Sunday, April 29, 2018

hands-free with zest and confidence - Z

                                                                                    Author Takuma Kimura
Image: Hands free (here)

the 12 given words:
curl hit laugh kiss lift pass plant
sticky screen spill spin scream

not curled into one around each other
still a hit and  laughed out with kisses
lifted and doldrumed out of a bother
passed the point gnawed with loving bliss

kissed off and planted with a purpose
sticky at times but zested with confidence
even hands-freed and non-rehearsed
ecstasied and boosted beyond endurance

neither subjected to prior screening
natural attraction spilled off good feelings
a pulling to keep the heads spinning
for the young lovers it was a scream

Note: not really sure if these
were verbed out as required

Brenda's The Sunday Whirl #
Tarkabarka's at A to Z Challenge  - Z for Zest
Bjorn's at Real Toad's  - a final with verbs

Saturday, April 28, 2018

Yes, element of responsibility is invoked - Y

                                                                              Attribution: Rob Purvis CC BY-SA 2.0
Image: Repairs to the bank
next to the railway line (here)

Repairs and damages
A contending proposition

Yes, element of responsibility
is invoked as those responsible
ought to pay

It does not matter who
caused the damage

Where action is delayed
it risks further damage

It usually turns out to be painful
as costs will be involved

Tenants who delayed informing
may end up paying themselves
(55 words)

Joy's Friday 55 at Verse Escape
MLMM's Saturday Mix  -  opposing forces - repair and damage
John's A to Z Challenge  -  Y for Yes
Mary's at PU's Poetry Pantry #401

Friday, April 27, 2018

Our X-factor deserving of such splendour - X

                                                                                                Attribution: 6th grader
Image: A Loving Couple (here)

A play on me and my shadow
Shadowed all for some while
A loving given not at all hollow
Openly and not on the sly

Very clearly shades of contrast
Indicative of gender at birth
Extending affections that outlast
The makes of heavens and earth

Our meals are served on a silver plater
By humans slaving on us for favors
Unhampered we often ask in wonder
Our X-factor deserving of such splendour

Jr Vincente's A to Z Challenge  - X for X factor
Margaret's at Real Toad's  - let's join the children 

Thursday, April 26, 2018

waterbed, pillows an array of bedspreads - W

                                                                   Artist: Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec (1864–1901) 
Image: The Bed (here)

The 5 items for the bedroom:
waterbed pillows perfumeries 
mirror bedspreads

besides having a loving and lovely spouse
bedroom furnishings remain a priority in the house
waterbed, pillows, perfumeries, mirror and bedspreads
about enough to start things going with your mate

a likely 'must' is being trendy and fashionable
not a show-off but confined to things reasonable
being out of bounds to outsiders and none to share
but satisfaction of best moments nothing to compare

pleasurable and sensual settings a bonus to behold
leave it to the good wife to come up with things bold
man is a lucky species with all longings catered for
most unreasonable for man to keep asking for more

John's A to Z Challenge -  W  for water-bed
Isadora's at Real Toad's a list with a twist

Wednesday, April 25, 2018

varied with vestiges of honor - V

                                                                                                             Author Jef132
Image: An Afternoon of Heavy Showers (here)

the 11 of 12 given words:
praise spirit singer song more road 
path dignity rain cloud, forget 

in praise of the spirit
accentuating the singer
and not the song

more than anything else
was the road to excellence
a beaten path dutifully taken

with dignity impacting on
an outright spoiler
virtues of summer
rain varied with vestiges 
of honor kept falling
in abundance

it came under a cloud that 
one was wanting to forget 
for the threat of rising 
waters was ever present

Lenni's at A to Z Challenge - V for Varied Vestiges 
Sumana's at PU's Midweek Motif  - summer

Tuesday, April 24, 2018

who says the bear hug is risky - U

                                                                                   Author: Olga Barantseva
                                                                                          (fair use here)
Image: The Bear Hug
Much talked about (here)

a bear hug is not risky with the upside
of added warmth thrown in but not the
WWE kind though that ends in a throw
down with a big thud!

