Monday, May 23, 2016

debts to society

                                                                                         Attribution: Steve Johnson
Image: Soup Kitchen for the Homeless (here)

Note: Sacrifices involve too many minds of those committed to their cause

The Prose
Sacrifice as one understands it involves the offering of animals fruits or food. This is in particular reference to religious beliefs such as Judaism’s Korban and the Muslim’s Qurban. Live animals are sacrificed in ritual killings where portions of the animals are later distributed to the poor

Sacrifice more as of choice were the heroic exploits of Japanese pilots in WWII. They crashed their planes in hara-kiri fashion onto their targets to inflict maximum damage.. Another was the ultimate act of suttee which was imposed rather than of choice ( a widow’s sacrifice at her husband’s funeral pyre) which had since been banned.

On a personal basis was Sir Timothy Berners-Lee’s insistence not to profit from his invention of the world-wide-web ‘which is rather for the benefit of mankind’ he said. One could not ignore that of Nelson Mandela’s who did away with any thoughts of vengeance against his detractors or that of the Dalai Lama’s who soldiered on. To round off was the sacrifice of the world’s biggest philanthropist  Bill Gates of his billions!

The Poem (tanka)
11 of 12 given words:
bell gloss itch spring track lost 
mission sense willing stand pay 

Does it ring a bell?
To gloss over past glories
Itching to spring forth
To back-track and not moving
forward. It is a lost cause!

Mission in life is
better served with sense of pride
Willing to take a
stand with debts to society
paid off with sacrifices

For Toni's at d'Verse Haibun Monday #14  -  too many minds
MLMM's Sunday Whirl Wordle #252

Ancient Ninja’s power-play

                                                                          Attribution: un amigo
Image: Ninja (here)

one step outside
the temple gate, it’s Japan --
a tea picker's song   -    © Tagami Kikusha
done with tea ceremony
dazzled by intricate steps    -   ©  Hank's

one step outside
the temple gate, it’s Japan --
a tea picker's song   -     © Tagami Kikusha
mixture of modern times to
ancient Ninja’s power-play    -    ©  Hank's

For Chev's CARPE DIEM  -   Tan Renga Challenge:
"one step outside" by Tagami Kikusha

Sunday, May 22, 2016

Sprawled Spring's brightness

                                                                                        Attribution: Gerald England
Image: Nature's brightness (here)
Nature's rights
Spring's brightness sprawled
on mankind though not
all got same benefit 
Limits of locations and
seasons imposed some restrictions
So also political conflicts
Sunshine savored was not equitable

For Mary's Poetry Pantry #303
Victoria's Etheree at d'Verse

Friday, May 20, 2016

Turning over a wild horse

                                                                                              Attribution: Waugsberg
Image: A Spanish Walk (here)

the 12 given words:
lucid (very clear and easy to understand)
lisp (to speak falteringly, childishly)
lope (run in a relaxed way with long strides)
gravel heel 
wile (intended to ensnare or deceive)
hoop (a circular object : a large ring)
rave rant pent acid
rasp (to speak in a way that sounds rough or harsh)

Turning over a wild horse is no mean feat
Lucid in manner even lisp to a fault
Just so confidence is established

Loping around leisurely within the paddock
Not even disturbing the well-grained gravel
Or across the field digging the heels
No wile  maneuvers or intimidating hoops to be used
Rave and rant of pent-up frustrations
and rasp in a manner of speaking
are all an absolute no-no

Just to create rapport of partnership
The underlying acid test of success
Is when the going is easy
Horse and trainer can understand each other

For grapeling's at Real Toad's  -
get listed with the given words

Thursday, May 19, 2016

Chasing the dream of fools

                                                                                  Attribution: Mario Sarto
Image: Brilliance of Diamonds (here)

All that glitters is not gold
How often one had been told
Chasing the dream of fools
Hoping to strike it cool

Wherefrom the urge to hasten
Getting elements of value that glisten
Not gold but a ommon path to accomplish
Rendered by a grand wish

Of getting their hands full
Untold riches pristine in bagfuls
Not aware of hidden diamonds
The unlucky ones could only lament

