Sunday, October 18, 2015

What to make of this? - MF

Image: Courtesy of Grandma's Goulash (here)

A Micro Fiction of not exceeding 140
characters with word of the week  -  evaporate

What to make of this?
He passed through this way
But where is he?
Must he evaporate into
thin air just like that!
Creepy,this spot haunted?

(140 characters)

For Linda's Succinctly Yours week
#239 at Grandma's Goulash

Saturday, October 17, 2015

golden hues alluring

                                                                                            Attribution: Forestwander
Image: Changing Landscape towards Autumn (here)

Note: Trinet is a micro poem with 
a syllable count of 2,2,6,6,2,2,2

looking forward to change
golden hues alluring

For Georgia's hosting at MLMM's  -  the trinet

Friday, October 16, 2015

Tango-no-Sekku, the Boys' Festival

                                                                                           Attribution: coniferconifer
Image: Carp streamers or Koi-Nobori 
hung to catch the Wind (here)

Note: The carp has become a symbol of
the Boys' Festival. So full of energy and
power it stands for courage and manliness  -  Chev

Young boy shows promise
Great physique good character
Ideal samurai

Trailing in the winds
Carp of pride in all colors
Grandpa kept smiling
Family tradition maintained
Lineage of greatness intact

For Chev's CARPE DIEM, #839, the boy's festival

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Needing to take a breather every time

                                                                          Attribution: Alina Zienowicz
Image: Daughter Progressing towards Obesity (here)

the given words:
breathing needing seams beneath words crisp
 wooden rocking glass slapping halfway daughter

She had been through this
A recluse for the better part
Doctor's orders kept echoing
in her ears, exercise!..exercise!..

Breathing heavily on long walks
Needing to take a breather every time
Determination seemed lacking
Bursting at the seams
Her girth kept increasing
It was not beneath her
To seek ways and means
For some dieting
But she was still thinking

Words the only consolation
From a concerned husband
She longed for the crisp and slim self
of yesteryears lazing on the
wooden rocking chair
with a glass of cool drink in her hands
But not anymore

There was still the friendly banter
Hubby slapping lightly on the back
Avoiding the nostalgic hugs
(as his hands could only reach halfway
 not wrapping around her like before)

He could only lament
Mindful of an impending problem
For their daughter now fast catching up!

For MMT's hosting at Sunday's Whirligig #29 and
Bodhirose's at d'Verse's OpenLinkNight's #158

It would then be a foe beyond control

                                                                                         Attribution: Malene Thyssen
Image: Mid-summer bonfire (here)

Fire that phenomenon of benefit
Lighting and warming the homeless
Profusion of power though when lit
Mindful to keep it in check the best

Fire thus a friend when sorely needed
Providing on the one hand illumination
Alleviating searing cold when required
Extending warm protection to the jubilant

Misfortune may rear its ugly head though
When fire may engulf combustible structures
It would then be an enemy beyond control
No more a friend but an agent of disasters

One would rather have fire in the heart
Of lovers sharing a warmth of togetherness
Would take lots of efforts to tear them apart
Burning in all of its glory without harness

For Sumana's hosting at 
PU's Mid-week Motif  - fire

Cave paintings were certainly 'carved in stone'

                                                                                                   Attribution: Bjorn
Image: Courtesy of Bjorn's (here)

3WW given words:
 ignite hellish greasy 

Cave paintings were certainly 'carved in stone'
With no possibility to have them changed or disturbed
Treasured as heritage sites no denying their presence
Preserved for long in many parts of the world unperturbed

Tugging at the imagination to ignite lots of questions
Were they creative manifestations of a caveman's life
To while away boring times in such a fashion
Instead of clubbing women's head to drag home a 'wife'

Or perhaps a recording of a hellish experience
But announced to his peers as an encounter of fun
Of having been chased by a prehistoric serpent
And lived to tell the tale to everyone

More morbid yet perhaps a record of circumstances
That led to the 'greasy' demise of one so unlucky
Where generations after were the better informed
Of how life could be snuffed out in a jiffy

For Thomg's hosting at 3WW week #449 and
Bjorn's at d'Verse's Poetics: carved in stone

Monday, October 12, 2015

Individual or shared placentas

                                                                                             Attribution: Hawken King
Image: Twins - inseparable even though separate beings (here)

Note: Twins can have individual or shared placentas,  A single egg/sperm combination that splits after conception will have an impact.If  it happens within a few days, they will implant separately in the uterus and will develop separate placentas.However, if the split is delayed the embryos will develop with a single, shared placenta  -  Wiki

MLMM given words:
written placenta twitch
melancholy (depression of spirits,a pensive mood)
anemic (lacking force, vitality, or spirit)
ravine assist
laotang (a relationship within Chinese culture that bonded two girls together)
katydid (grasshoppers with an organ on the forewings of the males that produce a loud shrill sound)
lychee (a Chinese fruit)
vacillate (to waver in mind or opinion, be indecisive)