(140 characters)

MLMM's Photo Challenge #211
Sanaa's at Real Toad's   - the tuesday platform
Arlee's A to Z Challenge -  U for upside

Monday, April 23, 2018

Not becoming to gather in a rathole - A Quadrille

                                                                                                            Author: Fastily
Image: Disarranged Kitchen (here)

the 12 given words:
rathole(a cramped or squalid room)
desuetude (n.)) a state of disuse)
debauchery(excessive indulgence in sex, alcohol, or drugs)
stench decompress
insipid (adj.)) lacking flavor,lacking vigor or interest)
hatpin (a long pin for securing a woman's hat to her hair)
spruce rinse steer crematorium

Not becoming to gather in a rathole
in desuetude of overpowering stench
Plain debauchery, as it tends to decompress
insipid thoughts further

Hatpin jab needed to spruce and rinse
the mind so as to steer clear to avoid another
gathering perhaps at a crematorium
(44 words)

MLMM's Wordle #193
LIllian's at d'Verse's - shall we gather

Sunday, April 22, 2018

top of the morning - T

                                                                                                    Author: Charlesjsharp
Image:  Cool Clouded Yellow
(Colias croceus) (here)

ah, for coolness,
it rivals the water's depth -
this autumn sky                            Sogi

abandoned house
the garden taken over -
butterfly home                              Sogi

wet autumn morning
attracts little creatures home
butterfly flutters                            Hank

top of the morning
cool butterfly sought refuge
savagely pursued                         Hank

Note: Hank's two fused haiku 
inspired by Sogi's poems

Tarkabarka's at A to Z Challenge  -  Top of the morning
Chevrefeuilles' Carpe Diem  -  crossroads 7 this autumn sky

Saturday, April 21, 2018

bright and shiny colors - S

                                                                                                   Author: Zidian321
Image: Reflection of bright colored outfits
on the lake surface of people on a boat (here)

Synonyms from the thesaurus:
paint - acrylic color dye
fan - blade propeller
release - freedom discharge freeing
light - bright luminous shiny aglow
clothes - attire garb regalia dress outfit

Note: The five challenge words are not 
to be used in a poem but their synonyms

dabbling in acrylic can be
most rewarding

it is akin to sliding the colors
onto a static surface from
blades of the propeller

it allows a freedom to discharge
images in the mind onto canvas
freeing the clutter in the imagination

bright and shiny colors are aglow on
the water's surface making one appearing to be
garbed in an attire dressed to kill

Jr Vincente's at A to Z Challenge S for shiny
Kerry's at Real Toad's   -  antic disposition

Friday, April 20, 2018

To facilitate remembering - R

                                                                                   Author:Andrew Howard Daley
Image: The Three Sisters, Katoomba (here)

The Three Sisters is the Blue Mountains’ most spectacular landmark
The character of the Three Sisters changes throughout the day and 
throughout the seasons as the sunlight brings out the magnificent colors.  

Say it loud
Got it made
Contending up the clouds
That is fate
Sorted out
To facilitate remembering
Made it easy no doubt
What can be amusing

Humor at a glance
To whet the appetite
Strange places at an instance
A wonder to behold on site!

Jr Vincente's The A to Z Challenge  -  R for Remembering
Sherry's at Real Toad's  -  say name of places 

Quest for excellence - Q

                                                                              Author:Manuel Campagnoli

Image: The Winning Hand (here)

Never ending story
That will push the wheels of fortune
Gives vent to desire
Efforts though at times lacking
But the will creates inroads

To better oneself
To strive forward
What gives?
That is the question!

To extend feelings of love
To get rich
To lead the disadvantaged
The engine that moves
Quest for excellence
(55 words)

Verse Escape Joy's 55
John's at A to Z Challenge  -  Q for Quest

Thursday, April 19, 2018

Was I promiscuous? - P

                                                                                                       Author Rangbaz
Image: Vulnerable When Left Unattended  (here)

The first kiss, yes, the first kiss
Not just one but many, many kisses
All mixed up, was it bliss?
Was I to be considered promiscuous?

The ocean blue open for takers
One and all made their bids
Some were shoved off, all blushes
I was there wide-eyed off my wits

What did they make me for
To be planted with wild oats
That here was a hardcore
They went away satisfied amid gloats

Everything went unimpeded, the vultures
Even with onlookers or none was around
Tweaked my cheeks with soiled fingers
Treated me rough as if I was their own

To the rare few it was good when it lasted
To most the experience could have been hazy
Take my word it was best to avoid
Not to be born again as a baby

MLMM's Tale Weaver #167  -  the first kiss
Lenni's A to Z Challenge  -  P for Promiscuity
Grace's at d'Verse's OLN  #218

Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Nor is there the perspective of distance - O

                                                                                            Artist: Fay Collins
Image:  Drift (here)
(highlighting the beautiful paintings of Fay Collins)

An ekphrastic poetry is a form of creative writing
describing a work of art of visual image.

