Wednesday, August 31, 2011


 Image1: With Tim Cook, the new CEO

 Image 2: Steve demonstrates the new iPhone4 - June07 2010

Image3 : Steve with the iPad at a recent launch

A Change

Jobs left his job
A big chunk off the Apple
No more just a bite

It has to be  a fun thing
To be leaving
With all his investments
Safely locked in

Not a total loss, though
Ties are maintained
No more CEO
But now The Chairman

With his departure
And a new CEO, Tim Cook
Will Apple take more bites
Will the logo sport a new look?

From the Mac with windows
To iPhone and  iPad
Found so indispensible
Not just a fad

Anything in the pipe-line?
What do they have NEXT

Yes, what’s NEXT?

Man and Woman

Picture Credit: Natasha's at Jinsky's In Tandem #8


A kaleidoscope
Man, Woman in mixed colors
Alive but hideous

Meant for each other
But can they click and embrace
Like Adam and Eve

Together as one
Yes, Man is gregarious
Forever with  friends

Haiku styled inspired with image prompt at  Jinsky's In Tandem #8

Tuesday, August 30, 2011


Image :1 This is madness. I would not be able to move at this height let alone climb.

Image :2  I'm sure there ought to be a dress code or was it a spur of the moment decision (without ropes!)

Image:3 She seemed dressed  ready to attend a party. (one at the summit?)

Image :4 Another madness episode ( no ropes nor equipment)

Image:5 This is youthful vigor! Climbing at this height and with such a rocky landscape!

Some spectacular Rock Climbing pics that bring shivers! Such dizzying heights!
Photo Credits: Courtesy of shared photos of Google images

Youthful vigor

'I'm into my elements'
Oblivious of imminent danger
Up the rock face they went
Inexperienced youthful vigor

Triumphantly declaring
'Danger is my forte'
Can they be blamed?
Just let them  be!

All the more richer
Of that they had been through
Is all that of an adventure
The  true  grit of so few?

Venturing out the foolhardy
To better equip one's own!
Out of their shell the uncanny
To discover the unknown

But the process of learning
Take many forms
Be ever mindful of the test of time
Experience that matter that counts

Inspired by d'Verse OpenLink Night week#7
(a revamp of an earlier post of June 16, 2011)

Monday, August 29, 2011

The Sunday Whirl

Picture Credit: Courtesy of Brenda's  Wordle # 19

Let's Rally Around

It is my fervent hope
That we turn to the truth
It is  matter we have  to consider,
We should give serious consideration
Not  just wild imaginations
And I mean it!

A weakness in structure?
Fine! But what of it?
That the trunk could no longer
Come off  it! 

Just on a vessel  of hope
That sweeps past in gusts
It is a  breeze!

To cloak them over their skin
Blown to dust
And toughen the residue

That is the ultimate aim!

Wordle #19 of Sunday Whirl

Sunday, August 28, 2011

A Question

                                                        Red Umbrella, Christopher Shay
Photo Credit: Courtesy of Tess' Magpie

What happened?

Stealthily moving
Camouflaged by  the darkness
A Red Umbrella

Intermittent rain
Puddles in the cobblestones
Did not deter  him

He quicken his pace
Stealing glances to his back
He’s almost running

Why? What’s the motive
Leaving  in such a hurry
There must be reasons!!

Inspired by Tess' Magpie #80

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Limericks 2

Never Get Even

A woman who felt she'd been had
Getting even not an option she thought right
They had a pow-wow
They exchanged know-how
She never had to regret it since - blissful, heavenly nights

Submitted to Mad Kane's Humor Blog, with prompt - A woman who felt she'd been had 

Friday, August 26, 2011

A Tribute

Photo Credits:  Courtesy of Jinsky's Tandem

Striving harder

The day droops listless
Frantically grabbing at
The straw, a lifeline

Must strive, must get it
Where there is life there is hope
Grab it, try again

Others have done it
And there is no telling but
Always looking up

Submitted haiku styled for:
Mary's tribute  to Hollywood's great Michael J Fox and his inspiring book  'Always Looking Up'  at Mary's Poetry Jam
Submitted for
Jinsky's Tandem #7 allowing us to choose one of her photo images above

War Time Prison Camp

                                          The Kiss (original Der Kuss)  by Gustav Klimt
Picture Credit: Gooseberry Gardens

Comfort Woman: Que Sera Sera, what will be, will be! 