Smart ones  exploited the opportunity
Striving hard not to depend on charity

For MLMM's  Tale Weaver #66: -  all that glitters

Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Had dreams giddy in heights

                                                                           Attribution: Guilhem Vellut
Image: A Homeless Soul (here)

the 10 of 12 given words:
fetid (having a strong, unpleasant smell)
filthy faces empty home vow streetcar broken  
twilight (a period when something is ending)
gritty (harsh and unpleasant)

3WW given words:
enchanting fanatical giddy

Filthy fetid face hidden
Man in his twilight years
Empty of promise without a home
Made a vow fanatical in his resolve
Not to bother his relatives
But to hang on alone

Had dreams giddy in heights
Enchanting but suspect in execution
Taken for a ride not in a streetcar
but in foolhardy schemes
to end up broken
gritty and unfulfilled

MMT's Sunday’s Whirligig #60
Thomg's 3WW #480
Marian's The Tuesday Platform

Monday, May 16, 2016

Green gardens reflect grand efforts - a Quadrille

                                                                         Attribution: : A.Gundelach
Image: Flowers of Colors (here)

Green gardens reflect grand
efforts.Gadgets can ensure the
success of green fingers. Green
with envy detractors can only
gape at the gargantuan task of
grappling with gardening tips
True grit and gumption and
immersed in grime without
grimace or gripe is the answer
(44 words)

For Grace's at d'Verse -  Quadrille #9
and to include -  green

Seeing sustenance of love life torn apart

                                                                             Attribution: Vicki Nunn
Image: Love is Bliss (here)

To write on:
Love of beauty is taste
The creation of beauty is Art

A measure of wanting to court rapport
A resurgence of yearnings of the heart
Recluse of a person sliding in the flow
Seeing sustenance of love life torn apart

Unflagging appreciation of her beauty
Remained unscathed despite the odds
Unrequited and unleashed it tore readily
Unruffled beauty awaited to be thawed

Could it be resolved lashed by creativity
Pulverized and socked into submission
Galvanized into images of intrinsic simplicity
Not to be bewildered drained of frustrations?

For Sanaa's Dash of Sunny Prompt Nights

Sunday, May 15, 2016

The last he remembered was being helpless

                                                                                       Attribution: Rennett Stowe
Image: Sad-looking Cousin (here)

12 given words:
hung burning enter white made less
last fish flowers cloth took screen

Head hung low it was a burning question
It had as yet to enter his cluttered mind
White with rage barely moments ago
Made to look less guilty but not quite
The last he remembered was being helpless
Like fish out of water no garland of flowers
But a piece of cloth covering his head

He took exception when told his sibling
Was given preference over him
Many were screened for the position
He was sad just could not stomach it
Why they preferred a younger person?

For Brenda's Sunday Whirl Wordle #251
Mary's at PU's Poetry Pantry  #302

Saturday, May 14, 2016

Life but a little boring

                                                                                          Attribution: Fibonacci Blue
Image: The Ashley Rukes GLBT Pride Parade had over
100,000 spectators the largest in Minneapolis.  (here)

A Tanaga of 7 syllables each with
an AABB and ABAB rhyming scheme

Sitting alone insisting
Life but a little boring
Spice it up go for the kill
Good poems measure of skill

Winds of opportunity
Rarely will pass by two times
Some people seize them early
Politicians come to mind

For MLMM's  B&P’s Shadorma &
Beyond – tanaga, revisited

Friday, May 13, 2016

Blessings of a promised land

                                                                                              Attribution: Svend17
Image:  Beewax is capped off the honeycomb
before the pure honey can be extracted (here)

taste of nature -
sweet blackberry bushes
sing to child and bees                         ©  Sara McNulty
melody sailed through the winds      
on this beautiful Spring day                ©  Hank

taste of nature -
sweet blackberry bushes
sing to child and bees                         ©  Sara McNulty
tempting honey-comb wonder      
blessings of a promised land               ©  Hank

For Chev's CARPE DIEM Tan Renga
Challenge with Sara McNulty's  'taste of nature'

Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Wrestled with his conscience

                                                                        Artist: John George Brown 
Image: Survival in the Streets (here)
(oil on canvas)

the 11 of 12 given words:
wrestle evangelist angel bless bewildered touching 
beyond waxing cunning fleece gymnast

3WW given words:
damned cherished babble

Wrestled with his conscience
The evangelist in him wanting
to take a more playful stance
of an angel freely floating

