Friday, March 17, 2023

butterflies symmetrically designed

                                                                                     Author: Holland, W. J.
Image: Butterfly Collection (here)

to include the line:
light as a feather

not contending to exert any authority
as a show-off among the high and mighty
when the tall skyscraper kissed the sky
belittling others sprouting up high

not unlike the flashy peacock's stance
in colours, regalia decked and fully enhanced
some are thrust to contend with such blessings
not their intention to go with slight teasings

beautiful butterflies symmetrically designed
pinned to the wall amidst soundless whines
as light as a feather unceremoniously displayed
but crying out loud shying away left to their fate


Wednesday, March 15, 2023

a certain blight on her reasoning

                                                                                   Author: Garry Knight
Image: Vulnerable Young Couple (here)

10 of 12 given Wordle words:
youngest, adults, shower, worm, luminous 
powder, attack, spot, daughters, joint, 

a certain blight on her reasoning
youngest, she acted rather foolishly
adults cringed at ease of its happening
heaps of flattery showered lavishly

they wormed their way most easily
with luminous intensity with least efforts
powdered words attacking incessantly
wild wolf whistles put her on the spot

sisters and daughters must be schooled
joint efforts to counter their inexperience 
small price to pay for being extra careful
attention seekers will seek other diversions

MMT at The Whirligig #414
Bjorn at d'Verse OLN -334-March-

Tuesday, March 14, 2023

A to Z April Challenge Theme Reveal

Blog -  Rainbow by Hank Kaykuala

Hank is proposing to do:

ANIMALS -  Anthropomorphic Animal Characters.

1. What is anthropomorphism?

Anthropomorphism is a literary device that assigns human characteristics to nonhuman entities like animals or inanimate objects

2. What are some examples of anthropomorphic animals?

Some famous examples of anthropomorphism include Winnie the Pooh, the Little Engine that Could, and Simba from the movie The Lion King.

Monday, March 13, 2023

mountains bluish and greenish in the distance.

                                                                                            Author: Harald Hofer

Image: The Long and Lonely Privilege (here)

“In space in time I sit thousands of feet above the sea”May Sarton 
in “Meditation in Sunlight”

The moon had inspired many with its inherent beauty.
No one disputed that with the owl even pining and no 
dearth of poets with their writings. But when man landed 
on the moon it was rocky and dusty.

The same could be said of mountains bluish and greenish 
in the distance. It is rugged and not expected to be overly 
friendly. I can well imagine in space in time I sit thousands 
of feet above the sea
looking down the treacherous gullies. 
Mountain climbing is rightly the privilege of the dare-devils.

Climbers on Everest apparently made a solemn pledge that 
upon returning no word to divulge as to their privilege.
Remains of earlier climbers strewn in the snow are not to 
be made known to folks waiting below.

When asked 'climbing the mountain was it a dare?'  'Yes, 
they replied, 'because it is there!'
(144 words)

Merril at d'Verse  Prosery- meditation/

Saturday, March 11, 2023

An uncanny unmitigated desire

                                                                                     Author: Anka Zhuravleva
Image:  Shall I or shall I not! (here)

Unflinching unrelenting
An uncanny unmitigated desire
to unleash unreservedly against
the unrequited love unfolding

Mindful though not to be unsavoury 
nor unobtrusive but unpretentious 
and to remain forthwith unscathed 
against an upsurge of uneasiness 
lest unjustly judged unruly 
and of unsound mind
by an unconcerned him

Unprecedented but to remain
unflaggingly unruffled
unlikely to give in
but to wage war unassisted alone

Carrie's at The Sunday Muse-250

Friday, March 10, 2023

Poppy Day is now long forgotten

                                                                                  Author:  EpicPupper
Image: Wild Poppies Growing Aimlessly (here)

“Write love letters to wild flowers”. -  Marja

Poppies evoked the poignant 
feel to relate to heroic exploits
but the drug scene put paid to what
Poppies stood for

Wild flowers racing with each other 
in fighting mood for barren space
Eager show-offs in Spring with 
offer of first greens right from 
nature’s sincere heart

But thoughts of red colours of 
Poppy Day is now long forgotten
How do we write love letters to
wild flowers
to let them know that

Poppy Day is a thing of the past


Thursday, March 9, 2023

having had a hand in its creation!

