Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Remember the Modern Day Explorer? - an Update!

                                                                                            Attribution: Yusuf  Hashim
Image:1  Yusuf Hashim  -  on Top of the World!
(We carry a couple of ancient single loading bolt action rifles each time we go ashore, for protection from Polar Bears in the unlikely event that one of them decides to have one of us for lunch. Usually, firing the gun into the air will be enough to scare them away - Yusuf Hashim)

                                                                                          Attribution: Yusuf Hashim
Image: 2 Stopover for a Look-see
(As we sail among the icebergs, occasionally we will 
decide to go ashore to do a short hike up a little hillock 
to survey the landscape before us  -  Yusuf Hashim)

Remember the Modern Day Explorer, OP Yusuf Hashim? ***(here) (here) He was recently featured on the Front Cover of the Grid Magazine, incorporating also his maiden article inside!

(an excerpt of Yusuf's FB posting datelined Aug 26, 2016)
Yusuf Hashim says:

I was incommunicado for nearly 2 weeks while sailing a two masted wooden schooner in Greenland. I flew into Reykjavik from Constable Point in Greenland this afternoon, had a nice warm shower, and then proceeded to clear out the accumulated junk from two weeks of being away from civilization, with neither mobile network nor internet connectivity.

Then I came upon this gem. (Blush Blush)
An old goat I knew intimately, was on the cover of Issue #54 of The Grid Magazine !!

He was not only on the cover, but inside he was being featured on no less than 26 double spread pages ….. out of the 145 pages of the magazine.

The Grid Magazine has been around for more than a decade. The reason why we mere mortals have probably not seen it is because it’s content appears to be targeted at high net worth individuals as it features revues of yachts, private jets, exotic marques like Ferrari, Lamborghini, Rolls Royce, Panerai, etc.and all manner of playthings for the rich and the privileged.

In the words of the Publisher, the Grid is… “…. a stylish potpourri of the fine embellishments of life. It showcases the special flourishes that makes life a grand medley of passion, pleasure and privilege.”

Wow !!
A couple of weeks before leaving for Greenland in early August, I was interviewed by the Editorial Team from the Grid. I simply answered the questions they asked, and was totally surprised that I was invited to be their regular columnist on Gypsetting, Travel to Exotic Destinations and on Photography, the triple passions of my life.

Of course I accepted the invitation, and the challenge. I was simply asked to write a maiden article, so I wrote a piece on the Serengeti, where I was shooting the wildebeest migration the week before. Hee hee hee… it surprised me to bits that they actually published the interview, and the article and even put that old goat on their cover.

So now I have to write the second and third articles for Issue #55 and #56.I will try and write them on those cold nights next week when I'm sailing in the barquentine Tallship the Antigua near the North Pole, looking for Polar Bears, Whales, Narwhals, Musk Ox, Seals, etc. to photograph. The magazine is published once every two months. You’ll have to wait to see what I will be writing on in the next 2 issues.

*** Note:  Many of Yusuf Hashim's adventures have been posted in Hank's A to Z series in April 2015. Two of the links are given above

Apologies: This is not a poem as such but a prose proper. Hank
contends the theme is relevant to the prompt as it is a conquest of sorts

For Susan's at PU's Midweek Motif  -  conquest

more than just brilliance of sight in darkness

                                                                                            Atrribution: Unknown
Image:Painting the Moon (here)
(MLMM's Photo Challenge)

MLMM's 15 given words:
sodden angular prickly satin feverish
bristly (easily antagonized)
pumice (a spongy form of volcanic glass, used as an abrasive;to rub)
malleable (capable of being shaped).
viscous (of a glutinous nature;sticky; thick; adhesive)
waxy course cleft
tangible (capable of being touched;rather than imaginary or visionary)

Standing on sodden ground trying in an angular way
It was rather prickly to attempt to paint garbed in satin
Sounding feverish she was transformed to a bristly soul
Needing a pumice rub-down in elements to clip rough edges
Of a rigid self in a malleable way to allow her to reach out

Viscous but waxy it left a coarse trail of loud colors
Of an artist struggling to create a realistic perspective
To extend an appropriate depth of field of visual picture
Slightly centered with perhaps a cleft on the moon's chin

No, there must be something dearly tangible to touch
Certainly more than just brilliance of sight in darkness
Feelings of restrictive movements of a barb wire mind
She could only lament of not fully achieving her goals

