Saturday, September 30, 2023

that’s the orangutan!

                                                                                                    Author: Sabar Minsyah
Image: An Orangutan with Junior (here)

slow in movements but like magic
it can be expected to cover
much grounds roaming
the whole expanse
this is home!

they thrive on their own prowess
to survive
They swarm upon each other
in friendly banter without words 
maintaining passions
as a human in all mannerisms
for this is home!

much can be revealed
in body language, storming,
shrieking or lying lazily
A creature of the forest
It jumps hangs and swings
this is home
and enjoying every minute
of it all
and that’s the orangutan

Rosemary at Poets and Storytellers United.friday-writings-96

Thursday, September 28, 2023

Being Duly Prepared

                                                                                  Author: Holly Booth
Image:  The Tools of Trade (here)

Having the right kind of tools at hand
Just simple housewife kinds easy to find
True to form, like wearing other's shoes
Easy to use to knock off the blues

We should not choose to restrain
It'll be an education if we can feel the pain
The universe is there to garner the facts
Hold on to it yet, and give it a check

The whole world to see where it leads
Go for a  wholesome thrust till it bleeds
No holds barred, no wisdom marred.
Give it all you’ve got, give it a shot.

When you’re done, reflect on your wants
If it’s tough give it a laugh
Venture out and push for a long ride
You never know until you've tried

Sarah's at MLMM's Photo Challenge-483/
Mish at d'Verse OLN open-link-night-347/

Wednesday, September 27, 2023

There were ways to bridge the gap

                                                         Author/Artist: Pauline Auzou  (1775–1835)  
Image: Portrait of a Young Man  (here)

He stood there thinking 
with an empty smile
In his young mind
Untested with ways of the world
He was weighing his options
He should work fast

There were ways to bridge the gap
and get what he desired 
What could be wandering
in his mind

Thinking of one so dear
He was lucky to get away
from his latest find
It would have been a big struggle
There would have to be short-cuts he reckoned

Perhaps he should win 
the sympathies of a rich widow
A bridge too far for now

Myriads of possibilities
A young mind so free

‘What Me Worry’
No one to care
A lucky break could 
come rolling his way 
bridging the expectations

Punam at d'Verse poetics-building-bridges/

Tuesday, September 19, 2023

Autumn Folds

                                                                                               Author: Johann Jaritz
Image: Autumn Lakeside (here)

Autumn days camouflaged lakeside
Gliding in calm waters and mysterious
Paradise was knocked senseless outright
Rustic abode with idyllic tranquility
Unspoiled hideaway camouflaged lakeside
Golden brown season's exotic shades
Swept by cool winds forcing nature’s right
Falling leaves with gravity exerted power
Clinging into the emptiness of free flight
Racing to piles of crowded groundswell
Shadowing sights of a camouflaged lakeside

Melissa's at d'Verse with Gillena's folding-into-autumn/

Smashing Strategy

                                                                                                                             Author:  Adrian S Pye 
Image: Push Me Pull You (here)

a force contending 
to  accord him protection
imposing its will

smack going against his wishes
such is the push and pull-peril

but being pulled back by forces
must he smash his way through then
for it can be viewed as a 
hindrance to progress
(44 words}

De Jackson at d'Verse Quadrille-184-smashing-poems/ 

Thursday, September 14, 2023

A portrait of one!

                                                                                                          Author: Vincent Van Gogh
Image: Self-Portrait (here)

It’s all about face
An image so sacred

A portrait of one
Where there are 
No takers to others on earth
Even identical twins are different

In physical looks
A person is one and only
No two persons resemble another
How so unique
How so sublime

The wonder of nature
Providence has a hand
But let nature take its course
The individual
Is unto himself
It’s his domain
It’s him to savour
It’s him to take cognizance
A look in the mirror

The portrait of a mother’s pride
And no one to dispute!

Bjorn at d'Verse  OLN Live September

Monday, September 4, 2023

What's of a best friend?

