Friday, May 31, 2013

Tunnel of Love

(Image Via Photobucket: vivianandrea22)
Image: Courtesy of Real Toads

It leaves one full of envy
Encroaching the tunnel of love all green
And with that strange air of mystery
Walls covered with moss and lichens

Tracks leading to hopes and visions
Of couples bent on joint success
Is forever open to aspiring innocents
Readying themselves to happily access

The life of a loving couple with all ramifications
Many will make it together sans difficulty
And the risks inherent in all permutations
But  some few rudely discover a partner unworthy

That is life a blend of good and bad
Forever twirling  the wheel of fortune
On pivots well balanced tacitly made
For  two hearts to elucidate their eloquence

Written for Hannah’s hosting at Real Toad’s with prompt - hungry eyes


                                                                                Attribution:   Jim Fischer
Image: A Homeless
Source: Wikimedia Commons (here)

A bundle of heap
He laid still in a stupor
Oblivious of stares

Had one too many
Stoned after a boy’s night out
He rested awhile

The bench was god-sent
The crowd milled around, to them
He was a homeless

Written for Haiku Heights #252 with prompt  -  stone

What of Julius

                                                                  Attribution: Marie-Lan Nguyen
Image: Caesar
Source: Wikimedia Commons (here)

What does the future
foretell. Good fortune and one
that is elusive?

Or of bad omens
'beware of  the ides of March'
Something sinister!

Or of Caesar’s shock
'et tu brute!' Tragedy
in front of his eyes

Written for Chev's CARPE  DIEM #209  - Future

Thursday, May 30, 2013


                                                                                        Attribution: Harald Hoyer
Image: Seychelles Dreams
Source: Wikimedia Commons (here)

An extension of the imagination
Registers its presence in the nights
Not wanting to show its true colors
But rather flashes of staccato bites
Emerging for a split second or longer
Then disappears into Davy Jone's locker

Can one believe dreams that appear
foretelling of what’s coming in the future
But why must the images emerge
And then wrecking, inflicting damage
Causing havoc in the minds of the lost
Playing tricks to test the human resolve!

A good dream is a bonus for good living
Bad dreams are the aftermath of bad intentions
Getting mixed up juxtaposed in lots of misgivings
Prodding the human self in torrid simulations
In classic fashion and in myriads of colors
In the realms of the subconscious 

Written for Mrsupole hosting at Theme Thursday with prompt - dreams

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Authority Stifled

                                                                                                  Attribution: KevinB

Image: A K9 SUV Vehicle
Source: Wikimedia Commons (here)

Wearing a badge of authority
Not wanting to appear inhibited
He weaved his way in the cool of the night
Seemingly doing the job of an enforcer
He tried his best to forget his inability
To haggle for a more meaningful beat
But his liability kept rearing its ugly head
Earlier in the week he growled  at some people
He bared his fangs, they backed off
They came with complaints
But given the bad reception
They sheepishly left

He was reprimanded by his superiors
He was told to be more courteous
For which his freedom to function was curtailed
Those in the department ought to be exemplary
He was told in no uncertain terms

It darken his future, his authority diluted
He was left  to salvage his pride alone
He barked his frustrations across the divide
He could see his lot having to take orders
Where often times he had to work fast
His inability to stamp his independence
Was  thwarted by not having the leeway
To act on his own initiative
His opinions were stifled
He was on leash all the time

A handler by his side
The life of a K9 police-dog

Written for 3WW with words badge, darken and liability and shared with Kim's
hosting at Poets United Verse First with prompt  - freedom to function

Tuesday, May 28, 2013


                                                                       Attribution: Brett Morton
Image: Family members bidding good-bye
Source: Wikimedia Commons (here)

Good-bye, sayonara, au revoir
Say it whatever
which way whichever
It means tears not laughter

Can one be faulted
Emotions goaded
not evolved but immediate

Why just saying it invokes sadness
Why is separation so revealing
That tears go streaming
Is there no drama in between?

Till we meet again!
We may or may not meet
That is why

In the meanwhile
tears run dry
The feelings are sustained
Difficult to explain
Tears of joy may just drop
Or of sadness unprompted

It is that difficult to say goodbye?