For MLMM'special addition wordle in August
Kerry's  The Tuesday's Platform at Real Toads and
MLMM's Photo Challenge #128

Restricted movements can determine the lifestyle - a Quadrille

                                                                                         Attribution: Evans1551
Jmage: Autumn Leaves (here)

Fall most craved with nostalgic strains of
'Autumn Leaves' ringing preceding harsh
Winters.Young lovers with burning desires
set to welcome a last fling while oldies were
happy with just holding hands before retiring
Restricted movements can determine the
lifestyle of opportunities against choices
available.(44 words)

For De's at d'Verse's Quadrille #15

Sunday, August 28, 2016

Bless be not to brush off good fortune

                                                                                           Attribution: renee
Image: Loving care in Heaven's name (here)

the given words:
bless brush cross enter free left 
part plate post turn count only

Bless be not to brush off good fortune
Contending an eagerness to cross the divide
Enter at your own free will most opportune
Mindful to avoid any disparaging slide

You are left with designated options in part
Fill the plate to the brim leaving nothing to fate
Post your interests in turn to count on a good start
Standing room only waiting at Heaven's gate

Brenda's Sunday Whirl Wordle #263 and
Mary's at PU's Poetry Pantry #317

Saturday, August 27, 2016

A moment captured no more a rarity

                                                                                  Attribution: Hank
Image 1 : Kimie with some newly acquired load of Durian

                                                                                Attribution: Yun Huang Yong
Image: Two Varieties of Durian (here)
(The one on the right is a Durian 101 variety
which has a rich yellow colour and a smooth,
rich, creamy texture)

'A photograph is but a memory in raw format'  -  Sanaa
(to write inspired by the quotation above
plus one's own downloaded photo)

Note:1 The Durian considered the King of Fruits
in our part of the world (South-East Asia) gives
an overpowering aroma. It is welcomed by those who
love the fruit but regarded with disdain by those not
familiar. To consume it is to bring it home and enjoy
at leisure. It is not allowed in hotels nor into any
carrier for travels by air. After eating durians one is
expected not to burb for the next 2 hours or so or
the same overpowering aroma now fermented would
permeate the air.

Note 2 : Sanaa should be able to have a taste of durians
(currently in season) since she is now stationed  in
Kuala Lumpur (bring along a tupperware and have
them peeled immediately to bring home as it is
bothersome to do it on your own)

A moment captured no more a rarity
Selfie culture ingrained without a thought
Unlike before a loaded camera at the ready
Or that fleeting moment sadly missed out

A moment in time caught for posterity
Later shown to the young ones who were then tiny tots
Treasure close to the heart to enhance memory
For them a blessing that could not be bought

The ubiquitous smart phones a God-sent device
Every and any memorable episodes  could be recorded
A boon to those sentimental folks who were wise
To easily recall growing up years greatly boosted

For Sanaa's A Dash of Sunny -  prompt-nights

Friday, August 26, 2016

Sunset in awesome likeness

                                                                         Attribution:  Manuel González Olaechea 
Image: Sunset in Biarritz (here)

'Nature always wears the colors of the spirit'  -  Ralph Waldo Emerson
(tanka inspired by above)

Garbed from head to toe
All of its intensity
Red and orange hues
Likely burden to endure
Sunset in awesome likeness

Cool April showers
Man, Woman instigated
Extending love bids
Feelings accentuated
Radiance captured by young hearts

For Chev's CARPE DIEM#1035 the colors of the spirit
Bjorn's at d'Verse's OLN - #178  -  saving grace

Monday, August 22, 2016

She used to cry as an infant

                                                                                      Attribution: Brooke Shaden
Image: Sinking Lantern (here)
(MLMM's Photo Challenge #127)

the 12 given words:
harsh scornful silly old senseless cry infant, 
absolution (a freeing from blame or guilt)
dreams serene songs
smite (to strike or hit hard)

3WW given words:
tart (sharp biting scathing acrimonious )
underhanded (deceitful, deceptive unethical)

Tired of the harsh treatment mete
out by her fiercely scornful step-mother
a silly old lady she used to refer to her
she reasoned it was senseless to remain
under one roof with one so unreasonable

She used to cry as an infant abandoned
to her wits for which even her father was
unaware an absolution of responsibility
and she suffered as a consequence

