Tuesday, July 31, 2012


Picture Credit: Google images

Can’t  make out what’s happening
Running helter skelter round and round
Like a chicken beheaded before its time
Why all these buzzing, swooping and swirling
A bee hive smoked out is not as bad

Resigned to what’s coming, fate is cruel
Head spinning wildly the world is moving
No! a merry-go-round has taken over my being
Spinning faster and faster….

Stop! Please! All are taking positions
Change of stance is apparent
Physically it’s all confusion
A physical is only an intrusion

You have a headache?
Did you throw up?
A horrible tummy ache did you say?

Doc, I feel so weak!
I’m all cob-webs!
My mind’s blank

This happened before?
Once before…it was normally two rounds
But I did three yesterday
That’s what happened also before 

Nothing’s wrong with you my man!
It’s just exhaustion
From now on just the normal two rounds
Not more than that...
At your age, golf is meant to be enjoyed!

Shared with d"Verse OpenLinkNight and Theme Thursday with prompt -confusion-

Monday, July 30, 2012


Image:1 Poster of the movie released in 2009
(Picture credit: Google images)

Nightmare and terror
Emotional reactions
Frightening horrors

Plays on audience’s fears
On supernatural themes
Fantasy thrillers

Amazingly though
Eerie scares have their diehards
Faithful followers!

Written for Haiku Heights #155 with prompt Forget-Me-Not and Real Toads's Open Link Monday

Sunday, July 29, 2012

New Tricks

                                                                                              Zelko Nedic's  black dog
Picture Credit! Courtesy of Tess' Mag

It has been a dog’s life for you
In this dog eat dog world
But don’t worry
Every dog has it’s day
Sure we can’t teach old dogs new tricks
But we’ll make it a challenge
I’ll not work you like a dog
I promise you that
Nor will you be in the dog house
We’ll play it easy
In this dog day of summer
It can be really trying!
Let sleeping dogs lie..let's see!

Ok let’s recap….
Those you’ve understood…

Sit!         ( good )
Stay!      ( very good )
Stand!   ( yes )
Fetch!   ( see how it runs)
Down!   ( ok..ok ..you are all over me)

Ok, we need to go for walks, I know!
We’ll firm up on,  let’s go, heel, come, leave it, among others!

We’ll get in touch with Snoopy and get some pointers..
You like Snoopy?
Speak! ( why no answer?)
You like Lassie?
bow..wow!  ( ok, you like Lassie..)

Gosh! ( teaching old dogs new tricks all over again!)

Written for Tess' Mag 128

Saturday, July 28, 2012

No Entry

Picture Credit: Courtesy of Grandma Goulash's Succinctly Yours #71

Sans foliate
No greenery here
to see

No entry!             
Dilarang masuk                                                
Hakuna kuingia                                                
Nenui eniro

You might fall off the edge
Be warned!       

Some don’t pay heed
They go headlong into the unknown
They bear the painful consequences
Of foolishness
Of foolhardiness

Motivated by greed
The main reason!

Can you blame them?
Wasted talents!
talents gaspilles
quel dommage!

Note:1  In Succinctly Yours Grandma provided the picture above plus the word foliate to write a Micro Fiction (MF) not exceeding 140 characters ( the highlighted portion in italics is the MF in 140 characters)

Note:2 No entry means Dilarang masuk (in Malay/Indonesian) Hakuna kuingia (in Swahili) and Nenui eniro (in Esperanto)

Shared with Grandma's Succinctly Yours #71 and d'Verse's Poetics Logophilia #2

Thursday, July 26, 2012


Image:1 The Chakra wheel, a balanced figure, everything in place seen from any direction
(Picture Credit: Courtesy of d;Verse and Google images)

