Monday, May 31, 2021

shooting stars in the night sky

Image: A Shooting Star Aurora (here)
(a shooting star burning up in an aurora as 
seen from a  Russian manned spacecraft)

rather curious
shooting stars in the night sky
showers and tailings

sense of freedom 
must be fun but
must I wait in the open,
in the cool night air?

no, save the bother
have someone thumb hard on your
head, you will see stars
(44 words)

De Jackson at d'Verse - Quadrille#129
a curiosity of poems

Sunday, May 30, 2021

Hoping for life's blessings

                                                                               Author: Elizabeth Warren
Image: Fighting for a Cause (here)

10 of 12 given words:
bounty chase open odds grounds 
dishevelled time rain thunder men 

A jaundiced view through glassy eyes
A bounty revealed but chose to remain calm
Never to chase and rightly not to defy
Open to conjecture on how to run

An odds-on favourite to be a champion
On grounds of honesty not to alter the mode
Needless to assume it lacked such a burden
A damper to all efforts to lighten the load

Strong soul dishevelled in thinking at times
Rain and thunder considered not a difficulty
Given to venture through even without a dime
Hoping for life's blessings in all sincerity

Walked on alone none who owed him a living
Made up his mind to stay clear to be strong
Men were expected to be always forgiving
Made his way forward, he would have won!

Brenda's Sunday Whirl Wordle #503

Saturday, May 29, 2021

I can see you in my reflections

                                                                                              Author: anon
Image: Reflections Playing Tricks (here)

I cannot have you
I cannot touch you
The most I can see
Are two reflections
How cruel fate can be
Can I be set free?

I can see you in my dreams
I can see you everywhere
But you are nowhere

My choices are limited
My yearnings are beyond reach
My emotions are beyond reasons
My wants are beyond redemption
I’m vulnerable
Set me free
Answer me!

Carrie at Sunday Muse #162

Thursday, May 27, 2021

Rivers are a source of life and energy

                                                                                       Author: Taxiarchos228
Image:  Advancing undeterred (here)

the 12 given words:
river, hills, advance, noise, darkness, broken, 
water, clean, silk, placid, curled, forever

free-flowing river meandering
down from the hills from little rivulets
advancing, glistening in the morning sun
upon reaching leveled grounds in darkness
feigned orderly nonchalant laziness

moving unbroken around strong boulders
obligatory in extending life support
clean water smooth as silk
to living creatures seeking refuge
placid cleanly curled up 
in solemn agreement to provide solace

but what of deluge splayed across the plains
where forever a menace to the peace
undermining flora and fauna
lashing downstream 
flattening everything in its path
in shambles unaccounted for
of dwellings, limbs of animals and man
threatening the livelihood of countless

but wait!
rivers are a source of life and energy
benefitting mankind in all of its propensity
in good times when cleverly harnessed
magnanimous in its kindness

MMT's the Whirligig #320
Jade Li's at d'Verse's OLN #293

Tuesday, May 25, 2021

venture out push for a long ride

                                                                                              Author:Johann Jaritz
Image: Unchartered territory (here)

to include the quotation:
'roads, where we are going we don't need roads'
-  from the movie, Back to the Future, 1985 

like wearing other's shoes
we could understand better their blues
an awakening not burdened with guilt
a distraction not likely to cause a jolt
not realizing what that entailed
often wondering why they failed
choose not ourselves to restrain
if we could feel the pain

go then find from where you could get
the love searing your heart you had not met

to discover where the road leads
go for a  wholesome thrust till it bleeds
roads, where we are going we don't need roads
just travel light not to unwisely overload

give it all you’ve got, 
give it a shot.
when you’re done, 
reflect on your wants
if it’s tough 
give it a laugh

venture out push for a long ride
you never know until you’ve tried

Mish at d'Verse Poetics: Make my Day

Monday, May 24, 2021

now opening up to old age

                                                                                           Author Charles J. Sharp  
Image:  Trudging along but 
Elephants Never Forget (here)