Image: 1 The Beak - An Acrylic abstract

Image: 2 An Okra - A Pastel sketch

Images;  Hank's creations done sometime ago

What is going on? 
What about it of having 
a best friend

Not all the time by your side
Though ever willing 
To give a helping hand
To extend empathy 
with a shoulder to cry on
Feisty little darling in good times
Meddlesome sometimes 
invariably an irritant
but a joy to be around with

What is it of the worst 
kind of best friend
Sneaking with a  Brutus’ ploy
To stab in the back
Or a Cassius’ stance
Of every suspicious character

But one of my best friends 
who is more than all that!
Extending inspiration
Stroke by stroke in richness
Colourful in softness
Fulfillment of gaps and emptiness

Just waiting 
Of various types and stature
not answering back
nor biting when angered
to be dipped and splashed freely

Ever willing to capture my imagination
In hues rich in colour
Though often times
I was guilty of leaving them alone
seething with neglect

But a best friend always by my side!
My faithful paint brushes

Sherry's at What's Going On.

Thursday, August 31, 2023

living the fast lane that of a stuntman

                                                                                                                                   Author: Yannick Croissant
Image: A Stunt Show (here)

Taking cautionary steps on a lazy afternoon
To avoid daring acts dangerous to perform
Just easy, nothing wild and not to take to heart
No negative comments that might likely disrupt

Wanting an assurance of an impression
Would  not be lighting fires without reasons
Rather living the fast lane that of a stuntman
To rest awhile if caught in tight situations

'Fasten the seat belts' a good escape clause
A good reason to feel reassured to a cause
Nothing untoward would likely to appear
If carefully nurtured to care for any fear

Grace at d'Verse  openlinknight-345/

Tuesday, August 29, 2023

siblings faithfully all in single file

                                                                                                                               Author: Oxyman 
Image: Highly tutored to reduce frictions (here)

siblings faithfully all in a single file
mother's insistence to be six in a row
seemed inclined to test the waters
but rooted along their narrow domains

not moving neither were they spent
breaking rules were strictly not tolerated
tattered in thoughts a swan's dilemma
no sibling rivalry overtaking to snatch victory
nor throw a sly spin to make one to retreat

A curved passage could offer alternatives
but caught in the middle of a problem
avoiding any nerve-wracking intrusion
freedom to choose was no free holiday 

Paean's at d'Verse Poetics

Friday, August 25, 2023

Autumn begging to be appreciated

                                                                                                                           Author: Mostafameraji
Image: Autumn at Vake Park, Tbilisi City, Georgia (here)

Autumn begging to be appreciated
Did well as a transition from warm to cold
To accord succulent fruits to be harvested
With perhaps a whole turkey into the fold

Chill of winter waving, blue of sky greyish
Many resigned to less hectic of activities
Halloween invented to liven up as a wish
Perceived melancholy seemed unhealthy

Holidays ended back to school for young ones
Lively sporting season built up to a crescendo
Major league games wrapped up within the months
To be mentally prepared for 'hibernation' woes

Magaly at Poets and Storytellers United 
Friday Writings #91:  - muscle memory

Thursday, August 24, 2023

Holding hands, pitching a wish

                                                                                                                                        Author: Crew crew
Image: Such Bliss  (here)

The world whirled slowly by
Medley of forms and activities
Some accepted some on the sly
And many others of mediocrity

Many who planned to procure
Executed them with perfection
But some just failed to endure
Unashamedly await for salvation

Oblivious to what transpired
The outside world was no bother
Adhering to whims and desires
Young couples aligned their rudder

In a world of their own venture
Holding hands, pitching a wish
Time stood still pristine in nature
Have we elders not savoured such bliss?

Lillian at d'Verse  OLN-live-again/

Tuesday, August 22, 2023

where are we heading?

                                                                            Author:  George Hodan 
Image: Bottled up choices (here)
License: CC0 Public Domain

what was the drift?
his mind declined to answer
sadly it had happened
he let slip the opportunity
a sure sign of misjudgment

he tried to keep his chin up
in vain efforts of maintaining
some form of authority

we anticipate good decisions
to welcome a new beginning
- that he realised

but where are we heading?
silence is not really an option
all bottled up reduced the choices

Grace at d'Verse - poetics-bottled-poetry/

Monday, August 21, 2023

blight on its conscience

                                                                                                                  Author: Henry Söderlund
Image:  A Hungry Squirrel (here)

looking for a bite
and bothered by the cold 

without a stocked larder
it was a grave misjudgment
worsening of the weather
meant an empty stomach 
in hibernation
blight on its conscience
now pining for food
utter regret often 
the wages of blunder
(44 words)

De at d'Verse : Quadrille-181

Friday, August 18, 2023

Japanese food was much fun

                                           The tapenyaki which I thought was less filling 

                                         The Tempura that followed. This was after the opening sushi that I had earlier
My elder son Hafidz 
and his charming wife Qhaty 
invited us for lunch again

‘We’re going Japanese 
It’ll be at the same venue 
that we had before’ they said. 
This is an ‘eat as much 
as you can joint’.