Balanced disorder
To mend the nebulous, needs
a system approach

Dispersal nature
all of confusion, pull back
and get organized

Clamor for freedom
Disrupts the status quo, check
elements of change

Win over the heart
Fair maiden plays hard to get
Plead and motivate

Untold heartache  from
the young’s roving nature, check
freedom and restrain

Written for d'Verse Meeting the bar with Victoria's balance as a prompt 


Picture Credit: Courtesy of Poets United

The sound of laughter
Permeates the stillness of night
Assured agreement

Not laughing alone
Happiness is infectious
Prompts the elements

Semblance of order
Peals of uncontrolled outbursts
To be avoided

The sound of sadness
An honorable exit
Not appreciated

Written for Poets United's Think Tank Thursday #107 with prompt -sound-

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Muay Thai

 Image:1 The rough and tumble with bare fists (this may be during training)

 Image:2 Not just brawn but beauty thrown in, in the form of Gina Carano

 Image3: Don't be fooled by this cute fighting machine who may be lethal

Image:4 The Champ, Joe Schilling
( Picture Credit: Google images )

Unlike a two point contact of fists
in traditional boxing, or a four point
contact of hands and feet in other regulated
martial arts sports, Muay Thai kick boxing
is the ultimate.

It’s an eight point contact sports utilizing
punches,kicks,elbows and knees. A no holds
barred phenomena fought with boxing gloves
but with bare feet that facilitate flying kicks

A current rage that feeds on a desire not
usually satiated to inflict hurt craved by
the audience. It may endanger limbs and life.
One is cut out to be a fighter where agility and guile
are of the highest order. A hazard sports
not for the faint hearted where rules are fluid.
A choke forbidden in wrestling is a submission hold
in Muay Thai among others

It may appear to endanger the fighters but the
thrill seekers pay to satisfy their base instincts
That keeps the sports alive!

Submitted for 3WW with prompts cut, hazard and endanger 

Tuesday, July 24, 2012


Picture Credit: Google images

Would time have allowed
for us to wallow in the quick sand
of life’s sorrows devoid of luxuries

Would time have denied us the
right of food and shelter instead
and of poverty staring squarely at one
that is lifeless, reeking of sweat and slime
in the basement, home of the down-trodden
to be shared with trash and rodents
Would time have been harsh
to condemn us into the bottomless
abyss of those who had sinned
tired and spent of desire to fulfill?

God forbid!

Time would be gentle to reward
those who offered  all goodness of life’s
pleasures and good fortune
commensurate to efforts tirelessly
extended to those unfortunates
of society and unselfishly shared

Time is a great equalizer!

Shared with d'Verse OpenLinkNight week#54 and Poets United's vice-versa #8 with antonyms allow/deny and harsh/gentle as prompts

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Lighted Malls

Picture Credit: Courtesy of Grandma's Goulash

At this juncture
with rising crime rate,
a lighted Mall isn't a novelty
anymore. It's a security measure.
City elders must realize this!

(140 characters)

Grandma's in Succinctly Yours Week #70  had provided the picture prompt above and the word juncture for a Micro Fiction of not exceeding 140 characters. Shared with Real Toads Open Link Monday


                                                        Figure Eight 1952 by Franz Kline
Image:1 Courtesy of Tess' Mag
Image:2 Infinity
(Picture Credit: Google images)

The figure 8
Unbounded limit
Impinged on to physics
and mathematics

The figure 8
A snake like configuration
Without end, like
engaged in eating its own tail

The figure 8
Conjured by some
To be compatible with luck
and generosity

Mind boggling infinitas
Just unboundedness

Written for Tess' Mag 127

Saturday, July 21, 2012

The Champions

Born to rule. They came in
real strong. They swept off
all opposition. She had earlier
secured the coveted title
With her sister they completed
the double. She was there
jumping and occasionally shouting
and grunting. All in the quest of gunning
for the ball, to put it over the net
She had done that for the umpteen times
Between them they exerted their rule
for  many years. The fighting war machine

There was some scare not too long ago
It was something about their health
Both were in the same predicament
Both were hospitalized. For a while it
appeared  bad. But they came away
It was for both, a  clean bill of health
so they proved it... 

by way of being this year's champions
of both the singles and doubles
of Wimbledon

And the icing on the cake?
An Olympic gold no less!

