Sunday, April 30, 2023

Musical Chairs

                        Author:    Thomas Barbey    
Image; What has happened?  (here)

The music plays and all are in readiness
Around the chairs, they stood their grounds
Each hoping to find a seat,
Before the tune comes to a sudden stop

But what happens when the chairs run out
when the music stops and there's a scramble for a seat  

The game of musical chairs has often 
gone awry. As tempers flare and tears flow
Accusations thrown, fingers pointed,
And the disappointed and frustrated just leave

What started as a game of fun, has now 
become a battle to be won,
But in the end, there's no prize,
just a lesson learned.

For when the music starts again,
The same old cycle will begin,
And as we all scramble again
We'll forget the fights but remember 
the joys of the musical chairs 

Carrie at the Sunday Muse.#257.


                                                                                              Author: Blxxdrose
Image: Courage to stand up  (here)

the 12 given Wordle words: 
night you emerge heart bearing climb 
grain mystery clash flashes verge 

In the darkness of the night,
You emerge like a shining light,
Climbing high with all your might,
Towards the heavens, out of sight.

With a heart so pure and true,
You take on challenges anew,
Bearing burdens heavy and few,
With a spirit that is never subdued.

As you climb, the bow of hope,
Guides you up the slippery slope,
And the grains of faith you hold,
Give you strength, and make you bold.

Amidst the mystery of it all,
You hear a clash, a sudden call,
Flashes of courage break your fall,
And you stand tall, never to crawl.

At the verge of the great unknown,
You face your fears, and you're not alone,
For your heart, it's the seed you've sown,
And now it's grown, a love that's shown.

Brenda at The Sunday Whirl Wordle-603/

Saturday, April 29, 2023


                                                                                                 Author: Larafilms
Image: Zorro the hero himself  (here)

Theme: Anthropomorphic Animal and Cartoon Characters 

Masked hero of the night,
Swashbuckling with sword so light
Fighting for justice and what is right,

Fighting for the poor and the oppressed,
His mark of "Z" leaves villains distressed,
For Zorro is the people's protector so blessed

Friday, April 28, 2023

The X - Men

                                                                                                  Author:  Pat Loika
Source:  X- Men
Image:  Cosplay at the 2013 Chicago Comic 
& Entertainment Expo  (here)

Theme: Anthropomorphic Animal and Cartoon Characters 
for the X - Men

In a world of powers and might,
Where mutants walk in plain sight,
The X-Men rise to enact the fight,
Protecting humanity with all their might.

Professor X leads the way,
Guiding mutants through the fray,
Wolverine's claws cut through the dark,
His healing factor leaves a mark
Storm commands the elements with ease,
Her powers make her enemies freeze,
Gambit, with his cards ablaze,
Can take on foes in countless ways,

The X-Men stand united and strong,
To determine what's right and what's wrong


Thursday, April 27, 2023

Woody Woodpecker

                                                                                   Author: RacquetSmasher76
Image: Woody and Winnie Woodpecker (here)

Theme: Anthropomorphic Animal and Cartoon Characters 
for  Woody

In the world of cartoons, he reigns supreme,
A woodpecker with a laugh that virtually screams
A provocation so infectious, it's never on hold
His red crest and feathers, a sight to behold,

His beak as sharp as a woodpecker's should be,
He pecks on trees, attacking them with glee.
Known to be mischievous, and often times rude,
But his antics never fail to lift up the mood.

Grace at d'Verse  OpenlLinkNight#337/

Tuesday, April 25, 2023

Music on Hand

                                                                                            Author:  Andre Carrotflower
Image: Days Park in Buffalo, New York, 
on a sunny afternoon in April 2016  (here)

To write on Music and to include:
1) sunny April afternoon,
2) knocks me out

On a sunny April afternoon,
The world seems to come alive.
The birds chirp a joyful tune,
And nature's lovely song thrives.

As I bask in the warmth of the sun,
My heart fills with a peaceful beat.
But it's the music that truly won,
It knocks me out of my seat.

With every note that's played,
I'm lost in a world of sound.
My worries and fears fade,
And my feet start tapping around.

So on this sunny April afternoon,
Let the music knock you out.
Let it take you to a different tune,
And forget what life is all about

Punam's at d'Verse : Poetics - let-music-speak/

Vanellope von Schweetz

                                                                                                     Author:  chrisjortiz
Image:  In her Candy Kart (here)

Theme: Anthropomorphic Animal and Cartoon Characters 
for Vanellope

In Sugar Rush, a world of delight
There lived a girl with a heart so light
Her name was Vanellope von Schweetz
A racer with a spirit hard to beat

With jet black hair and a peppermint dress
She zoomed through the tracks, filled with finesse
Her kart was sweet, made of candy and gum
She raced to the finish, winning number one

So let us remember this girl so sweet
Whose determination could not be beat
Vanellope von Schweetz, a hero of light
In Sugar Rush, she shines so bright.