I remember what happened 
the last time. 
I was naughty  

I ate as much as I could then
and was breathless with a 
full tummy when we left
I told myself  I would 
be less naughty today 
and would exercise 
utmost care not to overeat.

Japanese buffet, yes!
How nice?
Eat as much as you can eat
It’s a tall order

Would I be naughty again?
Tendency is to do so
Must control myself
No sushi with rice
Other offerings would do
They are less filling

How did it go?
I was still naughty
Japanese food was much fun
I could not help it

Rosemary at Poets and Storytellers United - 

Tuesday, August 15, 2023

Broadway for one's bidding!

                                                                               Author/Artist: Childe Hassam
Image: Fifth Ave NYC - Nocturne (here)

Music, when soft voices die, 
Vibrates in the memory - Percy Bysshe Shelley

Typical of a small city street
Very unlike those one sees
Old fashioned cobblestones

NYC  is not that sane and quiet
Big Apple is what Times Square is
The sophistication of Broadway

But barely half a block away
The third rate movie theatres
Reeking of weed smokers
And sudden blurting of curses
Interspersed with the F-word
Makes one sick to the bones
The one and only experience
Was just about enough to know

Instead in stark contrast
Just nip over nearby to any of Broadway’s
Overcoats at the cloak-room
Upon arrival and once inside
Not a whisper or a pin drop
Silence observed except
The music and voice from the stage
Music, when soft voices die, 
Vibrates in the memory 

Zorba the Greek
Anthony Quinn himself
playing the lead in person
on stage in 1984
Just as in the film of 1964
but the run was for weeks
on Broadway

At Intermission half-way
For light refreshments
All in all a most satisfying
evening with formal trappings
But informal in all instances

These are the NYC theatres
Broadway for one's bidding!

Note: Revamp of an old poem 
recounting Hank's sojourn at the
Big Apple.

Merril at d'Verse : poetics-august-transitions/

Thursday, August 3, 2023

It was most breath-taking

                                                                                                            Author: Khoshhat
Image: Mountain top View (here)

the 12 given Wordle Words:
bones trouble  
hearth (the floor of a fireplace)
weeping wilderness cry bread 
withered grass, come answer
reproach (the expression of disapproval). 

What a relief now that 
we are at the bottom
It was most breath-taking 
up there
make no bones about it
it was a mountain-top 
viewing phenomena
A sight to behold

Nature-lovers were however 
troubled seeing the hearth 
of rubbish on the ground 
the weeping wilderness
a far cry of the scenic scene 

stale bread upon withered grass
empty bottles and torn boxes
among them 

Despite the love for 
conservation come a look 
of reproach was no answer 
they were losing out 
to anti-social elements

These people found it 
convenient to have the
environment dressed up 
with all sorts of remnants
upon leaving the scene

Jadeli at d'Verse OLN-343-august/
MMT at The Whirligig.-434

Monday, July 31, 2023

A Rare Movement Activity in the Flesh

                                                                               Author: Sarah Marie Jones 
Image: A Man Streaking! (here)

Done with my streaking. You should have seen their eyes
How they popped out more of surprise than anger. They 
did not expect anything like this and it was also a stroke 
of good luck. I did not anticipate the large crowd. Tonight 
it was somehow unusual and they were all very sporting.

Did you see the guy with the red hat? The burly menacing 
looking. I thought he was trying to stop me. I started with 
a slow run further down. The ladies were already screaming
when I reached him.

He came at me. I thought he was swinging a punch. Lo and 
behold! He cleared the path for me. He was making it easier 
for me. In fact he followed slowly to make sure I had a clear 
passage. I owed him one!