With dreams of a serene childhood of
songs and dance with step-sisters was
only reminiscent of Cinderella's woes

She was not to smite back in a tart way
nor act underhanded or vindictive but to
muster blessings from the ocean deep
She had hopes of a reformed step-mother
to love and be loved like one of her own

MMT's Sunday Whirligig #74
Thomg's at 3WW #394 and
Marian's at Real Toads's  - the tuesday platform

When nature decides

                                                                                    Attribution: Eryn Blaireová
Image: Rain clouds developing (here)

It clouds his mind to be told there is no outing for the day.
They so very much  look forward to it. They have been together
for many years. They see each other come and go.They develop
keen friendships learning from each other. It is to be expected.
A treasure trove garnered in their working life by way of a career
or led by the unsatiated attraction of hobbies or sports. Now they
are bored.Cumulonimbus building up in the skies. Their minders
are right in not wanting to let them out. They may yet get their
opportunity some other day. Time is at their disposal. He is quite
happy with the explanation.They are well taken care of unlike at
some other homes for the aged.

Dark clouds high above
Impacting on those below
When nature decides

For Toni's at d'Verse's Haibun Monday
-  the sky's the limits

Sunday, August 21, 2016

Life is all about forgiving

                                                                                 Attribution: Sunday Photo Fiction
Image: Solitary Light (here)

the 12 given words:
boot cringe lift stem moon print 
mist live chip spin trim tick

It is sacrilege to boot
One will just cringe for a lift-off
Looking at the scenario for a lead
In all innocence it is an attempt to roll out
To venture outside from the clutches
Of those having undue control
It is only fair to stem off the tide

On a night when the moon is shy
of showing its print
Only when the air is still
can  be discerned nature's hold
Time to take a harder look

It is only right to detect a semblance of order
A night devoid of mist so as to live in peace
To stifle a spin in the making
And chip a wedge in between takes
That is what it should be

Trim off the fat and tick off all the play-acting
Life is all about extending the olive branch
Life is all about forgiving

For Brenda's Sunday Whirl Wordle #262
Mary's at PU's Poetry Pantry #316 and
Sunday Photo Fiction - August

what kind of weapons would they use

                                                                                         Attribution: Blackmapapa
Image: Boiled but not peeled off yet (here)

we were promised of a shoot-out of some sort
wonder what kind of weapons would they use
there was a mad scramble but the participants
downed them bowl by bowl some without munching
each bowl containing an equal number and the one who
ended with the most empty bowls was declared the winner

their tummies now bloated some were burping
not what we came to see as there was no shoot-out 
it was a competition to gulp most number of boiled eggs

For Kerry's Mini Poetry of less than 10
lines at Real Toad's -  not what we came to see

Friday, August 19, 2016

Melancholy strings tugged hard

                                                                   Attribution: Andy Reago & Chrissy McClarren
Image: Flying together (here)

a. I
depressive mood reigned
melancholy strings tugged hard
dark clouds in the sky
a tell-tale sign to be sad
sunshine must impose its will

a. II
alone by oneself
inviting feelings of loss
for security
when birds fly in unison
worry never in their minds

For Chev's CARPE DIEM # 1028  -  sadness and
Toni's at d'Verse's MTB  -  tanka

Wednesday, August 17, 2016

A Scottish Fold a house cat

                                                                                     Attribution: Nickolas Titkov
Image: Folded ears of a Scottish Fold (here)

the 12 given words:
tender rushing, unwinding leaning clear hovering
laughter blur water minor flicker anchor 

A Scottish Fold a house cat
Had a once over at the vet
Brought home a lovable pet
Tender furry feline you bet

With little jumps rushing
Unwinding and stretching
Rubbing our legs and leaning
Clearly playful, eyes twinkling
Up the mantlepiece hovering

Source of fun and laughter
But on occasions it turned blur
Never ever a liking for water
Bathtub reactions quite a bother
Though such antics were minor
Flickering hopes for better

Still anchored in one's mind
As a pet it was such a gem

For MMT's Sunday's Whirligig #73 and
Susan's at PU's Midweek Motif  -  cat

Monday, August 15, 2016

they were visibly agitated as this was serious matter

                                                                                  Attribution: Ralph Hirschberger
Image: Frustrated (here)

the 15 given words:
titian (a reddish-brown or golden-brown color)
ashen (extremely pale drained of color; pallid)
blotchy (covered in or marked by blotches)
matte (having a dull or lusterless surface)
pellucid (clear,limpid,translucent)
iridescent (of lustrous colors like those of the rainbow)
indistinct (not clearly marked or defined
Hound’s Tooth (a pattern of broken or jagged checks,on fabrics)
deformed glisten sag frail unkempt towering cylindrical

