Monday, March 30, 2020

Jambu aka Water Apples

Image: These were snapped this morning

Hank managed to grow some fruit trees in the backyard.
Not overly blessed with green fingers they turned out ok
considering the climate is conducive to growth in this
part of the world.

Hank took a peek this morning and snapped the picture
above. These are not fully matured yet. The water apple
 (jambu) not being seasonal continually provide succulent
fruits. It was abundant for the initial few years but it has
tapered down lately but still able to make the mouth waters

It can be taken raw like an apple, tastes like one too but
sweeter. Some prefer to take it as a salad dipped in soya
sauce with some  cut chillies for lunch, more appetizing
on a hot day.(more info in the original posting here)

fruiting all year round
eaten raw like an apple
and just as crunchy

Kim's at d'Verse's Haibun Monday

Saturday, March 28, 2020

You! You! You! I will write it down!

                                                                Image Source: Sunday Muse (fair use) 
Image: I am angry! (here)

You! You! You! I will write it down
Frail as I am I will endeavor to make it known
A matter to condemn not just with a frown 
Life and death the absolute right of Providence

To treat the ill to the best of one's ability
Have they forgotten the Oath solemnly taken?
Hippocrates will turn in his grave bodily
Life and soul gravely shaken

Death can occur at any age a divine choice
The aged may not be the first to go in life
Doctors to sustain and care not to appear lost
The aged are not to be an easy sacrifice

Carrie's at Sunday Muse #101

Thursday, March 26, 2020

but how long the lockdown?

                                                                                       Author Jocelyn Erskine-Kellie
Image: The Downtown Provider (here)

he moved ever so slowly no sense of urgency
what a blessed soul to be still able
to move about within his own confines

he was basking in wealth only recently
it fizzled with the downward plunge
of the stocks and he gathered
it had not seen the worst

now housed in a cubicle of a shelter
he got along he survived

turned eccentric purchasing
items not readily needed
stacked them away in one corner

that he did often times
when he saw the signs
the shop proprietor could just observe
when he made his purchases
shaking his head not really stopping him

his prices had seen to rise lately though
but man must earn a living too, right?

Frank's at  d'Verse MTB - the final couplet

Wednesday, March 25, 2020

one would not see if not so desired

                                                                                              Author Ermell
Image: One would not see
if not so desired (here)

the 12 given words:
watch outside window possum opening inclined 
share world nibble foraging almond change

to relate to the quotation
"Barn’s burnt down, now I can see the moon.”  - Mizuta Masahide

to watch peering outside  the window
was not there but now very apparent
the moon playing possum until recently
now no more hidden from view

dark clouds bough of the oak
even the tattered curtains
all could shut out the view

not having noticed it before
but an opening inclined
to let it share a whole new world
but only when the barriers were uprooted

every setback was a step nearer to a comeback
perhaps to nibble or better yet foraging
relentlessly through almond eyes

one could detect the change
one would not see if not so desired
but one would see if impassioned inside

Mish's at d'Verse Poetics :now I can see

Monday, March 23, 2020

fascinating transformation

Image: Colorful tulips of Spring (here)

fascinating transformation
right before your eyes
white cold restrictive
to sudden pleasantness
greenery and freedom
it is magical!
enticing to the little creatures
scurrying along from inactivity
as if joy is meant to be seen
in support of changes above
a relief for nature
(44 words)

Linda's at d'Verse: Quadrille 100: Abracadabra!

Sunday, March 22, 2020

but life should not be at a stand-still

                                                                                            Photo courtesy of Pixabay
Image: Lockdown blues (here)   

the 10 of 12 given words:
distance face lock restricts hands
home hug calls count times

peering intently towards the distance
with the faraway look face quizzical
lockdown blues to restrict movements
hands gripped hard at a barrier baffled

home bound but vying for the friends
missed the playground with lots of laughter
but to hug gramps is strictly forbidden
calls to vulnerable oldies count better

keeping social distance is best remedy
times of personal sacrifice to be instilled
brave front liners bear the brunt initially
but for life should not be at a stand-still

Brenda's Sunday Whirl Wordle #448
Donna's Sunday Photo Fiction -  mar 22nd

Saturday, March 21, 2020

courage in good company

                                                                       Author Dietmar Rabich  (1962–)
Image: Ferris wheel Existence
of moving round and round (here)

heavenly am staying home
weekend feel on a week day
never had it good
courage in good company
forget  the war zone outside

not forgetting the army
of brave workers giving time
at risks of their life
divine intervention for
improper human failings?

weejars at MLMM's Saturday Mix
- a Somonka (2 tankas)

Friday, March 20, 2020

Emotional insight into his frame of mind

                                                                                   Author Martin Falbisoner  (1978–)
Image: It is Beginning to Feel
Insurmountable (here)