Already written in the stars
Twins were a blessed breed
They could have shared one placenta
Which explained their shared spirits

A twitch in one felt by the other easily
Melancholy mood and anemic emotions
Would rub on both simultaneously
Even separated by ravines or long distance

They could feel the pull of strong laotang
Not possible in other siblings even with same DNA
Absence of similar cries of a katydid sound organ
Would not deter twins to assist without delay

Akin to a lychee sweet and succulent
In nocturnal hours or day-time digestion
Twins savored sweetness of interaction
Not having to vacillate on a unique existence

For Yves' hosting at MLMM's Wordle #82 and
Marian's The Tuesday Platform at Real Toads

Does it give you a chill

                                                                      Attribution: George Tooker,self-portrait
Image: Courtesy of Tess' Mag (here)

Sunday Whirl given words:
chill courage link matter letters
minute urge trip risk traffic 

Look in my eyes
Does it give you a chill
A stern and piercing look
That sees through you
and not at you

It takes courage to link
a matter conveyed not
through letters but whispers
of the oceans

Minute in sounds but hazy
not rightly audible with that
lingering monotony

Is it to urge a trip at great
risk uncertain of the traffic
across the blue yonder
Does one feel safe on a cruise
ship in the deep ocean
Is it safe for a non-swimmer?

It gives a chill, yes!

For Brenda's Sunday Whirl Wordle #220
Tess' Magpie Tales #289

Thursday, October 8, 2015

Isn't that being nice?

                                                                               Attribution: Victoria Williams
Image: Calmness -  feeling nice! (here)

To use a minimum of 2 sets from
the Get Listed list given below for
a new poem:
Grim / grin
Pair / despair
Naught / naughty
Ever / every
Thrift / rift
Wonder / wander
Pander / ponder
Illumination / nation

Looking grim but can still afford to grin
Where can one get a pair in despair
to be happily confounding their critics
Isn't that being nice?

It is naught at being naughty but just saying
One can never be sure
but must be ever ready every day
It can be a face-saving device
To snuff off unwanted conspirators
Isn't that being nice?

No small wonder one need not wander off
from that of a midget's test of tolerance
Is it better to a thrift of retorts against those
causing a rift about heights of concern?
Better to avoid in the presence midgets
from trying to belittle or provoke about heights
Isn't that being nice?

One need not have to pander
to odd pieces of opinions but
to ponder on solving the problems
It is an illumination of a nation's pride
to be able to answer intelligently
to hecklers out to test one's patience
Isn't that being nice?

Note: Too good to pass
off the opportunity from
using all of the pairs

For grapeling's Get Listed at Real Toads and
Mary's at PU's Poetry Pantry #273

Colorful and delicate

                                                                                                    Attribution: Kanko
Image: Japanese Lanterns (here)
(In conjunction with Setsubun)

Note: Setsubun is an annual Japanese festival which
falls on February 3rd. It is also the beginning of Spring
according to the old Japanese lunar calendar

With flickering lights
Colorful and delicate
Much fun for the night

Last gasp of coolness
Path lighted towards warmth of
early spring evenings

For Chev's CARPE DIEM #834
Setsubun Mantoro (Lantern Festival)

Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Bereft of motivation to thrive and excel?

                                                                           Author: Tulane Public Relations
Image: Students in Class (here)

3WW given words:
absorb certain empty

Bereft of motivation to thrive and excel
With right knowledge generously extended
Some caught unwittingly under an evil spell
What could be the difficulty to absorb

Chanced on those truly prepared to learn
From good teachers dedicated to their wards
Certain to be appreciated by most students
Pursuance of knowledge beget just rewards

Resurgence of diligence promised good returns
Not to reproach efforts and good intentions
Empty squabbles among peers from those defiant
Would not deter teachers in their redemption

For Susan's at PU's Poets United Midweek Motif
  -  teacher, one who teaches and
Thomg's at 3WW week #448

Tuesday, October 6, 2015

It hurts twice as bad - A Haibun

                                                                            Attribution:Whispers by Mala Lesbia
Image:  Courtesy of Nekneeraj (here)

"Friendship is always a sweet responsibility, never an opportunity"  -  Khalil Gibran

The Prose
It had been playing on her mind. She was becoming more vulnerable.
she thought. She reflected with disdain on her folly

He came with a sudden entry barely months ago, disheveled and
hungry.The day was pleasant, clear blue skies above. The sun's
rays extended a swathe over the yellow dandelions.Nothing
prepared her for the faint shadow of a hunk coming her way
to suddenly stand at the front porch menacingly surveying
the surroundings

They hit it off somehow he looking for assurance from an empty
stomach and roof over his head, she longing for someone
to talk to, to appease a lonely heart.

He turned out to be a likable person whom she proudly presented to
her close friend who was just as happy with his gregarious nature and
friendly personality.

