Monday, September 30, 2019

drawing on lost times

                                                                                 Author: Bryan Ledgard
Image: Hugging of old friends (here)

10 of 12 given words/phrase:
fist bump (a gesture of greeting or affirmation in
which two people lightly tap each other's clenched fist)
trash talk staunch murky tough
galvanize to startle into sudden activity to stimulate
outré adj. (exceeding bounds of what is usual or considered proper)
grid (a pattern of lines marking the start of the track in motor racing)
ugly repair 

initially a fist bump of sorts
very friendly and lightly  tapped
drawing on lost times
each showing concern not having met
for a long time

a hug upon meeting excitedly expressed
trash talk and friendly banter commenced
the hallmark of staunch friends involuntarily separated
now meeting again by chance

it was murky and tough on the memory
to galvanize to startle into sudden activity to stimulate
it took myriads of blinking incessantly
both not of outre personalities
still not staying put at the starting grid
but to blabber on the stories of old
reminiscences ugly or otherwise
with no intention to repair or restrain
or to settle scores
but to bear on them
thinking only on the good times together

so, what are friends for
so it is!

MLMM's Wordle #152
Grace at d'Verse OLN #252

Friday, September 27, 2019

she could remember those moments

                                                                                 Author: Extended through MLMM
Image: Dark, Creepy and Mysterious (here)

The woods waited for her, 
everyday she passed the ancient sickly trunks, 
she felt the wind still with their bated breath
lending support sympathising
boosting her confidence

it was not so in the beginning
shanghaied her brother to accompany her

she had come this far
to make it alone
it did not overwhelm her
not as creepy as it was then

cold sweat trickled down the nape of her neck
she could remember those moments
reality set in and it was cruel
she was alone far into the forest
away from 'civilisation'
she realized that but the trees
appeared more friendly now than before
siding her and protecting her
even in the absence of her brother
she felt very safe safer than before
if an 'enemy' was taken as a friend
it was no more intimidating
faith was all accommodating
it worked wonders
she sported a smile passing through
not troubled nor bothered by maladroit
faith in Providence's protection
faith in one's belief gave the strength
physically nothing changed
but she learned to be stronger
stronger in spirits to overcome

Dylan's at MLMM's First Line Friday
Kim's at Real Toads Weekend's Mini Challenge
with  'Maladroit’ which conveys
clumsiness, awkwardness

Wednesday, September 25, 2019

there are flowers and there are bees

                                                                                                         Author Paul Stein 
Image: Honey bee Foraging for Nectar (here)

10 of 12 given words:
begonia (a plant whose flowers have brightly
coloured sepals but no petals grown for their flowers)
water dirty rows assist porch softly
doily (a small lace or paper put on a
plate under cakes or other sweet food)
suit careful

there are flowers and there are bees
begonia or otherwise nectar-producing
perfect combination to lots of honey
hanging hives in the wild in the beginning

the worker bee goes hunting flower to flower
upon returning regurgitates to empty its tummy
enzymatic and water evaporation process occurs
honey stored in honeycomb wax not considered dirty

a thriving commercial bee-keeping industry
hives upon rows built within a contained lodge
to assist in the collection to make it easy
unlike lucky folks with a stray hive at their porch

breakfast mornings with honey-dipped croissant
favourite offerings of the family enjoying softly
with plates over a doily, suited for the occasion
careful not to spill but to accord gratitude in all sincerity

MMT's Sunday's Whirligig #233
Sumana's at PU's Midweek Motif -  honey bee

Saturday, September 21, 2019

the organ shrieking with fright

                                                                            Author: JLPhotoArt - Jeremy Lindstrom
Image: Railroad Tracks, an Organ, and a Seagull

Old Joe was in a dilemma
it came on too soon and too abrupt
heard say the electrification program was in earnest
new tracks with a different gauge needed to be laid
they had to encroach into his land
he had been forewarned
many months ago but did not take heed
some parts of the house had to be torn down

the organ shrieking with fright
was forcibly carried out of the way
the tree was pulled down,
and the birds lamented over its dead body

a pit stop for the seagulls
in their frequent forays inland
the tree was unceremoniously bulldozed

the organ silenced into submission
was now temporary perch for a lone seabird
Old Joe was expected to be a good listener
absorbing their woes
from birds who cared to stop

Old Joe was in it together
he sadly told the worried creatures
but they could still have options
they could stake their claim on nearby trees
when he had none

grudgingly he kept repeating
and the birds listened in sympathy and in silence
"homeless and helpless, homeless and helpless!"
Old Joe kept murmuring
I'm a happy soul but that's not what he meant!
"homeless and helpless"
and they nodded in unison

Carrie's Sunday Muse #74
MLMM's Saturday Mix  -  personification
Sherry's at Poetry Pantry #494

Thursday, September 19, 2019

Ever Been Close to a Japanese Chef's Acrobatics?

