Sunday, April 19, 2015

Photography with Yusuf Hashim (YH#8)

After having gone through Yusuf's photos all these while Hank can only wonder at the artistic nature of all of them. Composition, perspective and lights are basic which are often ignored as a consequence the opportunity of a great shot is lost. But Yusuf Hashim works with them and on them and astounds us.

P for Photography with Yusuf Hashim
(All photos are sourced from Yusuf Hashim 
and used with permission)

Interestingly photography may not be just snapping away at them by accident. One must anticipate to take advantage of a signature scene.Grab the opportunity, anticipate and wait....then snap!. This can be better explained by Yusuf's ingenuity in image #1 below.

Image 1:
Yusuf Hashim says:
I saw this shaft of light, breaking through the trees, lighting this particular spot on the pathway. All that remained was to wait for a suitable subject to walk into it. He came along soon enough, and I simply released the shutter.....

Image 2
Yusuf Hashim says:
The super-jeep we used to explore central Iceland

Hank takes pleasure in appending herewith some of these signature snapshots which ordinarily appear ordinary but done with great measures of composition and thoughts besides the technicalities which Yusuf already thought of. Looking at images #1 #2 and #3 one would imagine these are b/whites. Yusuf could have evaluated the terrain (in image#1)and snapped a colored photo but brought out a b/white effect. (This is just Hank's guess work) An ordinary super jeep but it came out brilliantly! The same can be said of the beautiful Swazi lass below! Perfect composition and lighting effects!

Image 3 :
Yusuf Hashim says:
Here's a tastefully artistic picture of a young lady from Swaziland....a very interesting country to visit, especially during the birthday celebrations of King Mswati III of Swaziland, when thousands of young women and girls – all of them virgins – dance topless for their king. The Umhlanga Reed Dance is an annual rite that sees girls as young as five dance, chant and lay reeds at the feet of Mswati and the Queen Mother, hoping that the king will pick them to add to his presently, 14 wives.....King Mswati is the last remaining absolute monarch in Africa, and he's probably having a great time...

A Haiku:

Talents not by chance
Skills honed through innate interest 
Disciplined brilliance 

For Blogging A to Z April Challenge - P

Saturday, April 18, 2015

It took many by surprise!

                                                                                            Attribution: John Daniels
Image: First Flight of the Wright Brothers (here)

The machine traveled 120 ft (36.6 m) in 12 seconds at 10:35 a.m. at Kitty Hawk, North Carolina. Orville Wright was at the controls of the machine, lying prone on the lower wing with his hips in the cradle which operated the wing-warping mechanism. Wilbur Wright ran alongside to balance the machine, and just released his hold on the forward upright of the right wing in the photo. The starting rail, the wing-rest, a coil box, and other items needed for flight preparation are visible behind the machine. This was considered "the first sustained and controlled heavier-than-air, powered flight" by the Fédération Aéronautique Internationale (Wiki)

O for Orville and Wilbur Wright

Orville and Wilbur
You must have cringed at the drones'

For Blogging from A to Z April
Challenge - O

Friday, April 17, 2015

That's the spirit!

Image: 1 UTM Everest 2014/2015 mission. Pro-Chancellor of UTM  OP Tan Sri Dr. Salleh Mohd Nor. together with the main climbers, Aidib Yusoff Jamhuri Jumari Azham Afzanizam Hamzah. 

Image: 2 OP Tan Sri Dr Salleh Mohd Nor in crimson tops with Everest in the background

Image 3 OP Tan Sri Dr. Salleh Mohd Nor at Everest Base Camp in a 
warm-up mission in 2012

N for Not to be Caged In

The given words:
cage crimson guesthouse flowers furry
moments nightmare pull unhappy steady 
askew (to one side; out of line; in a crooked position)
sanguinary (full of or characterized by bloodshed)

Not to be caged in
That's the spirit!
The same feelings
extended by OP Salleh
to his young wards
from the UTM
when he led them on their
Everest quest

Dressed in crimson tops
OP Salleh was ready for the kill
Not the sanguinary kind but
those engaged of the esprit de corps
rich in him, an Old Putra

First stop at the 'guesthouse'
The Everest Base Camp
To prepare and readying
themselves for the assault

No flowers for any grand send-off
Nor furry Abominable Snowman to
bid them safe journey
but there were moments of nightmare
that all climbers witnessed
but never talked about such as
the remains of previous climbers
lying askew strewn and not buried

They pulled through though
but quite unhappy seeing such
poignant scenes

The climbers were both physically
and emotionally provoked but steadfast
they steadily moved on!

