Friday, April 30, 2021

it broke his little heart

                                                                                              Author: Acabashi
Image: Not so Good news (here)

Theme: Art and Colours
Z is for Zany
(zany - one who acts the buffoon to amuse
 others, an eccentric)

To the kitchen he headed
But it broke his little heart
He spied a visual he dreaded
He reacted with starts

He could only muse
A shoddy round he found
A zany soul it was close
A room-mate who had gone

Juxtaposed on the table
Plates on the ready he assumed
But alas, none of the earlier edibles
He had brought home to consume

He lost, it was one down
A fatal mistake he quipped
He should have 
tucked in earlier he frowned
His buddy rifled the goodies
when he dozed off asleep 

A to Z April Challenge - Z

Thursday, April 29, 2021

In the realms of the subconscious

                                                                                            Author: rachel CALAMUSA
Image:  Sleeping soundly (here)

Theme: Art and Colours
Y is for Yielding to the Subconscious

an extension of the imagination
registers its presence in the nights
not wanting to show its true colours
but rather flashes of staccato bites
emerging for a split second or longer
then disappears into Davy Jone's locker

can one believe dreams that appear
foretelling of what’s coming in the future
but why must the images emerge
and then wrecking, inflicting damage
causing havoc in the minds of the host
playing tricks to test the human resolve!

a good dream is a bonus for good living
bad dreams aftermath of bad intentions
getting mixed up in lots of misgivings
prodding the mind in torrid simulations
in classic fashion and in myriads of colours
in the realms of the subconscious 


Mish's at d'Verse OLN #291

a small three-masted sailing ship

                                                          Artist  Nicolas Cammillieri  (1773–1860) 

Image: The Xebec San Giovanni a
watercolor painting (here)

Theme: Art and Colours
X for Xebec

The xebec is a small three-masted sailing ship with a lateen (triangular) and square sails. 
It is used mostly for trading and almost exclusively in the Mediterranean Sea. The term 
can also refer to a small, fast vessel of the sixteenth to nineteenth centuries,
The lateen rig of the xebec allowed the ship to sail close-hauled (having the sails set for 
sailing against the wind) something that often gives it an advantage in pursuit or escape

A to Z April Challenge  - X                                                         

Wednesday, April 28, 2021

change is a constant

                                                                                                          Author: Kmg365
Image: Changing of the Guards (here)  

Theme: Art and Colours
W is for What's Up?

What's up!, change is a constant
inevitable to all and sundry
extending its reach to affect 
living things and the environment

~ rejuvenating with enhanced effects ~ 

remaining stagnant is not an option 
it is regressive for not striving forward
wise to reflect lest it is a bridge too far
having to claw back to chase progress

Merril at d'Verse : Poetics - build a bridge
A to Z April Challenge

Monday, April 26, 2021

a misunderstood genius.

                                                                                      Artist: Vincent van Gogh 
Image:  The Starry Night (here)
                                                                        Artist: Vincent van Gogh 
Image: The Three Sunflowers (here)

Theme: Art and Colours
V for Vincent van Gogh

As I look towards the easel I can't help thinking how fortunate it has been. We are presented with all the facilities. I just came back from down the block with a whole bunch of materials. Was just wondering how the old masters could manage with hundreds of their works that still exist. Present-day artists and budding poets have the advantage of modern-day facilities and blessings to emulate them. The masters had to struggle to get on.

One of the most notable was Vincent van Gogh who contributed largely to the beginnings of modern art. His paintings were bold in colours in typical whorls and wavy lines as seen in his landscapes and still life. 

He was unsuccessful during his lifetime and was considered a madman and a failure. He was remembered more as a misunderstood genius. His troubled personality was typical of an out-of-work artist whose works later were well-known. He committed suicide at age 37.
The Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam holds the world's largest collection of his paintings and drawings.

tragic life who did 
not benefit from his works
but well remembered


Frank's Haibun Monday at d'Verse  - the present moment
A to Z April Challenge  - V

Saturday, April 24, 2021

The tenacity of purpose defies logic

                                                                                      Author: Carrie
Image: Strength of  Purpose (here)

Theme: Art and Colours
U is for Ultimatum of Acceptance

A show of  adaptations
Confident in its elation
Taking the silent roar 
of the vast wooded jungle 
all on its own

Flowers that will not wait
for hot summer 
to steal away its strength
its fate sealed when led astray

A picture of dogged sensibility
To survive, stealing the sun
to glow in a way defining
protocol of the wayward son

Flowers that employ the wind
To garner support 
to retain its beauty, 
an outright sin
but for a good cause 
without restrain

A thing of beauty
In all of its tenacity!
Undying eagerness
The tenacity of purpose 
defies logic


A to Z April Challenge - U
Carrie's Sunday Muse #157

Friday, April 23, 2021

What did he do wrong?