                                                                                                       Author Kent Wang
Image: Sushi Chef (here)

shoes left outside proceeded
to take a seat with feet dangling
in a dug-out of sorts sitting
Japanese style

one nifty enough to be comfortable
in that position and ready enough
with the white napkin laid across

the chef popped a cherry into his
mouth and munching commenced
right away in front of the diners

Tempura and trappings of sushi
the 'knife acrobatics' and juggling
to spice up the cooking movements
All done not behind at the galley but
right in front of their very eyes

The chef very deftly and delicately
threw up the knife every now and then
like a juggler or twirled it around in his
hands like a gun-fighter all the while cooking
and smiling.

Those right behind the counter
in front and not in the dug-out would get
a grand-stand view enjoying it all

What a meal!

Lillian at d'Verse OLN - ever been close to a ....

Wednesday, September 18, 2019

a wanderer sanguinely sieving in emptiness

                                                                                      Author:  Kadelburg
Image: The African Scene  (here)

the 12 given words:
wanderer create mercy straw end particle 
follows potter clay  guilty all painter

a wanderer sanguinely sieving in emptiness
hoping to trap some ideas in the netting
to create elements of mercy in drawing out success
from the straw end particles from hazy beginnings

it follows that a potter of clay whirling into shape
finding it a challenge given the time
to release from realms of mystery to relate
to the confusion of hallucinations in the mind

how difficult it is to snap a finger
to get at and to ensnare the energy for a poem
but guilty of impatience and still not able to deliver
in all fairness yet waiting for the brilliance of creation

all in all a painter will certainly find it a lot easier
given the advantage of having colours in support
where an empty canvas splashed without fear
can develop images and shapes in logical thoughts

MMT's Sunday's Whirligig Wordle #232
Sarah's at d'Verse  -  waiting for a poem

Monday, September 16, 2019

certainly not for those who slubber

                                                                                      Author: ralph repo
Image: The Burden of Human Portage (here)
(1908 - men laden with tea averaging 300 lbs
from Sichuan China covering about 6 miles per
day over mountain roads at 5000ft high)

the 11 of 12 given words:  
North rarefied slip brag buy shoes 
slubber (to perform hastily or carelessly)
Saturday 100 yards rule kill

just amazing how movements of produce
were accomplished up North within the
mountainous regions if not for the rarefied
air and cold temperatures and having to walk
along narrow trails where mules and caravans
had limited access in areas of high altitudes

certainly not for those who slubber where
a slip would mean hurtling down a ravine
hoping vigilance be commandeered to reflect
their importance to the cause of living

they had done well in modern times though
living porters who were employed in the
recently completed highway constructions
did brag of being able to buy shoes instead
of wrap-around fabrics as in the olden days

may not be as good as for a Saturday night
outing but it saved them from having to stop
and adjust every 100 yards or so.

as a rule a good pair of shoes could determine
if they could walk comfortably around and not
get killed in accidents waiting to happen

MLMM's Wordle #150
Susan's at PU's Midweek Motif  - vigilance 

Saturday, September 14, 2019

a game in progress most intense

                                                                                              Author 玄史生
Image: Timeless and Invigorating but Quiet  (here)

but all must be endured since even a poor
church mouse gets a long-standing mention
must one reflect, guess and endure
gazing at mysteries in the distance

would it not be prudent
for a couch potato quietly at home
on the floor having the lounge
all to himself a habit in the making
not to get up and get out in the open
but for hours in the pleasures of gaming

it may seem grave but now rampant
a mean machine and the TV is on
at full blast but not given attention
a smartphone instead never a dull moment

a symbol of the times being groovy
with trappings of gaming
all too happy!
a world of one's own at times fuming
fingers move fast on the gadget
a game in progress most intense
grinding his teeth is all he gets
and laughter the next moment
interspersed with an occasional obscenity
with someone somewhere
but unknown and unseen

books do not interest them
the youngsters of today
lacking in the benefits of boketto
claiming to be busy in concentration
ostensibly packing up knowledge
next to empty in face of competition

The Word:
Today the word is "boketto" (boe-kay-toe)
which in Japanese means: gazing at the distant
landscape with an empty mind.

Toni's at Sunday Muse  -  the word
Sherry's at PU's Poetry Pantry #493

Tuesday, September 10, 2019

made it all too easy

                                                                                          Author: LL Jones                                             
Image: A selfie be (here)

selfie be a self-portrait of old
modern technology
no presence of another soul
made it all too easy

taken in the nick of time
to show off at high risk
often on top of buildings
or sides of cliffs

a sacrifice
to  a young life
(44 words)

Donna's Sunday's Photo Fiction
De Jackson's at d'Verses Quadrille #87

Friday, September 6, 2019

He laid still in a stupor

                                                                                                Author Paul Goyette
Image: Oblivious to the Surroundings (here)

A bundle of heap
He laid still in a stupor
Oblivious of happenings
around him

Had one too many
Stoned after a boy’s night out
The bench was god-sent

He rested awhile
Was out cold for the whole morning
No one bothered and no one cared

They just let him be
He appeared harmless
To them, he was a homeless

Grace's at d'Verse's OLN #250