Monday, November 18, 2019

smiling in a way trying to lure them in

                                                                                       Author Muhammad Haris
Image: A Floating Market (here)

at the crack of dawn
emerging through the branches
birdseeds misplaced in an empty room
with intent to capture their hearts
smiling in a way trying to lure them in
but as a descendant of a wild predator
they looked askance at all the furore

thoughts seemed numbed in idleness
in a floating market to peddle their wares
but they still advanced forward
safety as a group and strength in numbers

but a sudden gust with force
like a lantern caught in the wind
the window slammed with a loud bang
it tweaked their focus and off they jumped
knowing for certain unsafe to be back
the water was clear as mirror
murky only in the night air

waited their call rolling in the clouds
sitting cross legged in a way taunting

how he gnashed  his teeth with fury
how silly to have left his shirt open
was there a reason to curse and rant
for forgetfulness endured
was a grim lesson

Linda's at d'Verse - poetics-surrealism-in-poetry/

Wednesday, November 13, 2019

Hearing it then for the first time

                                                                            Author: Satish Tandekar
Image: A New Born (here)

The day dawned early
A day earlier it had all started
She complained of searing pain
Inexperienced I could only lament
Heard say around the abdomen

Seeing it then for the first time

Twisting and turning, grimacing
Heavens dropped from the sky
This has to be it, I sighed

I stepped on the gas
As fast as I could manage
In no time she was in good hands
Snugly between the sheets
Assurance all round
the doctor, the nurses

"This is quite normal...."
they said in unison

Intermittent pains through the night
She took it bravely
That I could see

I got back early the next morning
She had been rolled in
I made a request to be by her side
Garbed in the hospital attire
I held her hands and waited

Immobile, manacled more or less
She could still manage a smile
Dr McCoy, eminent gynae
Kept repeating,

"it’s ok, love
It’ll only take a minute, love
Hold  your breath, love
There you are!"

A clattering of sounds followed
Scissors, stainless steel containers
Shuffles of feet
Movements of nurses
A slap on the butt
A shrill cry
Oh! such a wonderful sound

Hearing it then for the first time
What an accomplishment!
From my loving wife, Shadah
My first-born
Adura a gift of divine blessings
A bundle of joy

Gospel at d'Verse Poetics -let us labor

Saturday, November 9, 2019

Nature's child in pure innocence

                                                                                                  Author Sarolta Ban
Image: His Master's Voice (here)

Nature's child in pure innocence
Emerging eagerly from the shadows
Protected from the cold in recent months
Anticipating greenery sans the snows

Spring then a playground of exuberance
Shrieks of laughter playfully among colors
Chasing little creatures out of hibernation
Never a dull moment exploring forest floors

Rejuvenation of recently bare branches
Gushing streams of crystal clear waters
Off their shackles cheery young animals
To discover the wonders life has to offer

His master's voice relaying a message
Intrusion into realms of the forest's quiet
Sweet strains rightly extending a pledge
Of divine protection none they feared

Carrie's at Sunday Muse #81
Sanaa's at PU's Poetry Pantry

Friday, November 8, 2019

sadly it had happened again

                                                                                       Author: Catherine Lewis 1976
Image: A Vintage Diamond Engagement Ring (here)
(handcrafted circa 1920)

burnish - to enhance or improve.

what was the drift?
his mind declined to answer
sadly it had happened again

he let slip the chance
a sure sign it did melt away
he tried to keep his chin up
in vain efforts of maintaining
some form of authority

had he gone bananas?
when the option showed up beaming
he could not even wrap it up

he towered over the rest
when at his best
but he burned the goodness
again this time around
he could only manage to
breathe some light greetings
before he began to stammer

he looked into the distance
the reality seemed apparent
the regular stance called for a review
first off to burnish his image
to stoke his confidence a few notches up

the ring was safely in his grips
but still in his pocket!
to think this was the second attempt

why was it so difficult to pop
the six-million dollar question
and slip it on?

Marian's at Real Toad's  -  burnish

Thursday, November 7, 2019

Lest being referred to as bird-brained

                                                                                             Author Thomas Quine
Image: An Intelligent Great Hornbill (here)

How I dream of love at first sight
Don't give me sight without vision
How I dream of fair hearing
Not rumor-mongering that cause dissensions
How I dream of peace not sufferings and destruction
If only the perpetrators taste their own medicine
How I dream of the sweet smell of success
Not ostensibly friends that stab in the back
Where all are winners in contention
How I love of being me, without pretenses
Authentic and genuine with no labels

Mindful though as a given
Not to succumb to threats on my person
I would like to be an independent soul
How I dread of being looked upon as a copy-cat
Trying to act like a different person but lacking in courage
How I dread of failing to achieve simple tasks
But to face life with the touch of class
With big body mass but little working brains
But most of all not to dream like a bird
Lest being referred to as bird-brained

Susan's at PU's Midweek Motif Authenticity