Picture Credit: Google images

Written for d'Verse by describing a personality

A Dinner

Image:1 An ideal al fresco dinner setting, for two
(Picture credit: Google images)

He had been meaning
to make up. Sadly it failed
Why it came to this?

No usual visits
He had looked forward to it
It stopped suddenly

He kept asking why
It just drove him up the wall
thinking about it

She was happy. It
was their anniversary.
They had planned for it

It was half way through
They were all drenched to the skin
A sudden downpour

She never forgave
him for insisting on the
Al fresco dinner

Written for Haiku Heights #154 with prompt meaning

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Wind Chimes

 Image:1 Must be placed at a strategic corner to facilitate the flow of energy, the 'chi'.

Image:2 One made of capiz shells. Others are made of wood, bamboo, aluminium and other materials
Picture Credit: Google images

Wind assisted chimes
Restricted repertoire
Melodious sounds

Just enough to please
Boredom restrained, musical
interlude. Soothing

Enhanced flow of chi
When strategically  placed
Fights off afflictions

A dual function
Brings luck and wards off evil
A  Feng Shui device

Shared with Chev's Haiku-blog, Tackle it Tuesday with prompt -wind chimes-

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Your Rights!

Picture Credit: Google images

Standing tall, sprightly
Sensibly upright,uptight
Doubting unlikely

Believe in wisdom
Unwavering in our stand
Not complicated

Discard the bile and
Stamp our rights, brook no nonsense
Relieve the baggage

Salvage the muddle
Forever in control keep
The good flag flying

Written for Poets United #7 with antonyms Doubt/Believe and Wisdom/Nonsense as prompt shared with d'Verse OpenLinkNights

Monday, July 16, 2012


Image:1 The pesky camel occupies my bay, my space!

Image:2 I choose to be up here, then

Image:3 Better yet, I'll just piggy back

Picture Credit: Google images

Space is scarce
Space is limited
This basically rules the waves.
The possibilities are varied in most instances
despite all the distractions, camel and all
And there’s no pull from either side

Where have they all gone?
I can only wonder
I need space, parking space!
Shrinking and disappearing
when it’s just hotting up
Can I make a bid?
I’m all crazy
I want a piece of the action

Sharing is believing
Opening up is heavenly
Covering up is sacrilege
I can’t fathom this!

Let's see what gives!

See what I mean?
Can we get organized!

Submitted for Real Toad's Open Link Monday and Theme Thursday with prompt -distractions-

Sunday, July 15, 2012


                                                                                 artwork by Jack Vettriano

For all the sacrifices I made
In just a jiffy you called it quits
I didn’t anticipate this
Too small a thing to quarrel
Far too small to even think of
I’ve not given it that serious
thoughts. I know it’s close to
your heart. She’s so dear to you
I know it would hurt her but..

Yes, you told me. I know
But it was a silly mistake
It was there sitting pretty

She only came here once
If she comes a second time
We’ll do something about it
Ok, no white curtains
We’ll take them down
Your Mom hates lace
Fine, we’ll take them down
It’s just that I had always
liked lace!

Picture Credit: Courtesy of Tess' Mag

Written for Tess' Magpie #126


Picture Credit: Courtesy of Grandma's Goulash

When friends huddle
together for warmth
and security a torrid 
love affair may well be
building up unwittingly
without each realizing it

(140 characters)
as counted through Design 215

Grandma provided the picture prompt inviting a Micro Fiction of not exceeding 140 characters
and a word 'torrid' as an option to include within.

