Wednesday, July 23, 2014

An enjoyable read!

                                                                                               Attribution: Alan Walker
Image  Chadwick Hall 
In the distance are the Hardwick New and Old Halls. The 'new' hall was built for the Countess of Shrewsbury between the years 1591 and 1597. The new hall was the inspiration for Chadwick Hall in D.H. Lawrence's novel, Lady Chatterley's Lover  (here)

Note: Lady Chatterley's Lover is a novel by D. H. Lawrence, first published in 1928  An unexpurgated edition could not be published openly in the United Kingdom until 1960.The book soon became notorious for its story of the physical (and emotional) relationship between a working-class man and an upper-class woman, its explicit descriptions of sex, and its use of then-unprintable words. -  Wiki

3 WW:  liberal profane quarrelsome

One really cannot be sure
Liberal attitudes had impacted on
writings in no small way

Not too long ago
There was even a notation
'Lady C Unexpurgated' version
was available in the market
The 4 letter word suddenly appeared
in print and the book had now been
accepted as acceptable

Fast forward to the present
What does one sees these days
Profane language previously
frowned upon are now common

Sexist, blasphemous violent
words spewed without recourse
nor conscience by young and old
alike.More often these are 
quarrelsome, antagonistic and

It is common that one ends up 
with an argument arising from 
a tactless remark

In blogosphere there seems to be 
a gallant and concerted effort  
for everyone in maintaining a clean 
slate in most writings. In gives
undoubtedly an enjoyable read

For Thomg's 3WW

Sunday, July 20, 2014

Sunday Whirl - Creature of the Forest

                                                                                    Attribution: Greg Hume
Image: A Sumatran Orangutan

The words are: creature forest jump hangs magic hum 
passions thrive storming swarm without while words

A creature of the forest
It jumps hangs and swings
Slow in movements but like magic
it can be expected to cover
much grounds roaming
the jungle

Much is expected of it
Much endangered specie
that thrive on its own prowess
to survive

They swarm upon each other
In friendly banter
Without words all
the while maintaining passions
as a human in all mannerisms
and body language, storming,
shrieking or lying lazily with a
A daily afternoon siesta.
That’s the orangutan

For Brenda's Sunday Whirl #170  -  a Baker's dozen

Saturday, July 19, 2014

Innocents were those who had suffered!

                                                                                         Attribution: Kevin J Tosh/civ
Image: Training to be killers
or victims of war (here)

conflict but innocents were
those who had suffered

Can their conscience be
cleared by pointing fingers at
others in the fray

Initial reports
showed vital evidence at
crash site were tampered

No winners in all
conflicts except the sick few
who designed them all

For CARPE DIEM #519 - in loving memory of
the recent Malaysian Airlines tragedy and
PU's Poetry Pantry #210

Coming of spring

                                                                                       Attribution: Daniel Thornton
Image: Early Spring (here)

Peeping out giving
way last traces of white to
the lustre of green

Refreshed feel making
a bee-line for the new dawn
to everyone's joy

For CARPE DIEM #518 with Basho's  - has Spring come?

Friday, July 18, 2014

Cherry Blossoms but what a wonder!

                                                                                          Attribution:  Arria Belli
Image: Cherry Blossoms in Japan (here)

the old-lady cherry
in bloom: a remembrance
of her old age                                -   Basho's
given it was a fleeting
moment but what a wonder!           -  Hank's

the old-lady cherry
in bloom: a remembrance
of her old age                                -  Basho's
blossoms of pure whites refreshed
all to be young hearts again             -  Hank's

For Chev's CARPE DIEM Tan Renga Challenge #43
Basho's 'the old lady cherry'

Thursday, July 17, 2014

It was not for the squeamish!