Note: Old Putra is an alumni of
the Royal Military College

For Blogging A to Z April Challenge - N and
Sunday's Whirligig 3 hosted by MMT with
the given words

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

M - for The Man Himself (YH#7)

                                                         Attribution : Yusuf Hashim
 Image1 : Yusuf Hashim at one of his relaxed moments (April 2015)

                                                        Attribution: Yusuf Hashim
Image 2 Yusuf Hashim bubbling with enthusiasm (April 2015)
Yusuf Hashim says:
I believe I can fly! A 70 year old Gandalf with 15 Grandkids leaping 3 meters into the air. High on sulphur fumes from fumaroles in the Namafjall Hvrir volcanic region in North Iceland.

This is the Modern Day Explorer #7
The Modern Day Explorer #6 (here)

M for The Man Himself
Hank's buddy, Yusuf Hashim globe-trotter extraordinaire is just back from his most recent adventure in Iceland. His Photo-Safari outings with a dozen or so 'photo tourists' cover off-roads scenic locations. Hank earlier highlighted some of them (YH#1 YH#2 YH#3 YH#4 YH#5 YH#6)

Today it is the man himself with a sprinkling of earlier snapshots. Just a sampling of previous photos but more than enough to know how active and interesting a soul he is. One who is enjoying life to the fullest physically and able to withstand the vigor of a youngster at age 70!

                                                         Attribution: Yusuf Hashim
Image 3 Yusuf Hashim Crossing the Marker of the Tropic of Capricorn
at the Kalahari Desert' Namibia

                                                                                            Attribution: Yusuf Hashim
Image: 4 Rainbow over Route 40 in Western Argentina

Yusuf Hashim says:
The loneliest road in the world that I've  driven through is Route 40 in Western Argentina, which stretches 5000 kilometers from La Quiaca in Jujuy Province in the north, to Rio Gallegos in Santa Cruz Province in the South. Running parallel to the Andes Mountains, its height at Rio Gallegos in the south is at sea level. It passes through 20 national parks, 18 major rivers, 27 passes in the Andes, and it reaches a height of 5000 meters or 16,404 feet at Abra del Acay in Salta. Mount Acongcagua, the highest mountain in the Americas, can be clearly seen about 120 km from In a 500 kilometers stretch in the sparsely populated south, we saw only 4 other vehicles apart from our own. And one of them was a car that had broken down, which our team mechanic helped to repair so that it could safely continue its journey northwards. Like in the Makgadigadi Pan in Botswana, and the Salar de Uyuni in Bolivia, there is great beauty in emptiness. I shot this rainbow through the windscreen of my car on Route 40 south of Patagonia. 

(More of Yusuf Hashim) (here)

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

A Photographer's Gem

                                                                                          Attribution: Florian Fuchs
Image 1 Lake Agnes at Banff National Park, Canada
with Mount Whyte (here)

                                                                                          Attribution: Florian Fuch
Image 2 Kinney Lake with Mount Whitehorn (here)

L for Beautiful Lakes

Photographer's gem
Snug in the wilderness left
preserved undisturbed

The right angle chosen,well
taken with trained eyes

Nature's secret to
include mountain tops to blend
for perfect snapshot

For Blogging from A to ZApril Challenge - L and
Marian's hosting at Real Toad's Tuesday Platform

Monday, April 13, 2015

Does one really wonder!

                                                                            Attribution: Michael Pereckas
Image: K-9 Police Dog (here)

K for K-9

The given words:
seven dysphemism (the substitution of a harsh expression for a more neutral one)
emollient (power of softening or as a medicine,soothing, especially to the skin)
obstreperous (resisting control or restraint in a difficult manner,unruly,noisy,boisterous)
damp worm yellow crocus hello scene entwine 

Does one really wonder
That it can be called man's best friend?
It can yelp or holler
or stoop to whine

Reputedly domesticated from wolves
Features in about seven known functions
of assisting police, hunting, pulling loads
herding, aiding handicaps, as pets and protection

Answers to dysphemism in commands
Will then respond emollient in elements
But can turn obstreperous in other instances
all arising from the given treatment

Avoid damp bedding and constantly dewormed
To appear healthily to mirror a yellow crocus
Say hello to an adorable bitch and a resourceful K-9
Great scene entwined with all kindness

For Georgia;s hosting at MLMM's Wordle # 56 and
Blogging from A to Z April Challenge -  K

Sunday, April 12, 2015

Jointly wedded it was bliss!