Taking a rue look at the awesome sight
Of one, a prison guard slouching at the door way
A lean looking geek seemingly  on diet
Mystic and  a soul mate unashamedly at play

Narry a bother  on such starry nights
Just keeping mum without a say
The unaccustomed just shivered with fright
It would at least have kept the wolves at bay

They  made an appearance as darkness fell
Moving slowly progressing, a kiss, without  a sound
Surreptitiously goaded along by the aroma of erotic smells
The meek the lame and the weak fell at every round

Having satisfied their cravings on the sly
As daybreak showed signs of emerging
Readying themselves flapping  wings to fly
The victims shocked, were  left  wondering

What  possibly could have them in such fits
Feeling nauseous but very much alert
They cringe asking  would  there be a repeat
Of the  embarrassment they could ill afford

Inspired by Gooseberry Gardens Week #2 - with prompt The Kiss and styled in the Bouts-Rimes form      ( French for a verse with rhymed ends)
Submitted also for Friday Poetry Fest

Thursday, August 25, 2011


Picture Credit:  Courtesy of Google images


All can breathe easy
Things worked out eventually
No more Gaddafi

Are they all happy?
(Depends on  who is asking)
Most citizens are

More of a relief!
On all political fronts
Within and without

Inspired by Haiku Heights #58 with prompt 'breathe'

Wednesday, August 24, 2011


His RPB is Constant

Speed fiend
You’re no friend
You maimed
Spread sadness
Horror and pain
With no restraint
No, it’s foreign

Your RPB has'nt changed

“This is a new machine
I’m not giving in
Step aside
You puny
I have it made

He sped
But not quite
You’d pass him
In a minute
A sad ending

He's gone!
Mangled steel
In a heap
A total wreck
Date with the Devil
to keep
By the highway

A mother’s regret!

(RPB - Recurrent Pattern of Behavior)

Inspired by d'Verse Week #6

Monday, August 22, 2011

A Temptation

Image: Hank's own sketch in soft pastel
on A4 size dark drawing paper.

Man and woman
A vulnerable combination
A serpent thrown in
It worked its temptation

An Offer issued
Acceptance registered
For a Forbidden Fruit
A  Heaven's Contract concluded

The serpent got on with it
The first hoodwink in Paradise
The woman fell for it
And Man paid the price

Good Old Mother Earth
There’s where they landed
Opening up its horizon
Destined to set up a lineage

Of human variety developed
Of different race, color and creed
From all corners of Earth
Man is to breed

For Gooseberry Garden Poetry Picnic Week #1
with prompt  -  Adam and Eve

Saturday, August 20, 2011


My own sketch done with soft pastel on A4 size drawing paper. The texture in pastel can have versatility 2 ways. It can be left untouched or as in this case it can be smoothed out to leave a fine texture.

Hot Capsicum

Glistening with pride
Fondness for chili peppers
A green capsicum

Gives a kick at lunch
Amidst bunched with other greens
hot and spicy stance

Hotplate with servings
Gnashed, gnawed spicing up the chow
fitting for a King

Submitted for d'Verse's Poetics Texture

(This was earlier posted in One Stop Wednesday week #24 Dec 15, 2010 when I was just learning to get familiar with haiku)

Thursday, August 18, 2011

You Be Warned!

Photo Credit: Google Images

The Cloak

The Old Bloke, with the Cloak
Not in the best of times for him to listen
His mood swings often the butt of jokes
But you had better be warned
Look me up to get a feedback
Before you get to see him
Was he just sitting there laid back
And was it safe to let you in ?
He was ever ready to swoop down
On his unsuspecting subordinates
He would not just show a frown
His bark was as vicious as his bite
Is it safe to make an entry
You can only be sure
If he’s happy and jolly
Otherwise don’t come near
Only when word got round
That the Old Bloke was off his Cloak
That’s the best of times
To go in and knock
He is now seen smiling happily
in which case you had better hurry

My Sales figures,
What about?
The graph keeps on declining!
Finished, done for
I’m in for a drubbing
My budget, the variance
My revenue is a far cry
Help me , Lord
Not that I didn’t try

Hold it, young man
That is not good marketing
It’s wishful thinking
Your Sales must be ascending
He’ll look you in the eye
That long and piercing look
You just cannot deny
You’ll be in his bad books
Only results count
Your luck may be down
That’s just too bad
He’ll get real mad
Luck and efforts don’t contribute
Results do, it’s the absolute
So, if you still want to see him
The Old Bloke with his Cloak?
You are off your defence
Take my word, no offense!
Just a word of advice
So long as your Sales are down
It is only wise
You will not want to be around
The Old Bloke with his Cloak
his mood swings will go extreme
You’ll better not be another victim

Inspired by d'Verse Critique and Craft

Life's Lifestyle

A Split Cycle*

Birthday do
Young infant
Sweet toothed affair
Cake, candle lit
Blow and wish
Innocent and happy
Friends and family
Gathered merrily

