Thursday, May 19, 2022

a soft sigh in the misty morning

                                                                                         Author:Tanya Grant
Image: The Heightened Tuallang (here)

in the misty morning with a soft sigh 
to limber up lithe supple and stout
to rally and mimic a chime to try 
for a person who is down and out

to detect a signal perhaps rightly
suggest to look up to the sky 
and not to just walk aimlessly
kicking a pebble to keep mobile

slowly move along the road for inspiration
there is never a right nor a wrong way
to shore up the inner self's determination
into an active being early in the day

weejar's at  MLMM's Photo Challenge #414


  1. Wise words Hank, I needed some cheering up on my afternoon walk and I looked up into a glorious blue sky and let out a sigh.

  2. Limbering up and moving along to the day is a good one. Keep active Hank.

  3. Look at the sky, keep moving down the road, you will find something. Thanks for your poem.