Tuesday, May 31, 2022

The wonder of love

                                                                                                      Author: Lip Kee
Image: Mixed marriage. 
Can it run smooth? (here)

They had it going for quite sometime
The wonder of love did transcend the divide
Pretty little darling awesome partner for a lifetime
Providence with divine intervention had to decide

Look further on ahead, there between truth and falsehood, 
A little empty space in all innocence
Much like the receding cold months to intrude
Glorious future awaited but now abandoned

Why had it suddenly gone chilly
Ever wanting to share divergent views
Petite lady and dashing beau looking silly
Success in a union based on tested values

Could mixed marriages be given the space
To make it work and forgetting differences?
When transposed into the similarities to face
It was love the pull factor the choice solution!

Note: A Quotation: 
To include a line of  Amrita Pritam's poetry,
"Look further on ahead, there between truth 
and falsehood,  A little empty space "

Punam at d'Verse Poetics - women are people-
invoking amrita pritam/


  1. Mixed marriages do require a lot of work and the ride is never smooth but, I believe, love can pull them through, Hank.

  2. The historically typical marriage between man and woman is about as “mixed” as a marriage can be — yet society has deemed such “normal”, and blessed this joining, because it can produce a child and continue the species. They therefore historically considered it beyond ridicule or reproach, with no real proof that such a union is healthy, positively productive, or in the best interest of the species. Many atrocities and societal perversions have sprung from such joining’s. Far better to look at the quality and intention of the individuals joined, and learn to look beyond what allows us to feel comfortable, because it is familiar to us. By no means does that guarantee it is good or healthy. Time for society to grow up, and wake up. Mutual love and honest intention within a partnership must be given free reign to manifest its presence, before any misguided preconceived expectation be brought to bear upon it. Love baby, love is the most important thing — love! 🙂✌🏼❤️

    1. Got it Rob! Thanks so much for a lengthy and lively response. The varied intricacies of life bears itself in the ravages arising from human interaction between individuals as well as within a bigger group/community. This is only natural and it is further compounded by the mixture of cultures in cases of a mixed marriage. The saving clause is the strength of love which is not unduly affected by differences in culture and race. Love overcomes and Hank absolutely agrees!


  3. "a union based on tested values."

  4. Mixed marriages are tough but it can be done with love, space and understanding.