Monday, June 20, 2011

Lust Shatters

Picture Credit: Courtesy of Writer's Island

Greed Reins

Basking in power and glory
On the threshold of higher office back home
But was whisked off a plane 'cuffed', sans dignity
Now embroiled with and slapped with sex assault allegations

A maid in NY City
Now presented with an opportunity
While man was in his bath robe
She was indecently groped

Reportedly heads a strong legal team
Penchant for getting huge compensations
Tempts her and waiting in the wings
Triumphantly declaring to push for the moon

It's pathetic!
It's repugnant!

Man is down and out
Man has lost
Man is down on his luck
But others are talking of getting big bucks

Let the law take its due course
Appropriate justice meted out
But these individuals separate from the rest
Are ready to swoop down and destroy
Gleefully smacking their lips
To exact their pound of flesh!

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  1. ha nice - good poetic take on this story... wonder if there will be justice in the end.. let's hope the best

  2. Thanks for your support, I think someone has put me on the right track to my problem.

  3. Reminds me of the many leeches who make ridiculous sums of money off of the misfortune (and creativity) of good people. Unique poetic narrative with a cool structure.

  4. justice gets so convoluted in these cases and media just murkies the water...nicely played on form...sorry i am late in getting here just getting back

  5. Hello, glad to land in your magical island of poetry.
    Hope all is well.
    Join poets rally with a free verse today.
    We love your poetry talent, come on in
    And have fun exploring!
    Weekend greetings!