Friday, January 31, 2020

sweet nothings said softly

                                                                                                  Author:Alan Levine
Image: Calm waters unnerving  (here)

Whispers of sweet nothings softly
Knocked a little a time expecting
How awkward it was to act silly
Pushed in as much of the same trying

Love knew no bounds but still insisting
Mindful of being snubbed as before
Trudged on tired nerves but reckoning
Persisting and pulsating even more

A sly smile was all that he perceived
But just as well there was a response
Open your heart and not to deceive
Desires in calm waters faced resistance

Bjorn's at d'Verse's MTB
music of alliteration assonance and consonance

Wednesday, January 29, 2020

when come early summer

                                                                                                   Author: Eli Solidum
Image: A Colorful bird Chirping Away (here)

the 11 of 12 given words:
why come summer, lovely birds 
where tap lips vanished lads tonight

why, when come early summer
songs permeate the air so lovely
not the dawn chorus of spring any more
but solitary birds individually
in attracting a mate and making a show
in defense of its chosen territory

where feet are tapped and lips in noisy chatter
inhibitions vanished not unlike lads who boast
of their first success as a tea-dance dazzler
with a showy exhibition of their latest moves

great leg-work with graceful dancing
very much like a boxer in time to the tune
tonight is the night to dream big dreams!
like the wise owl crying for the moon

MMT's The Whirligig #251
Lillian's at d'Verse's Tuesday Poetics - dreams

Monday, January 27, 2020

...and the whole world at its mercy!

                                                                                                  Author: Cypp0847
Image: How Fast it had Spread out (here)
(the situation as of 25th Jan 2020)

A Quadrille:
was not of immediate concern
influenza-like the common cold

then death reared its ugly head
it erupted fast sudden and wild
attempts by the authorities
to play it down apparently
but the numbers quickly picked up
it overwhelmed the efforts
2020 a grave beginning!
(44 words)

A Free Verse:
10 of 12 given words:
lone lounge start check crystal blink
shimmer (shine with a soft, slightly wavering light)
still stone fix

a lone being in the lounge
making a start
to check her crystal ball

within a blink it came on strong
the shine shimmered
in the still of the morning
a discovery and clearly danger ahead
many lying on the streets and pavement
stoned and dying
reports of concern and despair
now in the limelight
it was racing fast from Wuhan
H1N1 and SARS were mild in comparison

and there are no fix-it vaccine
and no known cure at the moment
and the whole world at its mercy!

Apologies: Hank took the liberty
to pen an additional Free Verse to
emphasize the bad situation

Brenda's Sunday Whirl Wordle #440
Kim's at d'Verse - Quadrille #96 wild Monday

Sunday, January 26, 2020

The strongest can then claim victory

                                                                                                  Author Charles J Sharp 
Image: The Leader Always on Alert (here)

bravo to the dominant male
the individual is a level above
not just the survival of the fittest
but much more being asked
it allows access to food and harem
the submissive ones eventually
disappear into oblivion

energy and vitality level at their zenith
bravery and sacrifice are not just buzz words
not lackadaisical none as a sloth do exist
and not a fickle attitude
against a contender without pity
but physically pitting strength and brawn
the strongest can then claim victory

the dominant male is still insisting
but now more of a show-off flaunting good looks
wealth or unwittingly their deficiencies
wanting to be in the limelight
revving a red Lamborghini incessantly
in rude efforts of success and foresight

those with nothing to show
are found at street corners combing
their Elvis hairstyle in fake attraction
the 'fighter syndrome' is kept alive though
with mild forms of territorial markings
where trees mailboxes and lampposts
continue to be fair game
'communicating' to other canines
their immediate sexual availability
and of their boundary confines

admittedly male ego can never be bruised!

Magaly's at Poets and Storytellers United pantry #4

Friday, January 24, 2020

a coming of age for a teenager

                                                                                                   Author Okras
Image: Young Adult (here)

a shift to adulthood to a higher order
a kind of a swap
a coming of age for a teenager
the stage is set, for being an adult

the brilliance providing a sparkle
the gloss of luster in a glass
isn't it fun to be with older people
a hard liquor bottle goes empty fast

fat chance! without doubt but a conjecture
hoping to mirror an adult is not just yet
for you this is a special birthday dinner
just turned 21, an adult legally you bet!

mindful though a parent is not to fail
you're still very much a child, my child.
no drinks for you, just Adam's ale
you're wondering why?

have tears in your eyes but do remember
you're showered with love in all sincerity
well, we do need someone sober
to drive us home safely

Linda's at d'Verse OLN #258

Wednesday, January 22, 2020

How he loved the sounds!

                                                                                         Author: Matt MacGillivray
Image: How they Swooped in!  (here)

How he loved the sounds
Never had he felt so excited
It was all by accident
It only happened
barely a week ago
Now he is here
Practically every waking hour
Sometimes three times in a day

They craved for him
The familiar engine sound
Of his old jalopy was enough
They swooped, they shrieked
To readily indicate their welcome

Seagulls have that uncanny
ability to recognize car sounds
And like Pavlov’s canine came
back again knowing
there was bread for the picking

He had profusely thanked
the bread-vendor
One who let it be known
of this secret rendezvous
when he had only desired
for a loaf of bread

Yes, that was barely a week ago
He had not looked back since

Merrildsmith at d'Verse': Poetics: want to know a secret?

Tuesday, January 21, 2020

Please do not hide your face!

                                                                 Attribution: Araki Photograph Studio

Image: Let's hear it out! (here)

The Rock cries out to us today, You may stand upon me, But do not hide your face. Granted, there has to be a beginning however nebulous the situation, and however complicated the circumstances. You, I and Jane make it three.