                                                                                           Attribution: Mahbob Yusof
Image: Albino Burmese Python at Zoo Negara (here)

It laid in there motionless
Not the slightest movement
It seemed formidable and menacing
In its own quiet way
A slight odor was detected
The floor surface of the cage was wet
Perhaps contributing to the smell
It did not seem to bother
With so many pairs of eyes
Observing and wondering
More out of curiosity
For it was quite rare
To see an albino snake
Despite being colorful
It was still not for the squeamish

But it was still not for the weak hearted
who empathized with its fate
This was not  in reference to the snake though
But rather a little mouse with subdued eyes

Both the snake and the mouse
Were occupying  the same cage
Not overly excited of each other
But it was co-existence of sorts
The snake leisurely bidding its time
And the mouse in the same spot
For the past few hours and seen
To be shivering to no end
Knowing naturally by instinct
It owed its life to the snake
At the snake’s own leisure and pleasure

Note: Hank checked in at a hotel in Jakarta
years ago and spied upon an albino snake
in a cage together with the condemned mouse
It was at one corner at the reception lobby
Most probably it was a ‘prop’ to attract customers
Plainly a sick marketing ploy

There could have been other mice which went
along the same road in the cage before the current one
Laws on cruelty to animals obviously were lax
perhaps not enforced strictly or were even absent

For Poets United's Mid-week Motif - World Snake Day

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

It happened that very night itself

                                                                                               Attribution: Rbalmonia
Image: A large Civet Cat (here)

3WW : Fraught  Honorable Nocturnal
Poetry Jam:  Unexpected

I wish to recall an episode which seemed hilarious now
but not when it happened not too long ago. It was panic
stations and all hell broke loose. It started off innocent
enough when my daughter Azlin suggested we should
take a break considering it was the school holidays in two
month's time. That many months to arrange for everything
was a little tight but as most holiday plans, given to too
much planning might get botched just as much

Even so it was too late in the day to get the best of
choices and we finally settled on a not too known
a place. It was by the sea but close to the jungle fringes
We decided on a week's vacation at a small resort with
sea-side sports activities but with the bonus of jungle
trekking and fishing thrown in.

My loving wife Shadah had reservations initially as a jungle
environment would be fraught with danger of roving wild
animals snakes and all. I just brushed it off as a mother's
natural tendency of added caution, an unnecessary worry
We arrived in the late afternoon enough to have a glimpse
of the sea and the accompanying sea breeze tugging at
wisps of our hair. A wonderful time on the morrow was
eagerly awaited.But what a surprise, for the excitement
did not wait for morning. It happened that very night itself

We had retired for the night and snugly in bed snoring
away. Suddenly there was a din in the kitchen, a lot of
banging, knocking and sounds of things falling and
broken plates and pans. This went on every few minutes
We were housed in a 3-room chalet and the kitchen was
the back portion. My son Hafidz went to investigate but
was held back by Shadah. It could be robbers and probably
armed, she cautioned. It could not be as robbers would not
give themselves away I countered.

We called security and a young man, John came by
sneering made a show of bravery and walked confidently
into the kitchen. Things were strewn about dented or
broken. By this time a few of the neighboring chalets
had awakened and stood around wondering what happened
John looked around and declared things were under  control
They would do a clean-up in the morning and all would back
to normal. Shadah then asked John whether it was safe to
pull back the curtains to let air in as a pot of spilled curry
was emitting some kind of odor.

The kitchen window had wire-mesh so John said it was safe.
He made a move to the window and was just about to pull
back the thick curtains - then it happened!

It jumped out from behind the curtains on to John's face.
John cried out and rushed for the door.He missed a step
and his face smashed against the door itself. Everyone
else did the same and rushed into their rooms.

The whole resort was now all awake. Some of the
other guests came armed with sticks to see if they could
help. John in the meantime was cowering in the hall his
face with scratches and blood was all over

The honorable thing for the management to do for which we
appreciated was to have our family transferred  to one of their
suites at the main building. We were there for the whole week.
John was given a few days off but he met us before we left
There were still old scars on his face and when he smiled
there was a toothy grin - on account of two missing teeth
in the front.

He explained it was a civet cat that got trapped behind
the curtain because of the wire-mesh. A nocturnal creature
it was more frightened of John than we had imagined. It was
not a dangerous animal but it was an unexpected visitor which
managed to get in but not able to get out on its own!

