Tuesday, May 31, 2022

The wonder of love

                                                                                                      Author: Lip Kee
Image: Mixed marriage. 
Can it run smooth? (here)

They had it going for quite sometime
The wonder of love did transcend the divide
Pretty little darling awesome partner for a lifetime
Providence with divine intervention had to decide

Look further on ahead, there between truth and falsehood, 
A little empty space in all innocence
Much like the receding cold months to intrude
Glorious future awaited but now abandoned

Why had it suddenly gone chilly
Ever wanting to share divergent views
Petite lady and dashing beau looking silly
Success in a union based on tested values

Could mixed marriages be given the space
To make it work and forgetting differences?
When transposed into the similarities to face
It was love the pull factor the choice solution!

Note: A Quotation: 
To include a line of  Amrita Pritam's poetry,
"Look further on ahead, there between truth 
and falsehood,  A little empty space "

Punam at d'Verse Poetics - women are people-
invoking amrita pritam/

Monday, May 30, 2022

It gets one to useful sites

                                                                                                  Author: Dreysacz
Image: Browsing Intently  (image)

Browsing is fun and simple
often relates to some things
familiar. It will catch immediate 
attention. There is a relief on 
concluding with a tinge of 

It may instill awareness and
wonder for those uninformed
It gets one to useful sites
not anticipated
(44 words)

Linda at d'Verse Quadrille#153
and to include - browse

Sunday, May 29, 2022

Sentiments provoked

                                                                                           Author: anon

Image: Pleading for divine intervention (here)

skies opening up clouds peek out
chirping gets louder euphoria 
over welcoming the greenery of Spring

sentiments provoked to go forward
life for the asking until very recently
conflicts among the big powers 
put the smaller economies in a grim 
and vicious vice

skies inundated with military hardware
draining on cities flattened and lives lost
grains exports restricted leading to
shortage and rising prices

effects of the conflagration 
with far reaching consequences 
bad times ahead economic woes looming

Carrie's at Sunday Muse #212

Thursday, May 19, 2022

a soft sigh in the misty morning

                                                                                         Author:Tanya Grant
Image: The Heightened Tuallang (here)

in the misty morning with a soft sigh 
to limber up lithe supple and stout
to rally and mimic a chime to try 
for a person who is down and out

to detect a signal perhaps rightly
suggest to look up to the sky 
and not to just walk aimlessly
kicking a pebble to keep mobile

slowly move along the road for inspiration
there is never a right nor a wrong way
to shore up the inner self's determination
into an active being early in the day

weejar's at  MLMM's Photo Challenge #414

Wednesday, May 18, 2022

She searched her conscience

                                                     Author:Bureau of Land Management Oregon and Washington
Image: Depressingly Red skies  (here)

She searched her conscience calmly engrossed
He left without a decent word to allay her fears
Just another gullible victim beginning to be obvious
Believing his words which now seemed spurious

The skies never been this red she recalled in dismay
Perhaps angry in sympathy with her sincere yearnings
Not to appear slovenly and unkempt during the day
Time better accorded instead to counter human failings

The compound word - daytime

Lillian at d'Verse Poetics : compound me

Friday, May 13, 2022

a gaze of wonder

                                                                                            Author: Linda Trarbach
Image: Merrily doing a selfie (here)

curiosity kills the cat
we've always been reminded 
it can lead to a spat 
that one discovers
such like life is made

a gaze of wonder 
full of amazement
moment in time laced with
memories of days long gone

unpretentious subdued and quiet
festivities post pandemic
just days before
with the end of Ramadan

now the lull before the storm
still just as quiet
recording more snapshots
no more squinting behind the lenses
but for the presence of the smart handphones
to merrily focus on selfies
where everyone are in
without having to rush back
to beat the self-timer

that was how she had captured
many years ago of herself
in precious black and white snapshots
tattered at the edges now

there are not many of these anymore
now treasured for posterity
to whet the yearnings of curiosity

Rommy's at PSU - Poets and Storytellers United.
with -  Friday Writings #26: curiosity 

Thursday, May 12, 2022

bare of any pretenses of luxury

                                                                                                   Author:Wouter Engler
Image: Cramped in a Small Craft  (here)

definitely a window of opportunity
not to pass off the joys of boating
though crammed in a small craft

bare of any pretenses of luxury
and seemingly deprived 
but lots of fun to a teenager

that was a long time ago
when given the chance
what a thrill!

it was a lucky break unplanned
but was invited on board
with kaleidoscopic hallucinations then
on how it could have been a luxury yacht

it brought back memories
of that day in May
unreal in thinking perhaps
but dreaming of the good life!

Sanaa at d'Verse OLN - LIVE May Edition

Nature’s orchestra

                                                                                                  Author: Qazwsx96
Image: Fried Crickets, a Delicacy 
ready for the Palate (here)

Awakened from sleep
Wee hours of the morning
In cool mountain air

Heard from the thickets
Little creatures rarely seen
Among them crickets

Shrieks from one so small
Repeated musical sounds
Nature’s orchestra

Crunchy little things
To satisfy curious bids
But smooth down the throat

Note: A set of  Haiku

Misky at d'Verse Poetic Tuesday

Saturday, May 7, 2022

Full impact from all directions

                                                                                                Author: anon
Image: Wind swept (here)

Spring sneaked in so colourful
Greenery galore, it is
Picturesque and beautiful
Great time outdoors peaceful bliss

Cold that enveloped the mind
Was just a passing irritation
Normalcy now all the signs
Appeasing much expectations

The wind taking a cue
Full impact from all directions
Messed up all the hairdo
Lining up all the fun but forgiven 

Carrie at Sunday Muse #209

Wednesday, May 4, 2022

they throw tantrums in their anger of need

                                                                                               Author:Daniel Case
Image:  Children at Play  (here)

need we go far, to take a peek
to see for our own self the situation 
the upheaval affecting not just the meek
but those bashed beyond recognition

not physically but more emotionally
best liken in those of children
who exhibit feelings most naturally
of anger and bargaining without inhibitions

untold joy in having small children around
always the urge to catch one to kiss and hug
like twinkling stars of the night ever present
shrieks and shouts are music unplugged

get two together they readily communicate
in a crowd they'll bring the house down
boisterous and noisy they sometimes irritate
expected of them and not to be frowned upon

they throw tantrums in their anger of need
minders reason to instill discipline and acceptance
in reality a child of whatever bids often slips
the minders are the ones to learn compassion

Note: Delicate reasoning of anger 
and acceptance with children

Jade's in d'Verse' Poetics:  Kubler-Ross’ stages of grief