It tugs at my conscience. It is not my nature to create disruptions in our life. We have been that long together. That cannot be denied. I hate to say it. It twisted into our life. We've been through many things and lots of memorable episodes. Why can't we act normal, Why can't we be like others. Others seem to have it worked out beautifully. It seems like clock-work fashion. They do stuff just like we do. They have their own jobs, they socialize, but they seemed more organized

Please don't hide your face. I'm talking to you! Your lesbian partner is out!
(144 words)

Nekneeraj's at MLMM's - Photo Challenge #299
Frank's at d'Verse  - Prosery 1/20/20: “The Rock cries out…”

Sunday, January 19, 2020

a wolf whistle with a swagger gave it a chill

                                                         Artist :George Wilhelm Wanderer (1804-1863)
Image: If Looks Can Kill (here)

10 of 12 given words:
slim chance wolf swagger chill
cloak flew merry owl sun 

was a slim chance of landing a conquest
a wolf whistle and a swagger gave it a chill
seeing him trudge slowly at his own behest
cloaked in mystery of his own free will

flew into a rage when asked of his motives
but they had just intended it to be merry
one need not be a wise owl to think positive
but just basking in the sun and be happy

Brenda's Sunday Whirl Wordle #439

Thursday, January 16, 2020

She often delve into the unknown

                                                                                       Author Pedro Ribeiro Simões                                      Image: In Deep Thoughts (here)

The scroll of the screen continued 
Even after she closed her eyes.
You could detect them therein subdued
Spied elements of mercy gripped in vice

She often delve into the unknown
Dementia afflicted soliloquy but rekindled
Alone at the kitchen table in early morn
Nonchalantly sitting eloquently  puzzled

She wanted out but silently conformed
No use taking on the world in defiance
Better she thought to invoke more patience
So as not to miss the boat in the long run

Community at large was beyond her influence
But goodness in people helped maintain her relevance
Loads of blessings would drop in by the tonnes
As Providence would largely extend the convenience

Frank's at d'Verse's  - soliloquy
Dylan in MLMM's First Line Friday

Wednesday, January 15, 2020

charged with dark charms of mystery

                                                                                             Artist: John Peter Russell 
Image: Stormy seas (here)

the 11 of 12 given words:
splashedhouse, moved, moments, harm 
darkdown, pleasure, cups, tea, aloud,

came on suddenly splashed on the rafters
could well imagine that height of a big wave
the house shook moved but then of no bother
but such moments struck of situations unsafe

a random pick of nature's choice of entry
laid bare to harm's way pending destruction
but charged with dark charms of mystery
deep down in bewildering shock of confusion

could it be the pleasure of cups of tea
to sink to levels of debilitating realization
where shouting aloud in a sense of urgency
anticipating a demise in watery acquiesce

resolute of his situation outwardly dazed
with strains of music that roared of oceans
He was soon borne away by the waves
and lost in darkness and distance  -  Frankenstein, Mary Shelley

MMT's Sunday's Whirligig  #249
Mish's at d'Verse, Poetics  - last lines

Saturday, January 11, 2020

Reflecting on good fortune and walking on air

                                                                           Author :Stanislav Beloglazov
Image: Young and Lively (here)

The  rhyming words given:
air fair pair square bare flair  

Reflecting on good fortune and walking on air
When life was of problematic indications pulsating
Looking to the night sky at stars bidding to be fair
A tussle to recollect images of a pretty plaything

Like imaginations with mutual feelings of a pair
Boy and girl whispering sweet nothings manifold
Insisting on a sacrifice towards a future as a dare
Warm memories nostalgic in part but put on hold

Mindful of pegs in round holes not a square
Careful not to upset the blessed combination
That's the way to a fabric woven without a tear
Gingerly squaring off the common irritations

The winter of their life together laid bare
Meant for each other a relationship so wonderful
What kept alive little anecdotes of blissful flair
Two hearts locked in place exquisitely beautiful

weejars at MLMM's  Saturday Mix – Rhyme Time
Magaly's at PSU #2  - storms and stories

Tuesday, January 7, 2020

why so careless as to leave it here alone

Image: Abandoned in the Open  (here)

10 of 12 given words:
careless matters egg hope family
chart takers stay pie flat  

why so careless as to leave it here alone
were matters so bad to egg them on to flee
to hope that someone would stop to take it home
to provide it with a family?

perhaps to let it chart out ways to survive
reminiscent of kittens with no takers abandoned
within their tiny paws scavenging to stay alive
faceless and living a life of deprivation

no pie in the sky flat out with with stomachs empty
were the drunks and the homeless in a stupor
in backstreets and back lanes lacking dignity
phenomena of the economic downturn around the corner

Brenda's Sunday Whirl Wordle #437
Nekneeraj's at MLMM's Photo Challenge #297
Grace's at d'Verse OLN #257

Wednesday, January 1, 2020

darkness bedeviled bright as day

                                                                                               Author Charles J Sharp
Image: Co-existence a rare commodity (here)

the 12 given words:
ring darkness mournful dying, bells 
spire feud peace false hand wild wars

ring of fire
conflagration of red and orange
eruptions bursting into flames
all within the doorsteps
darkness bedeviled bright as day

mournful of the dying
nothing more than collateral damage
nameless lives strewn
left for dead silent
just as the bells
from the highest spire

feuds among nations
embroiled in the pursuit of peace
false hope given a hand
in wild adventures
wars a convenient plaything

MMT's Sunday's Whirligig #247
Magaly's at Poets and Storytellers