                                                                                                  Author: Kenzshah1993
Image: A Confused Look (here)

Theme: Art and Colours
T for Time would be the judge

He searched his conscience
He thought he had it made
Sweetie Pie, even gave her a name
But she would rather have him dead

What did he do wrong?
Whispering sweet nothings?
No, choice of words all along
Unwieldy none of those trending

But he was not about to give up
A faint heart, given a nudge
Plodding on would be smart
Time would be the judge


A to Z April Challenge - T

Tuesday, April 20, 2021

Desirous of the ability that I sadly lack

                                                                                           Author: Basile Morin                                               Image: Dark Clouds Drifting by  (here)

Theme: Art and Colours
S for Settling on the Plains


Heavy-set thick dark clouds drift pass
Sustaining showers that raced to the ground
Transforming into sheets of cool glass
Settling on the plains into rivers of brown

With drinks flowing and lots of good bites
Among friends now far from sight
Waiting for signs that they are back
Desirous of the ability that I sadly lack 

Aligned to the Poem below: 

Flood ~ by T’ao  Chien
The lingering clouds, rolling, rolling,
And the settled rain, dripping, dripping,
In the Eight Directions—the same dusk.
The level lands—one great river.
Wine I have, wine I have:
Idly I drink at the eastern window.
Longingly—I think of my friends,
But neither boat nor carriage comes.

Laura at d'Verse : Poetics : China - kingdom of the poem
A to Z April Challenge - S

It was with a tinge of regret

                                                                                      Author: MismibaTinasheMadando
Image: Distressed Person (here)

Theme: Art and Colours
R for Regret

Reflecting on what could have been
A feeling of a let-down tugged at his conscience
They were teenage sweethearts growing up together
She was like a sister emotionally attached to him
He was likewise a brother protective of her well-being
They were close to tying the knot even
Each whispering sweet nothings to cherish together

Why was it allowed to go along the path it did
He left for a little while and she did not wait
There was no word and things were left to chance

He was distraught upon seeing her now
It was a far cry from what he had wanted her to have
When in their moments of togetherness
They had eloquently professed 
to sacrifice for each other
Nothing physical just plain and innocent

Of wanting to emulate those successful
Those who managed to somehow 
regulate their lives
Seeing material richness and riches 
and emotional salvation
Successfully binding on just love alone

It just wasn’t fair, not fair at all
It could have been blissful
It wrought a naked path of dire straits
Which he could not fathom
It was with a tinge of regret
That what they had lovingly talked about
Just fizzled out into nothingness
It was a pity, a real pity

It brought tears to his eyes!


A to Z April Challenge  -  R

Monday, April 19, 2021

aim high to win

                                                                                             Author: Debbie Mccallum
Image: Youngsters 
comparing notes (here)

Theme: Art and Colours
Q for Quadrille

scant worldly possessions 
no bother just determination
with resolve to succeed

and in sharing mode
push the pioneering
spirit, exalting the will

aim high to win
we know our stuff

some little tryouts
for starters is not a crime
just do it, just go!
(44 words)      


De Jackson at d'Verse Quadrille Monday - a poem
of 44 words and to include the word 'bother'

no qualms of not getting a decent meal

                                                                             Artist: Auguste Renoir, 1875 
Image: Lovers (here)

Theme: Art and Colours
Q for Qualms

the 10 of 12 given words:
plummet reckless long Bohemians deepest colourful eyelashes 
specious- (superficially plausible, but actually wrong)  

to plummet fast downwards
resembling a meteor to Earth
in a reckless frenzy long undisturbed
the lunatics are having fun

others are utterly confused
there are winners and losers
but not all are lost

the lovers are just as busy 
angels without a care in the world
socially unconventional Bohemians
deepest in feelings just for themselves
colourful eyelashes and eye twinkling 
they endeavour to show their feelings
they long to spread love and affections
sometimes blatantly in public places
specious they come with a bang 
and they are fondly forgiven

not to mess around with those madly in love
they live in their own sacred world
no qualms of not getting a decent meal
nor to raise their stakes in life
but they are happy and
they expect others are happy too!


