Sunday, January 31, 2021

Hopes dashed it smacked at his girl's happiness

                                                                              Author: Dominicus Johannes Bergsma
Image: An Addict's Craving knows
no Bounds but goes in all Directions (here)

A likable guy for whom all are proud
Very well mannered full of humour
Well dressed not outwardly loud
Ideally suitable as his daughter's partner

She was lauded for landing a big fish
Mommy all agog right from day one
Fitted the bill to a tee for everyone's wish
Waiting for the big day to rightly come

Dad making preparations all in earnest
Amidst all the enthusiasm it came to a stop
Dashed hopes smacked at his girl's happiness
On discovering he was a convicted drug lord

Michael's at MLMM's Sunday Writing Prompt
- discovering the past

Thursday, January 28, 2021

Only a minute ago. Things were riotous

                                                                                                             Author: W.carter
Image: Waiting for the next move (here)

He came home. Said nothing  -  Wislawa Szymborska - Going Home

He came home. Said nothing.
What now. You could hear a pin drop
All quiet. All of a sudden
No one moved. There were three of them
Now there were four

Only a minute ago. Things were riotous
They were sitting. They were reminiscing
They just came from the airport. Lucy on tow
The two friends Tom and Jane braved the rain
The three meeting again. It had been four years

Jack stood transfixed. Not expecting visitors
They were all not strangers. Still, Jack was mum

A quizzical look sported. Still not a word
Tom his house-mate had not informed him
He was not forewarned. Why this gathering

He was still wondering. His mind muddled

It was a boys' night out. A lot of boozing
His head was spinning. He had forgotten the occasion

Surprise, Happy birthday Jack! 

Peter at d'Verse MTB - opening lines..beginnings

Wednesday, January 27, 2021

beauty of numbers sustaining the fury

                                                          Attribution: Fir0002/Flagstaffotos under the GFDL 1.2:
Image: Strength of Numbers (here)

the 12 given words:
wind, rain, held, keys, birds, ants, worms, 
whispering, uncutovergrown, inherit, buckle

“You fling it open for the first time but I’m gone” - Mohja Kahf ~ Wall

wind rain and unsparingly the elements
that held a strong liking to impose their power
with keys intact to unleash untold destruction
but little creatures and birds did not cower

strengthened with ants worms rightly suspicious
that ran a whispering campaign surreptitiously
uncut diamonds below under overgrown bushes
stubbornly inherited from dominance previously

not to buckle under the onslaught but to fight on
notably an insistence upon the discovery 
and tenacity of belief seeing that he was gone
with the beauty of numbers sustaining the fury

Laura's at d'Verse Poetics - beginning at the end
MMT's The Whirligig  #303

Tuesday, January 26, 2021

it needs an initiator

                                              Author:Clodomiro Esteves Junior
Image: The way forward (here)

what makes things move. 
nothing will progress to develop on its own

a way forward that maintains the inertia
will need less force
to relax at cruising speed

it needs an initiator 
to start the ball rolling
with lots of energy
a rare breed indeed 

(44 words)

MSJadeli at d'Verse - quadrille 120 - way

Sunday, January 24, 2021

But we can't go on meeting this way

                                                                                    Image Source (here)
I want to be with you
You are wise of regal silence and of fierce intelligence
Accepted and you are known for your intelligence and adaptability
We are made for each other
But we can't go on meeting this way

I'm nocturnally adapted
Don't worry no one is going to take potshots at us
But where is everybody?

The virus will not be dangerous?
We are safe
We maintain social distance!

Carrie's at Sunday Muse #144

Friday, January 22, 2021

lost in the clouds up on mountain high

                                                                                                    Author: Alexthomascv
Image: On a Cloudy Day (here)

lost in the clouds up on mountain high
stuttering unselfishly where eagles cry
sought the solution to correct the morrow
gritting his teeth not to succumb to sorrow

down deep  the abyss of the bottomless pit 
finding hard to saunter around or to even sit
entertaining penance of wrongs of yesteryear
a realization mournfully of the lingering fear

mustering courage listlessly tugging for strength
an uncanny episode deja vu browsing at length
remembering it fizzled in the shadows quietly
inaction with less worry the solution eventually

not to worry sick but to stamp out the depression
it worked before not much hurt but still a solution

newepicauthor at MLMM's challenge #174
 - up where we belong
Sanaa's at d'Verse's  OLN - open link #282

Tuesday, January 19, 2021

her heart failed to see the overtures

                                                                                                              Author: Vivaystn
Image: Not as Simple as it Looks (here)

what was the drift?
his mind declined to answer
sadly it had happened again

he let slip the open chance
he tried to keep his chin up
in vain efforts of maintaining
some form of authority

he could not even wrap it up
there was no finality
when given the chance
he could have tried

he towered over the rest
when at his best
but he burned the
goodness this time around
he could only manage to
breathe out some light greetings
before he began to stammer

his heart was open ever so expecting
her heart failed to see the overtures
his mind cluttered and his words muddled
she could guess his attempts 
his body language said so
the ring was safely in his grips
but still in his pocket!
to think this was the second attempt
he could not make the connection

why was it so difficult to pop
the six-million dollar question
and slip it on?.