Written for alan's hosting at Poetry Jam with prompt  -  good-bye


                                                                                Attribution: Herald Hoyer
Image: Change of Seasons
Source: Wikimedia Commons (here)

Face it, change is a
constant,  inevitable
to all and sundry

Extending its reach
affecting living things and
the environment

enhanced efforts, to get the
expected results

Remaining stagnant
is not an option for it
is then regressive

Written for Haiku Heights #251 with prompt - change and shared with d'Verse OpenLinkNight week #98

Monday, May 27, 2013

The Young and Lively

                                                                                 Attribution: Kyra Malicse
Image: Youths Pushing to Win
Source: Wikimedia Commons (here)

A world of a time
Young and active, hello world
We are here ready

Own bodily strengths
scant worldly possessions with
resolve to succeed

We know our stuff
With just determination
and in sharing mode

Push  the pioneering
spirit, exalting the will
and aim high to win

Some little tryouts
For starters is not a crime
Just do it, just go!

Written for Chev's haiku at CARPE DIEM #207 with prompt - world


                                                              Attribution: Edited by Durova
Image: Tainted Scale of Justice
Source: Wikimedia Commons (here)

Judgement is a stand
after analysis of
all evidences

But emotions can
cloud and color unbridled
judgement, is it fair?

Can we take the word
of one who is human and
open to weakness?

With clear precedents
justice is infallible
Not too much to ask?

Written for Chev's CARPE DIEM #206 with prompt - judgement shared with Kerry's hosting of Real Toad's Open Link Monday

Sunday, May 26, 2013

A Couple

                                                                                           Abstract by Leovi
Image: Courtesy of d'Verse

Oil and water
Enjoined together
Pushed to encircle
Together to grapple
With hues of colors
Waiting for an upsurge

Uphill  leisurely moving
Slow uptake as most teams
Unsung but revealing
Unrepentant but slyly testing
Uncharted waters
Tainted by others
Tarnished and in tatters

Turn over even stark naked
A partnership is sacred
Make amends salvage an honor
Courage in valor
A loving couple all sensible
Not to expect a miracle

But just be exceedingly pliable

Written for Brian's hosting at d'Verse Poetics: Through the lens, featuring Leovi's abstracts

A Calling

                                                                    Attribution: Ponytail by The Last Exit
Image: Courtesy of Tess' Mag

An activist ever since the day
A close friend let him down at his
Most vulnerable moment

He was trying to connect through
Layers of relationships with those
Sharing like aspirations with him

He anchored his being and his cause
To a fertile range of current bidders
Intending to yield nothing

The phrase, heart of gold raised the
Possibility of achieving a shift and
A beam of hope to the poor

He was forever grateful to the friend
Who had unwittingly opened a door
For him to pursue his calling

He could see what was coming  through
A smoke screen in the like of a hazy
Ponytail  floating leisurely in the air

The given words:

Written for Tess’ Mag #170 and shared with Sunday Whirl wordle #110
with the given 12 words 

Lure of Wealth

                                                                                       Author: Lairich Rig
Image: The Early Desolation Typical of a Construction site
Source: Wikimedia Commons (here)

Truckloads of sand transported
A determination well exhorted
Across the beaten tracks destined
For one man to stamp his dreams

A plot of land in the city limits
Of boisterous youngsters who forfeit
their time to share with friends
Now faced with land laid barren

First phase of plans now seeing reality
Pushing his luck in keeping with a fraternity
A developer bent on meeting a quirk of a decision
Of a partner in trade, the greedy politicians

For all to view to a build up of infamy
Of unscrupulous elements bent on money
At the feelings of loss of the community
Of a park deprived, loss of greenery

Written for Mary's hosting at Poets United's Poetry Pantry #151

Saturday, May 25, 2013

The Moon

                                                                            Author: Oliver Stein
Image: The Moon during an eclipse
Source: Wikimedia Commons (here)

The owl pining for
the moon. An aspiration
in futility

What will inspire
an object of love far off?
Image in the heart!

