks
Image: Augusta National Golf Club Hole # 10 (here)
A to Z Challenge #13   M for Masters Champion

The 28 out of 30 words used:
glory rights song pay pallid scurry
vision drudge towers, sight crow
black kinks dancing green spiral
belly grows powers broke spell simple
myth ripple nose say brother bed

Bubba Watson at Augusta right on song
The glory of it all, US Masters champion
Struck pay dirt a cool USD 1.62 million
For a 4 days' work last week-end

Others pallid scurried drudged all along
But Bubba had in his sight a vision
Black crow dancing above made no kinks
On his game as he towered over them

His ball did bite the greens while others
went belly up, spiraled and struggled
His game grew with powers endured
and he broke the spell with a simple
3 under winning score

It was no myth and it caused quite a ripple
For winning the Masters twice in 3 years
Bubba Watson could safely thumb his nose
And say, ‘oh brother!’ and went to bed
with a broad smile!

Note: Bubba was US Masters Champion
in 2012 and now again in 2014

For A to Z Challenge shared with
Miskey's hosting at We Write Poems Wordle #14
Kerry's hosting at Real Toad's Open Link Monday

Sunday, April 13, 2014

A Human Pyramid

                              Attribution: Raimond Spekking /CC BY - SA 4.0 (via Wikimedia Commons)
Image:  Cheerleaders during the final
match of the American football competition
of the World Games 2005, Duisburg  (here)

A to Z Challenge: #12 :    L for Limbo
NaPoWriMo #13

Sunday Whirl Wordle #166
11 out of 12 words used:
briefly chant deeply gaudy papers 
tumble porcelain wrists limbo swear turns 

Briefly the chant is deeply recognized
Dressed in gaudy attire shrieks and
shouts in the beginning laughter and
hoarse throaty cries at the end

A human pyramid is a special effort
And featured in the morning’s papers
is a bonus though they do take a tumble
like a pack of cards or if unlucky like
porcelain pieces on hard surface

Sprained wrists may put them in a limbo
But they swear they should take turns to
be atop the pyramid and hailed as
the darling of their team

Photo Credits:
Photographer: Raimond Spekking
License: cc-by-sa-4.0

For Brenda's Sunday Whirl Wordle
A to Z Challenge and NaPoWriMo

Saturday, April 12, 2014

Kaleidoscopic and Colorful

                                                                                                       Author: Nadjas
Image: Movements of Colors (here)

A to Z Challenge: # 11:    K for Kaleidoscopic
NaPoWriMo : #12
Poetry Pantry #197

Found Poetry Review:      A Sonnet
This is a Shakespearean sonnet of 14 lines with
a rhyming structure of ABAB CDCD EFEF GG
comprising 3 quatrains and a couplet while
maintaining a syllable count of 10 in each line

A Kaleidoscopic and moving briskly
B Hues of bright rainbow colors and patterns
A Forms and shapes subject to changes lightly
B Fulfilling desire to be even

C Life is in tandem with changes secured
D To accord variety of nature’s best
C All the more enticing to the distraught
D Exposure rewarding to one’s own quest

E Can one be faulted for being cheery
F Of character good natured and well placed
E Always be brainy and one of beauty
F Not one to let loose but deep in solace

G A love entwined ideally so divine
G Accorded respect and trust well refined

For A to Z Challenge and FPR Oulipost #12 ,NaPOWriMO #12
and Poets United Poetry Pantry #197

Friday, April 11, 2014

A Sneer on Offer

                                                                                                Hank's Pastel
A to Z Challenge: # 10  -  J for Jeer
PPF : A Pastel on  A4 Dark Drawing paper

A jeer and a fear
A sneer to offer
One’s mere presence
Signifies extreme provocation

A wry smile
A sly foxy smile
Not to anyone in particular

Unflinching unruffled
A trait sinister of bother
Staring into another is disaster