                                                                         Author:  Dominicus Johannes Bergsma
Image:  A Dynasty of One's own Flesh 
and Blood (here)

1.0  earthlings
glory be to raise angels of offspring
of one's own flesh and blood
extending light to life on earth
and not wanting to end a dynasty

2.0  sunbathers
if it so pleased the longings due
for seeing a lineage to dance in the sun
with that of a second and a third generation
to continue as Providence would have it done

3.0 moonshining
it lays bare of a desire to warm up 
to the moon as it rides on its own momentum
a progeny of human existence
to populate this rare planet
as Mother Earth comes into being

and to subsequently die happy
of having had a hand in its creation

Note: Laura Ma'am, not sure whether 
Hank got it right with the sub-titles

Luura's at d'Verse :  MTB - 3 way split

Wednesday, March 8, 2023

Electronics and Mechatronics


Image:1 Norman and Kimie fooling around under the coconut tree

The School Holidays -  Two weeks to savour. A respite awaited for! 
It divides the year into two more or less. There are also at other times 
for instance the one at the end of year. That would stretch for almost six 
weeks, the ultimate. But nothing like one in mid-year. It is akin to a 
rest in between takes short enough to rest a little but not too long to 
lose the momentum

Yippee! It is here!
It will be on for two weeks
But time flies quickly

Image: 2 Kimie and Norman at the water-fall at Gramp's

Image: 3 Norman and Kimie at the Club Pool

At the Club - Not too early in the morning but just about when it is turning 
a little warmer. A spot of swimming is in order. A two- hour stint is about 
enough to unwind a little and then off to the cafeteria for some snacks

Water is soothing
Balanced movements of muscles
One feels light and trim

Image:4  Some snacks after the swim

The 4 images above were taken many years ago when they were kids at play. 
They are now in College, both reading for their B. Eng  Norman is in his 3rd 
year specialised in Electronics (computer information) and Kimie in the 1st year 
specialised in Mechatronics (robotics and artificial intelligence) Kimie gets to 
design and play with robots with a mind of their own.

Jade at d'Verse : Haibun poetry - poetics playtime

Friday, March 3, 2023

The Hindenburg Disaster

                                                          Author: International News - Minneapolis Journal
Image:  The Harrowing Image on May 6, 1937
at Lakehurst (here)

Unfortunate Trans-Atlantic crossing
Safely from Germany onto American soil
And about to descend slowly prior to landing
But landing zone subject to bad weather turmoil

Massive gigantic white and airborne
At an altitude in throes of stormy weather
Force of winds in varied directions
Made landing a delicate maneuver

Shifting of some hydrogen gas and water
Quick action made into specific compartments
Amid chaos but part of stabilizing measures
Effected to maintain a proper shift of balance

But all it took was a spark to court disaster
Plastic-like a graphic tragedy unleashed
Showering ignited debris of light structure
Thirty-five of people on that day perished

friday-writings#66  - in the face-of-disaster

Wednesday, March 1, 2023

lost in the morning darkness

                                                                                         Author: Monkey Junior
Image:  In pensive mood (here)

the 10 of 12 Wordle words
darkness, height slow faithless, doorstep 
cry storm steep strange devious

lost in the morning darkness
at the height of the receding January snow
slow in the likes of life's misgivings

faithless in extending the hand of friendship
at the doorstep of pensive thoughts 
a far cry from the obvious stance of innocence
disappointment, despair, and despondency
of a people staring at the storm brewing

the will to look for bread and salvation
the will to just taste the steep climb
to luxury and of not being hungry
but the will to survive

what stops one from foraging
from deceit and from deceiving others

just to let a child have bread
when all around are the machinations of war
devised and perpetrated by fellow men
to prevent other fellow men women and child
from wanting and getting their bread

it is strange for the weak are made to suffer
it is devious for the strong to grab everything
are they blind to the fact that
it is a zero-sum game
for whatever one takes
the other has to sacrifice

MMT at Sundays Whirligig-412.

