Sunday, July 31, 2011

H2O and All That

Two Images of The Manneken Pis in Brussels.
(In 1987,Jenneke Pis a female equivalent was created but image not shown here )


Water, water, everywhere
The aftermath of the tsunami
Sadly not a drop to drink
Gnawing on man’s ability
To survive on the brink

Manneken Pis was able though
To target a flow without a miss
He has now female company
In the form of Jenneke Pis
Of the watering hole jargon
Bloody Mary , Whiskey American
Sealed lifelong friendships
At the Long Bar with every long sips

Of Titanic, touted indestructible
A wayward iceberg was all
That wrought the unthinkable
Long thought to be a casualty
Of the notorious Bermuda Triangle
All the drama spawned a movie
That caught the imagination of all

Arguments may ignite
Between the optimist
And the pessimist
That a glass is half full
Nay, it is half empty
Whatever caught the two fools
Both are correct eventually

Oceans occupy three-fourth’s
Of Mother Earth’s surface
So also Man’s body fluids
But there is no denying
We can still go without food
But without water we are dead!

Inspired by dVerse of Sheila Moore's prompt #2 'Water'

Thursday, July 28, 2011


Photo Credit: Courtesy of Google

Failed Satisfaction

The grass is greener

Forever on the other side

Man’s wants and man’s desires

As wide as the expansive cosmos

Spanning the universe

Is never satisfied

There’s also the weed

Snorted by the wayward

Who succumbed to base tendencies

Lining back-lanes and winding streets

Unkempt and devoid of directions

There's Seranggoon, cow or Bermuda

From fairway to greens

The one-time Tiger’s lair

Now Rory’s making the scene

Inspired by Poets United, Thursday Think Tank # 59 with prompt 'Grass'

Wednesday, July 27, 2011


Evils of Poverty

They grew up together

An affinity to help each other

Displaying courage and sacrifice

Beyond their young minds

Trapped in the evil clutches of poverty

Ever wishing to be blessed with abundance

How well he remembered

Hell was his young days

Down trodden with pleadings

Of pangs of hunger

A constant companion

The cries of a sibling

Breaking the silence

of cold and dark nights

Never a day without guilt

It just pricks his conscience

What am I doing here?

Clamouring for the daily bread

Milk for my younger sister

That’s all we ask for

A single mother at her wit’s end

With two mouths to feed

A slice of bread is all we need

Submitted for Poets United's Poetry Pantry #60

Inspired by prompt 'Need' of One Single Impression # 178

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

On Your Feet

Shoes Galore

Dancing shoes on dainty feet

Strutting their stuff as up-coming starlets

Hoping to make it real big

Of glamour names in neon lights

Some dirty all over with mud smeared

Scoring such brilliant goals on soccer grounds

Made in China under licence never you mind

Of Ronaldos, Messis and Beckhams beckon

Wild West legends with sharp stirrups

Guns blazing on black and white stallions

Bunched as bad guys or as law keepers

They died with their boots on

Following the icon the late Princess Di

The chosen few with Jimmy Choo’s

Placed on a pedestal with respectability

The common and unheralded shoes

Inspired by Open LinkNights

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Monday, July 25, 2011


A Lover's Tiff

Why did it happen

Your welfare is uppermost

But nay, you blew it

It got on my nerves

You are held responsible

Case closed no more talk

I am frustrated

Now you are on your own, dude

I am on my way

Inspired by Haiku Heights # 53

A Starlet

Picture Credit: Thanks to Tess Kincaid's Magpie

Vying To Be Famous

Reaching for the stars

Is infuriatingly a challenge

I’ve now lighten the load

I’m already airborne

But I got to try harder

Baggage is holding me back

Every single garment over yonder

Floating in the winds, discarded

The weight is now reduced

I’m now within reach

Success is within sight

I’m on to my last piece

Others may see me as nude

But who says flaunting is disallowed?

‘cause I’m not being that prude

Is it a fault to be well endowed?

Inspired by Willow's Magpie # 75