Blessed  his soul bewildered 
but touching beyond the damned
Waxing his ego in a conceited
trait surly in a cherished radiance
but cunningly imposed without
misgivings of his intentions
He could babble away an assorted
yarn that fleeced at the imaginations

Quick thinking not unlike a gymnast
tumbling, jumping to hold their attention
a talent honed as a street smart
waif left to his own as an orphan

Like a bird freely swooping
he nudged a living without offense
only as much as a righteous means
of a mechanism of self- defense

For MMT's Sunday's Whirligig #59
Thomg's 3WW #479
Sumana's at PU's Midweek Motif  -  bird
Gayle's at d'Verse Open linkNight

Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Dainty little feet gracefully treading - a Haibun

                                                                                               Attribution: Oleg Oprisco
Image: Tethered and not Unlike a Ribbons Routine
MLMM's Photo Challenge

                                                                               Attribution: 阿圆
Image: Ribbon - rhythmic gymnastics  (here)

The Prose
During a ribbon routine, smooth and
flowing movements are expected. It
requires a high degree of coordination
to form the spirals and circles.

The Poem
Dainty little feet gracefully treading
Elegance of a display vibrant and vibrating
Swashbuckling madness a narrow space sprinting
Or on a 4-inch beam hopping ingeniously balancing
Nothing is impossible to work hard enough alluring
Chasing the elusive perfect ten so infuriating

Remember her, the petite Nadia Comaneci
The First Perfect 10 at the Montreal Olympics
Who did it not once but six more times
To the consternation of the crowd charmed

Her supple body lithe contorted but swiftly moving
At the uneven bars tumultuous tumbles swinging
Dissipating movements jumps and gyrating
Or with grace of a prima-donna just plainly walking

So it was done in gymnastics before
Still perfect for a versatile competitor
So there is no telling that a ribbons routine
Can still aspire for a perfect ten just the same

For MLMM's Photo Challenge #112 and
Bjorn's at d'Verse Haibun Monday #13  -  walking

Monday, May 9, 2016

sadly he had missed the boat

                                                                           Attribution: Martin Nikolaj Christensen
Image:A nice couple on a 
very old Fucsia plant  (here)

a dream in a dream
sand slipping through old fingers
autumn leaves turn red                              © Georgia
how best then to sieve through time
to dream back to the past?                         ©  Hank

a dream in a dream
sand slipping through old fingers
autumn leaves turn red                              © Georgia
sadly he had missed the boat
his old flame now just as frail                    ©  Hank

For Chev's CARPE DIEM Tan Renga Challenge
of Georgia's -  autumn leaves turn red 

Sunday, May 8, 2016

The mass media as opposed to the social media

                                                                            Author: André Gill 
Image: Self Censorship is Better (here)

11 of 12 given words: 
mass flow news chants rants 
road map block bit show trance

The mass media as opposed to the social media
Current phenomena causing lots of unpleasantness
Opening to public view the nasty side of people
Communicating is fast of unfettered exchanges
Flow of news unheeded unchecked with no thoughts
of maintaining any semblance of good behavior

Sowing hate messages under privilege of anonymity
Chants and rants defying risks of character defamation
is common place absence of a road-map found wanting

Self censorship to block such omissions is advised
No easy way of enforcement a bit of a problem
A show of being responsible is very much lacking
Many seems to be in a wicked trance just not bothering

For Brenda's Sunday Whirl Wordle #250
Mary's at PU's Poetry Pantry #301

Saturday, May 7, 2016

His soul trampled with torment

                                                                                                 Attribution: T.Voekler
Image: Irresistible aromatic scent (here)

It tugs at the bones when it does
Pushing through the sheath covering
the nose so fast
To withstand an aroma hovering

But resurgence of her presence
A retribution to remind
him of her absence
To bring to his senses so defined

Missed the scent ostensibly the scent
But he missed her most
His soul trampled with torment
How shabbily and petrified in remorse

Inconsiderate excursion to a young mind
Reacting too fast regretting, now within his confines
Lesson learnt that the next time
As elders said so, must first count to ten

For Sanaa's Prompt Nights  -  nothing
more memorable than scent

Friday, May 6, 2016

Way to learn when it burns

                                                                                Author: Play Among Friends Paf
Image: Happiness Among Friends (here)