Reminiscent of contention
Of conflict resolution
Though reluctant
but seemingly buoyant

For PPF and A to Z Challenge

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Ingenious and Ingenuous

                                                                           Attribution: Stefan Krause

Image: Introduction of Oxygen lighted the Filament (here)

A to Z Challenge: # 9 :   I  for Ingenious and Ingenuous

Is it stumbs
(is there such a word?)
Or is it stumps
A pair of words that gets
one stumped

Or is it to stumble
(there is such a word!)
To fall head over heels
and end up in a blob
Or is it remnants meaning stumps
of a broken tooth or tree branch

Utterly confusing
When it comes to spelling!

Is it ingenious
Being clever to no end
Intelligent,inventive and resourceful

Or is it ingenuous
Being naïve,innocent and artless
An easy target for a con man

Where one is blessed with a
photographic mind
Just a glance at the word
Is enough to determine
Whether its spelling is right or wrong

Otherwise it is akin to a situation
Where one is writing at the
Whiteboard in front of the class
The spelling is correct but still
It appears incorrect
Unless viewed from a distance

Utterly confusing
When it comes to spelling!

For A to Z Challenge

Haven of Hope!

                                                                                         Attribution: Pierre Dalous
Image: Waiting and Hoping  (here)

A to Z Challenge: #8  H - Haven of Hope

horrendous harrowing has hateful 
hellish  heinous  horrid harbinger hail
hospitable house haltingly haven hope

horrible listless moody  -  3WW

Not only horrible but horrendous
A harrowing experience to say the least
Why has it to be so hateful
It’s hellish!

Listless and lethargic it is unsettling
Moody and very depressing
Why has it to be heinous
It’s horrid!

But wait!
A harbinger of good fortune
Hail hospitable house
Haltingly a haven of hope

For A to Z Challenge and 3WW

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Golfing Enthusiast, Pro Advised!

Image:1  Azhar barely 11 years old in 1998. This was taken at Sacramento, California.
We were joined by a local resident for one round of golf

Image: 2  Azhar practicing his irons recently at the Driving Range. He is now a lanky
6-footer at 26 years of age. Very good coordination! The club is parallel to the ground
on the back swing

Image: 3 A shot from the front. The left hand straight,eyes on the ball. The right
leg pivoted to the ground and the left leg balanced. The club parallel to the ground
at the top of the back swing!

A to Z Challenge: # 7  -  G for Golf Enthusiast
# 1390 on the list

Unlike other impact games of soccer
hockey, cricket,tennis you name it
We often wonder
The object balls are all hurtling
when it is being kicked or hit
But not golf!

The golf ball is stationary
It does not move
So says the Golf Pro
So it should be easy to hit.
No, it is not!

It is a precision game
Highly technical
More mental than physical
But the physical needs to
be addressed and perfected first

For that, one must be Pro advised
Golfers must start with a Golf Pro
Only then the swing is perfected

My son Azhar was 9 years
when he was put through a rigorous
routine with a Pro

He held his own at Sacramento
And did creditably well

When Pro advised
The swing stays for a life
One enjoys the game
That's the aim!!

It is feasible!

                                                                                          Author: Biswarup Ganguly
Image: Raw Chicken Egg without Eggshell (here)

fabric facade fervent faction faithful  
faltered fallacious feigning  forestall  
flagrant fiasco forage frivolous frenzy
finesse  flustered feasible famished

A to Z Challenge: #6  F for Feasible

Fabric of his imagination
Maintaining a facade with
the fervent hope of creating
a faction of faithfuls

He faltered a little questioning
fallacious rumors feigning
to forestall a flagrant default
from a fiasco of sorts

A forage into frivolous ideas
worked up to a frenzy can
develop finesse of a kind
Raw chicken egg
without an eggshell
It is feasible

Am I flustered?
I’m famished!