Uncle Scrooge

                                                                                 Author:  Pedro Ribeiro Simões
Image: Happy with his Money (here)

Theme: Anthropomorphic Animal and Cartoon Characters 
for Uncle Scrooge 

Uncle Scrooge McDuck, what a sight,
With his top hat that is just right,
A wealthy old duck, with a heart of gold,
A vault full of cash that remains untold 

But wealth was not all that he held dear,
For family and friends, were not to fear
A mentor and guide, to nephews and kin,
And a loyal companion, to certain friends

He loved his money, he knew it had power,
And used it for the main good, at some hours
To help those in need, and making life better,
For the poor and sick, with his wealth and power.

So let us all remember, this duck of fame,
With wise investments he made great gains
With wealth comes choices others find wanting
Labelled as tight with his fist by other beings 


Monday, April 24, 2023

Hope and Optimism

                                                                                                  Author: Laslovarga
Image: Late spring scene in High Park, Toronto (here)

Late spring is a time of abundance of fresh produce. Farmers' markets are full of fruits and vegetables. It's a time to savour the fresh flavours of the season. The air is filled with a sense of energy and vitality, as everything around us bursts forth with new life. 

But late spring is also a time of transition, as we say goodbye to the cool breezes and early flowers of spring and prepare for the heat of summer. As the days grow longer and the temperatures rise, we begin to shed our layers of clothes and embrace the warmth of the sun. 

It is a time of hope and optimism, as we look forward to the longer, warmer days ahead. Hope is an escape factor to remedy the political turmoil that is beginning to show itself again.

Conflicts yes, but hope persists
Weather permitting

Linda's at d'Verse Haibun Monday - late-spring/

Sunday, April 23, 2023

Tom and Jerry

                                                                                                Author: Zarateman
Image: Gotcha, oops! (here)

Theme: Anthropomorphic Animal and Cartoon Characters 
for Tom and Jerry

Tom and Jerry, a classic duo
A cat and mouse game playing  a foe
They never tire, never cease
Their antics bring us a form of release

Tom, with his claws ready and sharp 
Jerry, with his quickness always on guard
They battle and brawl, in every scene
But deep down, they’re really a team

Tom plots and schemes, but Jerry’s wily
He always dodges, just as wildly
Their chase goes on, from room to room
The fun never ends, the way they zoom

One trap to another, they don't play dead
Tom’s got him, but Jerry’s a step ahead
And just when you think it’s done,
Starting anew, in their endless runs

Tom and Jerry, they’ll always be
The perfect match, for us to see
We’ll always love their mischievous ways
And cherish them, for all the days


Saturday, April 22, 2023

Rick and Morty

                                                                                               Author: William Tung
Image:  The Wackiest Duo (here)

Theme: Anthropomorphic Animal and Cartoon Characters 
for Rick and Morty

In the multiverse of infinite dimensions,
One duo stands out with their wacky intentions,
Rick and Morty, a scientist and his grandson,
Adventuring through time and space, having fun.

Rick, the brilliant but flawed inventor,
With a dark past and a drinking splendor,
Uses his portal gun to explore the unknown,
Dragging Morty along, never alone.

Morty, the innocent but loyal sidekick,
With a heart of gold and a conscience that's quick,
Faces danger and oddities every day,
But with Rick by his side, he'll find a way.

Together, they face aliens and monsters,
Save the universe from impending disasters,
With humour and wit, they conquer all fears,
And in the end, they always persevere.

So let's raise a flask of "Rick's Special Brew,"
And toast to the adventures of this dynamic duo,
For in their chaotic and hilarious quest,
They remind us to embrace life and all its zest.

A to Z  April Challenge  R


SpongeBob SquarePants

                                                                                               Author: Tim Green
Image: Sitting squarely with ease  (here)

Theme: Anthropomorphic Animal and Cartoon Characters 
for SpongeBob SquarePants 

SpongeBob SquarePants is his name,
A cheerful character, full of glee,
He works at the Krusty Krab all day,
Flipping patties very easily

He has a best friend named Patrick,
A goofy starfish, full of fun,
Together they explore the ocean deep
And have adventures in the sun.

SpongeBob is always happy,
With a smile that's never wrong
He's a kind and loyal friend,
And his heart is always strong.

So let's all cheer for SpongeBob,
And the joy that he brings each day,
For in the world of cartoons,
He's a star that will never fade away.


Thursday, April 20, 2023

Resplendent Quetzal

                      Author:  Francesco Veronesi 
Image: With its long wispy tail feathers  (here)

Theme: Anthropomorphic Animal and Cartoon Characters 
Q for Resplendent Quetzal,

Uniquely named Resplendent Quetzal,
Honoured as the National bird of Guatemala
Also a cherished treasure of the Aztecs and Mayan

A creature of myth and legend,
With shiny feathers of emerald green,
And its long wispy tail feathers 
A fiery red belly that glows.