the 10 of 12 given words:
Define Shallow Lip Biting
Behind Remote Seduction Believe Float 
Guttural (harsh-sounding speech sound produced in the throat)
Dizzy Tremble

given to niceties hard to define
shallow in thinking when 
growing up but life had been forgiving

lip biting in challenging times 
and trudging behind most of the time
now opening up to old age

remote seduction of life's blessings
now more to believe towards
the pay-back of good times
to helping people in difficulties

health-wise afflictions float
slowly to creep in, on the quiet
but progressively in guttural 
stops of speech interruptions

testing times on hold
dizzy at times or arrested wholly
at work or at play one takes
the middle road

thankful for the morrow
that offers so much for those
who strive at their own pace
to tremble along mindful 
of forgetfulness that old age
brings forth

MLMM's Wordle #242

Saturday, May 22, 2021

must this happen, just wondering why!

                         Author: Catrin Welz-Stein

Image:  Privileged with a Twin (here)

flapping merrily full of promise
colourful as a rainbow in intensity
bid me a time, for I wish
to whet my appetite on all the variety

serve me the garnish that I may devour
for the myriads of possibilities.
the goodness of being together
in all sincerity with you as company

blessed with a twin never been a bore
you and your wonderful ways
we just hit it off more than just a sister
from where we left off on any day

ever so thoughtful of my feelings
and idiosyncrasies all bewildered
rash and brash but ever so loving.
young hearts we longingly offered

never impinging on the absurd
must this happen, just wondering why
leaving questions unanswered 
on the day you said goodbye!

Carrie's at Sunday Muse #161

Thursday, May 20, 2021

not for the mundane but the graceful

                                                                                                    Author: Sina Kelvani
Image: From the left, to the right (here)

the 10 of 12 given words:
mundane bedroom apply trapeze 
swing act gravity need work feat

not for the mundane but the graceful
not to dance in the bedroom but the ballroom
one-two-three, one two three a move so beautiful
waltzing as fast as the eyes could consume

very much as a high-flying trapeze artiste
to swing with long strides to the left
an act seemingly to defy gravity so polished
measured steps to the right not bereft

of movements across the length of the floor
a need to work with precision so refined
a feat to demand an encore
to apply the required move so defined

MMT's the Whirligig #319
Nekneeraj's at MLMM's Photo
Challenge #366
Bjorn at d'Verse MTB - waltzing

Sunday, May 16, 2021

Disney’s Epcot nighttime spectacular

Image:1 Disney World's Magic Kingdom, Florida. My loving wife, 
Shadah, daughter  Azlin and son Hafidz. Youngest son Azhar, still 
a tiny tot then in the pram

Image:2 Disney World's Epcot Center, Florida. My son 
Hafidz with Epcot's 'Golf Ball' in the background

the 10 of 12 given words:
spray run fun unify Florida lie 
scandal news seconds hard

A sudden boom momentarily, a sudden quiet and darkness
Then the skies lighted up again, a spray of colors engulfed the night
Just as sudden a few more runs followed with sprinklings of goodness
Evoking effects of noise, smoke, floating debris and light

Rocketed upwards balls of fire and sparks of euphoria
Into the air to explode in a variety of sizes, shapes and flavour
Accompanied with whoops of joy and shouts of hysteria
A fun family fare in all innocence to unify and rally around together

Sophistication in fireworks management was not obscure
Aerial fireworks with compressed air rather than gunpowder
The display shell exploded in the air using an electronic timer
 At Florida Disney’s Epcot nighttime spectacular

Compressed air launch was logical and a better alternative
Ensured greater accuracy in height and timing of activities
Disney the largest consumer of fireworks in US perspectives
The fireworks were used to accompany their many festivities

To lie in wait well and good to be able to enjoy such offerings
Injuries and accidental fires occurred, even premature explosions
For both ground or aerial fireworks came with risks of sufferings
Scandalous news, the San Diego botched display was over in 15 seconds!