Caught the eye the moment it made its entry
Not perceived but in totality a realness
Right there exhibited for all and sundry
Its attraction the peaceful bluish softness

None of the mixtures of variety of colors
Nor is there the perspective of distance
None of loud colors a pull factor that matters
Just a drifting of strands flowing in a dance

Even with a feeling of leisurely movements
Not related to objects with well defined lines
The beauty of a quiet and serene background
An obvious choice to reward a cluttered mind

Arlee's at A to Z Challenge  -  O for Obvious Choice
Sarah's at d'Verse - Tuesday Poetics  - Fay Collins

Monday, April 16, 2018

naturally resistant to change - N

                                                                             Author:  Specialist John L. Beeman
Image:  An MK-46 Torpedo Launch  (here)
('Fun and Games' in Management is very unlike the firing
of torpedoes that can cause damage in the process)

the 11 of 12 given words:
jangled-up (state of being both upset and confused)
archetype (pattern of thought from past experience present in the unconscious)
erupt hellish resist flip
sensualization (n.) (to render sensual)
charity case insincere radical debilitating

jangled-up thoughts that erupt
reminiscent of the archetype
of the old-style of management
can be hellish but still adhered to
by those who are
naturally resistant to change

on the flip-side the sensualization
of managing people cannot be equated
to a charity case
but an acceptance of responsibility
much expected of leadership

the need to be insincere and radical
in approach can be debilitating
to the organisation

MLMM's Wordle #192
Tarkabarka's at A to Z Challenge -
Rommy's at Real Toad's - it's all fun and games

Sunday, April 15, 2018

All things a man could wish are in her keep - M

                                                                                                            Author: Uoaei1
Image: Common Dandelion (Taraxacum sect. Ruderalia)
in full bloom (here)

the 11 of 12 given words:
confess torrid traverse treat tale
inject align channel check dress sect

All things a man could wish are in her keep  -  Fran├žois Villon
- to be inspired by the above quote in a poem (here)

to confess to a torrid love affair
that traverse all bounds of form
is a treat in memory, a tale
of heavenly bliss not to be shared

but rather to inject and align a channel
and check all efforts to address all manner
of pleasure like the fine garb of a beautiful dress

It is not unlike different sects with
their varied ways of worship

a man blessed as a moon bidding to
fulfill a desire a longing not entirely met
but given on a silver platter with blessings
for all things a man could wish are in her keep
(100 words)

Brenda's Sunday Whirl Wordle #347
Gillena's at Real Toad's - serendipity and poet.
Arly's at A to Z Challenge - Music and Memories
M for -  men's desires

Saturday, April 14, 2018

lithe and lissome - L

Image: Beautiful Blonde Horse Stud (here)

the 12 of 13 given words:
flesh bones flies alter breath memory frozen  
amber (A gorgeous young female)
perplex (to cause to be puzzled or bewildered)
voice comfort rediscover

lithe and lissome and stunningly attractive
no flesh and bones but a picture of poetry
she flies in with the cool breeze
that can alter the breath of memory

the memory frozen in a man's ego
to amber along perplexing to some
with voices of comfort that glow
for some known hunks

hunks in their own ways to rediscover
what they have been missing
blessed blondes with the right maneuvers
to dispel the 'dumb tag' unfairly linked

Magaly's at Real Toad's  - 13 is poetry
Jr Vincente's A to Z Challenge  - L

Thursday, April 12, 2018

to appreciate in awe - a Haibun - K

                                                                                   Author Yogendra Joshi
Image: Colorful Kingfisher (here)

                                                                                        Attribution : Eva
Image: Colorful Macaw  (here)

The brilliance of colors, the rainbow
beyond or kingfishers, parrots and
peacocks in flashes of movements.
It begs the question of why some
are more equal than others.