For Thomg's hosting at 3WW and Gabriella's at Poetry Jam

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Sitting quietly lost in thoughts

                                                                                              Attribution:  LaurMG
Image: Frustrations at his Desk  (here)

Sitting quietly lost in thoughts
Blank look traveling in space
Unperturbed to hankerings of the lot
Lips sealed spewing ideas in a rage

Cornering all resources unto himself
Who was he to be so selfish
Release your thoughts,your mind yourself
Others were waiting for them with relish

He could no longer hold on tight
Cut the cords that he did
Now his mind exploded bright
Working double quick time for his bid

Such the feelings an unshackled being
Released from writer's block sans tightening
Sudden surge of thoughts provoking
Finally mouth-watering and searching

For d"Verse's 3rd Anniversary  -  celebrating poets

Fording the shallow waters

                                                                                         Attribution: Ian Wigley
Image: Footpath fords a Stream  (here)

Path along the fence
Sight to see with colorful
flowers all along

Path across a stream
Fording the shallow waters
Thrill for the youngsters

Grazing land with path
seldom used, lest charging bulls
appear raging mad

For Chev's CARPE DIEM #515  - with Buson's  on short-cut path

Sunday, July 13, 2014

There was always that silver lining

                                                                                       Attribution: Bhaskaranaidu
Image: Necklace with Locket  (here)

The 12 words are:
1. Grudge 2. Numinous 3. Malady 4. Locket 5. Sentimental 6. Recover
7. Grain 8. Linen 9. Knees 10. Wilt 11. Silver 12. Hollow

He was numinous in his dealings
Not to hold a grudge he was told
He had always held good feelings
Of his fellow men who were bold

A malady that he sadly discovered
Could not help recover his loss with regret
Honesty of those around that mattered
Of sentimental value loss of a locket

Not a grain of hope could be told
Pulled the linen, got on his knees searching
Hoping for it not to have been sold
Wilted with despair he could be crying

It might seem hollow to think otherwise
But there was always that silver lining
It might be lying hidden from prying eyes
To be discovered later one fine morning

For Mindlovemisery Menagerie #17 and
Kerry's Open Link Monday at Real Toads

Self-inflicted or was he murdered

Image: Courtesy of Tess' Mag  (here)

A mansion an imposing old structure
It had been there as long as I could remember
It had seen better times in its heyday
Where socialites were having their way

But sadly it went into bad times
Triggered off by an unfortunate event
That remained still a mystery until this day
What really happened no one could say

A billionaire riding high in his calling
Had made complaints against the owner's dealings
The authorities were deep in sensitive investigations
Which took more time than usual for action

One morning a grim discovery was made
The complainant billionaire was found dead
In a posh bathroom of the mansion
How he eluded security none could fathom

Gunshot wound to his temple from one bullet
Was it self-inflicted or was he murdered
Household staff on leave the owner on vacation
How it happened posed lots of questions

For Tess' Magpie Tales #228 and
PU's Poetry Pantry #209

Saturday, July 12, 2014

An eccentric inventor that he was!

Image: Courtesy of Brenda's (here)

Sunday Whirl Wordle #169
cheeky eclipse hike honors lackluster manufactured 
millions piece room shot side throat

His cheeky antics eclipsed his brilliance
He could have hiked more honors
for himself. Instead he was attributed with
a lackluster performance, a grossly
unfair assessment of his ability

He prided himself in being an inventor
of many things but he could not go that
extra mile to benefit from them
He did not feel threatened as
this was his own company

The marketing team had envisaged
millions if those items could be manufactured
But an eccentric inventor that he was
he kept coming up with little pieces
that were just stored in a side room
These were not seeing a shot at being sold
It was a stranglehold on the company's
throat. Invariably costs could not be
controlled where income was trailing
behind. The company could not sustain
itself and it fell into oblivion

For Brenda's Sunday Whirl

Showers of golden colors - a shadorma

                                                                                    Attribution: Jen's Blog it or lose it
Image: A Dying Leaf  (here)

Note: A shadorma  comprises six non-rhyming
lines and the syllable pattern is 3-5-3-3-7-5

A lone leave
floated down slowly
of a change
Showers of golden colors
were fast approaching

Name of the game when
useless and
was left to fend for himself
Life could be unfair

For Mindlovemisery's Menagerie

Friday, July 11, 2014

A Flash of Lightning!

                                                                                   Attribution: Koba-chan
Image: In a Flash as it is!  (here)

A flash and brightness
but a fleeting moment as
life often teases

A flash and brightness
conjures pretty pattern if
only it sustains

A flash and brightness
often with deafening roar
somewhat repugnant

For Chev's CARPE DIEM #512 Shiki (2)    - Flash of Lightning

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Contender in the market

                                                                                           Attribution: : 熱海
Image: Square shaped Melons (here)

Thirst quencher juicy
and succulent offering
Summer's day special

Fruit for all seasons
Not short of novelty now
even square in shape

Distant drums last heard
melon of medicinal value
is the ultimate

For Chev's CARPE DIEM #510  -  Buson's fruitless blossoms

He had a confession to make!