Emotional insight into his frame of mind
Revealed a tendency to court disaster
Insisting to run the gauntlet out in the open
To rival the virus itself of a silent killer

Felt safe in numbers he sought to secure
A  part in the crowd he sought to  join in
Out on the highway wages of sin to endure
'Stay at home' advice gone to the winds

To realize at a later date of the ingratitude
A statistics added to the growing number
The world had not seen such magnitude
Where would it all end we frightfully wonder

Grace at d'Verse's OLN #262

Wednesday, March 18, 2020

never contending to be devoid of sounds

                                                                                             Author Philippe Alès
Image: A Singing Bird  (here)

the 10 of 12 given words:
top below hill station smoke-drenched
worn store bars polished stand

top of the table in line with a great speech
below down the hill gathered with the rest
to later run along the length of the beach

to bask in the sun out rightly set in a way
never contending to be devoid of sounds
staying put in the station sited at the bay

in smoke-drenched clothes without a word
worn in dire consequence with bated breath
not wanting to scare the wits that of a bird

stored in bars to rally around songs to be sung
with polished sounds softly from their lips
a stand-off to unruly blabber from their tongue

MMT's Sunday Whirligig #258
Laura's at d'Verse's Poetics: - three 
from the Welsh speaking sea

Monday, March 16, 2020

I could draw the sunlight to leverage my good intentions

                                                                                  Author: Rakicevic Nenad

Image: Patience is the Byword  (here)

the 10 of 12 given words:
intensity soft tongue 1980 
hypethral (adj. wholly or partly open to the sky,
especially of a classical building; having no roof)
realized shoulder draw sunlight leverage 

I don’t know why I was surprised every time love started or ended especially when
I was the one at the receiving end.

I checked my intensity of responses. Its gluttony overwhelmed my soft intentions.
My tongue was in its best of behavior. Wagging yes, but too unruly perhaps. Even
way back in 1980, younger in experience there hardly was any laughter

Somehow like a hypethral structure I was exposed. The malevolence of judgement
against my nature preceded my helpful spirits that I always had to apologize.

Invariably that would be the time I realized I needed a shoulder to cry on. A few
failures brought the penitence to the fore and enhanced my self-restraint into full gear.
Patience was the by-word coupled with some flattery.It worked as I could draw the
sunlight to leverage my good intentions to score a number of successes
(144 words)

Merril's at d'Verse  - Prosery - surprised or not
MLMM's Wordle #181-2
Nekneeraj's at MLMM's Photo Challence #307

Sunday, March 15, 2020

a scramble to stock up

                                                                                                Courtesy of Sunday Muse
Image:  A Slice of Goodness (here)

a quarter sliced off
is not good enough a protection
used to be an apple a day
to keep the doctor away
not any more that holds sway
now that many doctors
have all gone bananas!

yes, bananas!
vitamin B6 laden
to boost the immune system

a scramble to stock up
the answer to the corona virus
in the absence of a potent serum
bananas to exert confidence
face masks not enough protection

mindful of a new-found insistence
a banana a day
to keep the pesky corona virus away

Fireblossom's at Sunday Muse #99

Wednesday, March 11, 2020

that faraway look

                                                                                                 Author Charles J Sharp
Image: To reflect on moments (here)

the 11 of 12 given words:
faraway important safe sleep
chardonnay (a type of white wine)
drink candlelight fine water 
rescue someone

that faraway look
not to deny the elements
important not to overlook
but to reflect on moments

on safe driving
deprived of sleep unwittingly
nor to have a chardonnay drink
preceding a journey

candlelight dinner is fine
in courtship or as seniors prefer
ideally the way to dine
even downed with plain water

not having to rescue someone
on the way home after a dine
in a mishap unwisely undone
by one too many at dinner time

Process Note: The list is provided by MMT as a prompt
Hank developed a poem based on them but with no
additional list to enhance the number of words
Does it count?

MMT's Sunday's Whirligig #257
Bjorn's at d'Verse MTB  -  listen to lists

Sunday, March 8, 2020

having tried hard but failed tearfully

                                                                                                    Artist: Robin Isely
Image: Failed umpteen times to project
a true Mona Lisa smile (here)

so captivating to many for centuries
the fascination of a kind so sustained
extending it to the male species
the enigmatic smile so proclaimed

yearnings for all the pleasures to find
what could be so specific to accentuate
a hold on the natural inquisitive mind
that a Mona Lisa wannabe could equate

all the thoughts of times erstwhile
such was the magic of da Vinci
that one succumbed just to a smile
to showcase a mortal's sensuality

driven many to tears failing to emulate
wanting to stamp its mysterious simplicity
instead dubbed a sly and remote duplicate
having tried hard but failed tearfully

Carrie's Sunday Muse #98