Sunday, April 29, 2018

hands-free with zest and confidence - Z

                                                                                    Author Takuma Kimura
Image: Hands free (here)

the 12 given words:
curl hit laugh kiss lift pass plant
sticky screen spill spin scream

not curled into one around each other
still a hit and  laughed out with kisses
lifted and doldrumed out of a bother
passed the point gnawed with loving bliss

kissed off and planted with a purpose
sticky at times but zested with confidence
even hands-freed and non-rehearsed
ecstasied and boosted beyond endurance

neither subjected to prior screening
natural attraction spilled off good feelings
a pulling to keep the heads spinning
for the young lovers it was a scream

Note: not really sure if these
were verbed out as required

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  1. Use nouns as verbs... I don't think you did that but you did verb it out :) Wait... I think "doldrumed out" is a noun that has been verbed :)

  2. I see several new noun verbs here and even more that are being regularly used. That and the word list too.
    Great, Hank!! Cute picture find.

  3. A lovely poem to read Hank. Well done on another "Master Piece".


  4. I agree with Margaret... you did a verbing there... look forward to see it used as a tool in poeming

  5. Great verbing on natural 'doldrumed out' - clever, that!

  6. Nicely spun. As the hearts sure do run.

  7. I loved "doldrumed", "zested" and "ecstasied", and the rest of the language seemed to catch the same mood very nicely.

  8. love your poem, Hank :)

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