It was pretty tiring. That was a long run. I had better get back 
to my bike. Hey! What happened to my clothes?

I was lucky I hid my wallet and bike keys under the stone in 
the bush. I’ll better go get them

Lesson learnt! Next time for a streaking stint. No more bikes!
Bring the car!
Minimise the risks.

Am having fun! Phew!
Never felt that good. Very
so refreshing! Yes!

Note: Hank in a lighter mood. Writing an imaginative
account (this is not a personal experience ) on a one-time 
movement activity popular a long time ago. 

Frank at d'Verse Haibun Monday  -  moving

Friday, July 28, 2023

what pleases me?

                                                                       Author: Dominicus Johannes Bergsma
Image: If only we occupy our
own given domain (here)

what pleases me?
a shine that lights up the morning shadows  
to a gasp of delight of divine assertion

what dotes on me?
to breathe a sigh of relief that follows
never to show true feelings of dejection

what eased off my wandering heart?
a lovely lady dignified of regal stature
open to critique friendly in attitude
progressive in outlook tolerant by nature
a valuable find to keep in all gratitude

how so simple that life can be good,
if only no complications intrude!

Rosemary at Poets and Storytellers United - friday-writings-87

What I desire is what I aspire

                                                                                      Author: Charles J. Sharp
Image: Enough to come by!
Hummingbird hawk moth feeding (here)

What I desire is what I aspire   
But then would I need more than before?    

No, I have enough no need to have more     
Though there were occasions I would cry    

I may really need more and I would cry     
My wants might be limited I do realise     

With limited stipend enough to survive 
It would come a long way to be comfortable

Being comfortable is something luxurious
Having more resources but not hilarious

To return what is due to society
Not to the point of pockets being empty

Not an option for having empty pockets 
What I desire is what I aspire   

Merril at d'Verse MTB - Critique and Craft

Wednesday, July 26, 2023

Visit long awaited

                                                         Artiat: María Berrío, Closed Geometry, 2022

Image:: Neglected  (here)

Sighs of dismay permeated her confused thinking
Lying on her back a mess prodding her mind
Furtively through her heart slowly but prancing
With the slow music an accompaniment to dine

But alone  facing up the sky just quietly blinking
Dressed but chained in her mind searingly disabled
Anxious her system inside beginning to scream
Visit long awaited but nowhere seemed probable

Kicked up a fuss earlier preparing a hot meal
To a level beyond that she was used to do
Trying to trump a good impression to seal
A relationship well nurtured and way overdue

Heat of romance seemingly like a hot summer day
Overwhelmed with a cloak of floating snow flakes
Was it going to be a bust his presence a long delay
She was stood up again by yet another of the fakes

Grace at d'Verse poetics-

Tuesday, July 25, 2023

Saying sorry to water it down

                                                                                                Author: Ahmed Anfal
Image:  Eventually Made up  (here)

A gathering storm
starts rather innocently
but lashed with fury

Provoked and enraged
stormy union knows no bounds
unwittingly worsened

Both not giving in
Saying sorry to water it down
hardest to do

Endearment tormented 
Rantings eventually pacified,
but was normal and laughed off
(44 words)

De Jackson at d'Verse quadrille-180-

Sunday, July 23, 2023

The one eye is all that I need

                                                                                                Author: Kakoula10
Image:   One-eyed Cat (here)

The one eye is all that I need
To focus attention for a meal
To hear the echo softly retreat

All the niceties I can well read
In anticipation clearly in view
Of a meal is all that I bid

Memories I recollect for a lead
Wonderful instances none so few
To gather courage for a feed

Passing cars relent slowing speed
Letting we the hunters to pass through
A fair consideration truly indeed

Gone are days when we used to meet
To share food with a caring tom cat
To hear the purring to softly greet

If only we can now together sit
To drown the sorrows and the blues
A glimmer of hope for a lead

Rommy at Poets and Storytellers United 

Tuesday, July 18, 2023

while we were on vacation

                                                                                                   Author: Rbalmonia
Image: A Civet cat  (here)

I wish to recall an episode while we were on vacation 
a long time ago. It seemed hilarious now but not when 
it happened. 

We decided on a week's vacation at a small resort with
sea-side sports activities but with the bonus of jungle
trekking and fishing thrown in.