Credit to:
My candle burns at both ends (Edna St. Vincent Millay)

What a handle holding a candle
Way to learn when it burns
Having a spat still wondering at
The loath triggered by both
Among friends that’s where it ends

For De's at d'Verse MTB : The Golden Shovel Form

Thursday, May 5, 2016

Desirous not to renege on their agreement

                                                                            Attribution:  Ed Yourdon
Image: 'Let me tell you a secret' (here)

Furtively clawing away in the darkness
Keeping an eye on every little movement
Smirking in his heart quietly with awareness
Desirous not to renege on their agreement

Likened to harbor guilt feelings unperturbed
Still a softened stance kept gnawing in his bones
Should not let them down he felt disturbed
This looked like a fight to be borne all alone

A life and death venture a betrayal thwarted
Could not fathom others were thinly principled
Kept his mouth sealed in secrecy not a doubt
Him alone to bear the burden without a ripple

For Susan's at PU's Midweek Motif  -  secrecy

Wednesday, May 4, 2016

ghostly stumps standing as apparitions

                                                                                                      Attribution: Mish
Image: Arid countryside (here)

Sunday's Whirligig's 12 given words:
think sound light beneath force send 
falling little rain marvelous water blind

pleasantly surprised to think that the
absence of big city sound and lights
can still mesmerize the inner loss of
direction within the arid lands beneath 
the dryness and force of heat 

ghostly stumps standing as apparitions
in the shadows to send shivers to the
unaccustomed falling to imaginations
of how a little rain can make a difference

but if it would be marvelous to grapple
with deprivation of clean water and blind
adherence to the hustle and bustle of
the absurd city life

being choked with man-made noise
pollution smog and dust of city streets
the arid south-west is a welcomed respite
to escape from the ills of the rat-race

For Mish's at d'Verse's Poetics – Sentiments
of the Southwest
MMT's Sunday's Whirligig #58 and
Marian's The Tuesday Platform at
Real Toads

Tuesday, May 3, 2016

The moment of truth came to light - a Quadrille

                                                                                    Attribution: Takashi Hososhima
Image: Easter Eggs Ice Cream (here)

8 of 12 given words:
yearning boundless grace 
silken fire moment light eggs

Yearnings for the boundless energy
that used to grace the catwalk in bright
silken dresses fired up her desire to
reduce her waistline by skipping lunch

The moment of truth came to light
when liking for eggs put paid to
any pretense of reality
(44 words)

For Brenda's Sunday Whirl Wordle #249 and
Toni's at d'Verse for a Quadrille not
exceeding 44 words to include variants
of the word 'skip'

Monday, May 2, 2016

Investing in intricate encounters

                                                                                              Attribution: Le.Loup.Gris
Image: Courtship at its intense moment (here)

Infatuated by the infectious
smile but infantile in thoughts
with an inability to resist.
An interference to man's thinking

An inference of a weakness
intensely inadequate and abdicating
the strength of purpose of wanting
to be the right partner in love

Investing in intricate encounters
hoping for success appears remote
but certainly worth the fun
(55 words)

For Kerry's Flash 55 Plus
at Real Toads and
Mary's at PU's Poetry Pantry #300

Saturday, April 30, 2016

Thanks so much for the wonderful company!

Image: Survivor T-Shirt

Z for Zap and Zoom in ABC of Sports

Whew! Finally Hank made it through
An A to Z April Challenge survivor
With a right to the survivor's gear T-shirt
forthwith till the next round next year

This being the last one on the plate
Hank takes the opportunity to reflect
on what it had been for the month

First off, thanks so much for visiting
Aside from the regulars who commented
first or who returned comments on receipt
of Hank's we zapped each other for
the duration most wonderfully

There are also the new friends who are
on Hank's blogroll now to be zoomed in
whenever they make an appearance forthwith

Hank's only regret is not making more visits
to many of the new ones and for being late
or even missing out on returning few comments
Hank will make amends on those missed and
to visit some of those not visited earlier
to add on to the blogroll list

Thanks so much for the wonderful company
It was a hectic month there's no denying it
but worth its weight in gold! Ciao!

