Monday, November 28, 2022

the famous "skirt scene"

                                                                Author: Corpus Christi Caller-Times
Image:  Marilyn's skirt shot up 
when a train passed under (here)
Marilyn Monroe while filming The Seven Year Itch 
on the streets of New York. She apparently stopped 
above the grate at some point and the famous "skirt 
scene" was recorded for eternity

An infectious smile
The warmth of an icon 
An exuberance of youth

Etched in memory
A picture of a heart-throb
A wind-blown up skirt
Unrehearsed unexpected
Specially accorded by 
Divine intervention

An untimely death
Snuffed off a brilliant career
They cried in unison

Lisa at d'Verse Quadrille#165-warmly/

Monday, November 21, 2022

a descendant of a wild predator

                                                                                                         Author: Zooper12
Image: Adorable Lion Cubs (here)

11 of 12 given Wordle words:
crack, glimpse loom creep curl 
light, grip, whirl spin wonder lord

at the crack of dawn glimpse
of home loomed ahead
emerging through the branches

as a descendant of a wild predator
they looked askance at all the furore
of a journey by a river boat
with intent to capture their hearts
born at the zoo they were adorable
they just creep slowly to his feet
to curl in a light grip of his warm hands
their thoughts seem numbed in idleness

but they still advanced forward 
often whirled in a spin to wonder 
how the good Lord had favoured them

but a sudden gust of wind 
with force rocked the boat 
it tweaked  their focus and off they jumped
even though there was fondness for him
to be free in the wilderness 
was a better alternative

how he gnashed  his teeth with fury
how silly to have left them untied
was there a reason to curse and rant
for forgetfulness endured
was a grim lesson

Brenda;s Sunday Whirl - Wordle-#579-a-bakers-dozen

Saturday, November 19, 2022

Trudging in the evening dusk

                                                                                           Author: anon
Image: Stealthily moving
camouflaged by  the darkness (here)
A young maiden
Trudging in the evening dusk
Clinging against hope vying for strength
Her beauty only for him

Gathering storms building up
Bidding for a good omen
A sign of awakening
An offering nonetheless
Stealthily moving
Camouflaged by  the darkness
Puddles in the cobblestones
Intermittent rain did not deter her
She quicken her pace almost running
Stealing glances to her back
Why? What was the motive
Leaving  in such a hurry
There must be reasons!

Carrie's at Sunday Muse-#237

Thursday, November 10, 2022

whispered to himself in prayers

                                                                            Author: Popular Graphic Arts
Image: A Child in Prayers (here)

10 of 12 given Wordle words;
morning, mist deer withered shadow, spruce
juniper (juniper berries used in cleansing 
rituals from evil forces and recognized as 
symbols of purification and protection)
fetish breath prayers

It had finally come to a boil
Wandering in the woods in the 
morning mist ditched in the middle 
of nowhere like a deer lost in the city

Not wanting to make light of his 
predicament he reflected 
on rumours garnered through
the grape-vine 

Withered, in his demeanor 
a shadow of  his normal self
The might of the Almighty
could be called upon to spruce
up confidence and strength
with the juniper berries
Certainly not a fetish in doing so

Nothing is more frustrating than to
hear tell it was the truth even though
it was just through sliver thin
confirmation of unsolicited

In a slow breath he 
whispered to himself in prayers
He must determine the sanctity
of truth 

Sanaa in d'Verse OLN 
- open-link-live-november-edition-2/

Sunday, October 30, 2022

To waltz through ready for a change

                                                             Author: 'Sincerely media' at Unsplash
Image: The Power of Three (here)

11 of 12 given Wordle words:
wafer waltz ready feign rant dried
ridge manic winch ring widow

Her life empty without him
Wafer thin it should need a rethinking
Could spare a thought in the interim
To waltz through ready for a change

Should she feign happiness
To rant softly for the good times
Is she ready to attempt a dare
But why good ideas had dried up

She is now perched on a ridge 
Turning manic with risky consequence
How then to winch body and soul
Out from a ring of emotional entrapment

None too free to merit desired attributes
Should act fast for redemption of mercy
Admittedly with strength to dispel sympathy
Not to lock horns with troublesome company