His buddies
Tagging along each
With a heart throb
Tea dance by themselves
Loud music
New friends emerged
To meet again
College bound

The guys, spouses
Soul mates and all
Boisterous dinner
Fun filled wine flowing
Never dull
Life of the party
Always there
By design
Or otherwise
Happy to sing
Dance and be merry

Gooseberry Garden's #1 Week
A first attempt at Anacreontic Verse with the 3-5 syllables, 20 -30 lines form but vague on other technicalities

* A cycle split into 3 stages
Submitted for Theme Thursday with prompt ' Split' and

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Last Summer

Picture Credits: Courtesy of Google Images

A Hot Bright Day

Benevolent might
The sun burning strong and bright
Extending its right

None is as to bind
Over the whole universe
So true and so kind

But cold winds and rain
Made an appearance of pain
Without much restraint

The big oak stood tall
Bravely it withstood the threat
Not likely to fall

Piercing bright and clear
Strong straight rays over yonder
The sun did appear

Help given sincere
Glistening on nature’s child
As did happen here

Submitted for d'Verse OpenLinkNight #5


Picture Credit: Courtesy of Google Images

The Silence is Deafening

There was a strange creature from Mars
Endowed with brains made of glass
When up with a bright idea
We not only see but also hear
Cracklings and eruptings with loud staccato blasts!

Inspired by 'Silence' prompt #181 of One Single Impression

Monday, August 15, 2011

The Adonis

A Canvas Reproduction of 'The Awakening of Adonis'

Picture Credit: Courtesy of Google

Nights of Love

Passionate nights of love
Extending its sensuous arms
To rekindle the fire of two souls
Lost in qualms of agony
Pain and pleasure intertwined
In a glued ecstasy

Oblivious of the ambience
Presented on a silver platter
Young hearts young bodies
Robust nights aflutter
To savor to their heart’s content
Never in all its abundance

Do they find a love?
So warm and tender
In all its make-up, a feast
Leading to a rosy glow
Of cheeks emboldened
Not by the very least

By the sheer fitness and strength
Of the muscled-toned Adonis!

Inspired by Jingle's Poetry with prompt 'Passionate nights of love ' week #48

Sunday, August 14, 2011

The Handyman

Picture Credit: Courtesy of Willow's Magpie

Endlessly Waiting

It’s been a week since
The handyman is not here
It is a problem

He had asked to stop
There are some other matters
He has to do first

I am still waiting
The woes of the homeowner
Is a job half done!

Inspired by Willow's Magpie #78

Saturday, August 13, 2011

What Happened?

The Water Tower: The only building in the 'burn zone' to survive the Great Chicago Fire of 1871. It is now the only surviving structure left standing

The '35 World Series featured the Detroit Tigers and the Chicago Cubs with the Tigers winning in 6 games for their first championship in 5 series appearance

The El Train riding Loop#2

Picture Images: Courtesy of Google


New guy in town called Robin the Hood
To Chicago he went but was up to no good
He faced up to old ‘Scarface’
Worked him up to a rage
Then just disappeared, a grim lesson for the dude

Inspired by d'Verse with Claudia's prompt 'going urban' and fascination with Mad Kane's Humor Blog

Friday, August 12, 2011


Overcoming Adversity

On a sunny day all warm and bright
Having wrestled life’s woes by the night

To overcome the floods engulfing the edge
Of abundance shoving and throwing rays bright

Had fallen into dreams of yearnings’ nights
Restless, dark suddenly a future splayed bright

Bid be, good tidings played its softening lights
Had I the strength to ward off sinister’s might

Hank, we can ordinarily garner our strengths
Tenacity against adversity the star’s shining bright

Inspired by d'Verse Form For All Ghazal
(a first time attempt at Ghazal without really knowing on its form and rules)

Wednesday, August 10, 2011 - A Family Tree

                                                                                       Attribution: Petar Milošević
Image: The Info on Family Members are
Inadvertently locked up (here)

A family tree that goes back generations
Can be a convenient tool
To check on ties of relations

Of brothers and sisters
And their next-of-kin
Of near cousins and relatives
And their off-springs

To keep track of days
Memorable to them
Birthdays, anniversaries
All reminded through email
A week before as prompts

All done automatically

To discover long lost relatives
To cement old ties
Try it and keep the info moving
The format is FaceBook styled
With pictures, videos all thrown in
Provided you did the uploading
All these through
Downloaded at your convenience
And it’s all for free!

If you missed your cousin’s wedding
You could view it
After someone's done an uploading!