"why, what happened, could somebody explain? anybody!"
they were visibly agitated as this was serious matter
someone clarified it was of titian hues ashen and blotchy
at some places matte black pellucid and plainly lackluster 

they had not expected iridescent bright colors though
but still it should not display indistinct motifs of Hound's Tooth
deformed of jagged lines that glistened with a naked glow
Sagging from a frail support truly unkempt and loose

Point taken so the support should even be towering and cylindrical
The good wife was not happy with the husband's choice
It was good they could get together to discuss before it got theatrical
Good sense prevailed for they were not feasible as grounds for divorce

For MLMM's Wordle  -  special addition and
Kerry's at Real Toad's  -  the tuesday platform

Sunday, August 14, 2016

it takes only a solitary bullet

                                                                            Attribution:Frankie Fouganthin
Image:  Burglary attempts with the use of two crowbars (here)

the 11 of 12 given words:
bullet burn stretch crook slime
chip stand trust sail stay travel 
it takes only a solitary bullet 
to burn a hole in the chest
it will not stretch too much 
beyond the imagination
every crook knows  that

but still the slime of society 
has that chip on the shoulder 
not to let it stand in the way of 
enhancing their dark reputations

they put great trust in their 
perceived ability to outwit law 
enforcement and to sail through 
trouble rather than stay put in one place
but travel around to be one step ahead

they fail to realize however that 
being mobile will necessarily 
make their presence more apparent 
perhaps they love it that 
way to whet their sick ego

For Brenda's Sunday Whirl Wordle #261 and
Mary's at PU's Poetry Pantry #315

Saturday, August 13, 2016

How considerate of my loving wife - a Haibun

                                                                         Attribution: Dr.Alexander Minaev
Image: A Loving Couple (here)

Hand in hand we walked back to our apartment......sat around to tempt
ourselves with some refreshments. After some while of sweet nothings
my wife declared,  "I'm a little tired going over the hills just now.I'm
taking a rest in the bedroom!" She had unwittingly given me a respite or
perhaps it was intentional. While sitting at the beach upon our descent
I had remarked how inspirational was the sea.  The breeze and the slow
sounding waves lashing against the rocks with consistent rhythm. I was
more of thinking aloud then. It was a natural relief for a perceived writer's
block which hounded me the whole of the night before. Or perhaps she
chose to give me some quiet moments to recover my stifled creative self.
How considerate of my loving wife. It must invariably be intentional!

Nature goes about
Man tormented mentally
Heaven-sent loved one

For Chev's CARPE DIEM - To Be Continued #1
Introduction to a new feature
-  to write a continuing story to a haibun provided

Friday, August 12, 2016

Can major decisions be left to them?

                                                      Attribution: David Baron
Image:  Fork in Road, Cordoba.
- where to when faced with a fork in the road?  (here)

Intuition’s as though we’re seeing with our soul 
- to write inspired by above

Relatively intriguing
When soaked left wondering
What strange being
Coming on without thinking

With that uncanny ability
To make a spectacular discovery
Anticipation secured readily
Decisions arrived at strangely

To think only ladies elegant
Are blessed with such talents
Unraveling tricky situations
Can major decisions be left to them?

Note: The term 'them' refers to
intuitions and not to ladies

For Sanaa's Prompt Nights - a Dash of Sunny
Gayle's OLN #177 at d'Verse

Thursday, August 11, 2016

fancy seeing trees stripped bare

                                                                              Attribution: Anneli Salo
Image: The nest of a magpie or crow in a birch (here)

cool Autumn beckons
golden crisp leaves float lightly
leisurely downwards
fancy seeing trees stripped bare
lone bird's nest exposed to view

For Chev's CARPE DIEM theme
week (6).5 'ask Jane'

Wednesday, August 10, 2016

he brook no nonsense

                                                                           Attribution: Muyayo tattoo
Image: The Godfather (here)

the 11 of 12 given words:
brook recent corpse casket shoreline 
hewn (given a rough surface)
dour (sullen; gloomy)
Italian clashing pushing misspelled