For two's a company that one would desire
Three's a crowd where adults are involved eventually
Perhaps a blessing in disguise for her to savour 
For now just a lonely widow with spiritual tenacity

Rosemary's at PSU  Friday-Writings-51-power-of-three
Brenda's Sunday Whirl Wordle-576/

Saturday, October 29, 2022

a sight seldom seen

                                                                                             Author: anon
Image:  Girl with a Black Bird  (here)

flying above in formation
end of Autumn and approaching cold weather,
the annual migration of the black bird
is slated to begin

instinct plays its part
heading south with a purpose
flying together with those 
of bright, warm colours
species of varied sizes and shapes 
just for a few days and off again.

tired bones rested in the arms
of a friendly human every year without fail
a sight seldom seen 
hard to believe

Carrie's Sunday Muse #234

Thursday, October 27, 2022

a phase of unheard shouts

                                                                                            Author: William Hope 
Image:  Waiting patiently (here)

what was causing the uneasy charm
in the confusion a clamouring for an answer
beneath the skies a canopy of quiet calm
a voice lost and stumped with coils of bother

a solitary tree dancing furiously in the winds
unlike a willow giving way but standing bold 
such was unrest invoked by a mysterious waiting
to succumb into inactivity on the writer's hold

a writer's block a phase of unheard shouts
frustration and loss to counter the imposed cover
sought by those as an option of a way out
a respite to dispel the recurring doubts that linger

Linda at d'Verse OLN #-325-and-so-the-story-goes

Sunday, October 23, 2022

there is a need to react positively

                                                                                        Author: Tasha Marie
Image:  Girl in A Jar  (here)

10 of 12 given Wordle Words:
grief bruises lifted depths murmurings 
wants edge field skin crevice 

Good grief!
space no bruises to the ego 
but one needs space 

to muster efforts and gumption
and to be lifted out
from depths of the jar

murmurings of wants 
putting one on edge 
thinking of the field of vision 
off the skin limiting the freedom 

absence of crevices to sneak out
put paid to the initiative 

but there is a need to react positively 
no matter what!

Carrie's at Sunday Muse# 233.html
Brenda's Sunday Whirl Wordle #575

Monday, October 17, 2022

Bell-bottom pants sweeping the floor!

                                                                     Author: Tiggertrouble
Image: Current Phat Pants similar
to the Bell-bottoms of old  (here)

Bell-bottom pants sweeping the floor
Hey sailor boy, it'll wear out fast
Happiness of fashion keeping up with 'them'
Preference for cut out jeans
Another fad came about, remember!
Utterly confusing to grown-ups
But fashion turnaround is normal
Phat pants now making a comeback?
(44 words )

Kim at d'Verse Quadrille#162

not shaken by the enormity

                                                                                            Author: anon
Image: Light at the End of the Tunnel?

                                                                                            Author:  Xapaxava
Image: A Young Violin Player  (here)

!0 of 12 Wordle words:
carving now awful breath snarl 
thumping pity signs drop reveal 

carving a niche now
never a shadow of a doubt 
of time well spent
awful to some
but not to stop the strains of sounds
of a string instrument 

at an early age providing a breath
of Beethoven's compositions 
not shaken by the enormity
that dogged many a young heart
that snarled at their inability
thumping their hearts out
to keep pace with him
a pity to them as to him 
it was just another recital

notes upon notes to digest
but as a plaything 
signs of a child prodigy
who had dropped off all negative thoughts
to reveal that side of his talents

God-given of a chosen few
Carrie's Sunday Muse  #232 
Brenda's at Sunday Whirl Wordle #574

Friday, October 14, 2022

What is it of a best friend

                                                                                 Author: Kate Ter Haar
Image: Loving My Red Paint Brush  (here)

What is it of a best friend
Not all the time by your side
Though ever willing to give a helping hand
Extending empathy a shoulder to cry on

What is it of a best friend
Feisty little darling in good times
Meddlesome sometimes and an irritant
But a joy to be around with

What is it of a worst kind of best friend
Sneaking with a Brutus’ ploy
To stab in the back
Or a Cassius’ stance
Of ever suspicious character

But one of a best friend
Who is more than all that!