                                                                        Attribution: Pedro Simoes
Image: The Kisses and the Beginnings (here)

3WW : eerie guarded translucent

Real Toads Word List: fresh  burst  defy  chain struck 
forward  exchange  customary  prefer close

Poets United: the key

He had wished to make a fresh start
Never had he anticipated the burst of enthusiasm
That could defy such ominous feelings of anxiety
that struck the chain of events

Guarded in his interest in such customary exchange
he had preferred to have just to close the chapter
and move forward without much fanfare
but he had a confession to make

That eerie feeling translucent in nature
was inching slowly much too slow
He had never thought he could muster
the courage to admit that she did it

yes, she did!
she had stolen the key to his heart!

For grapeling's hosting at  Real Toads
Thomg's hosting at 3WW and 
Susan's hosting at Poets United's Midweek Motif - The Key

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Can Providence hear out plea! - a Tanka

                                                                                     Attribution:  High Contrast
Image: Rudbeckia Faded through Summer Heat (here)

Note: Tanka is a short Japanese poetry
form with a 5-7-5-7-7 syllable pattern

When heat of summer
is allowed its way clinging
Autumn bids its time
but delay can impact on
those long suffering patients

Dryness worsens coughs
of those afflicted but plea
to Providence can
result in smooth transition
as it had always happened?

Note: Inspired by Shiki  who happened
to be a long suffering TB patient

For Chev's CARPE DIEM's G-Writer #6   -  Jen's on Shiki

brown and gold pursuits

                                                                                       Attribution: Andrew Auger        
Image:  Signs of Early Autumn (here)

 Floating leaves slowly
 descending in slight breeze to
 mark change of season

Heat clamoring to
stay on meets the coolness
of early Autumn

Colors spraying change
begins brown and gold pursuits
with fruiting galore

For Chev's CARPE DIEM # 509  -  in an unknown sky

Sunday, July 6, 2014

Dignified with lots of pride and elegance

                                                                            Artist:  B C Koekkoek - 1846
Image: Elegant young Lady (here)

The 10 wordle words chosen are:
 Ravishing  Voice  Frisson Pure Drawn Circuitous 
Artifice  Exclusion Castigate Taciturn

A ravishing beauty with a sultry voice
Flaunting all of her assets endowed
Creating that measure of frisson desire
Are the female gender of pure nerves

They may be drawn in a circuitous medley
Sitting confidently in hues of artifice pleasure
To the exclusion of any modest speculation
Nor to castigate any outburst of male dominance

Taciturn by nature ladies love to be challenged
In their quiet little ways of acceptance
Dignified with lots of pride and elegance
Men-folks had better be warned

For you have not met your match
Of a lady of character and strength
Who ply their knowledge and guile
In the background in support of their men

For Kerry's hosting at Open Link Monday at Real Toads and
Mindlovemisery's Menagerie Wordle # 16

Occupational Hazards of a Godfather!

Image: Courtesy of Tess' Mag #227 (here)

A tough guy in the making did you say?
He did not look like one to inherit the seat

He was, eventually he did
He became a budding Godfather!

How did he do it.
He looked a softie in the portrait
Cradling a pussycat
He ought to be handling a gun

But it was an old portrait
Taken a decade ago
A lot had happened since then
He was instrumental in getting
Big Bad Joe bumped off
He also played a hand in quelling
the 'mutiny' that followed
He is now held in high esteem
by all the guys and even our 'rivals'
the wannabes down the street

So he is going to be our next Godfather?
It looks like, yes!

Ok, what do we do then?
We'll play the same game
And return the favor
You mean?

So agreed, this is our pact
You work out the details
Before he gets to us
We'll bump him off first

I'll drink to that, cheers!

