Thursday, March 26, 2020

but how long the lockdown?

                                                                                       Author Jocelyn Erskine-Kellie
Image: The Downtown Provider (here)

he moved ever so slowly no sense of urgency
what a blessed soul to be still able
to move about within his own confines

he was basking in wealth only recently
it fizzled with the downward plunge
of the stocks and he gathered
it had not seen the worst

now housed in a cubicle of a shelter
he got along he survived

turned eccentric purchasing
items not readily needed
stacked them away in one corner

that he did often times
when he saw the signs
the shop proprietor could just observe
when he made his purchases
shaking his head not really stopping him

his prices had seen to rise lately though
but man must earn a living too, right?

Frank's at  d'Verse MTB - the final couplet


  1. A sad tale of loneliness, trying to fill it with "things".

  2. I love the story you share he and the practical question you leave us with. A very fitting questing in this sad time.

  3. It looks like he got prepared early. I like these lines: "that he did often times
    when he saw the signs" and the ending couplet about the rising prices.

  4. "Whatever gets you through the night." -- John Lennon

  5. There's a lot of it going on. Nice one.

  6. Good question Hank! The rich are learning a little about what it’s like to be at the bottom of the pile.

  7. Sure much to think about as much continues to occur

  8. I wonder what will be wasted in all that stockpiling... such strange behavior in people these days.