Thursday, June 29, 2017

Were there occasions free of blight?

                                                                                    Attribution: Karin Gustafson
Image: Flight of Fancy (here)

contrite (caused by or showing sincere remorse)
erudite (characterized by great knowledge)
tektite (small glassy bodies produced by the impact of meteorites on the earth's surface)
nephrite (a form of jade)

Flight Of Write enhancing the bite
Advancing together to great heights
Snugly comforting stars and stripes
Anticipating Fourth of July delights

Looking back at triggers of contrite
Were there occasions free of blight?
Writing exhaustively seemingly erudite
With ideas strewn about like tektites

Knocking the mind incessantly to incite
Creative juices brewing hoping to extradite
Shines of the elegance of green nephrite
Against writer's block sadly none to excite

Karin's aka Outlawyer at Real Toad's - flight of write
Bjorn's at d'Verse's OpenLinkNight #199  -  announcing summer break

Wednesday, June 28, 2017

With sadness the final curtain

                                                                                            Author: Unknown
Image: Goodbye! (here)

3WW -  the given words:

With sadness the final curtain
All good things will face an end
Done here with dignity and grace

'Thom' is a Wednesday phenomenon
Easy to memorize nothing haphazard
Thanks and goodbye for now

Perhaps we'll meet again!

Note: It is with deep regret to note that
Thom has decided to discontinue 3WW

Thom's 3WW week #538

wonder of wonders as a housewife

                                                                                                       Author: Unknown
Image: Housewife Washing Clothes
in a Third World country (here)

the 12 given words:
lipsticks hairspray wisp willing chores walk boxes
smock (overgarment to protect the clothing while working)
hips wonders seldom clerking

busy lady of the house dressed
with neither lipsticks nor hairspray
but just a hairpin to keep the wisp
of hair in place ever willing and happy
with 'simple' household chores

she has to walk all over the house 
often carrying boxes without help 
garbed in a loose smock at the hips

wonder of wonders for as a housewife 
it is a full day's job every day including 
weekends and seldom complaining or is
adequately rewarded, nothing compared 
to a 9 to 5 clerking job and all without 
pay  -  blessed be for being so!

Paul's at d'Verse  -  blessings
MMT's Sunday Whirligig #118

Monday, June 26, 2017

Self-administering insulin is not playing doctor

                                                                                           Attribution: Eric Wicklund
Image  Diabetics Can Look Out
to the Outside World. (here)

11 of 12 given words
insulin posture shake suffer radiate restaurant hereafter 
immure (v) (to enclose within walls. to shut in; seclude or confine)
galimatias(n) confused or unintelligible talk; nonsense)
slovenly(adj) (untidy or unclean in appearance or habits)
cloudburst (a sudden and very heavy rainfall).

Self-administering insulin is not playing doctor
but to regulate glucose in the blood for those deficient
Still, it allows control, dignity and acceptable posture
Unlike Parkinson's shakes that reduce self-reliance

Still not immured nor rendered to a blank staring galimatias
Of those who suffer dementia without any recollections
Diabetics can be expected to radiate confidence unbiased
Not slovenly of those forgetful but immaculate if they want

Not known for cloudburst reactions nor embarrassing actions
But be seen as a loving person, father or a dignified personality
Known to enjoy normal life's pleasures dining in restaurants
Hereafter a well-respected senior citizen in the community
(103 words)

For MLMM's Wordle #161
Sunday's Photo Fiction - June 25th
Marian's at Real Toad's  - the tuesday platform

Sunday, June 25, 2017

Sheer tough luck all in a single file

                                                                                            Author:Brocken Inaglory
Image: Move over, will you? (here)

the 12 given words:
sheer single blink rooted drunk tattered 
lash dust snatch sly spin curved 

Sheer tough luck all in a single file
In a blink there were four in a row
Seemed inclined to test the waters
Rooted along their narrow domains

Not moving neither were they drunk
Tattered in thoughts a duck's dilemma
To lash them to dust to snatch victory
Or throw a sly spin to make them retreat

A curved passage could offer alternatives
But caught in the middle of a problem
and embroiled in a pack of nerve-wracking
intrusion, freedom was no free holiday  

Brenda's Sunday Whirl wordle #305
Mary's at PU's Poetry Pantry #359

Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Ever remembered when one was in nursery school?