For Tess' Magpie Tales

Trudging in the Rain

                                                                                                Image: Wordle #168
Sunday Whirl words:
arms blood blind cape candle ghosts
hill image mission ragged rain simple

Care to see a homeless
trudging in the rain?
Ragged cape carelessly
covering his head
Ghosts of his sinful acts
in the past caught up with him

Blind to his predicament
they came with a mission
crying for blood
His arms tired in warding
them off
He could only think
in simple terms
on how to clear his conscience

Given the present situation
it was an uphill task
If he could only have a light
just a candle-light
to provide a clear image
so he could make amends

He would care to persevere
to pay his dues for what he did
His resolve to repay a debt
to those who suffered before

He had suffered enough!

For Brenda's hosting at Sunday Whirl Wordle #168

Saturday, July 5, 2014

A mamihlapinatapei at work!

                                                                           Image: Looks of mamihlapinatapei (here)

Note: The word mamihlapinatapei is derived from the Yaghan language of Tierra del Fuego, listed in The Guinness Book of World Records as the "most succinct word", and is considered one of the hardest words to translate. It allegedly refers to "a look shared by two people, each wishing that the other will offer something that they both desire but are unwilling to suggest or offer themselves."  -  Wiki

I can see the looks in her eyes
revealing in silence
Will he or won't he?
She is ready to accept, I know!
I'm waiting!
I know she wants me to say it
What is holding him back?
I can read her like a book
Is he still unsure?
I have seen women with such glassy eyes
What else can I do?
She is now fidgeting
Is it proper for a girl to initiate
I think she is asking questions in her mind
Will that appear cheap?
She is still asking!
How long will this go on?
She wants me to pop the question
Why can't he blurt it out of his heart?             
I must muster all the courage
I love him with all my heart!
Well here goes....

Will you marry me?
Yes, my darling! yes!

Personal Note: This is based on a real story

Written for Mindlovemisery Menagerie #62  -  mamihlapinatapei
and Mary's hosting at PU's Poetry Pantry #208

Friday, July 4, 2014

To herald color's freshness! - T. Renga

                                                                                       Attribution: Jonathan Billinger
Image:  Early Spring Flowers  (here)

before the spring equinox;
the cold will last
only a night or two more           -  Rotsu
then nature transforms where birds
and flowers discard shyness        -  Hank's

before the spring equinox;
the cold will last
only a night or two more           -  Rotsu

cold winter soon forgotten
to herald color's freshness          -   Hank's

Note: To complete a Tan Renga to
Rotsu's haiku with additional 7-7 lines

For Chev's CARPE DIEM Tan Renga Challenge #42
 -  before the spring equinox

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

UFO - Not about to divulge their secrets!

                                                                                           Attribution: Rafa Esteve
Image: Stonehenge, an alien structure? (here)

3WW with words:  Godless divulge insignificant

Rarely told in more uncertain terms
Stories abound of strange sightings
At great speed in twists and turns
Shiny objects quickly disappearing

Flying saucers they were earlier known
More of a mystified general description
But these Godless beings had shown
more  finesse to herald their presence

Not about to divulge their secrets
Positioning of Pyramids to the constellations
Where higher beings were attributed
Nazca lines, ancient cities and stonehenge

Insignificant formations and constructions?
No they were not!  And if they were to see our leaders
then Pres. Obama or Zuckerberg as people of influence
Or who else do we call - the Ghost-busters?

For Thomg's 3WW and Poets United's - Mid Week Motif  - World UFO Day

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Next transfer window!

                                                                                    Attribution: Christophe Badoux
Image: Spain with the FIFA World Cup after
beating Holland in the 2010 Final  (here)

Excitement in the
Air could not hide frustrations
Of some team members

Soccer fans were just
As bewildered seeing giants
Left by the wayside

Big names had gone home
But new heroes  were there to
To fill the vacuum

Spate of signings to
Vie for pearls that shine could well
Trigger free-for-all

Next transfer window
Would be closely watched for faces
Of high priced players

Note: One is asked to delve into what is
happening at this moment in time

For   MindLoveMisery’s Menagerie - HeedingHaikuWithHA 

Monday, June 30, 2014

Autumn bidding sayonara!

                                                                         Attribution: Takeshi Kuboki
Image: Autumn Leaves in Kyoto (here)

Walking on the beach
Chanced upon a clam chestnut
brown lightly colored

Shell when opened was
like Wedded Rocks together
hiding berry seeds

With Autumn bidding
sayonara a journey
fulfilled with blessings

For Chev's CARPE DIEM #503 Basho's departing Autumn and
Kerry's hosting at Real,Toads Open Link Monday

Sunday, June 29, 2014

A glint in the eye!