Note:  The white eggshell has been removed by dipping
a normal chicken egg into vinegar for 48 hrs (Wiki)

For A to Z Challenge

Monday, April 7, 2014

A Kangaroo Crossing - MF

Image: Courtesy of Grandma's Goulash

Humans are not fair
Provided a 'roo crossing
but it is dangerous.
We yearn for one with
gates like a rail crossing
Is it too much to ask?

(140 Characters)

Linda at Grandma's Goulash, Succinctly Yours week
#159 challenged us to write a Micro Fiction of not exceeding
140 characters and to include the word - yearn

Slowness as a fighter

                                                                                   Attribution: Tulane PR
Image : Microscope use

We Wordle #13:
35 words used out of 36 words given

embryonic, borrowed, turtle toothpicks,
fighter, hatching, jagged, ripples,
unwrapping, fatness earlobes microscope,
almonds,stockings, shame, songs, color,
snapshots marshmallows, pine, sap, dissecting,
snakes, coastal, leaf, record, books, homing
emaralds,roots,unseen, lemon,aura,lame, birds

Embryonic in his thinking
He  borrowed from the turtle

Slowness as a fighter
Hatching strategies jagged in nature
And unwrapping a fatness of earlobes
with ripples of songs and color

He retained snapshots of items
such as toothpicks,marshmallows,
and lemons

Those subject to dissecting under
the microscope like snakes and birds
would need a homing device unseen
to attract them

Perhaps a pine sap from coastal regions
could offer some help

A leaf off the record books
An aura lame as it were

What a shame!

For Irene's hosting at We Wordle #13

Sunday, April 6, 2014

Diamonds in the Sky!

                                                                          Attribution: Brian0918
Image: Diamond Animation (here)

Sunday Whirl Wordle #155
The Words are:
barrier diamond detail power tough swing 
pleat strap tough waterfall zip suspend unit

A barrier to thinking of diamonds in the sky
It is a bother with a detail of power analysis  
It is a tough decision making process

To swing a pleat of straps is far simpler for
a feedback than a waterfall cascading of ideas
That can zip any sane thinking mind

Suspend the unit for the moment!

For Brenda's hosting at Sunday Whirl 

Saturday, April 5, 2014

The Cat!

Image: Hank's  grandson, Nabil together with his
mother Qaty. This pic was taken when he read one of
the poems during Hank's book launch last year (here)

Note: Hank's grandson came over to the house and saw
Hank working on a poem. Nabil started to hum something
Hank then encouraged him to continue and he ended with
one all by himself: (including his parting note) Took him
about 20 mins

Upon completion he said, 'I want it to be a little funny'. I think
he has the makings of a witty poet - all at the age of 9 years!

One day,
A sunny one,
I went to play
With my water gun.

I shot a cat,
It got mad.
It chased me after that,
I screamed for my dad.

Below Nabil's philosophy as a parting note:

Note from Nabil: To make a poem I say take it from imagination or reality. In reality, you might face a situation that rhymes. In imagination, make it up for example, my poem. I use imagination. What about you? 

For Kerry's hosting at Real Toad's Open Link Monday

Cute Little Fella

Image: A Slow Loris (here)

A to Z Challenge: # 5  E for Endangered species

NaPoWriMo: Day # 4

Endangered species slowest
growth rates among mammals similar
to its size

Akin to lemur
Being small makes it very
acceptable as pets

Typical slow movements
Will remain still most times
cute little fella

For NaPoWriMo To write a lune (American haiku)
of a 3-5-3 word stanza
A to Z Challenge

Friday, April 4, 2014

A Good Drive

                                                                           Hank's Acrylic Painting
Image: The Stance for Addressing the Ball before the Drive

A to Z Challenge # 4 -  D for Drive 

Comes the day of determination
One is often advised of the claim
Of prospects of reconstruction
If absent for too long from the game

When one is talking golf
So says the Golf Pro
The Drive should not be off
The Golf Pro should know

The first shot as evidenced
The beauty of a good Drive
Will boost the golfer’s confidence
That keeps the game alive

Expensive Drivers  make a difference?
No, nothing in that direction
Just  avoid lay off for too long
That should be a better option

For A to Z Challenge shared with PPF week 4

Thursday, April 3, 2014

Charmingly Happy!