Besides the hard din and noise what about environmental pollution
Potential health risks, hazardous by-products, debris, and acid rain
We are still lucky fireworks are not done as on a daily occurrence
Nor are fireworks factories accidentally obliterated and flattened!

Note: A revamp of an old posting.

Brenda at Sunday Whirl Wordle #502
relaxitsallwrite at MLMM's Sunday Writing
Prompt - balls of fire

Friday, May 14, 2021

was it that bad to be a vegetarian?

                                                                                           Author: anon
Image: She  Could not Hold 
Back her Patience  (here)

she stood at the railings seemingly 
unperturbed feigning a disappointment
partial to her angry self but still
within control

she shuffled her feet grabbed the doorknob
stormed inside her head swirling her anger 
now more apparent and she slumped
onto the waiting lounge chair

she had not been this angry but lately
she had been under tremendous pressure

he said he would marry her
they were supposed to sizzle
blazing a trail any young couple
would gladly undertake

but under the smallest pretext
while leisurely sitting on the couch
he confessed he was not into
vegetables no way he would turn
vegetarian crackling a triumphant
response to her appeal

he was happy with his sushi, big mac
raw herring, pasta, and the like but he
could not see himself as 'a grass-eater'
in his own words and dismissed her
contention of a compromise that she
had vainly sought.

was it that bad to be a vegetarian?
she could survive on just an orange
a day without having anything else
to swallow but her pride

but still, he was adamant! No way
he could turn to be a vegetarian

Fireblossom at Sunday Muse #160

Thursday, May 13, 2021

are you going to San Francisco?

                                                                                      Author: Tomias80
Image:  Summertime Scene On the Beach (here)

the 11 of 12 given words:
flowers hair dislike know meet wall swirling  
euphonious (pleasing to the ear.)
leaves climb sorrowful hurt

are you going to San Francisco?
then wear some flowers in your hair
not to dislike those you don't know
you will meet gentle people there

they will not drive you up the wall
swirling euphonious in the leaves to climb
no sorrowful songs when with your girl
no hurting to meet in the summertime

Note: To the tune of Scott McKenzie's 'San Francisco'

MMT at Whirligig's Wordle #318
Linda's at d'Verse OLN  -  live #292

Tuesday, May 11, 2021

It is never that easy to float away

                                                                         Photo by Veerendra on
Image: Does Seem Insurmountable (here)

the 10 of 12 given words:
easy float greasy wind shape  
nonesuch (a person or thing without equal; paragon).
apartment return scream 
obnubilate (to cloud over; becloud; obscure)

Never that easy to float away in greasy circumstances without preparation and clear directions. The winds of change do shape the manner of movements. Only mouths are we. 

Who sings the distant heart which safely exists in the center of all things? Not anyone but Providence in all greatness. Any other nonesuch can verbalize in structured drawls a lost soul in an apartment distant to familiar faces without laughter! 

They may endeavour a return to sanity if called upon to compete and to vie for honours. In all fairness to capture the wayward feelings of love would require lots of sacrifices for a drawback to normalcy. It is reminiscent of the return of the prodigal son upon realization of missed opportunities.

To bask in success is a scream given the thin line separating provocation to that of adulation befitting the obnubilate nature of competition.
(144 words)
Note: To include, 
Only mouths are we. Who sings the distant heart 
which safely exists in the center of all things? 

Sanaa at d'Verse - Prosery- here's the thing about existing
Neenekraj's at MLMM's Photo Challenge #365
MLMM's Wordle #240 with the given words

Sunday, May 9, 2021

meekly they succumb to mothers

                                                                                         Author:  Pulkit Kudiwal
Image: Duck Crossing Beware (here)

the 10 of 12 given words:
risk contain catastrophe places scan 
silently peace cases stories created 

under normal jungle capture
it is a risk to try to contain the
the catastrophe of provoking the 
King who places importance to 
social distancing 

the King is now forced to scan 
silently a newly minted SOP to 
maintain peace and harmony
without a show of power and 

there are cases of stories of how 
meekly they succumb to mothers 
especially today 

how so confident Mother Duck in 
accompanying her little ducklings
who created an unbroken line
across the divide under the watchful 
eyes of the King who is pandemically

