Friday, April 28, 2017

Yay! We're the Champions!

Image:1 One for the Album - Before the kick-off
two of the strong teams the SMKDU and the SMKKD

A Pictorial Essay and a Tanka 

The MSSD Inter-Schools Under-15 Rugby Tournament 2017
Petaling District
The tournament was held on April 27, 2017. There were 10 schools that got into 
the final rounds.The SMKDU (Damansara Utama Secondary School) U15 Rugby 
team was one of the finalists. Kimie aka Hezry, Hank's grandee was in the team

The Tanka

The final moments
Of sweat and tears of training
Sweet smell of success
Culminating in glory
The ecstasy of  champions

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Attribution of Images: Accompanying Parents
Coach and Friends of Kimie aka Hezry
(fair use of images)

Image:2 And They're Off

Image:3 Kimie aka Hezry (jersey #20) in a break-out
following a successful throw-in

Image:4 A crazy melee following a scrum with
the referee trying his best to control the madness
Kimie (with head-band) helping out

Image:5 Ok, let's get organised! - in the thick of things.
They are looking to Kimie (no. 20) for directions!

Image: 6  Another raised-up strategy in the throw-in

Image:7 A Show of Gratitude after being crowned Champions

Image:8 The Champions proudly with the winner's
medal around their necks - all smiles with the Coach!

Image: 9  Let's have a pose together with Coach
Kimie at extreme right!
Image: 10 Our School Won! Kimie proudly with
the medal and the coveted Citation Certificate


Heather at the A to Z Challenge - Y
Sherry's at PU's Poetry Pantry #351

Back To You For A View!

                                                                           Artist: John William Edy  (1760–1820)                        
Image: View of Rocks in Heliesund (here)

Note: Hank has been writing Limericks
at Pat Hatt's, It's Rhyme Time (here) almost
every day. The first line is always Pat's
title of his posting for the day. Appended
below are some of them (with no regard
to metre or rhyme, though)

Back To You For A View!
No mean feat right on cue
Rounding up fun
The regular ones
Shout out for the lucky few

Hey Diddle Diddle Time To Quiddle!
Perhaps the riddle is in the middle
Questions galore
Going for more
How is best to see one that sizzles

The X Team Isn't A Dream!
Loud colors are a scream
Go get the X-Men
At Superheroes' Den
All tough and looking mean

Welcome Home, There's No Need To Roam!
Interesting array of spectacular homes
Stay in a basket?
Nothing to dread
As long as one is not left all alone

Frank at d'Verse's  -  limericks

Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Consumers would have to take remedial steps - X

                                                                                Attribution: Gila Brand  CC-BY-2.5.
Image: Might be pesticide-laden in no time (here)

X is for Xenoestrogens in the Quest to be Healthy

Hormonal balance is important for the proper 
functioning of our endocrine (hormone) system.
Many things can threaten to upset this balance, 
including xenoestrogens (synthetic hormones 
that mimic the ones produced by our body)
Xenoestrogens are the result of high exposure to
environmental toxins from car fumes, household 
cleaners, personal care products, and even food
 and drinks  

Not a question of ignorance or uncaring attitude
They came into being as a consequence of greed
Meat and dairy products, fruits and vegetables
were laced' with pesticides to prevent diseases

They were usually full of growth hormones
and antibiotics, in order to effect fast increase
in production and to also enhance shelf life

The businessmen would push their products
through fair means or otherwise without ever
batting an eyelid just for that extra bucks

Consumers would have to take remedial steps
They have to go organic rather than pick up all
the trash mindful though organically, products
can be relatively expensive

Besides some good habits could be in order
No more microwave ovens to heat up your food.
Cook foods in a stainless steel or glass cookware
instead of non-stick cookware now considered risky
To avoid hot liquids in foam styrofoam cups.

A host of other 'nice to have' steps until recently which
could be real life-savers in the not too distant future

Heather's A to Z Challenge - X

Dedication for the love of the game - W

Image 1: Pep talk during one of the
many training and game sessions.

Image 2: Raring to go!

 Image: 3 Kimie, in between takes - a Spot of Reading

Image: 4 There they Are
(Kimie at the front row extreme left)

Image 5  Chow Time at the End
of  one of the Games in K.Pilah
(Kimie - second from left in the background)

Attribution for Images: Coach, 
Accompanying Parents and Friends of Hezry
(fair use of images)

W for Warming up to be Winners in the Quest to be Healthy

Young boys barely 15 years of age
Hezry a.k.a Kimie being one of them
Making a beeline to the training grounds
In the wee hours of some mornings
or every so often in late afternoons
To be where the action is

Dedication for the love of the game
The underlying motivation
That push them on!