Best to compromise
Patience of  a wanderer
Rewarded in time

Written for Chev's haiku at CARPE DIEM #204 with prompt - moon

Thursday, May 23, 2013


                                                                                           Image: by Hank
Image: Star of Prophet Dawood

Note: Prophets of the  great faiths of the world. These
are some of the Christians to Muslim equivalents. Am not familiar
with the Jewish faith. Hopefully someone can enlighten

Christianity         Islam
Adam                Adam
Moses               Musa
Noah                 Noh
Abraham           Ibrahim
Isaac                 Ishak
David                Dawood/Daud
Joseph              Yusuf
Jesus                 Isa

The Star of David
Mutual sharing of greatness
With Providence’s guide

Seven sided for
The Jewish faith, eight sided
For the Muslim faith

Not a surprise for
David is Daud. A shared
Prophet of both faiths

Written for Chev’s haiku at CARPE DIEM #203 with prompt  - star


                                                                                Atrribution: Dick Daniels
Image: A Puerto Rican Tody
Source: Wikimedia Commons (here)

I have wished a bird would fly away,
And not sing by my house all day
Have clapped my hands at him from the door
When it seemed as if I could bear no more          
                                                                                         Robert Frost – A Minor Bird
I stood by the edge of the forest
In awe of the greatness of nature
The trees so close with branches racing to the sky
Vying for the sunlight in order to survive
Chirping of the birds hidden from view
Melodious in their bid for birds at play
To hear and to see  a yearning so desired
If only it could happen at that moment in time
In keeping with the warmth of the day
I have wished a bird would fly away

I had my rest when snug in the house
Leaving  nature’s best outside the four walls
For it could maintain the peace so radiant
I would rather not invite the forest in
With the crescendo of bird-songs all too loud
Which I sometimes found to my dismay
An invasion of sound with lots of confusion
In a way to cause much aversion
Creating a din by the forest was a better say
And not sing by my house all day

The neighborhood kids were often seen
In groups at the playground nearby
I had engaged them  engrossed 
But at times they were overly boisterous
They could be a nuisance to the neighbors
One particular lad often felt so sore
Getting bullied by others who were bigger
But who still thought he could fare better
Felt pity for him and called him over
Have clapped my hands at him from the door

Kids at play could be vicious
Where adults could play their part
To intervene at times where necessary
But sometimes things got unwittingly hard
Where neutral grounds were brought into play
Kids these days could have games galore
Where adults found themselves lost
Sadly no way adults could indulge in such
I found it to be also a chore and a bother
When it seem as if I could bear no more

Written for Sam's hosting at d'Verse Form For All : Paying Tribute, Page and The Glosa

The glosa is a Form from the late 14th century
and was popular in the Spanish court. The introduction,
the cabeza, is a quatrain quoting a well-known poem
or poet. The second part is the glosa proper,
expanding on the theme of the cabeza, consisting
of four ten-line stanzas, with the lines of the
cabeza used to conclude each stanza.
Lines six and nine must rhyme with the borrowed tenth.

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

The wild truth

                                                                               Attribution: Pengo
Image: The Truth Window
Source: Wikimedia Commons (here)

Gnawing at one’s conscience
Not wanting to forget
Not just yet

But it’s been building up slowly
Strongly by the day
Every which way

Time to make amends hold it by the horns
Ask for the reason why
Look it in the eye

Answers aren’t forthcoming, why this is so
Was it too entrenched?
Let’s take aim

Never to provoke a bear in hibernation
Not to poke a bee hive
So  learn to survive

A strong boost
It's not a ruse
Make the most
Nothing to lose!
The wild truth!

Written for Kim's hosting at Poets United, Verse First with prompt – The wild truth


                                                                                   Attribution: FourTildes
Image: Sumo Wrestler Masuraumi
Source: Wikimedia Commons (here)

Male dominated
A sport steeped with traditions
in modern Japan

Towering above
other underlings weighing
some four hundred pounds

Stomping and pushing
Grappling the thick loin cloth
Hissing and heaving

A fight lasts seconds
but adrenalin flow rise
to  its peak all night

Written for Chev’s Carpe Diem #202 with prompt  - tower

Tuesday, May 21, 2013


                                                                                Attribution: Korian
Image: Tulips in the Garden
Source: Wikimedia Commons (here)

Note: Tulips are edible (see here)

Does one ever realize it
The wonder of  flowers
The appeal is explicit
To many of our senses

It’s sweet and aromatic
A base for perfumery
Aroma by name specific
Supporting an industry

Its appeal to sight
Of brilliant colors
A darling of right
For palettes and cameras

Taste is another factor
Busy bees able to confirm
In their quest for nectar
A life giving form