                                                                                                 Attribution: Azhar Jaah
Image: 1 Third from left Yatt, Farhan,Faiz
and Shuhadah flanked by both brides' parents

                  Attribution: Azhar Jaah
Image: 2 Faiz and Charming Shuhadah

                                                                        Attribution: Azhar Jaah
Image 3 Farhan and Sweet Yatt

J for Jointly Wedded

They had been together
They grew up together
But last week-end topped it all
For they really had a ball

They decided to get hitched
Jointly wedded it was bliss
Faiz with his brother Farhan
with sweet brides led in hand

Double weddings not a rarity
But it did top as a novelty
There was a 'gamelan' group ensemble
Dance and 'silat' displays all traditional

Which pair would be first to present
Eagerly awaited by all the parents
To dote over a grandchild or two
As grandparents they expected to

Shuhadah and Yatt would have to think
Bundle of Joy certainly a beautiful thing
But forthwith it would finally sink in
Sleepless nights the same as child feeding

Note: Gamelan is a musical group with something
like a xylophone (but made up of gongs) as the lead
Silat is a form of self defence

For Mary's hosting at PU's Poetry Pantry #247
and Blogging A to Z  -  J

Thursday, April 9, 2015

Necessity mothers it!

Image: Courtesy of Sunday's Whirligig 2 (here)

I  for Inventions

The given words:
mirror ravish stop brush weight vent 
sink tooth cement orange page spoon

Necessity mothers it
Great minds will it
Others mirror it
Entrepreneurs ravish it
Followers stop to think
Many just happen to brush in
Some throw their weight in
to vent their anger
They hope to sink in a bid
They fight tooth and nail
To cement their prowess
on how to make their pile

Not stopping for orange alert
but instead they bulldoze in
picking from a page of discoveries
to spoon unsuspecting consumers
with 'nice to have' inventions

For MMT's hosting of Sunday's Whirligig 2
Blogging A to Z  -  I and
Anthony's hosting of OpenLinkNight #146

The Falls in Iceland (YH #6)

Continuing with the awesome adventure of Yusuf Hashim right to the minute. These were posted on April 08, 2015 in Iceland where Yusuf is leading his special band of 'tourists photographers'  Obviously they are having the time of their life.
This is the Modern Day Explorer #6
The Modern Day Explorer #5 (here)

Hank for the life of me had never anticipated the beautiful sights there. Yusuf is doing his bit for Icelandic tourism certainly!

H for the Hrafnarbjargafoss Falls

                                                                                         Attribution: Yusuf Hashim
Image: The Hrafnarbjargafoss Falls

Yusuf Hashim says:
This is a waterfall with an unpronounceable name. Shot with my Samdung. It's the Hrafnarbjargafoss fall. Still partly frozen, it's the most beautiful falls in Iceland. We had to take a 4x4 super jeep to reach her.....

Image: The Aldeyrafoss Falls

Yusuf Hashim says:
Where I was this morning with my Little Samdung phone camera. This waterfall is the Aldeyrafoss. It's exceptionally beautiful. ...

More of Yusuf Hashim (here)

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Ghosts of Myvatn.(YH #5)

                                                                                            Attribution: Yusuf Hashim
Image: Yusuf Hashim at the Myvatn volcanic Region (here)
(hot from the Press, this is Yusuf's posting on April 07,2015)

This is Modern Day Explorer #5
Modern Day Explorer #4 (here)

G for Ghosts of Myvatn

Continuing the incredible yet delightful saga of the Yusuf Hashim Photo Safari in Iceland. Hank is most enthralled by Yusuf's authoritative description of the physical make-up around him.Certainly much more informative than those geography lessons we used to hear about in school before.