Saturday, February 25, 2023

designs to seek for an answer

                                                                                          Author: anon
Image: An Expectation (here)

she has designs to seek for an answer
not readily garbed but aligned to the weather
not in fancy fur coats or leather jackets
but an anticipation of the unexpected

only a determination with bare means
to look for the one who left in a hurry
expanse of ocean waters to accord salvation
drawing her to search for satisfaction

braving the odds in just polyester and nylon
needling a conscience of the innocence
of one with a mistaken belief in her mind
still to be pursued that love is blind  

Carrie's at Sunday Muse #248.html - photo prompt

Wednesday, February 22, 2023

So much to catch up on

                                                                                 Author:  Vyacheslav Argenberg
Image:  Catching up on Lost Times (here)

I was in a hurry. I would be late for the appointment. Briskly 
walking along the block not hurrying, not wanting to be sweaty 
upon arrival, I should be there in 15 minutes so I reasoned

I took a turn around the block and, lo and behold, there she was
facing me. We were pleasantly surprised, taken aback in fact.

Then simultaneously we both lurched forward involuntarily and
hugged each other tightly and kissed just as it had been decades ago. 
She was just as sweet and beautiful as before.

So much to catch up on -  how thankful I felt
The appointment could wait!

Kim's at d'Verse   Poetics-prelude-to-a-kiss/

Tuesday, February 21, 2023

a whiff on the flute

                                                                                    Author: Lukasz Kobus,
Image: A musician playing transverse flute (here)

a whiff on the flute floats
in classic waves across
the emptiness
a slight rustle of the leaves 
follows suit in unison 

it sets an idyllic setting
with the immersion of melody
of impetuously unique sounds
and the music continues on
ever so slowly 
(44 words)

Linda at d'Verse - Quadrille Monday#170-music-is-my-refuge/

Saturday, February 18, 2023

You reflected a moment

                                                                                 Author:  Chris Radburn
Image: Foggy Entrance  (here)       

“Life is always going to be stranger than fiction, 
because fiction has to be convincing, and life doesn’t.”  -  Neil Gaiman

You look up to the heavens above
Seeking consolation for your being
Foggy is the sky that tugs at your imagination

But this is not what you had desired
Your person cries out in desperation
Please hear me!

Sadly nature is against your will
It will not release rain to soothe 
the parched earth of your soul
You've been hurt many times
Are you to take it again?

You reflected a moment
You are now acting more rational
You had wished to draw the line across
and this could be it!
There is certainly more in life 
yet to see.

'Give yourself a chance' 
your conscience whispers
'a second chance'
Yes, give yourself a chance
'Swallow your pride' it whispers again
Life is always going to be stranger than fiction,
It works itself in strange ways
It now helps you to decide
You are going back to him
to make up!

Carrie's at The Sunday Muse#247.
Magaly's at Poets and Storytellers -friday-writings#64

Thursday, February 16, 2023

Mother bird and her responsibility

                                                                                                 Author:  Stefan Xp
Image: Great Expectations (here)

the 11 of 12 given Wordle words:
heat, fantasy found movies desire dark night hand chain,
duvet (a soft quilt filled with down, feathers 
used instead of an upper sheet and blankets)

Great day with the heat and cloud cover
Fantasy found  in movies very inviting
They who desire from the dark night before
Hunger registered and patiently waiting  

Mother bird at hand taking a responsibility
Flies in every now and then very much aware
Measures of love in earnest and sincerity
Chain of events enacting a mother's care

Sleepy heads in the nest show different reactions
Young people under the duvet are often reluctant
To spring out of bed with Mother's presence
A ticking off often preceded against show of objections

When dislodged from their comfort zones
Mother's sigh of relief breathed with satisfaction
There is that lone voice of moderation
Mothers to the rescue a patron of a great invention

Lillian at d'Verse OLN LIVE
MMT's The Whirligig Wordle 410

Tuesday, February 14, 2023

Best we meet so I decided.

