Tuesday, April 13, 2021

Meant to be discovered as intended?

                                                                                                         Author: anon
Image: Found this in the 
Glove Compartment (here)

Theme: Art and Colours
J for Juxtaposition

A juxtaposition is an act or instance of placing 
two elements close together or side by side. This 
is often done in order to compare/contrast the two, 
to show similarities or differences - Wiki

It only takes a little bit of lace to ruin a marriage
Poetic justice has an uncanny way of getting discovered
How blessed a soul one could be in this time and age
To be made aware of the goings-on rightly uncovered

But wait up it was juxtaposed with his personal effects
Very strange they were found together were they planted?
Meant to be discovered as intended by a smart aleck
To entrap my good man, was that what they had wanted?


Dylan's at MLMM's First Line Frday
(the image provided together with the First Line Friday prompt)
A to Z April Challenge - J