Friday, April 28, 2017

Yay! We're the Champions!

A Pictorial Essay and a Tanka 

The MSSD Inter-Schools Under-15 Rugby Tournament 2017
Petaling District
The tournament was held on April 27, 2017. There were 10 schools that got into 
the final rounds.The SMKDU (Damansara Utama Secondary School) U15 Rugby 
team was one of the finalists. Kimie aka Hezry, Hank's grandee was in the team

The Tanka
The final moments
Of sweat and tears of training
Sweet smell of success
Culminating in glory
The ecstasy of  champions

Y for 'Yay! We're the Champions! for the Quest to be Healthy

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Attribution of Images: Accompanying Parents
Coach and Friends of Kimie aka Hezry
(fair use of images)

Image:1 One for the Album - Before the kick-off
two of the strong teams the SMKDU and the SMKKD

Image:2 And They're Off

Image:3 Kimie aka Hezry (jersy #20) in a break-out
following a successful throw-in

Image:4 A crazy melee following a scrum with
the referee trying his best to control the madness

Image:5 Ok, let's get organised! - in the thick of things.

Image: 6  Another raised-up strategy in the throw-in

Image:7 A Show of Gratitude after being crowned Champions

Image:8 The Champions proudly with the winner's
medal around their necks - all smiles with the Coach!

Image: 9  Let's have a pose together with Coach

Image: 10 Our School Won! Kimie proudly with
the medal and the coveted Citation Certificate

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  1. Those are some cool action shots. I think my favorite was #6 - They look pretty cool in that one. :)

    Visiting from the A to Z Challenge. See my “Y” post here:

  2. I'm not into rugby, but these are cool pictures. Just visiting from A to Z.
    Doree Weller

  3. Congratulations on the challenge and the tournament. Great pictures.

  4. Winning sure makes all that practice and hard work worth it indeed. Congrats to him and the team on the win.

  5. I like the "sweat and tears of training" with glory. I've been having a hard time finding your blog, Hank. The links on my site take me to Twitter and the one at Poets United goes to Poets United.

  6. Love the tanka, what it says about the importance of perseverance and teamwork, the showing of the joy of a game well played and enjoyed. And the photos are glorious!

  7. Sweat and tears are forgotten in the ecstasy of winning!

  8. Oh Hank, this is wonderful! Terrific, active photos. Thank you for sharing. Your link at the Pantry leads back to PU, Hank. If you would like to, link up again and use the words correct link, as I dont know how to remove them, okay?

  9. Oh love the champion... you have brought so much energy to this...

  10. Thanks for sharing the ecstasy of victory!

  11. I can feel the spirit of the game - a wonderful victory I am sure.

  12. Yay! Hipp-Hooray! Congrats! And a very appropriate piece. :)

  13. An awesome tanka! Great pivot line. I enjoyed the photos.

  14. Great images, a most enjoyable post.

  15. Love the photos and the pride you feel in these accomplishments,