                                                                                                    Author: Decha Aulia
Image: Together Again! (here)

“This year’s a different thing, – I’ll not think of you.” - Charlotte Mew, 
from her poem, “I so liked Spring”

“This year’s a different thing, – I’ll not think of you
That was what's coming, so I thought. But I just 
could not. There were harsh words before but it 
seemed these were normal. You had sounded 
so tense and I rushed  over when I got your tweet. 

I'm really so glad nothing's the matter. Been meaning 
to call but I thought we agreed to meet in a few day's 
time. That was the reason why I did not call. I did not 
want to bother you. I would call just to confirm but 
thoughts of you swirled wildly in my head.

Best we meet so I decided. I could not allow you to bear 
it all alone. I just could not wait to call you this time. I know
it may be a few more days but I'll kiss anyway for Happy 
(144 words)
Note: written a few days ago

Merril at d'Verse  -  Prosery- last-year-lost-love

Saturday, February 11, 2023

The world whirled slowly by

                                                                                     Author: Ivan Pili
Image:  I Dream of Reaching (here)

the10 of 12 Wordle words:
changed, love, names, happy, give
picture, lines, story, curtainalley 

The world whirled slowly by
Changed into medley of activities
Some dream of love and names to come by
And many others happy with mediocrity

Many planned to give and procure
Executed the picture with perfection
But some just failed to endure
Waited unashamedly in lines for alms

Narrated of stories to what transpired
Drew the curtain across with no bother
Not inclined to reveal of whims desired
Young couples aligned their own rudder

In a world of their own venture
Up steps in an alley pitching a wish
Time stood still pristine in nature
Have we elders not savoured such bliss?

Carrie's at Sunday Muse #246

Tuesday, February 7, 2023

I had great admiration for your wife's taste

                                                                                               Author:Etnografiska museet, 
Image:  A Colourful Sweater   (here)
(note - image is for presentation purposes only
not to suggest it is ugly)

that is the ugliest sweater that I have ever seen!
and you have to choose that for yourself!
I did not!
there was a whole range on display
I saw it yesterday while at the Mall
yes, she said so herself
you mean a present from your wife?
surely there's something more forgiving
the colour stands out! 
yes but. it is too bright, is it not too loud?
I don't know!
I had great admiration for your wife's taste
but that was before, not any more!
you noticed that?
I envy your dressing before, immaculate good
pattern designs, but not after you had eyes for your new secretary
yes, I think so too!
your loving wife sure knows how best to get back at you
I told you, deny..deny...!
but I have always been honest to her
keeping a good relationship is better than being honest
you don't have to be honest on certain things
so what do I do now?
perhaps we can put it to test
if you must say so, let's ask Anne my daughter 
what do you hope to get from her?
Anne will always give a fair comment
to her father!

Ingrid at d'Verse  Poetics-hidden-gifts/

Saturday, February 4, 2023

I Bumped into The Night's Darkness

                                                                                                         Author: Pinterest by: @iloveblack3
Image: Shattered dreams  (here)

I bumped into the thickness
of the night's darkness
and broke into pieces
what stupidity and recklessness.

gazing too long at the blank
of nights searching for your smile
and realising it wouldn't be there
for quite a long while

though seldom do we meet
each is a memory to keep
remaining fresh like a plucked rose
kept in water in sweet repose

bon voyage to the fright
that will take her to distant shores
in her absence I'll hug the light
hoping not to break up any more.