Shared with Grandma's Goulash Succinctly Yours week # 69 , One Single Impression prompt #229 -friend- and Poets United Poetry Pantry #106

Saturday, July 14, 2012

A Huitain

Picture Credit: Google images

In the field of physical endeavor
Pitted against others solely on strength
A known prowess for medals to savor
Nations bidding to claim honors as planned
Reacting to appreciation from fans
Sporting spectacle and  lots of tactics
A team effort or singly man to man
Hail to the two zero twelve Olympics

Line length: 10 syllables
Rhyme scheme: ababbcbc
Number of lines: 8

Written for Real Toads with the Huitain form also known as the Monk's Tale


Picture Credit: Google images

First, before the crowd
Fulfills an obligation
A sense of success

A motivation
First on Brian’s or Pat’s
Mary beats them all

Gold silver and bronze
Brian swept them all before, but
Mary just took ‘one’

But some got on first
Did not realize others are
Lurking in the wings

Written for Haiku Heights # 153 with prompt - first-

Thursday, July 12, 2012


Poetry banner courtesy of d'Verse

Poems about poetry
Poems within....

Poetry is life’s conscience
It touched on the soul
It seeped through small crevices
To emerge like ants in line
Hungrily searching for sweetness
With a gold-digger’s passion
It can knock onto doors
To reveal wide open the mind’s treasures

It comes when it comes with full force
I struggle
I scramble
to record what is running
But at other times it is emptiness
I struggle
I scratch
I await for the inspiration

It brings out the child in us
To relive all the innocence of life
Tugs at the strings of memory
Brings to life what the subconscious
could not

Poetry is the wheel in motion
Wheeling and game for a hint
to be guided
to be led
without a sextant nor the stars
but the pull of finesse

Poetry exacts that pound of flesh
Ever mindful of what hurts
To clear the cob-webs built
Of injustice over time

Poetry is all that isn’t…

Written for d'Verse Poems about Poetry



Picture Credit: Google images

High flying footballers
In the heat of the moment
Must avoid flare-ups

Strange but true, a man
in 'heat' is an animal 
of uncontrolled lusts

Heated arguments
Waste talents and energy
Would not solve problems

A heated debate
Shows lack of maturity
Spectacle to see

If given the choice
Between a heat wave and floods
Many would be stumped

Written for Sensational Haiku Wednesday with prompt -heat-

Wednesday, July 11, 2012


Photo Credit: Google images

Swirling lazily upwards
Gyrating to the rhythm
Of a sultry strip tease
Smoke rings slowly formed
And slowly disappeared
Into thin air.
His mind blank
He’s used to it.
The chirping
Of birds in the early morning
He could only hear.
He could not see ,
not with eyes half closed
watery, sleepy as expected of the addict in him
who had just secured his fix, disheveled,
fighting off the throes of withdrawal
and patiently waiting,

Anticipating the full effects.
His head groggy, nebulously clearing
The splitting headache slowly diminishing
waiting… waiting…

for the ‘now’!!

laughter at the slightest tickle
no more twitching
no more saliva dribbling
no more drooling
it’s the ‘now’
kaleidoscopic daydreaming!

Written for Poetry Jam with prompt Daydream Believers

Tuesday, July 10, 2012


 Picture Credit: Google Images

Outwardly trivial
When not impacted on us
Not cared to bother

But not to ignore
Significantly glaring
Others were angry

Why they felt  cornered
Observed through semblance of form
Some obligations

Could we make amends?
Compromised on bitterness
Virtuous to forgive!

Written for d'Verse OpenLinkNight and Poets United vice-versa #6 of antonymns trivial/significant and observe/ignore

Monday, July 9, 2012


Picture Credit: Google Images

Paint the  picture in your mind
What are there with words

Close your eyes and see
Liberal hues of colors
Shades of the rainbow

Good artists do that
The best you can imagine
Will create great wonders

Natural talent
Is difficult to explain
But works all the time

Submitted for Chev's Haikublog Tackle it Tuesday with prompt 'paint the picture' ,  Real Toads - Open Link Monday 