My loving wife Shadah had reservations initially as 
a jungle environment would be fraught with danger. 
I just brushed it off as wild imagination. It was a 
mother's natural tendency of added caution, an 
unnecessary worry.
We arrived in the late afternoon enough to have a glimpse
of the sea and the accompanying sea breeze tugging at
wisps of our hair. A wonderful time on the morrow was
eagerly awaited. But what a surprise, for the excitement
did not wait for morning. It happened that very night itself!

We had retired for the night and snugly in bed snoring
away. Suddenly there was a din in the kitchen, a lot of
banging, knocking and sounds of pans falling. 

We were housed in a 3-room chalet and the kitchen was
the back portion. My son Hafidz decided to investigate but
was held back by Shadah. It could be robbers and probably
armed, she cautioned. It could not be as robbers would not
give themselves away I countered.

We called security and a young man, John came by
sneering made a show of bravery and walked confidently
into the kitchen. Things were strewn about dented or
broken. By this time a few of the neighbouring chalets
had awakened and stood around wondering what happened

John looked around and declared things were under  control
They would do a clean-up in the morning and all would back
to normal. Shadah then asked John whether it was safe to
pull back the curtains to let air in as a pot of spilled curry
was emitting some kind of odour.

The kitchen window had wire-mesh so John said it was safe.
He made a move to the window and was just about to pull
back the thick curtains - then it happened!

It jumped out from behind the curtains on to John's face.
John cried out and rushed for the door. He missed a step
and his face smashed against the door itself. 

The honorable thing for the management to do for which we
we were grateful was to have our family transferred to one of their
suites at the main building. We were there for the whole week.

John was given a few days off but he met us before we left
There were still old scars on his face and when he smiled
there was a toothy grin - on account of two missing teeth
in the front.

He explained it was a civet cat that got trapped behind
the curtain because of the wire-mesh. 

A nocturnal creature it was more frightened of John 
than we had imagined. It was not a dangerous animal 
but it was an unexpected visitor which managed to get 
in but not able to get out on its own!

Punam's at d'Verse Tuesday Poetics - vacation-reminiscences/

Monday, July 17, 2023

Beauty is a blessing

                                                                                        Artist: L da Vinci 
Image:  The Beauty of Mona Lisa (here)

For beauty is nothing but the beginning of terrorRainer Maria Rilke

Beauty is a blessing unto those who are privileged. It is not
a monopoly of the chosen few but extended to a few by divine
choice. Many vie for it knowing of the benefits of being admired
which may come from suitors attracted to it.

This will create a demand and a tendency to possess what 
the many others can only wish for. Invariably it will plant feelings
of envy which may translate into innocent jealousy or to reactions
more violent in nature for beauty is nothing but the beginning 
of terror. Beauty is there to be seen but those not having it would
have designs of wanting to destroy or cause likely damage.

It can be the beauty of a Cinderella or an object like Mona Lisa 
which endured envy and acts of violence contrary to expectations
Thus terror is preceded by beauty.
(144 words)

Hank's Reading of the Quote:
Beauty is not terror, but the beginning to a  terror: it is terror which 
does not threaten yet nor is there an immediate danger 

Mish at d'Verse - Prosery-rainer-maria-rilke/

Saturday, July 15, 2023

to shine and settle it bravely

                                                                     Author: Stefan Brending (2eight)
Image: Dancing and Swaying (here)

the 12 given Wordle words:
stay trapped cry shine settle run 
stray drain brave pain trim crafty

the tree swayed like a dancer 
moving her hips to the music
to stay trapped in such a stance 
may impose certain limits
It is a far cry from having to 
shine and settle it bravely
how then to relieve the 
pain and trim the score

a clever way to respond is
never to run down the whole 
show nor to stray away from 
the intended direction
for it may drain the resources 
thus limiting the choices

man is a brave animal quick 
to adjust never to accept defeat 
for any eventualities
without extending a fair fight

man's ingenuity knows no bounds

never to fall from grace 
with empty hands
give it a shot and see what gives

that's the whole point 
of having a crafty mind   

Note: to include the first line:
the tree swayed like a dancer 
moving her hips to the music

Brenda's Sunday Whirl Wordle-613/

Friday, July 14, 2023

Life's Like That!