Carrie's at The Sunday Muse#245

Monday, January 30, 2023

Can one be faulted?

                                                                                                             Author: Lucyin
Image:  Walking hurriedly (here)

Motley of questions clouding her mind. Cobwebs clinging affecting her thinking
She is seeking for answers as to why he comes back. She hurriedly leaves the 
house thoughts still bothering her. 

She still has clear recollections of the last encounter. There she was on the bench 
teary eyed spurned and reduced to a wreck sobbing. Gritting her teeth she laments 
her hopelessness. He left without as much as a  glance over his shoulders. 

That was not too long ago about five years she reckoned. He has the audacity 
now to make amends causing her to shudder.

She could not say no as he could move mountains. What he had in mind she 
just could not fathom. She is heading towards the designated rendezvous 
keeping to the appointed time. 

Why she is complying is mystifying but she has to.  Her heart is still within 
his grips that is beyond explaining!  

Can one be faulted
Feelings taking a backseat
A human failing

Frank at d'Verse  -  Haibun-Monday- heart

Sunday, January 29, 2023

Rebel Without A Cause

                                                                                             Author: anon
Image:  Drum-beats of Times
Gone by (here)

A heart throb!
You came on the scene
Made a fleeting appearance
Scared the daylights
of peers and big names

Oh! How they swooned and moan
Natalie was a gem
To hold you spellbound
Extended all the support
A pretty lass
Your following all wanting more

The known big names Hudson, Taylor
Were cast with you but you stood tall
A couple of starring roles, just!
Rebel Without A Cause
East of Eden

Written in the stars 
destined for fame

But alas,
That fateful day of September 30, 1955
In a moment of shocking encounter
The unbelievable

A disaster!
A crash, a car crash
Snuffed the young life
at age of 24 

A bright future already in hand
in the middle of the making
of Giant, disrupting the shoot
To save the day
a double was brought in

Shattered  the dreams of many
The teeny, the young and the old
A legend upon your demise
Obliterated from the scene though
but in place an icon was born
Untimely but never forgotten
Broken hearts aplenty

Dean, James Dean!

Carrie;s at Sunday Muse #244.

Friday, January 27, 2023

Life's Goodness in Wholes or Halves

                                                                                               Author:  Ivar Leidus
Image:  Lemons for the Asking (here)

Given to niceties
When growing up through the  years
Life had been forgiving

Now more towards
challenging times
Opening up to old age

Health-wise afflictions
slowly creep in,on the quiet
but progressively

Testing times on hold
or arrested wholly, lucky me
Work or at play one takes
the middle road

Thankful for the morrow
That offers so much for those
who strive at their own pace

Magaly's at PSU : Friday-Writings#61- such-inspiring-titles

Monday, January 23, 2023

Unwittingly they kept a date

                                                                         Author: Pedro Ribeiro Simões
Image: They stayed apart  (here)

Unwittingly they kept a date
Stealing glances but keeping a safe distance

He would love to listen to her voice
Not to endure wild gossip or chatter
but just

The authenticity of purpose, however
was not matched by the desire
to break the ice
(44 words)

Mish at d'Verse   quadrille-168/

Thursday, January 19, 2023

Softly about it!

                                                                                     Author: ID 4653867
Image: Happiness!  (here)

A blast from the past
By chance prompted her
to map out a strategy

An integral part of the answer
is in his ability to synchronize
all of the visual hints
A structure of hope
in life’s offerings

She is happy with him
A tip she held dear is
to face up to problems
before they became
To nip them in the bud

Softly about it
It worked all the time!

Lillian at d'Verse OLN - opportunities to join us LIVE!