                                                        A Game of Patience 1937 Meredith Frampton
Image: Courtesy of Tess' Mag

Sunday Whirl with words:
approach attach level key glint phase 
grain player single present scratch

Let us go over this again
The approach was wrong
I beg to refrain
He came on strong

Would not attach too much
On what level of restraint
The key to the heart as such
would determine the gains

A glint in the eye
During a phase of innocence
Enough was spied
Of his intentions

Grains of pretensions
revealed a player
with a single passion
as a slayer

My heart should not present
An opportunity to gamble
Pure love to scratch off even
on a slight sign of trouble

He seemed to be a threat
I would not have regrets

For Tess' Magpie Tales #226
Brenda's Sunday Whirl Wordle #167 and
Mary's Poets United's Poetry Pantry #207

Saturday, June 28, 2014

Brazil goes into the Quarter Finals!

                                                                                            Attribution: Tim Boyd
Image: FIFA World Cup 2010 (here)

I saw Brazil booked its ticket into the quarter-final live just a few minutes ago. Brazil beat Chile in a penalty shoot-out after 120 minutes of play which was tied at 1 - 1.

It was such a thrilling game the drama and excitement akin even to that of a final! The sports news report in the dailies tomorrow might share the same opinion

The first half of 45 mins play was the most exciting. There were strong challenges, robust
play and lots of free-kicks. Surprisingly most of the notable players were victims but the
referee who appeared stern did not punish the culprits. Neymar was a marked man and
in no time he was tumbling all over grimacing in pain

The first goal for Brazil in the 18th min attributed to David Luiz appeared to be an own goal by Chilean defender Jara. It was a deflection from a kick on the right flank.

Before the euphoria could quieten down Alexis Sanchez shot the equalizer with a low ball into the far corner of the net.sometime in the 34th min or so. From then on the strong tackles and robust play were the norm.

The second half was more or less even and both tried very hard to score. But the drama heightened with the Brazilians making forays more often. In fact Hulk their midfielder had 2 goals disallowed that could have put paid to the Chileans' efforts.

The Chileans were a shade better in the first half of extra time. In the second 15 mins though the Brazilians appeared more urgent in wanting to wrap up the game . They were swarming all over in the Chilean half of the pitch.Ironically the Chileans were then slowing the game with feigned acts of pain on the ground. It was as though they were hoping for a penalty shootout

Chile nearly made it in the dying seconds of the second half of extra time when Pinilla's shot rocked the cross-bar but it was not to be!

After 120 mins' of play the score saw no change and the penalty shoot out became a reality

What a suspense it was right to the last dying minutes. It could have gone either way. Even the commentators mentioned it! They remarked 'what a sad way to lose a game' Rightly so! It went ding dong right until the 5th player when the position was still uncertain. Let's see the outcome!

Brazil                                            Chile
1. David Luiz       1                        1.  Pinilla           0
2.  William           0                        2.  Sanchez       0
3.  Macello          1                        3.      -              1  (missed the name)
Brazil now one up to the Chileans
4   Hulk               0                        4    Diaz            1
Now they are squared off  2 apiece
5   Neymar           1
Neymar scored and it could go sudden death 
5                                                     5   Jara            0
Jara missed and Brazil was through to the Quarter Finals!!

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Friday, June 27, 2014

On a momentous night!

                                                                                 Attribution: uwdigitalconnections
Image: It's a Goal!  (here)

On a momentous night
With everything still at stake
They deserved it but it came
after an early setback

"We are very proud
We have received a great gift
We were rarely threatened"

Gesticulating furiously
Resisting the pressure
They made just one change
four years ago
A foreign coach

They were happy with the efforts!

Note: A Dada poetry based on a newspaper report
on one of the games of the current World Cup

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Dada poetry

Thursday, June 26, 2014

Fighting for glory

                                                                                      Attribution: Ronald Saunders
Image: Misty mornings (here)

Fighting for glory
But sidelined by men’s influence
Pitting for a voice

Matriarchal culture
Under siege but women fought
back against onslaught

Hazy mists remained
Camouflaged efforts of those
pushing for success

Note:  Mists of Avalon a novel on lives of women
who fought to preserve a matriarchal culture

For Chev's CARPE DIEM Special #99  -  Mists of Avalon