Sunday, May 16, 2021

Disney’s Epcot nighttime spectacular

Image:1 Disney World's Magic Kingdom, Florida. My loving wife, 
Shadah, daughter  Azlin and son Hafidz. Youngest son Azhar, still 
a tiny tot then in the pram

Image:2 Disney World's Epcot Center, Florida. My son 
Hafidz with Epcot's 'Golf Ball' in the background

the 10 of 12 given words:
spray run fun unify Florida lie 
scandal news seconds hard

A sudden boom momentarily, a sudden quiet and darkness
Then the skies lighted up again, a spray of colors engulfed the night
Just as sudden a few more runs followed with sprinklings of goodness
Evoking effects of noise, smoke, floating debris and light

Rocketed upwards balls of fire and sparks of euphoria
Into the air to explode in a variety of sizes, shapes and flavour
Accompanied with whoops of joy and shouts of hysteria
A fun family fare in all innocence to unify and rally around together

Sophistication in fireworks management was not obscure
Aerial fireworks with compressed air rather than gunpowder
The display shell exploded in the air using an electronic timer
 At Florida Disney’s Epcot nighttime spectacular

Compressed air launch was logical and a better alternative
Ensured greater accuracy in height and timing of activities
Disney the largest consumer of fireworks in US perspectives
The fireworks were used to accompany their many festivities

To lie in wait well and good to be able to enjoy such offerings
Injuries and accidental fires occurred, even premature explosions
For both ground or aerial fireworks came with risks of sufferings
Scandalous news, the San Diego botched display was over in 15 seconds!

Besides the hard din and noise what about environmental pollution
Potential health risks, hazardous by-products, debris, and acid rain
We are still lucky fireworks are not done as on a daily occurrence
Nor are fireworks factories accidentally obliterated and flattened!

Note: A revamp of an old posting.

Brenda at Sunday Whirl Wordle #502
relaxitsallwrite at MLMM's Sunday Writing
Prompt - balls of fire


  1. We saw the fireworks at Epcot many years ago. Do they not do them anymore?
    What a hoot to see the old photos of your family! When did you visit Disney?

    1. This was sometime in Dec 1988, Alex. The tiny tot is now a hunk of a guy of 34 years towering at 5'8''

  2. I have never been to Disney world. Loved the photo's what memories you must have,
    The poem is simply wonderful to read as always.
    Have a great week/