A to Z Challenge
(Apologies for using Zap and Zoom. Hank could
not think of more appropriate terms than these)

Friday, April 29, 2016

It has always been a numbers game

                                                                                      Attribution: Jonathan Bowen
Image: The Blue plaque at Iffley
Road Track, Oxford, England (here)

Y is for Yardstick in the ABC of Sports

It has always been a numbers game
Targets are meticulously set and pursued
Records also relentless pursued and broken
What do happen in between are all spiced up
with the drama befitting of keen competition

The hours of sweat toil and sacrifice are
not seen but instead the accolades or the
disappointments are apparent in their reactions

That is the beauty of targets that are universally
graded as in the case of ju-jit-su or tae-kwon-do
One must aspire along the ascending grades from
a white belt through blue along the way to black
that they are readily accepted internationally

Other self-defense methods cannot hope to progress
as far as they lack such accepted gradings

There are then other personal targets in all sporting
activities that are all the more relevant in ensuring that
one can outrun or outdo others in similar activities

Records on the other hand are there regal in stature
to goad the aspirants in testing their prowess

The sub 4-minute mile stood proud and thought to be
'invincible' until Bannister surpassed it and nobody
took notice thereafter that it had gone lower and lower

Sadly though in the pursuance for honors there are
cheats who take it upon themselves to stoke and
abuse their muscles with drugs
They have no consideration or thoughts of the
adverse consequences to their well-being
or to the spirit of sportsmanship

A to Z Challenge

Thursday, April 28, 2016

It is just that they are not readily seen as often as other folks

                                                                                 Author: Four Tildes
Image: A Sumo Wrestler (here)

In the Little Oxford Dictionary there are only
xenophobia, Xerox, X’mas X-ray and xylophone
Not much to work on and nothing ‘sporting’
either. One can check on X-men or X Files but
still are short of sports. Hank decided then to talk
of the big guys just so we are still talking sports

X for XXXL the Big Guys in ABC of Sports

One may think they are not the glamour kind
They may heave-ho heavy stuff across the field
The hammer, shot putt and perhaps discus throwers
Bulky, unwieldy hunks who we gather might stumble
anytime that one may find them sprawling on the ground
But there are well-proportioned muscular guys though

They might appear formidable, menacing frightening
and even wild that one avoids crossing their paths
They make themselves seem to be bully-like ready to thumb
anyone near with their powerful legs like sumo wrestlers

We are told they are gentle folks who can cup gently
a furry kitten in their hands without crushing them
It is just that they are not readily seen as often as other
folks to make them appear alien and life threatening
beings best avoided and not to meddle with at all

This is understandable as presumably they too do not wish
to venture out of the house too often that they are not seen
Who would want to as they need space of three persons
at least just to sit in a restaurant like other folks

But the good thing is that they bring in medals sometimes in
successive Olympics as once they are champions it is not
easy to dislodge them. They are true champions in their
respective calling and are a gentle and friendly sort of guys

A to Z Challenge

Monday, April 25, 2016

Already made Asian Games

                                                                                                       Attribution: Mh
Image: Wushu with weapons 
(dao, a broad sword) (here)

W for Wushu in ABC of Sports

Wushu is both an exhibition and a full-contact sport of Chinese
martial arts. Competitive wushu is composed of two disciplines,
taolu (forms) and sanda (sparring)

Taolu involves martial art patterns and maneuvers for which
competitors are judged and given points. The forms comprise
basic movements (kicks, punches, balances, jumps, sweeps
and throws)

Sanda is a modern fighting method and sport influenced by
traditional Chinese boxing, Sanda appears much like kick
boxing but includes many more grappling techniques (Wiki)

Lethal graceful moves
Already made Asian Games
Not the Olympics

A to Z Challenge

Sunday, April 24, 2016

There’s one here munching!

                                                                                              Photo: Tom Chambers
Image: Courtesy of Mag #312 (here)

V for Venison in the ABC of Sports

Little Girl’s soliloquy
“Ooo love it! Isn’t it nice?
Venison for dinner
The hunters came back
empty-handed last year!

This wild one happened to sneak
in a while ago when no one was around
A whole living one

Uncle Joe and the other hunters
Had gone into the woods
They had gone a few days now
It was their annual sports
event of small game hunting

But where had they been
There’s one here munching!”