Note: Sunday, 9 May 
is Mother's Day in the US
Carrie's Sunday Muse #159
Brenda's Sunday Whirl Wordle #501

Thursday, May 6, 2021

It ended up jeopardizing his innocence

                                                                           Author א ח מנינור שבשמים
Image: The Accused (here)

The 12 given words:
total, cover, results, chosen, related,, past
remember, ready, promise, sorry, breath last

A total cover-up that resulted
in a chosen outcome not related
to the past. They very much 
remembered to recount the serious
nature of the  wrong preferred
against the accused person who
initially insisted was not even at 
the crime scene. 

He was ready to breathe a last 
effort to clear his name with a 
promise of the least possible 
repercussions to the establishment. 

He was sorry it did not turn out 
the way he had wished. It ended 
up jeopardizing his innocence 
instead. The path  of many 
disappointments are  wrought with 
good intentions that turned awry

MMT's The Whirligig #317

Wednesday, May 5, 2021

The joker is still grinning!

                                                                  Author: Mahdie Farhadkiaei
Image: Can this happen?  (here)

Am I seeing things?
The Queen of Hearts making out with the Jack of Spades
Are they up to no good
Or is it a measure of provocation

Mindful of the wrath of the King of Hearts
Who can readily muster the regal strength of a Royal Flush

Even the Ace of Spades
Is lurking in the shadows
Four of a kind, anyone!

Both of them have the right of possession
They have the whole pack 
to come running behind them in full support

Jack of Spades had better be careful!
Jack of Spades should anticipate

Not to talk of the hidden weapon
The King and the Aces still have the Trump Card
to fall back on
No mention of the Joker just as yet!!
The joker is still grinning!

Nekneeraj at MLMM's  Photo Challenge #364

Tuesday, May 4, 2021

Displaying courage and sacrifice beyond their young minds

                                                                                   Photo by Esposito 
Image: Wayward children eating
Spaghetti (found in an old postcard)  (here)

They grew up together with an affinity to help each other
Displaying courage and sacrifice beyond their young minds
they hugged their unfortunate situation unwillingly. Trapped 
in the evil clutches of poverty ever wishing to be blessed 
with abundance. How well he remembered. She was such 
an adorable lass in the neighbourhood ever so friendly. By a 
stroke of ill luck, both had to fend their future alone all by 
themselves. Hell was their young days with pleadings of 
pangs of hunger a constant companion. The cries of a sibling 
breaking the silence of cold and dark nights never 
a day without guilt just pricked his conscience.

What am I doing here? Clamouring for the daily favours
Milk for my younger sister that’s all we ask for. A single 
mother at her wit’s end with two mouths to feed. A slice 
of bread was all we need

He, the ever-faithful companion never to fail her. No
blood relations nor any relationships but the common tie
of deprivation cemented the bond. She, lost in the ever cruel
world of having been abandoned sought solace as a lost
child clutching tenaciously to a man's presence for unfounded
security. So they held hands clutching not a breakaway necessary
nor required but for the sake of safety in numbers 

Ingrid at d'Verse Poetics: exploring the 
narrative voice

Monday, May 3, 2021

on top of the world

                                                                                                      Author: Carrie
Image:  Here I am (here)

The exuberance of being on top of the world
It is most exhilarating without a doubt, 

World of early sundown clouding the vision
Below a subdued stillness over light warmness
Everything with peaceful gestures again in tandem
Of lover's yearnings with a lingering warm caress

Freedom of choice beyond feelings of innocence
Beginnings of  a relationship destined to take place
Nowhere is it prompted but readily moulded in silence
Extending love a chance to head for saving face

Talk of sane young hearts sombre in inclination
Of people led into high spirits of wanting to give
Chic of a young lady most obliging and obedient
Mindful for a man's raspy voice may sound combative

Carrie's Sunday Muse #158
weejars at MLMM's Double take
Saturday mix with the homophone set