Wednesday, September 29, 2021

set to move

                                                             Author: Kyle Green
Image:  Waiting for the Signal (here)

set to move
for a winning streak
waiting to break loose
hungry beaks

get out of the groove
why so to speak
to be no more a recluse
from a duck retreat

so yearning for a boost
but still on their feet
so what is the juice?
realism an untiring feat

Rosemary at PSU Weekly Scribblings#89
- keeping it real
weejars at MLMM's Photo Challenge#384

Monday, September 27, 2021

clear blue skies above

                                                                                        Author: Manal Qayum

Image:  Clear Blue Sky (here)

the 10 of 12 given words:
clear blue grace open seek room 
spacious waves simple plains 

clear blue skies above
with the grace of Providence
in all of His benevolence 
and love all in the open 
being evidence 
of the care for all of us

seek rooms spaciously
in the comfort of freedom
like waves across the sea 

simple pleasures to roam
the plains across borders
so as to overcome the distress
of the lockdown

all in the spirit 
of awareness and sharing 
viciously imposed
for many months

stay safe people
for all the simple joys together
even though under siege 
to huddle for now 
with hopes for the better
Brenda's Sunday Whirl  Wordle#520
Marie's Poetic Blooming: Take comfort 
Prompt #353
Lisa at d'Verse OLN #293

Sunday, September 26, 2021

for the love of a friend

                                                                                                              Author: Pixoos
Image:  A Dignified Persian (here)

A cat generally is quite a friend
Just need to stroke below its neck
It'll purr and stretch to no end
It'll  brush your legs or lie on its back

Can accomplish togetherness happily
A walk around with a celebrated kitty

But wait up you got to still clean up
Rightly sieving through the sand
To take it and stomach all the muck
All for the bother and love of a friend

Regular wash necessary to avoid ticks
Clean hygiene ought to be uppermost
Lots of fun then with their playful tricks
Never to regret precious time to play host

Rommy at PSU Writer's Pantry #89: 
Ghost Walk

due now for a serious makeover

                                                                                                                 Author: Carrie
Image: Abandoned and Neglected  (here)

At a glance it was rather obvious
That a kiss of life was well in order
The state of neglect was preposterous
Was it due now for a serious makeover?

The French window could well remain
A new coat of paint to liven things up
With hues of red to rightly regain
Its stature of an abode of higher-ups

To heal the hurt of the previous occupants
Right to have some extra rooms for their pets
Was it their parakeet then that had sadly flown
Or its fate sealed after a brush with the Tomcat 

Should the new house look spectacular
To incorporate elements of functionality
A cross of the old and modern to feature
Only then it would fulfill its individuality

Carrie at Sunday Muse #179

Friday, September 24, 2021

happiness is a matter of style

                                                                              Author:Pedro Ribeiro Simões
Image: Happy being together  (here)

Poetry Form Zejel:  with a syllable
scheme of aaa bbba ccca at eight
syllables per line

no telling what I desire?
should be on what I aspire
I need more than I require?

no, I have enough to come by
there were occasions I would vie
for it is a matter of style
deciding what to acquire

not more than I would need to spend
living on limited stipend
would come a long way not so grand
not to unwisely perspire

would it be something luxurious
and should not be that hilarious
and certainly nothing spurious
good for all of its entire

Grace at d'Verse on Poetry Form : Zejel

Tuesday, September 21, 2021

Water Apples aka Jambu

Image:  Succulent and Sweet (here)

crunchy and sweet
blessed fruit of the East
to parched lips
a most welcomed 'feast'

the nature of its beauty 
can be eaten raw in many ways
best plucked direct from the tree
to quench dry lips in the day

better yet cut a small piece
to be dipped in thick soya sauce
a mouth-watering bliss
a mouthful of a kick
with some crushed chilies 
at a midday meal 
and it is always in season

Note: More of above in 
an earlier poem (here)

Mish at d'Verse  Poetics: always in season

Monday, September 20, 2021

a man's dilemma


Image: Easy does it! (here)

the ring safely in his grips
but still in his pocket!
to think this is the second attempt

long in coming and slow to end
lingering doubts are disturbing
man's dilemma

why is it so difficult to pop the
question and slip it on?.
(44 words)

