Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Lights and Colors

Picture Image: Courtesy of Willow's

Light of Day

A kaleidoscope
Of brilliant colors and lights

Fascinating route
A journey ever so blunt
On those uncharted

Oh! let there be light
Those forever lost in life
Take it by the horn

Grapple with problems
A bright colorful future
Will await us there

Inspired by Willow's Magpie 71

Monday, June 20, 2011

Lust Shatters

Picture Credit: Courtesy of Writer's Island

Greed Reins

Basking in power and glory
On the threshold of higher office back home
But was whisked off a plane 'cuffed', sans dignity
Now embroiled with and slapped with sex assault allegations

A maid in NY City
Now presented with an opportunity
While man was in his bath robe
She was indecently groped

Reportedly heads a strong legal team
Penchant for getting huge compensations
Tempts her and waiting in the wings
Triumphantly declaring to push for the moon

It's pathetic!
It's repugnant!

Man is down and out
Man has lost
Man is down on his luck
But others are talking of getting big bucks

Let the law take its due course
Appropriate justice meted out
But these individuals separate from the rest
Are ready to swoop down and destroy
Gleefully smacking their lips
To exact their pound of flesh!

Submitted to One Shot # 51 and,

Thursday, June 16, 2011

A Shell of their Dream

Photo Image: Courtesy of Willow's Magpie


Up the hill they went
Oblivious of imminent danger
'I'm in my elements'
so they triumphantly declared
'Danger is my forte'
Can they be blamed?
The foolhardy ventured out
Inexperienced youthful vigor
Let them be!
The process of learning
Take many forms
All the more richer
In facing the world
All that they have gone through
The test of time
The test of nerves
Experience is what counts

A shell of their own self
To better equip one's own!

Thursday, June 2, 2011


Picture Image: Courtesy of Ella's

Oak and Steel ( a haiku)

Bare bench yielding life

Of strong oak and hard dark steel

Had seen better days

A measure of nerve

Whispering tenacity

Show me where it lies

Sequence of events

Witnessed silently therein

Secrets kept within

Inspired by Ella's Edge at Thursday Think Tank #51