Yusuf Hashim says:

Ghosts of Myvatn.
We were in the Myvatn volcanic region of North Central Iceland this morning. Volcanoes, like pimples, dominate the dark lava landscape, whitened by generous icing of snow. The area is like you've descended into another sinister world. Geysers of steam erupt everywhere around us. There is a strong sulphuric smell that hangs in the air and makes our clothes smell of sulphur.
Mývatn is a shallow eutrophic lake in an area of active volcanism in the north of Iceland, not far from Krafla volcano. Eutrophic means the lake has high biological productivity. Due to excessive nutrients, especially nitrogen and phosphorus, eutrophic water bodies are able to support an abundance of aquatic plants. Usually the water body will be dominated either by aquatic plants or algae. When aquatic plants dominate, the water tends to be clear. When algae dominates the water tends to be darker. The algae engages in photosynthesis which supplies oxygen to the fish and biota which inhabit these waters. And the waters of Lake Myvatn is clear darkish black. Many parts of the lake are still frozen. The biting cold wind is so strong it can blow you off your feet.
Myvatn lake and its surrounding wetlands have an exceptionally rich fauna of waterbirds, especially ducks. The lake was created by a large basaltic lava eruption 2300 years ago, and the surrounding landscape is dominated by volcanic landforms, including lava pillars and rootless vents called pseudocraters. The river Laxá which flows out of the lake is known for its rich fishing for Brown Trout and Atlantic Salmon.
Its a photographer's paradise and we made hundreds of shots here.

And the icing on the cake, the man himself announcing his open invitation.
Yusuf is Hank's buddy but he can also be your buddy if you answer his call. This is the latest, posted on April 07, 2015, read on....

Yusuf Hashim says:

The biting cold wind in the Namafjall Hvrir volcanic region in North Iceland is really strong. Almost blew me into one of the many sulphuric acid pools there. I can now add Iceland as one of the four places in the world that you MUST visit before you move on. The other three are Patagonia, the North West Frontier of Pakistan and the Himalayas. Iceland has so much to offer, and especially in the north sparsely populated area, the raw beauty of the harsh black lava volcanic landscape with its icing of pure white snow, is like someplace on Mars. Really really beautiful. I've just arranged to do one more PhotoSafari to Iceland fom 1-7 September, for those who missed joining me this round, and also as an appetizer for those who are coming with me on my schooner expedition to Greenland from 8-16 Sep 2015

There you have it, any takers?

For Blogging A to Z for April  -  G

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Crave for Outdoor Excitements (YH #4)

                                                                                            Attribution: Yusuf Hashim
Image: The Aurora Borealis - posted by
Yusuf Hashim on March 30, 2015 (here) 

This is Modern Day Explorer #4
Modern Day Explorer #3 (here)

Yusuf Hashim says:

When most of us go to places like Iceland, foremost in our minds is to experience the Aurora Borealis or the Northern lights, These last three nights, Miss Aurora has been especially hyperactive, stimulated perhaps by the presence of about a dozen red blooded Malaysians, and one Singaporean,warming the cold -4 degrees Celsius Icelandic nights. Its not only been cold but its been snowing rather heavily the last 36 hours, making everything, including the roads and the glaciers in this island of Fire and Ice, completely white.

For the scientifically inclined, Aurora occur when highly charged electrons from the solar wind interact with elements in the earth's atmosphere. Solar winds stream away from the sun at speeds of about 1 million miles per hour. When they reach the earth, some 40 hours after leaving the sun, they follow the lines of magnetic force generated by the earth's core and flow through the magnetosphere, a teardrop-shaped area of highly charged electrical and magnetic fields.

As the electrons enter the earth's upper atmosphere, they will encounter atoms of oxygen and nitrogen at altitudes from 20 to 200 miles above the earth's surface. The colour of the aurora depends on which atom is struck, and the altitude of the meeting. The colour is green when they hit oxygen molecules up to 150 miles in altitude. It is red when they hit oxygen, above 150 miles. When Nitrogen is struck at altitudes below 60 miles, the colour is blue. Abov 60 miles its's purple or violet.

For the more romantically inclined like me, Aurora is simply the Roman goddess of dawn, In the Northern hemisphere its called Aurora Borealis. In the southern hemisphere, they are called Aurora Australis   More of Yusuf Hashim (here)

F for Faraway Places

Hank’s buddy, Yusuf Hashim is still proudly holding the flag up high. A modern day explorer he holds dear the feelings of freedom of choice and is happily gallivanting across the globe. The last we hear he is in Iceland leading a group of 13 photo enthusiasts all over the icy landscape. An accomplished photographer Yusuf relayed beautiful pictures to accompany the account of his travels. Yusuf has already documented these rare pictures in several books and these are available online. Yusuf is one fine guy who has pushed the spirit of adventure several notches higher from levels of our student days at the Royal Military College (here) decades ago!