Extending inspiration
Stroke by stroke in richness
Colourful in softness
Fulfillment of gaps and emptiness
An answer to writer’s block intruding
Just one waiting to be picked
Of various types and stature
Not answering back
Nor biting when angered
To be dipped and splashed freely
When required
Without nary of  objections
Ever willing
To capture my imaginations
In hues rich of colour
Of glaring red, a burning of desire
Of red and blazing in anger
Eyes twitching ready to pounce
Though often times
I was guilty of leaving it alone
seething with neglect

A best friend always by my side!
My paint brushes

Rosemary at Poets and Storytellers United - 

Thursday, October 13, 2022

One or separate bills?

                                                                                           Author: Willard84
Image: Windmills at Kinderdijk (here)

                                                                           Author:Bertknot from Australia
Image: Delft Blue Ceramics 
at Rijks Museum (here)

Tulips and windmills
Of canals with anglers all day
Drawing bridges trams to and fro 
Lots of bicycles and maple trees
with crimson leaves in Autumn
Den Haag and the Centrum

Wooden clogs and Delft blue
Herring in onions
Fries, with or without?

Dining is bliss, hot cuisine
Indische rijsttafels pizza
or just Chinese takeaways

One or separate bills?

Edam and cheese galore
No, preference for that sparkling 
diamond ring!

Astublieft and Dag....

Note: A revisit to the time in Holland where Hank
spent some unforgettable moments before

Lillian at d'Verse OLN Live

Tuesday, October 11, 2022

careful of what's coming!

                           Author: Elm Cottage
Image: A Restrain but not an 
Insurmountable Obstacle (here)

10 of the 12 Wordle words:
nervous sticky evidence 
frosting (having a translucent textured surface that it is difficult to see through) 
celebrate necessary photograph artistic sweet festive 

much ado about nothing, did you say!
is it insurmountable that it makes one nervous
it is a sticky situation as evidenced 
much like looking through a frosting surface
barely visible perhaps but an outline
nothing to celebrate under the circumstances
may be necessary to invoke
the photographic image of it 
very much like having 
an artistic picture in the mind
to help clear the difficulties

what are we talking about anyway
nothing sweet and festive definitely
one has to be ready
the Ukraine war is impacting on 
the economic fabric of Europe
and eventually the whole world

yes, one has to be ready
careful  of what's coming
in the ensuing year 
we are in for a nasty recession!

weeuar's at MLMM's : Photo-Challenge-#435/
Lisa's at MLMM's Wordle-291/

Saturday, October 8, 2022

Bed-in for Peace, remember!

                                                                                              Author: anon
Image: John and Yoko (here)

there were sit-ins 
groups gathered in numbers
in front of corporate offices
right in the middle of roads
or just in the open
sitting not wanting to move 
to challenge authority
invariably ending in
tear-gas response or
gushing water-hose
directed at them

John and Yoko did one better
Bed-in for Peace, remember!
they were a two-week long
non-violent protest
as an experimental new-way 
to promote peace, where?
in bed, that's where! 
they were photographed
smiling happily 
and it worked

Held world-wide attention
from Hilton Amsterdam
and Queen Elizabeth, Montreal
to highlight the pain and sufferings
to put a check on the Vietnam War
raging then in 1969

Carrie at Sunday Muse #231

Thursday, October 6, 2022

nature awakened with harrowing scenes

                                                                                  Author: NWS Kansas City
Image: tornado strengthening shortly 
after touching down (here)

10 of 12 given Wordle words:
skybush, stillness, subtle, salt, 
web, moutheyes, careful, stained 

nature awakened with harrowing scenes
sky darkened in many localized routines

both dwellings and bush with lots in  ruins
stillness so subtle rubbing salt to the skin
rain-lashed coastlines by forceful hurricanes
floods and tornadoes brought misery inland
heavens disturbed and for a few days reigned
web of intrigues and unimpeded restrains

gaping mouths shocking to say the least
eyes closed lost and not expecting a feast
careful to rein-in the madness and pain
unwittingly stained but confidence regained
divine help to appease was much obvious
Providence showed  wrongs in our choice

