Wednesday, July 20, 2011

An Ending and a Beginning

To begin another day!

Sadness with a tinge of regret

the ending emotional

Been around

enjoyed some fun

But lately there is a difference

Why must it happen?

The strength just ebbed

Like a receding tide

Slowly lapping the shore

Further from reality

as tomorrow’s Sun

Over the horizon

To begin another day

With memories intact

In all its sweetness

Wrought with laughter

And tears

Let it be

Memories are made of these

Fuelling the cycle of hope

once more

To begin another day

Adieu and Sayonara!

In Remembrance of One Shot Wednesday - The End


  1. Excellently written and good to read.


  2. and a new day begins....thanks for the send off!

  3. you captured the sadness well... and good there's another day with new hopes waiting at the doorsteps. thanks for this..

  4. Love what you have captured here... sad closures, yet hope of new beginnings and days.