                                                                               Attribution: Pierce, C.C.(1861-1946)
Image: Seven young
Japanese girls ca.1900. (here)

Sunday's Whirligig's 12 given words:
nursery school stories lost middle upset 
older, lunches wait dance week treatment

3WW given words:
treatment unruly veiled 

Ever remembered when one was in nursery school?
Of stories good and bad of concern to worried parents
Lost in the middle of the crowd of young  friends
Getting upset many times over for no apparent reasons

Ever remembered when older had to bring lunches
Had to wait in line for popular events that one fancied
Tea dance on weekends as a prelude to formal ballroom
Of cold treatment given for unruly behaviour as teens

Ever remembered all these goings-on as strategised
Of the veiled attempts mostly to hide the real intentions
Of trying hard for the attention of the teenyboppers

Ever remembered the carefree days of innocence!

MMT at Sunday's Whirligig #117
Thomg's 3WW week#537

Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Who to nudge to get some attention?

                                                                                  Attribution: George Chernilevsky
Image: Left to Fend for Itself  (here)

11 of 12 given words:
mundane neat vent spine wrapper nudge
partial tentative backwards oppose smile

Left to myself in this mundane existence
It is neat, sure but how do I vent my frustrations
It is not spine-chilling nor spine-breaking
But it is a wrapper around my initiatives

Who to nudge to get some attention?
Even a partial response is enough
Even a tentative attention to start with
I can go backwards to create space

It is better as opposed to being neglected
I can still afford a smile though but for how long?

Kerry's at Real Toad's -  the tuesday platform
MLMM's Wordle #160

Monday, June 19, 2017

Mother's love equates to mother's burden - a Quadrille

                                                                                           Author: William Warby
Image: Mother's burden (here)

Mother's love equates to mother's burden
To see to the success of succession of siblings
Raw in their quests of comforts and motherly protection
Peppered along the way with thorny issues

Often a good word of appreciation
is not adequately verbalised by those privileged!
(44 words)

Kim's at d'Verse's Quadrille #35
and to include the word  -  pepper

Sunday, June 18, 2017

It gnaws at his conscience

                                                                                            Author: Superbmust
Image: Sad Man Reflecting (here)

11 of 12 given words:
gnaws touch prints fall wheel whistle 
broken apart thread ring echo

It gnaws at his conscience
Befitting of the hurt meted out
Touch of class is a rare lesson
Leaving prints in the clouds

Fall from grace a damning start
Wheel of fortune hard to discern
But in a whistle, it is broken apart
Not careful in extending concern

Thin thread that intrudes emotionally
Ring of sadness through her heart
To echo a similar occasion recently
So tactless not being smart to impart

Brenda;s Sunday Whirl Wordle #304
Mary's at PU's Poetry Pantry #358

Saturday, June 17, 2017

Fresh from sweet sixteen

                                                                                                      Courtesy of Teresa
Image:  Sweeter 17 (here)

Frightful of ‘heptakaidekaphobia’
Coming of age comes responsibility
Whole new world opens up no fear
Lots to look forward to in reality

Fresh from sweet sixteen
Discovery of new experiences
Stepping into adulthood
(17 x 2 = 34 words)

Note: ‘heptakaidekaphobia’
is fear of the number 17

Teresa's at MLMM - Saturday's Mix
-  to write on things 17

Thursday, June 15, 2017

The Elegant Mode of OP Yusuf Hashim.

                                                                                       Attribution: OP Yusuf Hashim

Image:1 The Man himself, the elegant Male model OP Yusuf Hashim.

Last year OP Yusuf was invited to be Wardrobe's Man of the Year 2016 (Wardrobe is an upmarket bespoke tailoring store. Its tailors and cutters are trained in Saville Row)

Confirmed with OP Yusuf the Billboard featuring the above is still there intact, at the intersection in Bangsar. In fact there's also a bigger one at the VIP Car Park IOI Mall Putrajaya.

Altogether 8 suits were tailored. A New York trained photograper was commissioned to shoot the photos. OP Yusuf was also featured on the cover of THE GRID the upmarket magazine (that's for another day!)

The Modern day Explorer
We've seen OP Yusuf as the Modern day Explorer with his intrusions into many corners of the globe as a gypsetting traveler and photographer. A glimpse of a guy who is now touching 71 years but accomplishing exploits of those of a younger age.