Answering the call
In their own little ways
Enhancing community development
Actively participating in the vicinity
Preparing for the big games

Note: Kimie, Hank's younger grandee
has been into Rugby playing at Tight
Head prop on the left side at scrums

Paul at d'Verse's -  community
Heather at A to Z Challenge - W

Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Big challenge to all 'peace-loving' Mums

                                                                                      Attribution: Andi Abdul Halil
Image: Peek- a- boo!  (here)

Food is served but make no mistake
Big challenge to all 'peace-loving' Mums
Doting Gramps is their accomplice
They are still in their playful mood with him
Not the best of chocolates can move them

Kids these days get their way
bullying them all!
(44 words)

Grace's at d'Verse's Quadrille #31
and to include the word - still
Nekneeraj's at MLMM's
Photo Challenge #162

Monday, April 24, 2017

its regal being key to holding court - V

                                                                                      Attribution: Margaret
Image: The Most Beautiful Bird  (here)

V for Valiant Defense of its Esteem in the Quest to be Healthy

the 10 of 12 given words:
key court deck fight lethal
hollow row stay split strip 

its regal being key to holding court
decked in the finery of myriads of
colors to fight for its place designative
of its lethal dominance

hollow of others to present themselves
as pretenders to topple or cause a row
over matters with a staying power
of royal eminence

a split of elements from diamonds
to glass or perhaps of a peacock to
a sparrow being indicative of a
challenge to strip off the esteem
of the most beautiful bird there is

Margaret's at Real Toad's - Artistic
Interpretations - Beauty
Brenda's Sunday Whirl Wordle #296

Sunday, April 23, 2017

Must I police you like a criminal? - U

                                                                           Author: Burrows-Ackerman/Allied Artists
Image: Rod Steiger in Al Capone
from the trailer for the film. (here)

Note: Yves at MLMM says,
For this week, I would like you to write a dialogue piece
- by making two different characters talk (here)

U for Ultimatum Issued in the Quest to be Healthy

Don’t you dare mess around with me
I’ve had enough of your kind
Must I police you like a criminal?
I mean….I know that fits you
But must you make me say it?

No buts here
You’re either with me or you are not.

I know..Boss..but
I’m not your boss
I’m your brother-in-law
You forgot you married my sister, huh?

No, I mean yes, that’s a fact. 
Everyone knows!

Why it takes you so long.
Say so, say it right

We tried everything. 
Many specialists

Come on..make it fast!.
The best there are?

Yes, the best!
I’ll pummel your face!

But we did!
You mean my sister is barren?

Yves at MLMM's  - dialogue pairings
Heather at A to Z Challenge - U
Mary's at PU's Poetry Pantry #350

Saturday, April 22, 2017

geometric forms in a kaleidoscopic insistence - T

                                                                     Attribution: Artist Mi Young Lee
Image: Bits of Inspiration (here)

T for Tantalisingly Appreciative  in the Quest to be Healthy

geometric forms in a kaleidoscopic insistence
the various calling of colors sebaceously conveying
a flow of energy safely insulating its perversion
but in the mind of an artist pregnant with musings

it is open to varied hues of interpretations
that is the beauty of skills bursting unimpeded
rare in its perfection of priceless appearance
affecting viewers unwittingly left sedated

can one be faulted then clawing to understand
but tantalisingly appreciative of the show of talents!

Susie's at Real Toad's  -  Artist Mi Young Lee
Heather's at A to Z Challenge - T

Thursday, April 20, 2017

salacious in a form as maidens do trite - S

                                                               Attribution:Jack Versloot
Image: Belly-dancing in Cairo (here)

S for Salubrious in the Quest to be Healthy

the 9 of 12 given words:
soft, blind, peacetime midnight 
lilting (to sing or play in a light, tripping manner)
seldom maidens candy moon
salubrious (health-giving)

soft landing blind to any compromise
peacetime culture that creeps in at midnight
playing to a lilting rhythm that seldom varies
salacious in a form as maidens do trite

to knock a salubrious bash in guarded ways
akin to taking candy from a kid that easy
not a sentinel on guard duties like the old days
but very much a dignified soul forthrightly

moon's glow lighting the path to freedom
sensational dancing gyrating true to form

MMT's Sunday's Whirligig #108
Grace's at d'Verse's OLN #194

Sakura, awe to behold - R

                                                                                              Attribution: Manmaru
Image: Cherry Blossom along
the Miya River, Japan (here)

R for Reacts to Expectations in the Quest to be Healthy

sudden appearance
sakura awe to behold
sea of fluffy white
as sudden as it appears
so also it disappears

cherry blossoms white
reacts to expectations
perched atop our heads
sayonara oh, so quick
to answer Providence's call

Chev's Carpe Diem #1194 tanka
on -  Cherry Blossom (Sakura)
Heather's A to Z Challenge - R