Merril at d'Verse Poetics - connections

Sunday, January 17, 2021

. "I'm in charge, don't you ever forget it" she scowled!

                                                                                  Attribution: Manuel Martín Vicente
Image: Nice to be Organised (here)

Gigi assembled her planners, her calendars, her pens, 
pouches, and post-its before her on the desk and stood 
over them like a general surveying a map.

"I'm in charge, don't you ever forget it" she scowled!
"I'm in no mood to play games" she added looking down
the line to detect anything out of place, any smirks on 
their faces to belittle her efforts and her authority

Once she sensed some rebellious intent from the left corner 
of the room. She quickly pulled up the little guy who turned 
out to be the informal leader. That's the way it should be - to
nip it in the bud. At other times she showered praises on those
mostly at the centre of the room.
"Credit must be given where credit is due", she muttered softly.

Five minutes to the hour, she stopped. She was done for the 
day. She would resume again tomorrow. She had been on the
roleplay mode for over a week now. 

The play is fast approaching the opening night!

Dyland's at MLMM's - first line Friday

Thursday, January 14, 2021

nothing beats the come hither look

                                                                                                Author: Wiki edit2 
Image: Blue and Green Eyes (here)

bewitching naughtily playful
a pair that looks good
I'm conveniently placed in front
looking ahead
not at the back or I'm dead

I'm two dainty eyes doe-like beady
glassy misty hazy squinting and dreamy
almond-shaped blinking

I can appear differently
not just black as many expect
also sexily so they say
in blue black brown and green
because I'm coloured 
or I can just remain closed

but be forewarned though 
for sometimes sharp as spears
and piercing I can kill
greatness of Providence
for all the blessings
eyes to see with emotions
for different moods and occasions
sadness excitement with laughter
and happiness all bringing tears
in friendly banter

but nothing beats the come hither look
a bane to many young hearts
and also to the stronger sex who
pathetically succumb
with just one look
from the weaker sex
who invariably remain stronger

Grace at d'Verse MTB - personification and imagery

Tuesday, January 12, 2021

an object of envy

                                                                                                 Author: Alexandre Louis
Image: A Brouhot Car in Paris in 1910 (here)

this is not a car
but a convenient item
of a people mover
an object of envy
when in flashy red
of a branded make

it epitomizes success
in the rat race of yuppies
especially accentuated
adorned with a pretty face
at the passenger seat

an object of love
more of value
to the passenger seated
such is the way
but the beauty of it all
when you are 
in the driver's seat
you are the prime mover

Mish at d'Verse Poetics - an object poem

Sunday, January 10, 2021

why scammers are successful

                                                                                             Author: anon
Image: Bad intentions are mirrored
to unsuspecting victims (here)
Homophones: double take
acts – things done 
ax – chopping tool  
complacent – self-satisfied 
complaisant – willing to please

one often wonders
why scammers are successful

they are overly confident
they easily get their way 
their Modus Operandi is time tested
their acts are simple and can be anticipated 
but yet victims are there for the asking

the scammers mirror bad intentions
by extolling the good side
of the half-eaten apple
that appeals to the victim's greed
they hide behind the ease of the social media
and ax their victims to pieces
who ended up parting with their hard-earned money
easily and happily

for the victims are naive and complacent of attitude
and scammers are complaisant in endeavours

weejars at MLMM's Double Take Saturday Mix
Carrie's at Sunday Muse #142

Friday, January 8, 2021

To look back and reflect

                                                                                Author: Bart Everson
Image: New Year Fireworks 
(a thing of the past - post-pandemic ) (here)

Feeling great somehow
Woken up in January
Days of reckoning
For the joy of the morrow
Giving serious thoughts
Contending on good old days

Life-changing in many ways
But to relive the two episodes
Given prominence within the days
Memorable in nature
To look back and reflect
A back to back annual affair
One the low-key Christmas cheer
Two, a quiet New Year 
 How different this time around
To think with all sincerity

Given time to prepare 
To refrain from rushing
Staring at empty walls
The beauty accorded 
By the new experience 
Of the long-standing lockdown

Just being fair to oneself
Given a scenario 
Much out of one's direct control
Not much of it came to fruition
Not much of the elusive resolutions

Sanaa at d'Verse OLN #281

Sunday, January 3, 2021

time to act

                                                                                                                     Author anon
Image: Timeless Energy to Face it (here)

the 11 of 12 given words  
head check silence spine when 
risk yard metal dry haze sleeping 

keeping my head
to check the onslaught 
suffering in silence
all these while

not any more
not being spineless
when it matters
time to act
armed to the teeth
to face the risks

measured in yards or meters
may not be important
chained armor or otherwise
bare hands or metal protection 
it is no dry run

the haze is clearing
no more sleeping
bring the vaccine
here we come

Carrie's the Sunday Muse #141
Brenda's Sunday Whirl Wordle #489