Taste is not confined to bees
Humans take to consume
Tulips among others is believed
As edible and can be taken

Not forgetting the feel
To touch and savor its body
Delicate but a kiss can seal
Any mishandling impropriety

What if the world is devoid of flowers
It would be just greenery without colors

Written for Joe's hosting at d'Verse OpenLinkNight #97


                                                                                      Attribution: LaurMG
Image: Frustrated Man
Source: Wikimedia Commons (here)

The joy of having
someone dear to share joy and
sorrow was profound

A shoulder to cry
on. A pillar of strength that
extended support

But it came down with
a crash. Not expected to
be wretchedly dumped

Strong foundations just
floundered. Betrayal thumbed one
squarely on the face

Written for Leo's Haiku Heights #249  with prompt  -  betrayal

Monday, May 20, 2013

Human Failures

                                                                          Creator: Marcos Macias
Image: Goddess Astarte ( A sketch of a goddess is a better option than that of a devil)
Source: Wikimedia Commons (here)

The devil may care
Sworn since the dawn of times to
Lead humans astray

The devil in you
Succumb to base instincts on
its instigation

The angel in us
As elusive as diamonds
Dropping from the sky

Devils unchained and
Angels shackled are the cause
Of human failures

Written for Chev's CARPE DIEM #201 with prompt - The devil

Layers of Flow

                                                                                    Attribution: Paul Anderson
Image: River Tame in Full Flow after Heavy Snowfall
Source: Wikimedia Commons (here)

The layers of wellness rightly transformed
Pandering to the whims of a kind soul
Paving a flow of goodness with a penchant
For the well-being of a loving couple
A flow that fulfills the yearnings of a heart

A paragon of honor extending an olive branch
Hunger of a kind slaving for a morsel of truth
What can the response be if not one so blunt
Of a somber disregard yet one ever so smooth
A flow that yields a rhapsody of brilliance

Can one be expected to solicit for sympathy
Lest one is snubbed for being overly lavish
Let the truth be stamped with words of solidarity
Soothing the wild feelings contrary to one’s wish
A flow that tugs at the turbulence of tyranny

Submitted for Locomente's hosting at One Single Impression with prompt #273- flow and 
shared with Kerry's hosting at Real Toad's Open Link Monday

The 'Keeper

                                                         Lighthouse Dandelions by Jamie Wyeth
Image: Courtesy of Tess' Mag

Happy as a lark swooping and gliding
The morning sun a partner all day in play
Of all kinds and sizes enjoying the morning
All day all night shrieking without a care

Such is life outside so free without restrictions
The  eagles and hawks surveying the horizon
The migratory birds and sea-gulls in abundance
But not of the light-house keeper a lone occupant

The beginning of today is akin to yesterday’s dawn
So it’ll be for the rest of the day morning till dusk
By extension it is no different the whole of the month
The uneventful life of a lonely soul then and in the past

No ordinary folk can match the dedication
A responsibility of a true mariner’s portfolio
A lonely life all alone and one of deprivation
Taken for granted for which not many may know

The swaying of the dandelion in the light breeze
Is the only living thing within the keeper’s reach

Written for Tess' Mag #169 and shared with Poets United, Poetry Pantry #150

Sunday, May 19, 2013

A Crushing Blow

Image: The given words

He was a cut above the rest
so he believed. But an opaque squint
on his nebulous past kept haunting
him. He did not dare breathe a word
on his otherwise unblemished record

His reflects were perfect, his timings
were good. He notched winnings
with crushing blows to his opponents.
He came with fists blazing. He had visions of
a  great champion. He was untouched

But the stigma kept hovering over his head
It cast a bleak future over designs of
him as a torch bearer of his generation
It was a mistake of the past that kept
tripping  him. After all it was just a slab
of fix a small portion that would not cause
real harm, not much anyway

Sadly, a sordid episode was not easily forgotten
by the fraternity. An icon with no tainted past
was expected no less which he could not fulfill
A slight baggage on his young shoulders kept
gnawing on his ambitions. It broke his little heart

Written for Sunday Whirl, A Baker’s Dozen - wordle #109

Micro Fiction 2

Image: Courtesy of Grandma's

Whassup pussy-cat?
You appear lost.You
are all alone very
unlike a gadabout
cat.Where are your
other friends.They
ought to be with you

(140 characters)

Grandma's Goulash at Succinctly Yours week #113 invites a Micro Fiction of not exceeding 140 characters with the above image and to include where possible a word of the week - gadabout

Saturday, May 18, 2013

A Peek at Asean

Kelvin at d’Verse suggested for us to post some Asian experience pleasant or otherwise. Being Asian myself I reflected on what it had been. I dug into my arsenal of pictures and realized that there is one that doesn't discriminate. The ‘jungle is neutral’ and the scenes are beautiful. The environment opened up for whomsoever who chose to venture out.