Munching Deer’s soliloquy
Wayward hunters we
turned the tables on you
Done this before at your neighbor’s
It worked wonders
The men-folks were not seen
The coast was clear

You had no venison last year
little girl and neither again this year
For we would leave well in time
before the hunters' return
We cleverly hoodwinked your neighbor
last year and it worked very well

Perhaps they would shop at Wal-Mart
for lamb shoulders instead

For willow's Mag #312 at Magpie Tales

Saturday, April 23, 2016

Hear ye countrymen lend me your ears

                                                              Attribution: Internet Archive Book Images
Image: The Bard (here)

U for Understanding the Bard in ABC of Sports

Apologies: 1 This is not sports as such 
but perhaps just take it sportingly

Apologies: 2  To the Bard for putting some
light moments to his serious drama and tragedies

In the early part of his ‘career’
‘Scarface’ made a show of his benevolent nature
'Rob the rich and give to the poor'
Like Robin Hood an icon of folklore
Perhaps calling himself  Robin the Hood was better
Not wanting to miss out on a golden opportunity
Perhaps he could also blurt out 
‘all the world’s a stage let’s rob it!’ silly
Thus the beginnings of the Chicago big rout

Rather not to dilly-dally much of the time
to be or not to be is NOT the question
Just do it for all it takes if it is not a crime
A good cause is never wrong

Where art thou?  Juliet lamented
Missing her beau waiting to be escorted

I want nothing more nothing less
I demand my pound of flesh

Hear ye countrymen lend me your ears
Have won at New York have no fears
As a politician I come not to bury Caesar
But to build a wall south of the border

Et tu Brute?

For Kerry's Let's Tip our Hat to the Bard 
at Real Toads who suggested to approach the
topic of "things Shakespearean" in a different way
Mary's Poetry Pantry #299 at Poet's United

Karl and Nik of The Flying Wallendas - a Haibun

                                                                                                     Attribution: Porterlu
Image: The Flying Wallendas 7-Man Pyramid 2005 (here)

                                                                                      Attribution: kevint3141
Image: Nik Wallenda on a tight rope from Medieval
Fare to Wonder Mountain at Canada's Wonderland (here)

for Tight-rope Artists in ABC of Sports

The Prose
The Flying Wallendas led by Karl comprised a daredevil stunt team, most known for high wire pyramid acts without a safety net.

In 1962, while performing at the Shrine Circus at Detroit's State Fair Coliseum, the front man on the wire faltered and the pyramid collapsed. Three fell to the ground, killing Richard Faughnan, Karl's son-in-law; and nephew Dieter Schepp. Karl injured his pelvis, and his adopted son, Mario, was paralyzed from the waist down.
Other tragedies included that of Karl's sister-in-law, Rietta, who fell to her death in 1963, and his son-in-law Richard Guzman who was killed in 1972 after touching a live electric wire while holding part of the metal rigging. Nonetheless, Karl decided to go on. He repeated the pyramid act in 1963 and 1977.

On March 22, 1978, during a promotional walk in San Juan, Puerto Rico, Karl Wallenda fell from the wire and died. He was 73 (Wiki) 

The Tanka
A family act
Dare-devils on high wire
Without safety nets
Had its share of tragedies
Never had been an act since

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Friday, April 22, 2016

Success or failure rest solely on their individual efforts

                                                                                                   Author:  dimi15
Image: The Grace of Fencing (here)

S for Solitary vs Team Players in ABC of Sports

Sports and games are subject to individual preferences
One can excel in solitary pursuits or be part of a team
The mental attributes of the person will impose its will
on the type of games they want to get involved in

Those who excel in golf tennis fencing among others
push hard their personal best in their bid to win honors
They abhor contact games and are happy at their own pace
Success and failure rest solely on their individual efforts
In life they prefer research related jobs or if gregarious
by nature a sales job where individual flair is an advantage

Those who shine in team games are more compromising
in attitude and rejoice in contributing towards team success
In life they are patronizing in a good way giving a helping
hand most of the time and are less inclined to be selfish

In recruitment of staff successful football or hockey players
are preferred to golfers or tennis players for the same reason
Players of team games can contribute better towards team
success in their working environment than individual champs

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Thursday, April 21, 2016

Grand designs in the water

                                                                                                    Author: Jon Sullivan
Image: A Lotus (here)

Dares to be different
Grand designs in the water
Extends its domains

A flower sneaks out
Little insects bid welcome
Regal dignity

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