A jewel of the forest a sight to behold,
A symbol of ancient wisdom and grace,
But near extinction is threatening its existence
None near enough to take over its place

Lillian at d'Verse OLN two-opportunities-to-join-us-live-3/

Wednesday, April 19, 2023

Power Puff Girls

                                                                                Author: marvelgirl2010
Image: Bubbles, Blossom and Buttercup (here)

Theme: Anthropomorphic Animal and Cartoon Characters 
P for Power Puff Girls

Blossom is the leader, smart and strong.
Her pink bow always seems too long.
But she's confident, clever, and kind,
Saving the world with her brilliant mind.

Bubbles is cute, but don't be fooled.
Her power reduced villains as tools
With a joyful smile kind and bubbly, 
Spreading love and affections happily

Buttercup is fierce, tough, and bold.
Her attitude can never be controlled.
She's the muscle of the Powerpuff team,
Kicking butt and acting real mean.

The Powerpuff Girls, a threesome so bright,
Their power and strength a shining light.


Tuesday, April 18, 2023

Oobi hand puppets

                                                                                          Author: بامیک ایران
Image: Two Oobi hand puppets with eyes and outfits.(here)

Theme: Anthropomorphic Animal and Cartoon Characters 
O for Oobi

Note: Oobi is an American children's television series. 
The show's concept is based on a training method used 
by puppeteers, in which they use their hands and a pair 
of glass eyes instead of a full puppet. The main character
is a bare hand puppet named Oobi -  Wiki

Hands for heads and eyes for friends,
Oobi and his gang explore,
Their world is full of wonderment,
And with treasure of learning galore.

They play, they sing and dance
And always have good fun,
When they need to solve a problem,
They get the job well done.

For children watching, it's a treat,
A show that's kind and neat,
Those who've seen it once 
They'll always love Oobi fun


Naruto the Ninja

                                                                                Author:  八木清介
Image: Naruto  (here)

Theme: Anthropomorphic Animal and Cartoon Characters 
N for Naruto

With his spiky hair and bright blue eyes,
Was determined to become a ninja at what ever price
Rejected by many, he refused to give in,
With his perseverance he was determined to win,

Through battles and tears, he grew stronger,
With the bond of friendship, he would never falter,
In the face of adversity, he always stood tall,
Naruto Uzumaki, the greatest hero of them all.

So let us all cheer, for Naruto the brave,
A hero who fought, and gave,
A legacy that will always remain,
Naruto, the ninja who will forever reign.


Friday, April 14, 2023

Mickey Mouse

                                                                                                     Author: HarshLight
Image: Mickey Mouse shaped pretzels 
with cheese at Disneyland (here)

Theme: Anthropomorphic Animal and Cartoon Characters 
M for Mickey

The world's most known mouse
Disney's most famous
With his big round ears,
And his cheery, infectious cheer.

He's been around for decades,
And still, he never fades,
With his high-pitched voice,
And his laugh, so hoarse.

With friends, Minnie, Donald, and Goofy,
They make the perfect company,
In mishaps and adventures 
And plenty of fun-filled matters

So here's to Mickey Mouse,
A true icon of the house,
May he never lose his magic
And to avoid making life tragic

Thursday, April 13, 2023

little mermaid,

                                                                                        Author: E. S. Hardy
Image: Longing for Love  (here)

Theme: Anthropomorphic Animal and Cartoon Characters 
L for the Little Mermaid

In the depths of the sea,
Lived a little mermaid,
She longed to explore,
The world up above,
To dance in the sunlight,
And feel the warmth of love.

One day she watched from afar,
As a ship drew near,
And she knew in her heart,
She had nothing to fear.

She swam to the surface,
And walked on the shore,
For the life she had thought,
She could choose to explore

But she couldn't get
The love that she sought.
So she decided to return
To her life at sea,
Accompanied by pangs of loneliness 
But she knew she was free.


Kim Possible

                                                                                    Author:  Poiuo
Image:  Fearless and strong (here)

Theme: Anthropomorphic Animal and Cartoon Characters 
K for Kim Possible

Kim Possible, fearless and strong,
With her trusty gadgets, nothing goes wrong.
Fighting villains and saving the day,
She always finds a way.

Having brains and also being brawn,
She never backs down.
Her mission to do good,
Brings justice to the town.

With Rufus by her side,
They make an unstoppable team.
Their friendship is unbreakable,
Their bond is a living dream.

Kim Possible, a heroine we adore,
Her bravery and spirit we can't ignore.
She's a role model for all,
Standing tall, never to fall.


Wednesday, April 12, 2023

Jimmy's brain never took a rest,

                                                                                                  Author: Nesjrien
Image: Jimmy Neutron - Boy Genius (here)
Theme: Anthropomorphic Animal and Cartoon Characters 
J for Jimmy Neutron,                  

From fighting evil to saving his friends,
Jimmy's brain never took a rest,
He always had some clever bends,
And his intelligence was put to the test.
But even with all the fame and glory,
Jimmy never forgot who he was,
A boy with a passion for discovery,
And a heart full of love 
So here's to Jimmy Neutron,
The boy genius with a heart of gold,
May his adventures never be done,
And his legacy never grow old.

A to Z April Challenge