                                                                          Artist: Pieter Brueghel the Elder  
Image: An Armed Four-Master 
Putting Out to Sea (here)

Friday Writings #85: First Line
"Ships at a distance have every man’s wish on board.” 
Zora Neale Hurston

Ships at a distance have every man’s wish on board
This implies life is open to all sorts of experiences of 
gains or losses. What man conceives or desires are not 
readily or easily to be at his disposal. At any one time 
a big question mark hovers over his head

What man dreams can be felt or even can be seen 
developing and progressing but there are difficulties 
or hardships that frustrate the dreams along the way

However not all suffer the same fate for some kind
elements may favour certain individuals who find it
easy to have achieved some semblance of success

Unfortunately it conforms to the luck of the draw and
life takes its own course. Many would resign to accept
the inevitable if they choose not to create opportunities
for themselves. 

Note: Ships at a distance have every man’s wish on board
-  a metaphor for the dreams that men have and what they do
to pursue them. While some dreams come in with the tide and 
may come true, but some keep sailing until time runs out

Magaly's at Poets and Storytellers United at 

Monday, July 10, 2023

Mouth-watering goodness.

                                                                                                     Author: Elliot
Image: Half dozen chargrilled oysters. (here) 

Lovely oysters 
Mouth-watering goodness.
Not unlike 'uncooked' sushi 
Great on the taste-buds 
but daring to take a risk. Why?

Not being naughty 
but it tastes good! 
So what will it be?

Not easily available. 
Might as well

Cheaper by the dozen. 
Twelve pieces, please!
(44 words)

Note: To write a Quadrille in 44 words
and to include the word 'twelve'

Lisa at d'Verse Quadrille : happy-dverse-twelfth-anniversary/

Friday, July 7, 2023

Often walked the path of wonders

                                                                                             Author: 阿橋 HQ
Image: The 'Black Leopard' Shatin 
Orchid Show, Hong Kong  (here)

10 of 12 given Wordle words: 
walk, spins, pick, wishing, bruised 
visit, potions weeds woods keeps

Often walked the path of wonders
Had been through many spins
Plucked from the pick as starters
Wishing what the heart could bring

Bruised with frustrations of many years
Through the many visits that were begun
What became of the potions collected
For the thirst of discovery left undone

Was there then a similar set of weeds
Found in the woods brought to light
Flowers and leaves collected for keeps
Black orchids found were cause for delight

MMT's The Whirligig #430

Monday, July 3, 2023

A good dream is a bonus for good living

                       Author: Hennie Niemann
Image:  In the Land of Dreams (here)

the 10 of 12 given Wordle words:
 patch eliminate immense correlate spectacular 
outnumber shopping plastic movement  winner

To patch up a gap in the extension
To eliminate an immense show of confusion
Flashes to correlate mixed ideas
Emerging for a split second or longer
Then disappears into Davy Jone's locker

There are spectacular dreams that appear
Foretelling of what’s coming in the future
But it outnumbers images that instead emerge
Causing havoc in the minds of the lost

A good dream is a bonus for good living
Bad dreams are the aftermath of bad intentions
Getting mixed up in shopping for ideas
Prodding the plastic show of human feelings
Self imposed in movements of passion
A winner in classic fashion in myriads of colours
In the realms of the subconscious 

Lisa at MLMM's wordle-329/

Sunday, July 2, 2023

I'm not given to mischief

                                                                                            Author: Paul Sapiano                                              Image: The Black Widow (here)
Note: The Black Widow so-called 
as it will devour its mate after mating

the 11 of 12 given Wordle words:
dim twitch mingled drifts call split 
words shattered shallow spell gaze 

You call me a dim twitch is that it!
I’m not given to mischief
Neither am I a conceit
But I can well cause grief

I mingled in lots of drifts
More manly than even any man
His call to  have a fling
I said that suits me fine

I’m not of a split element
Nor words had me shattered 
Ridicule me and in an instance
You’ll end up battered    

Not shallow nor under a spell
My gaze cause a lot of pain
My man told me to fizzle
Gobbled him later that’s my gain                          

Barbara's Sunday Whirl. Wordle#611/