Monday, April 10, 2017

Her alluring come-hither-look - J

                                                                        Author Alyson Hill at English Wikipedia
Image: Rare Blue-green Eyes (here)

J for Judicious  in the Quest to be Healthy

the 12 given words:
count insignificant lavish iris reflection grovel
penny-gush ((n.) exaggerated stories or tales)
assign girl peak
occhiolism ((n.) the awareness of the smallness of your perspective)
mutable ((adj.) subject to change, fickle)

It might count as insignificant
A moot point so to speak
To lavish all the superlatives
he could think of
Piled up just on her attractive eyes
He ought to be forgiven

Her alluring come-hither-look
The clear blue-green iris very much rare
But very much a reflection of wanting  to
grovel in the mud when the lights turn green
The eyes made all the difference

He listened but more to a penny-gush
An occhiolism beyond his dignified person
not unduly mutable
He assigned lots of respect to his girl

His desire to peak their relationship first
before popping the question
A sage had made that insistence before

There was a lot more of love to cherish
than to succumb to base tendencies
before marriage

The sage said that and unlike the sage
he was not even a religious freak!

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  1. A wonderful "J" post Hank. The given words used to perfection.


  2. Having good/common sense sure is rare but it needs to be there

  3. Love this. :) Especially these sections:

    "To lavish all the superlatives
    he could think of
    Piled up just on her attractive eyes"

    "He listened but more to a penny-gush
    An occhiolism beyond his dignified person"

  4. Masterfully done, Hank. "he was not even a religious freak! - but who is counting?

  5. Your description of the woman is filled with such respect, love, and admiration. Beautifully done!


  6. Some people have most dazzling eyes. I enjoyed the wit of the final couplet.. a great conclusion.

  7. You make a good point. Beautifully done, Hank!

  8. Nice "Judicious" poem, Hank. Discretion also, if the passion warranted. I have greenish brown eyes, GEM for Green Eyed Man.

  9. nice use of the prompt words..

  10. Eyes... they don't betrey. Eyes...they speak volumes. And oh my my... green blue fathomless as the open seas, as vast as the skies... no wonder one will fall in love with! But have you ever heard of a person who could embrace this limitless beauty?
    Anagha From Team MocktailMommies
    Collage Of Life

  11. Your last two lines gave me a much needed giggle.

  12. Oh the eyes, they can certainly seduce.

  13. the eyes made all the difference has been positioned so well.... beautifully written. I see the respect you have for women, coming through this poem, that's an appreciable thing :)