3WW given words:
painstaking radiant queasy 
he brook no nonsense
it was a shock smack against his authority
despite being a recent appointment 
as the new Godfather he was readily accepted 
so he had been told and so he thought
but the corpse in the casket indicated otherwise

he was faintly aware of the underlying 
undercurrent brewing against his appointment 
which was normal and expected but
this was someone groomed painstakingly 
to be his trusted lieutenant
the demise of which should not be taken lightly

the shoreline now given a hewn look 
would be teeming with blood
his radiant self took a sudden dour stance 
his Italian lineage gave him the strength

a clashing of strong intentions seemed to be in the works
but he refrained from pushing it in for the immediate
lest he read wrongly or even  'misspelled' the
support of those of his followers
queasy elements among them could mean disaster
he would bid his time to ensure victory with certainty

MMT's Sunday's Whirligig #72
Marian's at Real Toad's - The Tuesday Platform
Thomg's 3WW #492 and
Sumana's at PU's Midweek Motif  -  predator and prey

Monday, August 8, 2016

Wonder of farming - a Haibun

                                                                                                Attribution: Richtea
Image: Young Barbershop Quartet (here)

It was a beautiful morning. The kind of weather one would want to have
everyday. Blue skies above, a slight rustling of leaves with greenery along-side.
Been on the road for the better of one hour and expected to be at Uncle Ben's
farm perhaps in another hour. We would not feel it though as traveling on country
roads was a breeze. Upon arrival contrary to previous visits we were whisked
straight to the pen. Auntie Jane was there beaming, pointing excitedly to  an
aggressive ram which seemed just as excited. It jumped around in the enclosure
seemingly impatient with intent as though expecting something big to happen.
Uncle Ben suddenly appeared from the rear of the barn leading in tow a beautiful
ewe very well manicured trotting with little jumps of its own when it sighted the
burly ram. It jumped higher in dainty little steps tugging to be released when the
ram showed keen interest in its presence. So this was the surprise Uncle Ben had
mentioned when inviting us last week.The ram was pulled over to the opposite
end with Auntie Jane leading it by the strap safely from outside the enclosure.
The ewe was then led through the first swing door had its rein released and then
through the second door into the enclosure. In the meantime the ram was digging
its heels tugging to be released from the straps held tightly by Auntie Jane.
The ewe danced around excitedly with a 'catch me if you can' stance barely 10
feet away. The ram was then released. It stalked the ewe slowly wanting to conserve
its energy. Very much a victor it sniffed the ewe's butt just as a mutt would do.
It gave somewhat a naughty smile showing its white teeth, walked around once
and mounted. A little romancing drama witnessed intensely by us human onlookers.

Nature at its best
Extending the progeny
Wonder of farming

For Toni's at d'Verse's Haibun Monday
- a little romance

Sunday, August 7, 2016

A dignified being of high self esteem

                                                                                Author: Unknown
Image: Man in a double-breasted suit that
appeared in an advertisement in 1904  (here)

the 11 of 12 given words:
man contain sin toll crunch  
irascible (easily provoked to anger)
trill (succession of sounds of a bird,animals or a person).
thrill play mint instill 

Man was trying hard to contain his activities
Nefarious and in sin it took its toll dearly
A crunch on his self and easily irascible
He had decided to turn over a new leaf
It was a thrill before to just throw in a trill
To play it clownish with intention to irritate

Not anymore but to mint a new person
A new dawn realized to instill upon himself
A dignified being of high self esteem

Why must it be difficult once he had set his sights
Why were there obstacles that stifled his efforts
Already highly motivated he wanted to clinch it
Getting himself prepared for the big day!

Brenda's Sunday Whirl Wordle #260 and
Mary's at PU's Poetry Pantry #314

Propping up a Friend

                                                                                        Attribution: Charlesjsharp
Image: A yellow-headed caracara on a capybara (here)

An outright feeling of despair was of utmost concern
There was an attempt to provide some veiled assistance
Perhaps as a crutch to prop up the efforts
To present a better picture as was intended
The lacuna of such a measure was most apparent

Seen as an attempt
To give unfair advantage
Discarding fair play

(55 words)

A Limerick and a Haiku for Kerry's
Flash 55 Plus at Real Toads and to
include the word -  lacuna

Thursday, August 4, 2016

You did it Norman, Well Done! - a Haibun

Image: Norman Hazrin proudly taking
the Oath of Office this morning.