I wish to share some recent ones here which are representative of the landscape in Malaysia, Indonesia and I imagine the Philippines and Thailand as well. These are  typical of the Asean region in South East Asia. Just an array of images with no accompanying write-ups save for some descriptions only.

 Image:1 Scenic lake scene

 Image:2 Inland river scene

 Image:3 Typical greenery of secondary undergrowth

 Image:4 Undisturbed beach that dot the coastline

 Image:5 Venturing inland through narrow gravel roads

 Image:6 Trekking through secondary jungle

 Image:7 Hank (on the right) having a feel of stones that litter the stream

 Image:8 Trekking through some cultivated jungle clearing

 Image:9 Fording across a fast flowing river

Image:10 Nearer home. Had my mango tree trimmed recently. Two workers did an excellent job

Image:11 Our artificial waterfall in the backyard

Written for Kelvin's hosting at d'Verse, Poetics: Asians are Ugly, something  on an Asian experience

Friday, May 17, 2013


                                                                            Attribution: Grzegorz Wysocki
Image: Dinosaur Eggs in the Museum of Earth, Poland
Source: Wikimedia Commons (here)

Fallen off with friends
Egged on with desire to
Reconcile again

Wiser and matured
Realized choice of true friends was
Never ending quest

Make friends with many
For among them are gems to
Cultivate with love

Written for Leo’s Haiku Heights #248 with prompt - egg

Thursday, May 16, 2013

What Choice?

                                                                                          Author: where is..
Image: Demonstration and a protest.
Source: Wikimedia Commons (here)

On his own volition he left them
He had debated the various issues
He just could not reconcile his conscience
Tried as he did he questioned his dues

In the face of and against all norms
With a heavy heart he walked on

It was already a week into submission
It tugged at his person, was it fair?
What about the others in the coalition
He did not keep track he was not aware

He did not care as it wore off his energy
He gave his all why must they be so edgy?

It was a long while that he wracked his mind
On reflection, in all velleity he softened his hard-line
He thought of giving in to knock at his stance
He might when he could counter his firm stand!

It was a long haul but let it be he eventually decided
In the first place they should not have been one-sided!

Submitted for Anna’s hosting at d’Verse, Meeting the Bar:  volition and velleity

The Weak

                                                                                   Author: D Sharon Pruitt
Image: Hunger
Source: Wikimedia Commons (here)

Way of the world, not
vigilant enough the weak
grapples with problems

The scales of justice
Favors the rich who peddle
Influence and money

Where is the fairness
The deprived helplessly cast
aside and trampled

Written for 3Word Wednesday with words vigilant, helpless and trample and shared with Chev's CARPE DIEM #197 with prompt justice

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

A Wedding

 Image:1 Before the Big Day, support given by close friends

 Image:2 The lovely bride together with Faridah

 Image:3 Halim and Bella 'saperti pinang dibelah dua'

Image:4 The newly-weds together with, granny, Mak Ku and Halim's kins

Note: 1 Hank and family traveled north to Alor Star to attend the wedding of his niece last weekend
Note: 2 Please see earlier postings  (here) and (here)

One to be really at peace
The true being of a soul
Tied in matrimonial bliss
To be as brave and bold

The whole wide world pleading
Opening up all its goodness
Two love-birds treading
On life’s offerings in fullness

Dainty bride brightly dressed
In all decorum sitting demurely
By the groom’s side manifests
A love pure and simple with dignity

The bridegroom smiling broadly
In anticipation and feeling entirely
Confident with added responsibility
To procreate a lineage of a family 

Written for Claudia's hosting at  OpenLinkNight week 96

Tuesday, May 14, 2013


                                                                                       Author: Live Forever
Image: Old Bridge in Mostar, Bosnia
Source: Wikimedia Commons (here)

Of human failures
miseries and sufferings
that wrought pain for all

Of human conflicts
destruction of societies
built over the years

Bridging the divide
is a great challenge to test
the human resolve

Written for Leo's Haiku Heights #247 with prompt - bridge

Monday, May 13, 2013


                                                                              Picture by Togan Gokbaker
Image: Courtesy of Tess' Mag

Note: Been on the road and behind in answering comments. Will come back shortly. Apologies!

