Sunday, May 29, 2022

Sentiments provoked

                                                                                           Author: anon

Image: Pleading for divine intervention (here)

skies opening up clouds peek out
chirping gets louder euphoria 
over welcoming the greenery of Spring

sentiments provoked to go forward
life for the asking until very recently
conflicts among the big powers 
put the smaller economies in a grim 
and vicious vice

skies inundated with military hardware
draining on cities flattened and lives lost
grains exports restricted leading to
shortage and rising prices

effects of the conflagration 
with far reaching consequences 
bad times ahead economic woes looming

Carrie's at Sunday Muse #212


  1. Just in case my first comment didn't "go" ... I love how you used her expression to compose this poem ... great job, Hank.

  2. Pleading for divine intervention is something many hearts are feeling right now. So glad to see you at the Muse Hank.

  3. Let us all pray for Divine Intervention for the people of Ukraine.

  4. "skies inundated with military hardware"

    a perfect image of today