No more a recluse nor a stranger to them both.Her friend seemed to
be having reasons to drop by more often than before. Trustingly she
could even leave them alone together in the house to go on short errands

One day she came back to find the door left ajar. Her bosom friend who
was there when she left was not there anymore and neither was he

The Haiku
Profusion of guilt
When struck by friendly fire
It hurts twice as bad

For Nekneeraj's MLMM's Photo Challenge #81 and
Bjorn's at d'Verse  - Haibun Monday #2

Sunday, October 4, 2015

Thinking outside the box smack against reality

                                                                               Artist : Jacek Yerka -  Dream (2011)
Image: Courtesy of Tess's Mag (here)
(Jacek is a surrealism artist)

Surrealism as an art form is to present a painting
that may appear to be unrealistic. In fact it is pushing
the imagination beyond normal reasoning.

MLMM's given words:
warehouse board concession personal
animal gasp ferment scab tin sugar
scurrilous (grossly obscene, abusive)
rivet (a metal pin in two or more plates to hold them together)

Rightly a concession to personal preferences
Being surreal is giving way to rationality
Unlocking the extensive powers of imagination
Thinking outside the box smack against reality

Warehouse full of ideas getting on board
Where repressed inner desires of sexuality
Scurrilous in nature set their leanings to rivet
to dreams of animal instincts unwittingly

Gasps of perplexing intentions revealing
Coated in sugar to mask its sourness
Fermented ideas bandied about swirling
Taken out of a tin and presented in all fairness

Such is surrealism in art to bypass good reasons
Where revelations of emotions are still palatable
Connoisseurs wrested out of their comfort zones
Peeling off the scab to announce it as acceptable

For Tess' Magpie Tales #288
Yves'  MLMM's Wordle #81 and
Kerry's at Real Toad's Tuesday's Platform

Creation in ice

                                                                           Attribution: G.Goodwin Jr. and Snark
Image: Mysterious Pearl (here)

The ice festival is held at Lake Shikotsu
hot springs in Shikotsu-Toya National Park.

Creation in ice
Frozen from clear hot springs to
dazzle on-lookers

Raw talents invoked
Unflinching sculptures glisten
in the morning mist

Had life of its own
Human forms prim and pristine
but slowly dying

For Chev's CARPE DIEM #833  -   Lake Shikotsu Ice Festival

A Royal Flush was a very strong hand

                                                                                      Attribution: Stefan
Image: Friendly Card Games
without Money Stakes (here)

Sunday Whirl given words:
threats flush call wind
nexus (connection between
​parts of a ​system or a ​group)
left list one press share swear tender

Felt somewhat jittery but no clear threats
Sure it was unsure, a cloud over his head
A Royal Flush was a very strong hand
Twisted smile and a call with a bang

Struck with confidence and hidden smile
Took the winds heck off their sails
Nexus between them took a different path
Left the round with a big laugh

Card games listed one of his strong points
At odds to press his luck too often
Did share great moments with friends
He could swear always with a good hand

The sad truth in gambling with money
Among friends would be a curse in strategy
Relationships would invariably be strained
Hole in the pocket tendered as a blame

For Brenda's  Sunday Whirl Wordle #219 and
Mary's at PU's Poetry Pantry #272

Saturday, October 3, 2015

My baby is no crank! - MF

Image: Courtesy of Grandma's Goulash (here)

Happens to possess special powers
If he decides you are up to no good
rays from his hands can stop you in
your tracks. My baby is no crank!

(140 characters)

For Linda's Micro Fiction at Grandma's Goulash
Succinctly Yours week #237 with word of the week  -  crank

Paltry in strength no match to the slight

                                                                                        Attribution: Jessie Eastland
Image: Confusion in the Sky (here)
(wall of air from westerly winds, keeps storm approaching
from the east at bay, during twilight in the Mojave)

Poem inspired by:
So at this hour without delay
Pluck the vibrating string
(part of lyrics of the song O Fortuna
featured in the movie, Excalibur).

The Flash 55
Pall of smoke twirls clouding his mind
Pressures building up blinding his resolve
Insist he must and begin the slow climb
Delay giving vent to a contending force

Songs of love there to accord peace
Paltry in strength no match to the slight
Pacifying inner aggression at the very least
Facilitating a face-saving gesture outright

(55 words)

For Kerry's hosting at Real Toad's FLASH 55 PLUS

Friday, October 2, 2015

Gaiety of radiance overwhelming!

                                                                                   Author: Lezumbal Aberenjena
Image:  Balloons at Gatineau (here)

Note: Haiku of a 5-7-5 syllable count

Bright sunshine descends
Rush of festivities set
to flutter early

Gaiety of radiance
overwhelmed the mystical
in celebration

Vivid Autumn twirl
Resplendent in loud colors
Jubilant outing

For Chev's CARPE DIEM Special #170
- Michael's 1st roar of the midway