No dope to numb the thinking process
Or a swan-song with no room to protest

MMT at Whirligig #391

Friday, September 30, 2022

extending a service so noble

                                                                     Author:Source/Photographer Birgit Brånvall
Image: Array of Museum Exhibits (here)

Placed at an unflattering position on the body
But extending a service so noble, what an irony

Man or rather woman had it all worked out
Make it look good current in fashion
A bee-line to known shoemakers be part of the crowd
Royals and celebrities for the same quality brand 
To be a regular at perhaps Jimmy Choo’s
Princess Di before and others with fashion sense
Considered to have arrived with such shoes
Announced as as one of Jimmy's clients

It served its purpose for what was intended
For it was meant also for protection
Dainty feet against the vagaries of nature tendered
In many sports of various extractions
As an accessory in dressing and finery of elegance
At work place with steel tips as shoes of safety

But man had refused to forget its lowly position
Essentially it relates to the cultures of many societies
Sitting with the soles facing someone in front is insulting
Having one thrown at you is worse
and that had happened since
To two Presidents of different countries no less

Treat it well, with acts of love so refined
Treat it with respect, it then stays at the feet
Treat others with disrespect then one may just find
it flying at one’s face to even out a dictator's misdeeds

Sudden piercing highs

                                                                                  Author: Bruce Marlin
Image: A Cicada (here)

Melts the quiet of twilight
Sudden piercing highs
But just as suddenly it
turns melodious

lingering but firm

Oblivious of the
encroaching dark, 
An eerie
ensemble beckons

Loudest insect cry
Mating game or distress call
All sounding the same

An orchestra for
the long haul 
Throughout the night
Morbid in nature

Grace at d'Verse OLN #324

Friday, September 23, 2022

Brought back home in body-bags!

                                                                                                 Author: Alex Proimos
Image: Devastation (here)

Very familiar occurrence
The sign of times
Currently in many parts of the globe
Wandering amidst the debris
And man-made destruction
Staccato bursts of gunfire
Intimidating to the populace
Hearing bombs in the distance
Frightening to those under siege
Melodious to the marauders

Embedded with a detachment
Seeing action before his own eyes
The newsman and photographer
Unarmed, untrained, unaccounted for
Who could only sigh and hope
That the next sniper’s target
Would not have him at the crosshairs
As did some of his colleagues
Who had been there earlier
Unfortunate enough to be seen
And later picked up still in camouflage
But wet, bathed red with their own blood
Unsung, unknown but just another
To add to the growing number
Of the forgotten victims of human conflict
Not directly involved
Who dared to be in the front
Just so for the benefit of those
Back home sitting sipping coffee
Comfortably in front of the idiot box
Waiting eagerly for the latest

From the newsmen with pads or cameras
Whose numbers are increasingly
Brought back home in body-bags!

Rosemary's at PSU - Friday Writings -War and Peace

Monday, September 5, 2022

Work is Responsibility

                                                                                  Author: Texas State Archives 
Image: In Her Private Sanctuary (here)

blessed be a home ideally 
happy and peaceful raising 
a family pandering to success 
tacitly devoid of carnage
modern living with added 
pressure would impinge on the 
matriarch who works without pay 
her domain in the kitchen 
organised but her services 
taken for granted 
(44 words)

JadeLi at d'Verse - Quadrille 159

Sunday, September 4, 2022

A Mommy's Pride

    Author: Robin Macmilla (here)
APOLOGIES  -  In keeping with the theme of 'striving for the best' Hank included recent 
photos of the good showing of Hank's 'grandy'. Hopefully it is acceptable. Thank you!
Image: Nabil walking confidently 
upon completing his last paper

From Mommy's Facebook posting recalling the event
The day he left the premises after his last paper, we felt a weight 
off our shoulders. Slowly anxiety crept in instead. What will 
the results be like. BigBoy studied for once in his life! I actually 
saw him putting we held out breath.

The eventual results, the equivalent of the 'O' level acquired through the neighbourhood's
International School. BigBoy Nabil is now pursuing his A - Levels at the local College. His
good showing even secured him a scholarship from the College. 