Extended freely to a privileged few
in contrasting fashion the parrot to that
of the crow is of no consequence
in the animal world

However when extended to the human
race it immediately creates differences,
a curse exploited to the fullest.

White and black colors and shades in
between had had their fair share of
creating conflicts through the ages

colors blessed on all
to appreciate in awe but
with downside of pain

(100 words)
Chevrefeuilles' Carpe Diem 1410 - rainbow-short-haibun
Margaret's at Real Toad's  - photos of Costa Rica 
John's A to Z Challenge  K for Kingfisher

Wednesday, April 11, 2018

she was unswayed and steadfast in her resolve - J

                                                                                            Author A.Davey   
Image: Japanese woman bathing
in a small hot tub (circa 1914) (here)

the 12 given words:
spite health wife gracious unswayed face 
nothing  people calm spends fair washing 

in spite of failing health
the good wife was gracious
in her intentions of having the baby

with a vision of love and hapiness
she was unswayed and steadfast
in her resolve to face the consequences

nothing to come between them
she decided

despite people around trying hard
to dissuade her, she was calm
waiting for the big day spending
a fair share of time in personal hygiene
washing and grooming herself clean

that was how Jasmine came to this
world despite the risks taken by an
aged mother happy and bubbly and
not afflicted by Down's Syndrome

MMT's Sunday Whirligig #157
Lenni's at the A to Z Challenge  -  J for Jasmine
Sumana's at PU's Midweek Motif - vision

Tuesday, April 10, 2018

To prepare the returns was such a dread - I

                                                                                       Author Cubmundo
Image: An Annual Event of Frustrations (here)

As often been said and echoed by many
There were 2 certainties faced by everyone
Shadow of demise to be with God the Almighty
and shadowed by the taxman which wasn't fun

To prepare the returns itself was such a dread
To ensure it would not later create a nuisance
One must be one step ahead to rid off the threats
Exhaustive even to the honest and the innocents

The helpful and ever willing tax consultants
Waiting to exact exorbitant fees to those crying
With brilliant ideas on allowables to the uninformed
Undoubtedly an attraction to make some savings

What had always been illegal was tax evasion
By playing with definitions they hoped to make gains
Find items to be all lumped under tax avoidance
Hey presto! the taxman was taken at their own game

Not so fast buddy! The taxman was just as brilliant
So you found a way out to make some honest bucks
But you were stifled in your designs in the long run
The taxman tightened the allowables to drain off your luck

Arlee Bird at A toZ Challenge  I for Income Tax
Sanaa's at Real Toad's - the tuesday platform

Monday, April 9, 2018

highest awareness of gravitas - H

                                                                               Author: Carlos Delgado
Image: Such Elegance is a Rare Find (here)

the 12 given words:
incredible lady blurry aversion asset
gravitas (n.)) seriousness or sobriety, as of conduct or speech
ratsbane (n.)) rat poison)
pit fiend promise (a promise begrudgingly made and likely to be twisted)
bribe the bellman (generally used by those who don’t wish to pay
the music, and avoid doing so by garnishing the proper authorities)
margin horizon order

incredible lady of substance
made for great principles
blessed with the highest awareness of gravitas
not blurry in make-up and always a comfort

strict aversion to any designs of insincerity
and the highest sense of credibility
it is an asset one-in-a-million

with an outlook surpassing impropriety
such gems view likely tendencies
of ratsbane with disdain
never ever extending a pit fiend promise
nor had they the occasion to bribe the bellman

perhaps to avoid a likely margin for error
one has to look beyond the horizon
to ensnare such a wonderful lady

it may be putting a delirious desire
on a high pedestal
but one is to continue to discover one
for an ideal partner

it is a tall order!

Tarkabarka's at the A to Z Challenge
with - H for highest
MLMM's Wordle #191

Saturday, April 7, 2018

earning its stripe for bread

                                                                                            Author: Alastair Forbes
Image: A Messenger
(March 21st 2013. First ever Sunday Photo Fiction)

A Triquain - created by Shelley A.Cephas.
(non-rhymic) with syllable count of:
 – 3, 6, 9, 12, 9, 6, 3

the 12 given words:
stripe bread on drive light off snatches 
switch stranger devil shy growl 

earning its
stripe for bread on a drive
above, the only way it knows best

light off the feet, snatches of journeys to switch
directions, stranger than devil's speed
shy of growls and, mission

MLMM's Triquain  -  saturday-mix-lucky-dip 7
Brenda's Sunday Whirl Wordle #346
Mary's Poetry Pantry #398

Blind to your opaque stillness

                                                                                                     Author: El Lissitzky
Image: Looking not at you
but through you. (here)

Sharp piercing eyes
Contending to look
not at you but contemptuously
through you
Blind to your opaque stillness
Brushing aside a living soul
Out-rightly existing in person
to him but none

What to make of it
To arrest its progress
Perhaps its false front

What lies ahead then?