Faraway places
Beckon to rekindle the
spirit of travels

Endurance called for
off-road encroachments which are
the more exciting

The tough and tumble
are for ‘tourists’ who crave for
outdoor excitements

For Blogging from A to Z - F and
Kerry's hosting of Tuesday Platform at
Real Toads

Monday, April 6, 2015

Eating Out

Image: Taken at the Curve

E for Eating Out

Eating out not that
frequent but when occasion
demands it happens

Such was  April 3rd
The birthday of Shadah their
Mom, my loving wife

Brought their family
Made bee-line to the Curve all
three generations

Sunday, April 5, 2015

Carefully wanting to Fathom what is Enough!

                                                                               Artist: Louis Francois (1775 - 1848)
Image: Napoleon Giving Orders at the Battle of Lodi (here)

The given words
crack birdsong careful fathom enough dispute
war pounding parable save fruits suitcase

a crack at a birdsong humming out of tune
carefully wanting to fathom what is enough

a dispute allowed to fester without recourse
what will there be in stopping a war
when the outcome does not prick a conscience
will there be a solution?

pounding on human dwellings
a parable to be later dubbed collateral damage
to save is not to destroy
that is the justification
lame contention as they are destroyed anyway

smirking gleefully upon the victory
over enemies imagined but hopelessly unarmed

where are the fruits of labor to be enjoyed
but perhaps stored in a suitcase
to be carried together upon demise
to be accountable for later

karma has a way to determine
what goes around comes around
it may even be determined before demise
of untold sufferings of the ‘victors’
upon the conclusion of a conflict

For MMT's hosting at Sunday Whirligig #1 and
A Special A to Z Tribute: Tina Downey


Saturday, April 4, 2015

Cuts rightly on emotions!

                                                                            Attribution: Alexander Maier
Image: Frog in a sad mood (here)

D for Depression

Moody off tangent
Cuts rightly on emotions
Woes situations

Modern day problems
Impinge on innocent man
The strong ones fight back

For Chev's CARPE DIEM #699  -  depression 
and Blogging from A to Z letter D and
Mary's at PU's Poetry Pantry#246

Thursday, April 2, 2015

The color green is special

Image1:  Hank, at 19 years (left) and Michael Yoong, at 17 years 
communicating during military exercise at the Annual Camp 1963 

Image 2: Michael Yoong ( fondly called Dr Michael Young by his patients)
now happily retired in New Jersey doting on his granddaughter together with his
loving daughter Irene Yoong

Earlier postings of life in the Royal Military College
1. Capt (later Col) Jim Bradley (here)
2. Annual Camp 1963 (here)
3. In the Nick of Time - Kelantan River Expedition (here)

C for Color Green

The color green is special
Soft and friendly environment
Bathed in a soothing spectacle
Pleasing to the sight
That greets one in the early morning mist
Relaying a peaceful message
From the night before
Of great significance to Hank
When growing up
Of an institution akin to the 'House that 
built you' in character and in person
Yes, an institution steeped in military
tradition based on
the color of Jungle Green
Hank found himself as a scraggly innocent
Barely 15 years of age
Accepted and admitted into the 
Royal Military College years ago
A premier school
That was when color green got 
embedded fondly
for a little corner in his heart
Modelled roughly along those
of West Point and Sandhurst
But from the High School years
with option to take on a military
career or stay on civvy street
Hank chose to stay on in civvy street
But with great memories of challenges
of a soldier-boy which other teenagers
could just dream of!