From Mommy's Facebook posting. 
And I am glad he took it seriously in his own way. Congratulations young man! This sets 
the benchmark for BabyGirl?  Nope. Each child will have their own path. Respect children 
for who they are. BigSmallBoy is rightly following behind too!                                                                                                                 
Image: Nabil celebrated his birthday 
recently on Aug 31st, a Merdeka baby!

From Mommy's Facebook Posting:

Happy Birthday Young Man!
Its been 17 years since U made me Mommy and to many more to come. I love you loads. 
Our journey may not be the finest but it has made us who we are today. I promise not to 
eat your crunchy ears or juicy nose.

                                                                                       Author: Qaty (for all the photos)
A Family of Riders : From left BabyGirl Sara Ayesha (who has been on the podium 
a few times lately) BigSmallBoy Naqip, Dad Hafidz (Hank's second son) Mommy 
Qaty and BigBoy Nabil

Carrie's at The Sunday Muse #226

Wednesday, August 31, 2022

Wonder the Outcome of the Road not Taken

Image:   Japanese Fare Seemingly 
bare but Filling (here)

No, I have enough to come by
There were occasions I would cry
Immediate wants might be limited
Confined to those I had needed

More time I would need to spend
Suffice to survive on a limited stipend
It would come a long way if able
I would desire to be more comfortable

Choices are rightly open for the asking
Not freely at hand but enough for sharing
Scarcity determining the spread of wants
On the side of  choices but some fun

What then the outcome are the regrets
The road not taken might offer some help
Given the choice perhaps get another shot
Could have been something really hot

Would not be something overly luxurious
Having more resources but not hilarious
But just able to give back to society
Not to the point of pockets being empty

Christopher's at d'Verse: Poetics - Choices
Rosemary's at PSU's Friday Writings #42

Friday, August 26, 2022

passion he could not genuinely control

                                                              Artist Jean-Baptiste Santerre  
Image: Attractive Young Lady (here)

"by freezing passion at its blossoming"  -   Neil Carpathios

by a classic quick thinking reaction
freezing all other intruding restrains
passion he could not genuinely control
at random but sometimes surreptitiously wanting
its lethal strength neatly wrapped from view

blossoming into light kisses at his bidding
blossoming rightly to weave in and around

its likeness to an overlapping season 
at best with no recourse but to proceed
passion overwhelmed not to be cautious
freezing any thoughts of holding back
by giving in to the love of his life

Laura at d'Verse MTB - vertical-lines-of-kisses

Monday, August 22, 2022

disoriented, disabled, discomposed

                                                                                            Author: Nenad Stojkovic
Image: mind wandering (here)

it's just been sunrise 
everyone's up to welcome a new day
but a solitary soul 

mind wondering
head groggy
and mind wandering
sliver slithering downwards
at the corner of the mouth
head still spinning
disoriented, disabled discomposed distracted distraught
memory dented
the morning after
(44 words)

Linda's at d'Verse Quadrille #158
- to include the word 'morning' 

Friday, August 19, 2022

Her day had been less menacing

                                                                              Author: Photo by Alicia Savage
Image: Hanging her Woes
Away (here)

Behind the dress hidden all alone
At the very edge of the forest
Feeling discarded and forgotten
But glad not under undue duress

Contemplating what it had been
Now having seen but all in her mind
There were elements hidden lurking
In the trees perhaps not inclined

Her day had been less menacing
Obscure but peaceful and gracious
The sun-setting rays but intruding
To steal through the branches

An uneventful day to be just aware
Perhaps for the better but still obscure
But not for many others elsewhere
Grappling with conflicts and war