Image:1 Adura, Shadah and Hafidz in front of the General Electric's Attraction

Image: 2  Hafidz posing with the Epcot 'Golf Ball' in the background

NaPoWriMo:  Day # 3  -  Charm

Sunny Florida
Here we are!
Magic Kingdom and Epcot Center
It can't be better
It is going to be fun
An enjoyable one!

Note: Today Elizabeth wants a rhyming charm. Hank
created a simple one above together with a Free Verse below

Sunny Florida and it was all enthusiasm
Way back many years ago
Hank was driving the rented car
Hank’s loving wife Shadah sitting in front
Our King’s pair, Adura and Hafidz
Sitting at the back

Nothing could stop the excitement
They had charmingly got both their
parents ( Hank and Mrs) to
head southwards
They were charmingly happy!

We had lodged at Kissimmee upon
arrival the evening before
That morning we were headed
towards Disney World barely a few
kilometers away

Then it happened!
The car behind was having its lights on
not flashing  but on
it seemed odd

When it got nearer the passenger
on the right flashed out a card
It was a signal for Hank to stop
It was a Police Car!

I was not speeding
never breached 55 mph
I had followed faithfully
the traffic signs
What could be wrong?

An Officer came to the side
Hank unwound the car windows
He started writing for what looked
like a ticket

Then looking stern but with a tinge
of a smile he asked

 A rental car?
This is a ticket!
Why officer?
No not for you. It’s for the rental
Company. They would have to fix
up the tail lights. The signal was
not flashing when you were taking
the turn just now!
Thanks officer

Phew! What a relief!
And the officer was charmingly polite!

For Elizabeth's hosting at NaPoWriMo and
Mary's at Poets United's Poetry Pantry 

Twisting and Turning!

                                                                                                        User: Cropbot
Image: She Looking Directly at her Feet (here)

A to Z Challenge # 3 :  C  for Contortionist

She came on like you and I naturally
walking the catwalk every bit a model of stature
She stood upright looked around
She smiled as you and I but a lingering smile

Was there something sinister to happen
She stood still, still smiling

Then it happened slowly..very slowly
The right hand came round from the back
from just above her rump and she pulled her left hand back
and both shoulder joints seemed to bulge
and there were gasps
A quick twist around and she was herself again

She raised her right leg above directly over her head
Then both hands around it which was still acceptable
as most ballerinas could do the same
Then she came down slowly on one leg
She turned around laid supine
Then twist back again and raised both legs
and brought them down 
until the toes touched the floor in front of her head
There were gasps again!

So it went on with different kinds of posture
her supple body lithe and alluring
twisting and entwined into knots
that one just could not imagine could
happen on stage

She twisting and turning quite relaxed
While the audience were gasping with their
hearts thumbing and hands to the mouth
most times

It was an enjoyable evening!

Note: Claudia wants emotions to be conveyed
but not directly saying!

Written for A to Z Challenge and shared with Claudia's
hosting at d'Verse MTB; Emotions in Poetry

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

exhibit of choice

                                                        Attribution: News International Newspaper
Image: Current UK Newspaper (here)

Oulipost # 2

Pretext of life time
Prolific feeble trivia
Felt a trite cheaper

Warped uproar forward
Verbal exhibit of choice
Cordial cavalier

Replete with rapport
Prim proper embroiled with love
Waiting for whim

Note: A lipogram is a text that excludes
one or more letters of the alphabet.

To write a lipogram to exclude the title of one’s newspaper
The chosen newspaper is  -  the Sun

Submitted for Oulipost # 2 Lipogram  (Newspaper Titles)