Linda at d'Verse's Quadrille Monday#136

Sunday, September 19, 2021

relationships valued with dignity

                                                                                    Author: Andrew Welch
Image: Clear Measure of Good Feelings (here)

the 10 of 12 given words:
daily fray line nothing moths seeks rights free streaming 
sheen (a soft lustre on a surface)

a daily fray into the line of nothingness
a moth that seeks its rights during the day
free from interference but still streaming
on its own in a lost world of clear daylight

what can a crushed velvet in a slight sheen
beg of a lover not responding to her pleas
driving a hard bargain is always a slight joy
wry on the surface at risk of wrong intentions

losing face smack at the ego goes a long way
not a good idea to fooling around on emotions
when relationships valued with dignity by both
will provide good dividends to young hearts

Brenda's Sunday Whirl Wordle#519

Saturday, September 18, 2021

tedious to the close of a troubled year

                                                                      Author:  Alan Rickman at Pinterest
Image: Worries and Helplessness (here)

homophone sets are:
accept – welcome
except – leave out, exclude
coarse – rough
course – path, route

tedious to the close of a troubled year 
where many could not accept the varied 
outcomes but to cry among hungry mouths

except for the radiance of the new year
that heralded a discourse of expectations
it gave only a glimmer of hope to some 

course thinking with impending hysteria 
still under wraps social woes on course
casting long shadows behind the scene

amusing oneself with a host of resolutions
and staying alive with strategies of survival
would wear out fast the air of steadfastness 

being alive and kicking is already a blessing

Fireblossom's at Sunday Muse#178
weejar's at MLMM's Double Take
Saturday Mix -  homophone

Thursday, September 16, 2021

only a luminous streak of imagination

                                                                                                          Photo credit Pobble365
Image: Desiring a Reality (here)

the 11  of 12 Wordle given words:
basking last maybe lifetime luminous pretend mix original 
proprioception (is the body’s ability to sense movement, action, and location)
cicatrix (the scar of a healed wound or a scar on the bark of a tree)

not basking in the limelight
prospects of being caged
to last maybe for a lifetime
and not being able to engage 
with the outside world

only a luminous streak 
of imagination to pretend 
a mix of the original desire 
of being free as well as being
contained against roving freely 
without proprioception

the cicatrix is freely visible 
to those who are emphatic enough
to care but tongue-tied to do more

MLMM's at Wordle#257
weejars at MLMM's Photo Challenge#382

Saturday, September 11, 2021

given to fine grooming

                                                                                               Author: anon
Image: Fine grooming 
in the morning (here)

given to fine grooming
cutting off the shackles loose
first thing in the morning
made to scare off the blues
to present a sophistication
expected of a lady of fashion
finely braided still within reasons

given to fine living
matured in good surroundings
you young gentlemen
she's a lady
and you are lucky
if you must find it special
there are a few essentials

yes, you got it
it's plain to see
if you must know
yes.....a rich widow

Carrie's at Sunday Muse Wordle#177
weejar's at MLMM Saturday Mix - to write an Epigram
-  a bit of a cliche at the close hopefully an acceptable epigram

Thursday, September 9, 2021

divine strength the propensity of whims

                                                                                              Author: AJ.iitm
Image: Poetry in Motion (here)

Note: A Novelinee - is a nine-line stanza poem of 
10 syllables for each line with a rhyme sequence 
of a,b,a,b,c,d,c,d,d  
you came by from nowhere just like magic    - a
twirled around so fast making me dizzy    -  b    
makings of superhuman angelic   -  a                   
movements of the world pretty as can be    -  b     
a chosen one and it was such a thrill     -   c          
divine strength the propensity of whims     -  d    
talents showcased with none of the perils    -   c                                   
to match a primadonna, what a scream     -   d                                           
but alas, it was only just a dream    -   d          

Laura's at d'Verse MTB - something novel-in-lines

it has a lot to do with the heart

                                                                                      Author: AdinaVoicu
Image: In Deep Thoughts (here)

the 11 of 12 given words:
wonder navigate clear detours light 
breaks far delays wreck art split

a few wonders do come to bear
when a mind navigates with thoughts
have clear detours, but nice to be aware
for it gets to be therapeutic of sorts

in the light of those that persist
reading it happily as a healthy sign
with breaks in between to insist
while still having it fresh in the mind

far from thinking of any delays
to wreck the thought unnecessarily
meeting it head-on is an art at play
half the battle is won quite easily

it has a lot to do with the heart
not to appear split but act with pride
the mind has a way of being smart
to take it all within its stride