Carrie at Sunday Muse #244

Wednesday, August 17, 2022

Pollution a Curse on Earth's Surface

                                                             Author:w:WP:WikiProject Climate change
Image: The Global Warming 
and Climate Change Barnstar  (here)

basic restrains on earth's surface:
earth (was cold and dry) 
water (was cold and wet)

with bloodshot eyes red with anger
at plastics and debris in dead tummies
of one-time innocence of ocean life

also of noxious fumes unseen and unfelt
but billowing waving in the breeze
still awareness is given a pushover
considering climate change is happening
progressing in the background
and not an option anymore

mankind is forgetting the danger
the trapping of the sun's warmth
of the green-house effect 
always in conversation
still a threat
but never seemed to be happening

it is slowly creeping in though
a curse on earth's surface

Sara at d'Verse Tuesday's Poetics
-  the 4 elements

Sunday, August 7, 2022

right among the many files

                                                                                            Author: anon
Image: Seaching Among the
Records (here)

why was he there 
right among the many files
he was there 
in his own domain 
which appeared cluttered 
and disorganised

immersed in his own world
in one corner 
hidden from human eyes
realities of life around him 
spinning all in a whirl
in a way 
he was mysteriously clothed 
in a shroud

looking up the ceiling 
often for inspiration
often times left high and dry 
and empty
but when ideas did drop 
in abundance
he would realise 
a way to his sanctuary

for he would have found it
the very file that he desired
to then sit and ponder

it was there where it was shoved
on the second shelf
years ago!

Carrie's at Sunday Muse #222

Wednesday, July 27, 2022

noise of rain water

                                                                                             Author: Baby Devi 26
Image: Rain drops on a Glass 
Window  (here)

the 12 Wordle words:
yawn, stretch, smell, wash, 
mirror dream, clever, self, 
noise, rain, water, window

a yawn and a stretch
it had never felt this good
an earthly smell 
of a cool morning 
permeated the air 
outlining freshness
of an early cool wash
to mirror a dream of satisfaction
of a clever self imposed exile

the noise of rain water
against the glass window
was incessant music 
playing to early risers 
to welcome a new day

MMT's The Whirligig #381
Mish at d'Verse OLN #321 blast off!

Monday, July 25, 2022

A Rare Commodity - The Truth

                                                                          Author:Cranville-Smith, W., artist
Image:: The Truth Poster (1894) (here)

Spreading words of wisdom unwittingly 
prodding on an undisturbed mind

Searching for truth within which is as 
rare as shooting stars on starless nights

Unsettled bubbling ready to  wrap around 
facts breaking the hold of untruths with 
voices of reason lurking deep - for salvation
(44 words)

Mish at d'Verse with Quadrille #156
- to include the word 'wrap'

Monday, July 18, 2022

How they must have regretted it!

                                                                                  Author: anon
Image: The Good Life of Old - 1904 (here)

 she’d had it sliced away leaving a scar -  Michael Donaghy,

The ever ubiquitous cell phone  handy, hot in her hands, being manipulated
and 'abused' but loved dearly never out of sight. How did they manage to 
survive before she often wondered. It was not too long ago, her grandparents ,
parents even her elder broods how did they manage to sit around doing nothing 
with nothing in their hands. What a boring existence! 

They would have loved to be born later to be in my generation. How they must 
have regretted it.. Right?  Wrong!

Grandma would gladly counter all of her insistence of the good life of the 
younger generation. It is a make-believe world. She’d had it sliced away 
leaving a scar. but not in grandma's case. She did everything herself. She 
cooked did washings by hand planted flowers and vegetables. She did all 
that and she still managed to keep her hands clean!
(144 words)

Sarah's at d'Verse's - Prosery - slices and scars
- to write a Prose in 144 words and to include the above phrase

maintained by a willowy Girl Friday

                                                                 Author:National Archives at College Park 
Image: Pleasant but Strict Secretary (here)

the 11 of 13 Wordle words:
glum pray spirits runs lost myths  
willowy (tall, slim, and lithe) 
bones trickling growling bird

Not feeling glum but pray it  
was not just a casual encounter
Spared no efforts  to determine 
his schedule packed with 
activities was well taken care of

To uphold the spirits of strict 
principles he blocked off certain 
unnecessary runs of heavy traffic
bidding for his time

He was not lost to the myths 
of strict office discipline 
maintained by a willowy 
Girl Friday with no 
bones of contention key to 
his time management

A fever pitched day was broken
up into trickling little sectors 
to impose and maintain sanity
Too much 'growling' could result in
chapped lips pecking into 
unnecessary bird-like tendencies

Brenda's Sunday Whirl Wordle#561