A to Z April Challenge - Q
MLMM's Wordle237

Sunday, April 18, 2021

perfection with extraordinary clout

                                                                                            Author: Dack9
Image:  Colourful Betta, a 
Siamese Fighting Fish (here)

Theme: Art and Colours
P for Perfection with Extraordinary Clout

The fabric of life's macabre vision
Expounding its will on the morrow
Those threatened scrambled for positions
Not to be led towards throes of sorrow

Embroidery set in sophisticated patterns
Salient in shiny scales of colours so loud
Seldom to malign strong lyrics in rhythm
A character perfect with extraordinary clout

Can life be so planned to wield such power
A little fish but with sentiments all on fire
Satiated high with elements regal in nature
Pandemonium unleashed to emerge destroyer


A to Z April Challenge - P

Of Brilliant Colours

                                                Author: Jnn13
Image: Colourful Tulips (here)

Theme: Art and Colours
O for Of Brilliant Colours

Note: Tulips are edible

Does one ever realize it
The wonder of  flowers
The appeal is explicit
To many of our senses

It’s sweet and aromatic
A base for perfumery
Aroma by name specific
Supporting an industry

Its appeal to sight
Of brilliant colours
A darling of right
For palettes and cameras

Taste is another factor
Busy bees able to confirm
In their quest for nectar
A life-giving form

Taste is not confined to bees
Humans take to consume
Tulips among others is believed
As edible and can be taken

Not forgetting the feel
To touch and savor its body
Delicate but a kiss can seal
Any mishandling impropriety

What if the world is devoid of flowers
It would be just greenery without colours

A to Z April Challenge - O

Saturday, April 17, 2021

Nature takes its Course

                                                                                                      Author: Wilfredor
Image: Face of Innocence (here)

Theme; Art and Colours
N for Nature Takes its Course

It’s all about face
An image so sacred
A portrait of one where 
There are no takers to others on earth
Even identical twins are different

In physical looks
A person is one and only
No two persons resemble another
How so unique
How so sublime

The wonder of nature
Providence has a hand
But letting nature take its course
The individual
Is unto himself
It’s his domain
It’s him to savour
It’s him to take cognizance

A look in the mirror
The portrait of a mother’s pride
And no one to dispute


A to Z April Challenge - N

Friday, April 16, 2021

destination unknown…...moving on!

Image: A Drifter in a boat (here)

Theme: Art and Colours
M for Moving On!

On a cool misty morning
With hazy clouds across drifting
A drifter in a boat comes into sight
Sheltering  under thick blankets
Nonchalantly keeping pace so slow
Drifting in an even flow

Without a care in the world…

Leisurely gaining momentum
To forget life’s many distractions
Slow inertia towards the estuary
Alone as drifters do in no hurry

Feelings shoved to the back burner
Not retaining some for any other
Letting life’s troubles undisturbed
To garner some inspirations so absurd

Just as drifters who walked into saloons
Without a bother they were left alone
They could have their drinks unchallenged
Quietly by themselves and then off they went
Destination unknown...moving on!


A to Z April Challenge:  - M

Thursday, April 15, 2021

he had lots to learn!

                                                                                        Author: anon
Image: A Football Star (here)

Theme: Art and Colours
L for Lots to Learn

10 of 12 given words:
throat hold blood current rise 
fall everyone shell bed cat

The odds were stacked all against him
Held by the throat a hold so menacing
Eyes turned blood-shot 
He gathered his thoughts
The current situation seemed out of sync

Not a ghost of a chance
So he believed
The rise and fall of his misfortune
The day seemed drab

Dark clouds were forming
It seemed peaceful but eerie
Everyone registered negative thoughts
Not a soul in favour and none seemed to care

He was not sharp in that weak moment
A shell of the *BMOC he once was
Lying in bed how he regretted
The cat was now out of the bag

A slight distraction all it had taken
Once she had worshipped him
But where is she now?

Unwittingly he got entangled
Entrapped in a love triangle
Rough at the edges
An art that was elusive
He had lots to learn

*BMOC - Big Man on Campus


 A to Z April Challenge - L
Sanaa at d'Verse's OLN #290

Wednesday, April 14, 2021

more effective with the smell and sound sensitivities

                                                                                                  Author: Alain Rouiller
Image: Instinct of Motherly Love (here)

Theme: Art and Colours
K is for Keeping Track

I keep trying to be a good mother
It never had been easy
You, humans, think it is simple
You believe truly so, no it is not!
Keeping track of one baby is child-play
You had better rejoice in your good fortune
The most you have perhaps is a pair of twins
Unlucky is the mother with triplets

You think you have problems
I have 5 in the brood
When they were cute little chicks
they all look alike 
But look at me, I know them
from one to the other

Keeping track for me involves smell and 
sounds not physical attributes or colours
I can tell the call of distress from the
specific baby even when hidden behind a wall

Keeping track with motherly instinct 
is the same for humans or us chickens
but numbers even of a dozen 
is of no bother to us

So eat your heart out you human mothers
We chicken mothers are better prepared
and more effective with the added advantage
of smell and sound sensitivities


Kim at d'Verse in Poetics : The Print the Whales make
A to Z April Challenge  -  K