Wednesday, January 18, 2023

Perceived melancholy seemed inevitable

                                                                                         Author: Graham Hogg                                               Image:  Menacingly Bare and Monotonous (here)

Chill of winter waving hazy grey of sky 
Many resigned to less hectic of activities
Perceived melancholy seemed inevitable
Mentally prepared for 'hibernation' woes

The correlation is tweaked more
towards the impending expectations 
Winter's cold and activities curtailed
Reveals a deathly feeling

How unkind to view such an outcome
Unfairly exhorted by way of colours 
For winter will be bathed in unstained white
Monotony dampened by prolonged inactivity
Guilt feelings heightened by inability 
to counter and to expect better

Sanaa at d'Verse  Poetics-the-blizzard-of-the-self

Monday, January 16, 2023

I never had it that good.

                            Author: FelipeIbazeta
Image:  Utterly confusing!  (here)

Everything I do is stitched with its colour"  -  William Stanley Merwin

I never had it that good. I am more in a twisting maze meandering 
without directions. The day is not rightly blasphemous but sauntering 
led unashamedly by the nose. Not quite blinded by the glaring lights 
but rather just ill-prepared for the sights

Everything I do is stitched with its colour.
What is life if not given a 
chance perhaps a day to recover its balance. It smells of the peculiar
brand of activity, of a boy's night out with the guys boisterously 
inclined and alive, very much like an extended family relationship.
I never had it so good

A quieter and sane nightly choice is bandied about. Rather amusing 
in the way it is accomplished. It may even be an alternative to rejoice
cuddled in the arms of a loved one, certainly a life worth living to 
counter the madness of the mornings.
(144 words)

Jade Li at d'Verse -  Prosery - everything-is-stitched

look back in anger

                                                                              Artist: Richard Burlet
Image:  Painting by Richard Burlet
 “Woman in Blue”   (here)

the 11 of 12 given Wordle words:
shoulder manifestations silence broken shuffle 
moments stand blade nearly again wraps

look back in anger
over the shoulders
manifestation of emotions rekindled
accentuated by pangs of silence
broken perhaps by shuffling of the feet

look back for moments of truth
to give credence to integrity

that to stand precariously 
on a blade of imagination 
for nearly making a big mistake
is a disaster averted
never again  to keep them under wraps

but it is human nature
to hold back a little

Carrie's Sunday Muse #242
Brenda's Sunday Whirl Wordle-588/

Friday, January 13, 2023

Bumper to bumper

                                                                                          Author: Musyajackson
Image:  Caught in a Jam (here)
(pun unintended)

City life so they did say
Not to feel intimidated nor threatened
Part of a daily routine
Not rattled just an inconvenience

So why all the unruly behavior
Never wanting to show anger but a smile
When shown the middle finger
Avoid a tiff but tolerance for a while

Bumper to bumper
Anger stifled wheels unmoving
Just a nick at the fender
Never could take it like a gentleman
Rush hour madness

Rommy's at Poets and Storytellers United
 - friday-writings-59-wheels

Thursday, January 12, 2023

fragments of his memories

                                                                                    Author: Sander van der Wel
Image:   Decidedly Depressed (here)

in for the long haul*
fragments of his memories*
old habits die hard
scalded in his thoughts for another
need we go far to take a peek
when chips were down breathe easy

he stood there thinking
why was he there 
the day he left the premises after his last paper
nature awakened with harrowing scenes
it had finally come to a boil
decidedly depressed

Laura at d'Verse : MTB finding-it-first
* links to the poems

Thursday, January 5, 2023

moments in time in light shadows

                                                                                 Author Delaina Haslam                                 
Image: Alone at Night  (here)

10 of 12 Wordle words:
lake swan moon moment indigo 
absence hurt surface wings lucky

clear lake waters
a swan gliding in all innocence
moon shine gleaming in the night sky
moments in time in light shadows
of indigo and mysterious blue 
absence of trouble from where it emanates
transcends emotions sans hurting

startlingly a light mist wanting to surface
caressing soft rosy cheeks
spanning wings of change emerging
leading to a morning of softness
with luck a light breeze trespassing alongside
a romantic moment creeping in

setting a warm mood
rustling leaves bidding a share
love is in the air

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