Saturday, July 7, 2012


Picture Credit: Google images

Just got through, lucky enough
A drizzle initially and cloudy skies
Folks hurriedly fending for themselves
A shelter beckoning to offer what little
Rushed across just made it!
All to oneself bidding one’s time
Still tolerable people scurrying
Trying their best to beat
In the dying minutes an impending downpour
Briskly walking or trotting in tandem
With the light rain now more menacing
Some heading for the bus shelter
Sheepishly brushing off the tiny drops
Their faces, their arms upon reaching
Relief written all over, some kind words
Shared with those in a similar predicament
Exasperation building up with every increasing number
The shelter offering whatever little space
Wet body heat, emitting strange odors

When suddenly heaven sent!
The good wife screeched to a stop
Right in front splashing a little
Those already wet but rattled up just as much
Scrambled in, apologizing to those nudged
‘Sorry dear, got on here as soon as I got your call’
‘It’s ok honey, you did well’!
Not a moment too soon
The monsoon rain is no friend
It lashed right through
Now everyone got drenched
Madness! We’re on our way home
She never failed me
That’s why I love her dearly!  

Written for d'Verse. Poetics: Whatever the Weather


Picture Credit: Google Images

It came for review
Of a scientific nature
A discourse no less

Exhaustive research
Of utmost importance, meant
For publication

No time to sidetrack
A reputation at stake
Address the issue

It is what you may
No, not vital statistics
That is something else!

Written for Haiku Heights #152 with prompt - vital-

Friday, July 6, 2012

15 Seconds!

Image:1 The San Diego Botched Display
(Picture Credit: Google images)

Note: Charzinator aka Charles Miller at d'Verse suggested us to write a poem
that incorporates newspaper clippings among other things!

Just fifteen seconds
Slated for twenty minutes
Gone with a big bang

Glitch caused fireworks
To explode all at once
The music went on

Very uncommon
What went wrong? Nothing!
Just electronics!

Glitch Caused Fireworks To Explode All At Once
By Faith Karimi

When most of the country was going ooh aah over Fourth of July fireworks display, San Diego spectators were treated to a spectacle that lit up the night sky - for all of 15 seconds.
An unknown glitch caused the fireworks to explode at once!

Written for d'Verse What's the Buzz?

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

A Golden Retriever

Picture Credit; Google images

In all tranquility, true

Of a  motherly
instinct momentarily
In a quandary

on seeing a baby
alone forlornly
seeing it truly 
A canine caringly
accepting an obligatory
gesture of solidarity
Warding off hostility
of a treachery
Of human villainy
in all indignity
Nonetheless a nonentity
Blind to the possibility
of danger in the vicinity

Smack of ingenuity
A Golden Retriever in all its versatility
Charitable in magnanimity
Extending noble propensity
In all flexibility
Of a complexity
To retain sanity
Of likely tragedy
And take responsibility

Note: The Haiku as highlighted above and incorporated in the free verse

Written for d'Verse OpenLinkNight week # 51, Haiku Heights -true- and Theme Thursday with 'Life's Uncertainties'

Sunday, July 1, 2012


                                                                        Orphelia  by Odilon Redon
Picture Credit: Courtesy of Tess' Magpie

To be, or not to be: that is the question:
Whether 'tis nobler in the mind to suffer
The slings and arrows of outrageous fortune,
Or to take arms against a sea of troubles,
And by opposing end them?    Shakespeare's Hamlet Act 3 Scene1

Ophelia among the flowers
Drowned of sorrows benign
Lamenting loss of her infatuation
Of Hamlet’s rejection of her love
Sincerely  expressed but spurned

But intrigues within the palace
Of new King Claudius now a step-father
Having hurriedly married Queen Gertrude his mother
Borne of suspicion on the late King’s death
An Apparition goading to avenge the demise

To be, or not to be: that is the question
In soliloquy deranged of mentality, contemplating suicide
Was it a make-believe or was it real?
Continue to live and suffer life’s consequences
Or to die expecting dreams of peace
Caused by ability to balance
As yet not rightly determined

Redon in readiness brilliantly portrayed
Of Ophelia among striking colors of purple, red
green and blue, of berries lilacs and violets
Now lavishly offered to the world
Within an accepted form of Symbolism