MMT's Whirligig Wordle#335

Tuesday, September 7, 2021

conformity to rules is a mean thing

                                                                                  Author: Jonny Joo, One Big Photo.
Image:  the luxury of choice offers 
less like that of  a narrow beam (here)

“Perhaps we are reading the shadows wrong; 
forever cannot draw a conclusion.” Sanaa: Petals of the Sun

“Perhaps we are reading the shadows wrong; 
forever cannot draw a circle.” – Winter Moon ~ Part Three: Petals of the Sun
(original quote)

conformity to rules is a mean thing
it reduces the options to venture out
it likely narrows parameters of whims
very much losing its expected clout

open-ended flight of fancy a fringe benefit
already ingrained in many youngsters
expected with doses of medicine to bid
for the love of a caring parent that bothers

perceived as visible of a simple practice
one is often led astray to wrongly regulate
to form good habits but at times sadly missed
by not setting a pattern for them to emulate

such are specimens of good upbringing
on a generation engrossed in the current rave
of the social media and gamers existing
unwittingly not given enough space

in reality conclusions lacked the advantage
by elders not given to technological advancement
who are being deprived of the privilege
relied just on common sense of life's experience

Sanaa's at d'Verse Poetics: Dungeons and Derivatives
weejars at MLMM's Photo Challenge #381

Monday, September 6, 2021

unshackled post lockdown

                                                                                         Author: subhamshome28
Image: Aftermath of forced
'hibernation'   (here)  

smooth talker 
unshackled post lockdown
hello, world! 
sporting a groovy bushy chin
and craving a haircut
and to make up for lost time

happy hours
babbled-mouthed buddies
where are you holed up
missed you guys

yearning the old normal
no holds barred
show yourself!
(44 words)

De at d'Verse - Quadrille of 44 words
and to include the word 'groovy'

Sunday, September 5, 2021

Viva Las Vegas!

                                                                                                          Author: anon
Image: High Hopes in Vegas, Woweee!  (here)

Synonyms: to take the five challenge 
words and NOT use them in the write-up. 
hello - greetings hi howdy welcome
good - excellent exceptional marvelous
happy - cheerful delighted elated thrilled
red - crimson flaming maroon
plant  - shrub herb vine bush

welcome to Las Vegas 
so says the signboard
and also says the King
how very inviting, marvelous
a grand entrance to heaven's name
we are having fun and we are thrilled
Viva Las Vegas!

a jalopy to take me there
in bright orange when new
could still remember the smell
a new car brings 
if we play our cards right
we might just come back home
in place of the old faithful of a jalopy
in a new flaming Ferrari 
Viva Las Vegas!

driving through shrub country
nice and easy
one can never know 
lady luck may shine!
this time!

Carrie's at Sunday Muse #176

Thursday, September 2, 2021

felt good not affected the least

                                                                                Author: Raziakhatun12
Image: Beauty of Sign Alphabet  (here)

wound down to the last twist
conserved energy betraying his affliction
felt good not affected the least
by the intrusion of the sounds of silence

losing the ability to hear was devastating
the beauty of human voice was a miracle
undescribable to admire a real blessing
a debacle accepted as something natural 

Simon and Garfunkle gave the added touch
season's contribution that topped the charts
those afflicted rewarded with knowing much
lip-reading and sign language warmed the hearts

Grace at d'Verse OLN#299
Stephanie's at MLMM's Tale Weaver
- the sound of silence

Wednesday, September 1, 2021

taking care of the body mass is not a lone effort

                                                                     Author: Anderson Mancini from Sao Paulo, Brazil 
Image: There are Those Happy 
Being Rotund and Round! (here)

the 10 of 12 given words:
matter, bliss choice side chest 
final margin lone wide, counted

lost as a matter of thickening bliss so blessed
softening of the choices accorded by chance
wretched on the belly side thumping the chest
overtaken by the desire to be slim for once

such loss of desire of a disheartened soul
stemmed by the final effects of memory loss
fatal to a harmonious will of being bold
when the age-old act of dieting is enforced

how else the margin of error may be overcome
as seen by those left unashamedly in old folks homes
sadly the case as experienced by the elderly ones'
when minders unwittingly left them on their own

taking care of the body mass and all of its sensitivities 
is not a lone effort as widely believed by those able
care counted as a commitment and a responsibility
to proudly uphold the expected act of being noble

MMT's the Whirligig Wordle #334
Magaly's at Poets and Storytellers United
- Weekly's Scribbling#85 - take care of your body!