Get it done
It's a service to everyone
And it’s lots of fun!

Inspired by Theme Thursday prompt 'Tree'

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Limericks 1

Lacking in Wit
Submitted to Mad Kane's Humor blog with prompts:

A man who was lacking in wit and
A gal who was lacking in wit

A man who was lacking in wit
Kept sending lots of tweets
But his messages rang of balmy
Were not even half as funny
And he grinned when called a half-wit

A gal who was lacking in wit
Decided to fashion some knits
Wasn’t a smart decision
There were lots of derision
But was happy to be dubbed a (k)nit-wit

Submitted to deVerse Open Link Night #4 and to Poetry Pantry #61

Inspired by Madeleine Kane's Limerick Humor Blog with prompts provided

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Building a Future

Photo Image: Courtesy of Willow's


Young lovers staking their claims
‘We ain’t prudes here’
We have dreams!

Like running spring waters
Glistening in the dark
A love so pure
Relaying bubbles
Of dreams yet to be realised
No, please do not prick them
My dreams will all have gone asunder
It would have been shattered
Slowly like the fading lights
Of the evening sun
Which has now given way
To the warm darkness
Where palls of smoke
Noticeable but vaguely
Fading before the cold dark nights set in
When I long to be tightly
Snugly in your warm embrace
Never to want to open my eyes again
To an uncertain world
Wrought with carnage
Of smoke black and thick
Of evils that lay its curse on mankind
Leave me alone, world,
I just want to be with my beloved
To just dream away

Inspired by Tess Kincaid's Magpie #77

And also One Single Impression #180 'Dreams'

Saturday, August 6, 2011


Image 1: 'We're friends.....

Image: 2...Please do not disturb...zzzz...ugh!, ugh! ...zzz... purr...purr..

Photo Credit: Courtesy of Google

How We Met

Remember the day?
Just lazing after my bath
Medicated bath!

Some few nasty ticks
Disturbed me minutes ago
They’ve been washed away

Now on the sofa
I’ve never had it so good
I’ll just go to sleep

Then a nasty shock
The door then was left ajar
He came in slowly

Menacingly fierce
He saw me on the sofa
I’m no match for him

A sturdy Great Dane
Or was it an alsation?
He came towards me

Gosh, I am done for
I could spy a twisted smile
He would spring on me?

He progressed nearer
He was just walking easy
He made it to me

Can I make a fight?
He enjoys toying with me?
With it a slow death?

I remember it
Just as I did to the mouse
Which made a wrong turn

I flipped it over
Stepping, shoving and nosing
Oh, what fun it was!

His rough aroma
Whiffed over near to my throat
I am gone, done for!

I’ll just close my eyes
It will be a painful death
He’s now over me

He licked my ears, nose
Lapped my head body and hands
A slow death ritual?

No, no,.....oh my God!
He caught the nape of my neck
I struggled and fell

I opened my eyes
His paw in front of my nose
I hesitated

He gave me a smile
Again he lifted me up
Dropped at his belly

I snuggled quietly
Was just rescued from the pound
He's been a friend since

Inspired by Haiku Heights #55 with prompt 'Friendship'

Thursday, August 4, 2011


The Battle for the Bridge inspired an epic directed by John Guillermin starring George Segal, Robert Vaughn, Ben Gazzara and Bradford Dillman.

The Remagen Bridge before the War

A Bridgehead

In a determined push
Into enemy territory
The Allied were faced
With an quandary

One strategic bridge
On the river Rhine
Frustrating their reach
As it still remained in Nazi hands

History had it
That a small advance party
Of the US Army
Did the incredible
When outnumbered
They captured

The Bridge at Remagen

Making it the first Allied
Over the Rhine River
In the closing days of the war

Inspired by Theme Thursday's prompt 'Bridge'

Wednesday, August 3, 2011


Ali , 'I'm The Greatest'

Zatopek, the 'Czech Locomotive'
Won 3 gold medals ( 5000m, 10000m and the Marathon) at the 1952 Helsinki Olympics (source: Wiki)

Episodes of 'Distances'

Going the distance
With great Muhammad Ali
You'll be the champion!

Long distance runners
Zatopek, Snell, Africans
Wonder stamina!

Keep a safe distance
From swindlers,hustlers and crooks
Lest you’ll be sorry!

Pics: Courtesy of Google

Haikus inspired by prompt 'Distance' in Scribble and Edit

Monday, August 1, 2011


Picture Credit: Courtesy of Tess' Magpie


Trusted metal piece
Subjected to wear and tear
Change the timing chain

And none the wiser
Car engines don’t bother me
As long as it runs

Haikus Inspired by Willow's Magpie #76