Wednesday, April 19, 2017

enigmatic in her resolve akin to fluid mercury - Q

                                                                                          Attribution: Alex Zelenko
Image: Demure looking Pussycat (here)

Q for Quicksilver in the Quest to be Healthy

3WW given words:
oafish nameless meander

enigmatic in her resolve akin to fluid mercury
quick of movements freely unhindered in shape
rashly oafish in demeanor at odd times easily
impractical sometimes perhaps as an escape

extravagantly romantic and unpredictable
quick movements impulsive in her endeavors
object of his love somewhat nameless but an angel
meanders often with some quicksilver tempers

tumultuous worthy of an endearing relationship
all the more with tremendous vigor unflagging
easy to switch to a purring pussy-cat in a fillip
sustaining a wonderful partnership of his choosing

Heather's A to Z Challenge - Q
Thomg's at 3WW week #528
Sanaa's at Real Toad's  Akin to Poetry
of Carol Ann Duffy's -  love

Monday, April 17, 2017

It ain't so simple needling for a job - P

                                                                                     Attribution: Source unknown
Image: A Stitch in Time (here)

P is Passerby with a Problem in the Quest to be Healthy

The Quote Nothing in life is to be feared, 
it is only to be understood  -   Marie Curie

The Prose
It ain't so simple needling for a job
A man's job but what's the difference
Just passing through to escape the mob
To fill my tummy is of more importance

Stitching in time to ward off disaster
Back to those days when boys were easy meat
Could match them in all kinds of endeavor
More than just a Tom-Boy you would ever meet

Let's get one thing clear, just rid off the fear
Don't come near, a woman worker needs space
Up the pole to work on the telephone wire
Passerby with a problem now fixed in place

The Haiku
It is settled then
Equal pay for equal work
Pity not needed

A to Z Challenge - P
MLMM's Photo Challenge #161
Marian's at Real Toads's - the tuesday platform
Toni's at d'Verse's Haibun Monday  -  fear

Eminence in a cuter self, yes! - O

                                                                       Author: Matthias Kabel
                                                       (GFDL and Creative Commons CC-BY-SA-2.5) 
Image:  Terracotta colored statue of
young beautiful lady 4th century (here)

O for Nothing Outlandish in the Quest to be Healthy

11 of 12 given words:
misbehave voracious switch dazzle 
flight crumble cloud care tide
ambedo ((n.) a kind of melancholic trance in which you
become completely absorbed in vivid sensory details
eminent ((adj.) high in rank, or repute; prominent

You said you do not want to misbehave
You said you do not want to to be naughty
You said you do not want to be voracious
You said you do want to switch
you want to dazzle

It is no flight of fancy, baby!

Do not crumble in a cloud
Care for the incoming tide
The onslaught is imminent

You may be in a kind of ambedo
Hauntingly aware but it is no stroll in the park

Ecstatic but humble in your quest
Eminence in a cuter self, yes!
Nothing outlandish, but just!

A to Z Challenge -  O
MLMM's Wordle #151

Sunday, April 16, 2017

with determination and lots of sacrifices - N

                                                                                                 Attribution: Unknown
Image: Healthy food (here)

N for Nicely Trimmed in the Quest to be Healthy

 the proof of the pudding (is in the eating)
often heard, that one is lulled into thinking
it'll work by itself for the truth
not really having to wait to give it a push

but it has a lot to do with avoiding the  'vices'
with determination and lots of sacrifices
broken promise to oneself every so often
as with the revised yearly resolution

should not have to  bother
and go no further
just eat less  pick and choose and no dieting
enjoy life's offerings grow cuter and continue eating

A to Z Challenge  -  N
Mary's at PU's Poetry Pantry #349

Saturday, April 15, 2017

rain clouds building up

                                                                                      User: Franz Xaver
Image: Sunflower by the Beach (here)

Note: To create a haiku series 
and to include the given words 
in their sequential order

1. snow 2. blossom 3. beauty
sudden freak snow-storm
no bother to the blossoms
ravenous Spring's beauty

4. sunflower 5. beach 6. waves
sunflower so bright
prolific growth by the beach
enhanced by the waves

7. clouds 8. horse 9. meadow
rain clouds building up
horse restless in the meadows
risks physical harm

10. poplar 11. leaves 12. rain
cryptic poplar boughs
covered by luscious green leaves
sheltered from the rain

Chev's Carpe Diem - gift 1 full circle no.1

Lesson learnt - next time not to bother - M

                                                                           Author: Jpogi at en.wikipedia
Image: A Butcher's Knife (here)

Note: To take this as a humor-type 
of posting and not as a tragedy

M for Messed Up Badly in the Quest to be Healthy

8 chosen words:
bodybuilder cuddle bludgeon 
box bathtub call-girl butcher

A bodybuilder was found
lifeless in an apartment, not of his own
The police was puzzled
as to how he could be cuddled
in the arms of a beautiful lady
Both apparently in the throes of a heady
act of pleasure prior to being found
Now all messed up badly bludgeoned

