Monday, April 24, 2017

its regal being key to holding court - V

                                                                                      Attribution: Margaret
Image: The Most Beautiful Bird  (here)

V for Valiant Defense of its Esteem in the Quest to be Healthy

the 10 of 12 given words:
key court deck fight lethal
hollow row stay split strip 

its regal being key to holding court
decked in the finery of myriads of
colors to fight for its place designative
of its lethal dominance

hollow of others to present themselves
as pretenders to topple or cause a row
over matters with a staying power
of royal eminence

a split of elements from diamonds
to glass or perhaps of a peacock to
a sparrow being indicative of a
challenge to strip off the esteem
of the most beautiful bird there is

Margaret's at Real Toad's - Artistic
Interpretations - Beauty
Brenda's Sunday Whirl Wordle #296


  1. Loved the juxtaposition of diamonds to glass and peacock to sparrow. Does the king command the same respect/power if he sits on the throne in a torn tee and jeans? Thought provoking verse!


  2. Another Disney hit movie here. A multi million story.

  3. You capture their elegance with such poise and grace, Hank!

  4. They sure can put on a show. As for true kings with all their glamor, pffft.

  5. Striping away that esteem. A little bit goes to far with some, doesn't it. Puffed up will deflate but most have a strong defense, the bullish bluff.

  6. I wouldn't want my peacock any other way - arrogance (a bit) and self esteem just suit him somehow. :)

  7. Excellent use of the words; they might have been made for the subject.