Note: A Haibun comprises a prose and a poem together (in this case a 
Prose and a Haiku of a 5-7-5 syllable count)

The Prose
The family heard it in whispered contention not really verbalized out loud.
There were a flurry of activities in the house in preparation for 'something'.
Something brewing but not made known in specifics. This happened in
recent days when Norman Hazrin my eldest grandson was getting himself
prepared for an important interview. Some few odd things were purchased
so that he would good and all the works.

Norman is a cool guy, never to make anything and everything to be such a
big hoo-ha. Even until last night when he had been told by the school of the
coveted appointment, we at home heard it from his loving brother Norhezry
Hakimie and not directly from him.

This morning we were inundated with a barrage of calls from friends to
look up the FB posting of Norman's proud Mom, Hank's eldest daughter
Azlin Adura. There was the snapshot above and a host of congratulatory

Yes, Norman Hazrin Hank's eldest grandson is the new Head Prefect
of the SMKTTDI (Taman Tun Dr Ismail Secondary School) for the
2016/17 session. (It is variously known as School Captain or Head Boy
at other schools) The SMKTTDI is a major school in the suburbs of the
city ably helmed by a charming Headmistress, Madam Majidah

You certainly kicked it up a notch, Norman!
This augurs well for the future!

The Haiku
Unpolished diamond (5)
Glint of promising future (7)
Go for it! Norman (5)

Note: Apologies! This is not a revamp of an old poem
as required but Hank reckons it tallies with the prompt
of a notch up.

For Victoria's at d'Verse's MTB - kicking it up a notch

Sunday, July 31, 2016

trained his sights on those wanting a return to glory

                                                                                        Attribution: Potro
Image: Trump Hotel and Tower, Chicago [here]

the 12 given words:
thrust twist unfettered run train  family 
check page sing grill finish flower

thrust into the limelight by a twist of fate
unfettered freedom to talk an advantage of late

had designs of being the country’s chief executive
never given a chance initially to run for the top office

trained his sights on those wanting a return to glory
to make it back to be a great country

family values given a check found a few worried
of ‘undesired’ elements on issues of illegality or creed

took a page off on such a concern promising to build a wall
public opinion was divided if such measures could forestall

still he managed to ‘sing’ praises of how fired
up others were for the nomination that he so desired

grilled on his outlandish ideas but to him not a bother
could just finish with the coveted ‘flower’ come November

For Brenda's Sunday Whirl # 259 and
Kerry's at Real Toad's The Tuesday Platform

Saturday, July 30, 2016

Where art thou, senses?

                                                                                     Attribution: Jim
Where art thou, senses?
How I dream of love at first sight
Don't give me sight without vision
How I dream of fair hearing
Not rumor-mongering that cause dissensions
How I dream of peace not sufferings and destruction
If only the perpetrators taste their own medicine
How I dream of the sweet smell of success
Not ostensibly friends that stab in the back
How I dream of the touch of class
Where all are winners in contention

Mindful though as a given
How I dread of being a modern day dinosaur
With big body mass but littlest brains
But most of all not to dream like a bird
Lest being referred to as bird-brained

For Sanaa's Prompt Nights  -  dreams and
Rosemary's at PU's Poetry Pantry #313

Friday, July 29, 2016

So much in so little space

Image: So much in so little space (fair use)

A classic example discerned from the writings
Opening with an assurance of being 'safe and sound'
Wishing the same for the recipients' well-being

Felt guilty of shortcomings of postcard writing
Being too brief promising to write a 'real' letter later
Fulfilling the idea then of just an initial alerting

Wishing well to everyone with 'lots of love'
Ending still apologetic with justification of being 'in haste'
Somewhat akin to a present day twitter message

It all goes to show that postcard writing
is an art by itself and demands prior thinking            

For Kerry's at Real Toad's
-  send a postcard 
Grace's at d'Verse's OLN # 176

Thursday, July 28, 2016

Isn't a hammock an ideal customer?