They found in a box near the bathtub
A bloodied scraping knife and a baseball bat
Lesson learnt - next time not to bother
a call-girl whose boyfriend was a butcher

Note: One is to choose 3 words
but Hank decided on 8 words

Lorrain's at MLMM's Saturday's Mix

Thursday, April 13, 2017

A wicked smile, a twisted smile - L

                                                                               Attribution: Andrew Levine
Image:  Amy Bock, confidence trickster of the
early 20th century. Photo from 1908/1909,(here)

L for Light and Easy in the Quest to be Healthy

11 of 12 given words:
mark con hustler fraud scam gullible 
sucker lie prison bridge president

A wicked smile, a twisted smile
Could be discerned but not too obvious
Just smiling and just to himself

Lots of dramatic acts playing in their minds
Every minute an active torrent
All the while teeming with
dramatic sequences two steps ahead
Ever so confident and alert
The mark of a confidence trickster
A con man, a hustler or whatever
Wretchedly scheming a fraud or a scam

Could spot and impact upon a gullible sucker
with uncanny accuracy within seconds
Light and easy with lies and deceit

How to spot them?
A six million dollar question!
They made prisons as a transit for one
Or at street corners for those who
managed to give authorities a slip

But lo and behold!
Recent phenomena had taken shape
Rumours had it
They had developed such sophistications
They bridged the gap fast
They might head big corporations
They might even be lurking in Presidential Suites!

A Note to Marian (of runaway sentence)
Apologies Ma'am! Had difficulty in 
accessing your blog for your past 3 postings

grapeling's at Real Toad's  - get listed
A to Z Challenge -  letter L

Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Knowingly surrounded by books - K

                                                                                           Author Tom Murphy VII
Image: Old Books for Binding (here)

K for Knowledge in the Quest to be Healthy

11 of 12 given words:
insane mad considering waking call 
nameless make setting try similar devices

the 3WW given words:
lasting jabber knowingly

Midweek Motif:  books

It is insane it is mad
Sacrilege considering the sacrifice
A waking hours' call
But who is counting?

Remaining nameless
Out to make a name for himself
Knowingly surrounded by books
That is the underlying engine of
progress to bolster the reading habit

Setting a target
To try and match a similar goal
as of the previous year
Left to their own devices
might jeopardise his good intentions

Creating a lasting impression
will mean less jabber
and less empty talk

Drawing up a bucket list of titles and authors
is of prime concern at this juncture

MMT's Sunday's Whirligig #107
Thomg's 3WW #527
Sumana's PU's Midweek Motif 

Monday, April 10, 2017

Her alluring come-hither-look - J

                                                                        Author Alyson Hill at English Wikipedia
Image: Rare Blue-green Eyes (here)

J for Judicious  in the Quest to be Healthy

the 12 given words:
count insignificant lavish iris reflection grovel
penny-gush ((n.) exaggerated stories or tales)
assign girl peak
occhiolism ((n.) the awareness of the smallness of your perspective)
mutable ((adj.) subject to change, fickle)

It might count as insignificant
A moot point so to speak
To lavish all the superlatives
he could think of
Piled up just on her attractive eyes
He ought to be forgiven

Her alluring come-hither-look
The clear blue-green iris very much rare
But very much a reflection of wanting  to
grovel in the mud when the lights turn green
The eyes made all the difference

He listened but more to a penny-gush
An occhiolism beyond his dignified person
not unduly mutable
He assigned lots of respect to his girl

His desire to peak their relationship first
before popping the question
A sage had made that insistence before

There was a lot more of love to cherish
than to succumb to base tendencies
before marriage

The sage said that and unlike the sage
he was not even a religious freak!

A to Z Challenge - J
Yves' at MLMM's Wordle #150
Kerry's at Real Toad's - the tuesday platform

Saturday, April 8, 2017

undo the indolent self - I

                                                                         Attribution: Creative_independence.jpg: 
Image: Kids immersed in fun and games (here)

I for Immersed in Activities in the Quest to be Healthy

12 given words:
shell undo vent cheer grin trim 
strap single slack line handle can

to get out of the shell
undo the indolent self
give vent to all the frustrations
discard the pent up emotions

cheer up and sport at least a grin
goodness around the girth to trim
strap a haversack full of bricks
blaze the trail but not for the meek

or just a tight single purpose outright
a brisk walk evenings in dim light
not to slack palatable or otherwise
trimmed self treading the line not a vice

handle a reformed self with lots of care
can outwit the show-offs for a dare

A to Z Challenge -  letter I
Mary's at PU's Poetry Pantry #348
Brenda's Sunday Whirl Wordle #294