No telling in form and substance
Nor giving in to time and space
To save all from embarassment
offer fair competition
Humanistic requirement is a fair game

Kerry's at Real Toad's - camera-flash

Friday, April 6, 2018

writing poetry a genre taxing to the mind - G

                                                                                           Author Creative Ignition
Image: Get Moving Empty Mind! (here)

genre - a style or category 
of art, music, or literature

writing poetry a genre taxing to the mind
but if not nurtured well it remains dormant in time
to give it a kick in the butt
is not the way to start
but it requires tact and patience
to set it in motion

time of day is not a problem
it plays even
day or night
any time is right

it helps with a notebook in hand
to jot brilliance in an idea that tends
to erupt at wrong times
so a relaxed and rested mind
is asked for and is relevant
if one is to make a difference

Alex's A to Z Challenge G for - genre

what triggered off a change? - F

                                                                                            Author:Jessie Eastland
Image: Dawn just before Sunrise (here)

new dawn welcomed change
Fridays or any day but
hand of Providence
set in motion a cock's crow
and credited for the feat

Chevrefeuille's Carpe Diem - weekend
meditation-27- Use that Quote -  rising sun
Alex's A to Z Challenge F for - Friday

life can be most unpredictable!

                                                                                                       Author: Rio Cicica
Image: Four Giant otters Out
to make a Difference (here)

the 12 given words:
lake otter portal doubt shiver den 
fir wish carry pulse woodstove fades

jump in the lake
tell that to an otter
no doubt it will not create any shivers for the creature
for it may well end up at its den
under the old fir bough
rotting in the water

but utter that in anger
to an irritant who is a bother

a wish to be left alone
one may carry it too far though
for it may well strike a raw nerve

pulse racing
a woodstove heated up
a portal out of control
patience fades in the fog
among friends it can end up in laughter

but it may well end up in blows
to settle scores
when tempers glow

life can be most unpredictable!

MMT's Sunday's Whirligig #156 - with the given words 
Napowrimo  Day Six  -  playing with line breaks
Grace at d'Verse's OLN #217

Tuesday, April 3, 2018

promise of a peaceful day - D

                                                                                              Author: David Whelan
Image: A Fluttering Monarch (here)

butterfly flutters
leisurely amidst the leaves
softly in light breeze

desired debut
promise of a peaceful day
seen from the window

Chev's at Carpe Diem's Crossroads #4 - morning breeze
Napowrimo Day 2 -  a promise
Alex's A to Z Challenge  Day 4  - D for debut

Sunday, April 1, 2018

Faith in the goodness of succulent blessings of tropical fruits - a Haibun - C

                                                                                   Attribution: Prof Ahmad 
Image: Prof Ahmad's Harvest from
One Tree of his Home-grown Papaya

The Prose
Hank is most privileged to have collected three 2-feet high
seedlings of young papaya trees to be planted at the backyard
- courtesy of a good friend, Prof Ahmad

Prof Ahmad's horticultural wizardry as seen above is further
enhanced with his generosity of giving away the pride of his
labour, gratis, (both the fruits or the seedlings) to friends and
neighbors alike.

Faith in the goodness of succulent blessings of tropical fruits
would undoubtedly be the privilege of those with green
fingers. Though such ability could be a God-given gift it
would be worth a try.

By the end of the year, can Hank look forward
to lots of Vitamin C rich fruits at the kitchen table?

Victory is ours
You can if you say you can!

The Haiku
gems outshone others
beauty of tender care to
a higher level

Note: Prof Ahmad is still making
waves in retirement

Mish's at d'Verse's Haibun Monday  -  faith
Alex's A to Z April Challenge Day 3 - C for - can do
Rommy's at Real Toad's Tuesday Platform  -  naporimo style (day one)