For Mama Zen's hosting at Real Toads - The
House that Built You
Blogging from A to Z Challenge - C

Great way of staying afloat

                                                                                                       Attribution: Troydj
Image: Bogey Hole NSW (here)

B for Bogey Hole

The Bogey Hole is listed on the NSW State Heritage Register 
in recognition of its importance in the course of NSW's history. 
Potentially the place has national significance as the earliest 
known example in the whole of Australia of a purpose-built 
ocean swimming pool  -  Wiki

Ocean swimming pool
Great way of staying afloat

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Deep in their hearts an event awaited for

                                                                                                 Attribution: 御門桜
Image: Sakura Cherry Blossoms fare (here)

A is for Ablaze 

The given 3WW words:
ablaze deep rabid

Setting itself to whet the appetite
Of those appreciative of colors fare
Ablaze in sea of white and pink delights
A spectacle for the eyes so rare

Deep in their hearts an event awaited for
Knowing the nature of the phenomena
Available only for a few day’s of favor
Desire to experience it rabid all the more

Transience of the blossoms by nature
Its extreme beauty and quick death
Barely a week before the leaves appear
Sakura epitomizing the Japanese wealth

For Susan's hosting at PU's Midweek Motif
- cherry blossoms
Thomg's at 3WW week #421 and
Adele's National Poetry Month 2015

Monday, March 30, 2015

A whole new world opened up

                                                                      Attribution: Holunder @

The given words:
click dial infinitesimal (immeasurably small) designation regulation 
platitude (a trite dull or obvious remark) tread clarity
sheaf (to bind something into a sheaf or sheaves) inferior 

The cursor moved and a click
as smooth as waves lapping the shore
so it was just simple browsing
No more the need to dial
An infinitesimal change
But what a wonder!

A whole new world opened up
Aged bloggers could really appreciate
of designations free from regulations
a platitude of no effect or bother

Ease of surfing the 'Net
offered immense pleasure and convenience
everything on-line tugging to be provoked
into action

Treading cautiously educating oneself
through trial and error were common
Clarity of ideas honed through a sheaf
of facts bundled up to be unraveled were
playthings of the day

Physical presence of a dictionary
Readers' Digest collection of poetry
The Encyclopedia Britannica were things
of the past turned functionally inferior
no more by the side for references

Just type 'all the world's a stage'
and the poem appeared in full

Blogging a fun thing to do certainly!

But youngsters these days were still lazing
in bed busy engrossed with twitter and games
The sun was already up

A flock of wild geese flying off in the distance
was the only connection to reality if ever
could be considered so

Good things as had been said
given for free begged for attention

But rather a rabbit could cast influence as
a guardian angel instead of on a one to one basis

For MLMM's photo challenge #54 and
Wordle # 54

Sunday, March 29, 2015

Heat and flames billowing

                                                                                            Attribution: Aaron Logan
Image: Fire breather (here)

The given words:
fiery call craft billow chance 
frame deal add sing back repair 

Fire breather a human
flame thrower
Literally a fiery call of a craft
Not shared by many

Heat and flames billowing
into the sky
An entry that needs
no announcement

Chances are no blisters on the lips
A spectacular feat from one whose
frame of mind seems daring but weird

A deal that astounds on-lookers
He  may add more colors
with a sing-song
By a lady in a supporting role
Just so to bring back the crowd

They will then repair for the night
a successful husband and wife act

For Brenda's Sunday Whirl Wordle # 204 and
Mary's at PU's Poetry Pantry # 245

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

wonder of love did transcend the divide

                                                                                                                             Attribution: Bruce Marlin
Image: An Asian Lady Beetle (here)

The given words:
3WW  -  chilly glorious petite
And prompt at:
d'Verse  -  savor the beauty and sharing it

They had it going for quite sometime
The wonder of love did transcend the divide
Pretty little darling awesome partner for a lifetime
Providence with divine intervention had to decide

Pretty much like the receding cold months
Why had it suddenly gone chilly
Glorious future awaited but now abandoned
Petite lady and dashing beau looking silly

Asian lady given to natural beauty
Ever wanting to share divergent views
Demure in make up perhaps foreign initially
Success in a union based on tested values

Can mixed marriages be given the space
to make it work and forgetting differences
Rather transposed into the similarities laced
with love the pull factor in a working environment

For Thomg's hosting of 3WW week #402 and
Mary's at d'Verse Poetics

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

sludge as a playground

                                                                                   Attribution: Jan Delsing
Image: Mud snails (here)

Beauty of it all
Luck of the draw to be free
sludge as a playground

Abundance given
feelings of security
safe unabated

Unwittingly real
Heavens above lashed hard but
welcomed by its kind

For Chev's CARPE DIEM #692 - mud snails