                                                                                        Attribution: OP Yusuf Hashim
Image:2  OP Yusuf the Photographer

Image:3 A youthful OP Yusuf crossing the Topic of Capricorn Marker years ago in Africa

The Haiku
Boundless energy
At home at many places
All in a package

Grace's at de'Verse's OLN #198

Monday, June 12, 2017

With idiosyncrasies of a genius

                                                                                           Attribution: © A Mixed Bag
Image: The War Machine (here)

SW's 12 given words:
ignite miracle pin rancid ripple touch 
shadow trance walk water within whisper 

Is it most opportune to again ignite
The unforgettable Fischer-Spassky miracle
Not to pin down on something infinite
But on an occasion rancid with ripples

To touch even a shadow of the blotches
Where spectators came face to face
With all the idiosyncrasies of a genius
Who held them in a trance in every match

Fischer led them through some 'disproves'
He walked them in like fish through water
Some were plainly psychological moves
Emerged victor within whispers of the Cold War

Sunday Photo Fiction June 2017
Brenda's Sunday Whirl's Wordle #303
Marian's at Real Toad's  -  the tuesday platform

Saturday, June 10, 2017

Enough pageantry to set the mood

                                                                                           Attribution: Stephen McKay
Image: Loving Couple in for a Stroll (here)

Enough pageantry to set the mood
Likely to overwhelm an awaiting soul
Anticipating an evening's likely prude
To accept good company for a stroll

Innocent lass meant to be adored
To shower sweet nothing's all evening
Some excitement lest she got bored
Measure of gentleness all ensuing

Great respect for beauty and elegance
Spare efforts though to present an interlude
Still to pare off any untoward insistence
An evening sane and collected to exude

Magaly's at Real Toad's  -  what am I made of
Mary's at PU's Poetry Pantry #357

Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Ends late most nights in the preceding days

                                                                                      Attribution: Veronidae
Image: Bashful June bride (here)

S Whirligig's 11 of 12 given words:
end late, nights, spill, 
way, dawns carries, each,
scintillating (witty; brilliantly clever)
nonchalant (coolly unexcited; casual)
flagrant (shockingly noticeable or evident)

Ends late most nights in the preceding days
Beers to spill generously by those not involved
However, they initiated on the splitting of ways
Right through the dawns with much to resolve

Some scintillating conversationalists who kept
others spellbound with their spectacular tales
Some nonchalant ones happy to just have slept
through unconcerned or indifferent in the days

Satisfied with just empty talk to keep company
Sitting around who carried themselves right
Extended family members who had to come early
Each with their speciality to help out the bride

To ensure no flagrant errors for the preparations
For a June bride on with the impending pageant

MMT's Sunday's Whirligig #115
Lorraine's at MLMM's Tale Weaver  -  the June Bride

Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Expected to be dainty and quick - a Quadrille

                                                                                                Attribution: Cetrobo
Image: Treading in the Heavens (here)

3WW given words:
murky navigate organic

Expected to be dainty and quick
Negotiating this terrain so uncertain
Murky in many parts mainly organic
Devoid of artificiality stormy and uneven

To navigate life in heaven's name
Much too unfriendly and unfamiliar
Getting over obstacles unplanned
Test of endurance with no waiver
(44 words)

De at d'Verse's  -  Quadrille #34
Nekneeraj's at MLMM's Photo Challenge #168
Thomg's at 3WW week #535

Monday, June 5, 2017

None to merit the desired attributes

                                                                             Attribution: © C E Ayr
Image: It Had been a Long Time (here)

the 12 given words:
bind cost empty forever groove sign gift spare jar free mercy 
flighty (slightly delirious, mildly crazy.)

He was in a bind
Not forgetting the good times
They used to be together
It had cost him plenty of bother

His life was empty without her
Should not be allowed to go on forever
He was dangerously getting into the groove
Looking for signs to invoke and prove

A gift should do the trick it would seem
Could not spare a thought in the interim
The inability of getting a good idea
Was too flighty to make him think proper

Probabilities all in a jar of junk inputs
None too free to merit the desired attributes
Should act fast on the redemption of mercy
For she was expected at the airport in a jiffy

Could there be a compromise
On all things nice
Or would there be a semblance of turbulence
With the meeting of two hard-headed elements

Perhaps the long absence
Would be ideal as a test of patience
Enhancing compassion and charm
It could very well be a false alarm
(164 words)

Brenda's Sunday Whirl Wordle #302
Sunday Photo Fiction - June 2017
- in not more than 200 words
Mary's at PU's Poetry Pantry #356

Sunday, June 4, 2017

How I love it here

                                                                                 Attribution: Cesar Tort
Image: Ghostly Shadows in the Dark (here)

How I love it here
Bonds of friendship
Overflowing with love
Trailing in the dark
Most times invisible
to the human eyes

Acceptance of the highest order
We just need to creep in
through any doors
even without knocking
We are immediately accorded
pride of place
everyone are friendly

I love it!
A Ghost Town
(55 words)

Kerry's at Real Toad's - Flash 55
with the theme -  a ghost town