It hurt him bad
She felt it too
Not a big spat
But what could she do

Her mother was too harsh
She felt it also
Was mean for her to ask
Her hubby to just 'go'

What was it with her mom
Against him she couldn't fathom
He thought she should not be alone
To visit her mother's home

But her mom had the heart to decide
To ask them to smoke outside!
She had just been a week as his bride
She too sacrificed to be by his side

Written for Tess' Mag #168 and shared with Kerry's Open link Monday at Real Toads

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Come what may!

The dreamy faraway look
attesting to something that 
is on his mind. What can be  so damning, 
so worrying, so as to put brakes
on his attention span
He is determined to let bygones be bygones
It is not to cause him to
lose sleep. It wore him off before but not this time
By now he can already anticipate
Come what may!

But what is eating her
There are times he asked himself
Can he go on like this?
He is short of revealing the episode
But it is not him to rekindle the old hurts
The old wound might just fester
and get out of sync
It had involved third parties before
Those dear to his heart
He can't afford to extend the reach
There must be a finality
Come what may!

Written for One Single Impression #272 with prompt rekindle and Carry on Tuesday #205 Come what may

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Adam and Eve

                                                                               Attribution/User: Yann
Image: Why Adam Sinned, A 1904 Sheet Music Cover
Source: Licensed through Wikimedia Commons (here)

Note: Jabal ar Rahmah ( Mount of Mercy) where it was believed Adam and Eve was
reunited after their wanderings. Spinsters have been known to pray there in the hope of
being rewarded with a man of their dreams.

Therein Adam and
Eve, Man and Woman destined
to create a lineage

Succumbed to the snake's
guiles, whence united at the
Jabal ar Rahmah

What would the outcome
be if bite of the apple
had not been taken

Humankind within
Heaven's gates still wallowing
in all luxuries?

Written for Chev's CARPE DIEM #191 with prompt The Lovers (VI) Tarot

Tuesday, May 7, 2013


Image: A black-bird had outwitted me to my ripe papaya.
Note: The fruit had ripened to slight orange in color the day before and ready
to be picked the following morning. But the bird was faster. This had happened
twice before. For good measure  this time it even came with a look-out to make
sure the coast was clear.

Daredevil of a
kind.  It set its own designs
Scrambled in that fast

Zeroed in to my
ripe papaya.  Quick on the
draw. Its third success

The fruit turned orange
yesterday.  But this morning
it was half eaten

The culprit had sneaked
in that fast. Now it even
came with a look-out

Written for Leo's Haiku Heights #245 with prompt daredevil. Shared with d'Verse OpenLinkNight week 95

Sunday, May 5, 2013

The Fruit Gatherer

                                                                              Image by Mary Cassatt, 1892
Image: Young Woman Picking the Fruit of Knowledge
Source: Courtesy of Tess' Mag

The fruit of knowledge is stuck all over
The fruit gatherer is the one who is observant
In picking out what she sees are better
Though sometimes may not be that relevant

But just the same she picks them up anyway
The kind of knowledge may not be needed then
It does not really matter, just pick them up everyday
To store away for use for later events

The danger is when she moves around with eyes shut
Not knowing or bothering either way of things around
It’s regressive for to progress on is not to end up a dud
Losing out on knowledge that are likely to be found

Not unlike a zombie or an uncaring robot
For she is a thinking and functioning being
If only she makes it a point to walk about
With eyes open, sensitive to what she’s seeing?

Written for Tess' Magpie Tales #167 and shared with Kerry's Real Toad's Open Link Monday


Image: Courtesy of Grandma's

Hear out the parrot
Coalesce your efforts
Exploit your potential
for wealth is in your
hands.Your latent talents
ought to garner riches

(140 characters)

Grandma's Goulash #111 challenged us to write a Micro Fiction of not exceeding
140 characters based on the image above and to include the word coalesce