                                                                                      Attribution: Joakim Berndes
Image: Relaxation (here)

Sunday's Whirligig's 11 of 12 given words:
chair wobbles grass spill sheep chilly 
waters worry enemies safe watch 

3WW given words
jitters lavish
icky (repulsive or distasteful, excessively sweet)

Poets United
A chair wobbles on uneven grass
It gives jitters trying to avoid a spill
Even a sheep grazing might find reason to be careful
Desire is to be lavish with time in her hands
Happy in a way far from the icky youngsters

The chilly waters of the sea nearby  provides a balance
To dispel worry the outright enemies of idle minds
It is safe to perceive quiet as a right of the golden years
Just watch the diet and exercise to tone the tired muscles
Isn't a hammock an ideal customer?

Acceptance of privileges accruing to a special breed
Who had contributed to society in various ways before
It is now pay-back time!

MMT's Sunday's Whirligig #70
Thomg's 3WW #490 and
Sumana's at PU's Midweek Motif  -  acceptance

Wednesday, July 27, 2016

In the heat of the moment

                                                                                                    Attribution: Famartin
Image:Dried up Landscape (here)

Streaming down the cheeks
In the heat of the moment
Up to the nineties
Whatever little shades sought
Crying for torrential rain

Dried up water-beds
Tired melody of birds
Within shriveled leaves
Sun fiercely in tightened vice
Little creatures exhausted

Note: Tanka of 5-7-5-7-7 syllables

Walter's Tuesday's Poetics at 
d'Verse's - drought or deluge

Monday, July 25, 2016

Summer rains longed for - a Haibun

                                                                                        Author: Michael Graham
Image: Langden Brook The recent
summer rains have eroded its bank.(here)

Whining alone behind closed doors. Sitting rather restless 
he felt a let-down by the angry weather. A Summer sun 
imposing its will and hottest it seemed in recent memory. 
Curses would only worsen the impact he knew this for a 
fact. Past experience pointed to some semblance of truth. 
Better option was to go along and endure so the hurt would 
make itself bearable. A twisted smile dampened the sun's 
face a little but just a tad from its brightness. Earthlings 
might rant and jump but to the sun it was the least of its 
worry. Instead it unleashed its might.Even so not at its 
worst but the absence of tact and sympathy were apparent. 
Solace in the shadows or perhaps to down a few glasses 
of refreshing cool ice lemon tea would make it less life 
threatening. Summer rains longed for unquestionably

Yearning Summer's wet
Blue skies fiercely unfriendly
Chirping's out of tune

For Toni's at d'Verse's Haibun Monday #17

Fascination with waves lapping the sides

                                                      Attribution: John Oxley Library of Queensland
Image: Sailing boat Nina (a twelve footer skiff)
on the Brisbane River, 1935 (here)

the 10 of 12 given words:
skiff (boats small enough for sailing or rowing by one person.)
transmigration (the passage of a soul after death into another body)
anechdoche (in a conversation where everyone is talking but nobody is listening)
backlit (a light placed behind an actor to highlight the subject from the background)
resonance (abnormally large vibration produced in response to an external stimulus)
damselfly (non-stinging insect with wings folded back in line with the body when at rest).
careen damage bitter fidget

He never had it so good
Very adept finally at it
Fascination with waves lapping the sides
Made him to venture out to sea

A skiff voyager all to himself
Done with transmigration to a seasoned sailor-boy
Far from any anechdoche crowd
He was basking in the likes of  a successful actor
Backlit bright, shadowed by the sun's rays
He could react easily to the resonance 
of  the strong currents below

Far from shore no needling from any damselfly
To skillfully careen against walls of sea-water
How he loved it!

There was little damage to his person
Perhaps sun-burnt a little
But no bitter experience to fidget about
Aye aye sir! He made the grade in style.

For Amber's MLMM's Wordle #119
with the given words and
Marian's at Real Toad's - the tuesday platform

Sunday, July 24, 2016

A call to be real to take a real look

                                                                                  Author:  Littlefoot01
Image: Very happy with life (here)

the 12 given words:
call look first dissolve smell spell 
give branch  spin tide trip vote

Call to be real to take a good look first
To dissolve the smell of things wrong, impacting on the self
Cast in a spell one is not ready to give in

Is your life a circus?
A searching question!
A branch of concern 

Life is great as it is
A spin to tide over trying times
A trip to vote in a dignified self
To be in firm control the contending stance

Life is not to be laughed at
There may be some clowning
But life is serious business
(90 words)

Brenda's Sunday Whirl Wordle #258
Magaly's at Real Toad's   - “Is your life a circus?"
Mama Zen's -  word count not exceeding 90 words
Sherry's at PU's Poetry Pantry #312