Wednesday, March 30, 2022

reminiscent of a masterpiece on canvas

                                                                                                  Author: division, CSIRO
Image: Rough Seas (here)

‘The sea is high again today, with a thrilling flush of wind'
– Lawrence Durrell, Justine (Alexandria Quartet) Faber, 1961

moments ago a picturesque gesture
reminiscent of a masterpiece on canvas
a sight to behold of a famous master
a sudden change enduring of a blast

the sea is high again today
with a thrilling flush of wind
never to deter an angel at play
but an intimidating testing scene

an incline to prosper a surge of surfers
bevy of beauties to tame the waves
disappearing under and appearing later
teasing skillful maneuvers in its place

weaving and sliding in and out a beauty
a picture of motion in all of confidence
beach boys taking on a challenge not a rarity
comes another day another show of appearance

Linda Lee at d'Verse : Poetics

Sunday, March 27, 2022

what did he do wrong?

Image: Peace and Quiet that
it dreamed of (here)

the 11 of 12 given words:
dawn tips stretched whirred awoke 
off quiet mists laughter again blur

it dawned on him that tips 
extended stretched beyond
his imagination

it whirred menacingly in front
of his eyes that it awoke him
from his dreams

he shook it off quietly
mists of disturbing laughter 
still playing across 
his mind 

it registered a blur in his 
thinking for bad dreams
seem to shadow him lately 

perhaps karma eventually
caught up with him again

what did he do wrong?

Brenda's Sunday Whirl Wordle#546

Tuesday, March 22, 2022

she is an accomplished pretender

                                                                                                                 Author: anon
Image: Talking Over Tea (here)

the given words:
first light, mirror, rolling fog, tea with Florence,
chemise (a dress hanging 
straight from the shoulders
trumpet, masquerade

in the first light of the agonizing
day mirrored by the misty rolling fog
that transcends slowly 

he is having tea with Florence who is 
dressed in an alluring chemise about the only
saving piece of garment in the drab afternoon 

it trumpets the triumphant efforts  in 
her beau's unrelenting masquerades
which now comes to fruition 

she is an accomplished pretender 
looking happy 
so is he, just as elated
putting up an act himself!

Sarah at d'Verse - colour me poetry

Saturday, March 19, 2022

One or in separate bills?

                                                                           Author: "Reflection" by G-Crew
Image: Some risky Pub Ventures (here)

Tulips and windmills
Of canals and maple trees
Den Haag and Centrum

Wooden clogs and Delft
blue. Herring in onions
Fries, with or without?
Dining is bliss, hot
pizza, Indische rijsttafels
or just Chinese takeaways

Reflecting on sojourn 
in Holland long ago
Lots to see new things
to eat but no bottoms-up

Still youthful not
into hard liquor then
no risk of one too many

But always the classic 
end of dinner question
when the waiter came
to the table when it
was time to pay to ask
One or in separate bills?
whether one was paying
or each around the table 
were paying their own

Beauty of a Dutch treat
Asteblieft and Dag....

Note: Hank came face to face with 
the act of a Dutch Treat that we often
hear. The waiter had a big pouch around
his waist dishing out the exact change
to each person upon receiving payment
one by one around the table. Each would
pay only for his own meal. It was fascinating!

Carrie at Sunday Muse #203

Thursday, March 17, 2022

What was she to do

Image: Decidedly Depressed (here)

Decidedly depressed
Could not hide her emotions
Others did not express
Any kinds of suggestions

What was she to do
It was a lone battle
Fuzzy and feeling blue
It was a big muddle

The love of her life
Had frittered away
Her being now nose-dived
Much to her dismay

Easy in giving her all
Nurtured of good tidings
Now felt rather small
All had gone with the wind

More guarded now
In expending feelings
Not way she did before
Which left her reeling

Bjorn at d'Verse OLN#312

Monday, March 14, 2022

She is determined to try again

                                                                                                         Author:  anon
Image: She is Determined to Try Harder (here)

"I wandered lonely as a cloud”.-  the given phrase
to be included

She felt a little edgy. A cryptic message was 
delivered a while ago. Little did she anticipate 
a serene morning to bring bad tidings. It broke 
her little heart. Drumbeat of rapidly broken 
tunes bite into her memory. Shrill cricket 
sounds permeate the air.

She had yearnings of becoming a master chef to
climb and bid for the moon.  It is a calling peppered
with designs of familiar entrees, salads and desserts to
leverage on Mom’s specialties. This is the carriage
of conscience upon her shoulders borne of a family
tradition. Sadly it is not to be. If only she had been able to
surmount the first hurdle it would have been
plain sailing. But "I wandered lonely as a cloud”.
she reminisced regretfully.

She is determined to try again! Her fearless nature
now takes over the bidding

Lillian at d'Verse - Prosery Monday -winter be gone

Sunday, March 13, 2022

the pull of Everest

                                                                   Author:  Vintage photo taken by a companion of Mallory
Image:  Mallory and Irvine (here)
During the 1924 expedition, Mallory and his climbing 
partner, Irvine, disappeared on the northeast ridge of Everest. 
The pair was last seen when they were about 800 vertical 
feet (245 m) from the summit  -  Wiki

the 10 of 12 given Wordle words:
death face drag book climb barrier 
ways vigil letters memento 

the pull of Everest is still there
to reach-out to the top of the world
may now not signal a big fanfare
unlike before Hilary and Tenzing

a few met their deaths trying
to face the challenge 'for it is there'
but it is a drag now to book a climb
formalities a barrier in many ways

many still in line waiting in vigil
despite the 'exchange of letters' 
a memento of a selfie at the top
is certainly a fulfilment of pride

Brenda's Sunday Whirl Wordle 544

Saturday, March 12, 2022

I am a Royal Bengal Tigress

                                                                                               Author: anon
Image: A Pair of Distant Cousins (here)

I am a Royal Bengal Tigress
There are some marked difference
But I am the long standing flag carrier
I don't need furs whiskers or fangs

Nor looking fierce and wild
Just acting innocent and slick
For my demeanor and style
Green eyes skin smooth as silk

I am a Royal Bengal Tigress
Had not been under any duress
Carrie: At Sunday Muse #202
Choice of a Picture prompt

Thursday, March 10, 2022

oblivious of the wet

                                                                                     Author: Roberto Trm
Image: Kissing in the Rain  (here)

There they are and oblivious of the wet
Resolute in yearnings not to regret
Clasped tight in the entanglements of love
Panacea of pain set not to observe
Turbulent in thoughts and standing on air
Let loose emotions that are hazardous
Exudes warmness rightly unaware
Tugging in the cold they don’t deserve
Softening the savage breast to the fore
Kissing in the rain an obvious splendour

Note: A ten-lined stanza 
with 10 syllables in each line

Laura at d'Verse MTB - numbering ten

Tuesday, March 8, 2022

Satisfying unlimited wants!

                                                                          Author:Josiah Warren

Image: An Early Discourse to Resolve:
 Equitable Commerce (1852) by Josiah Warren (here) 
The Three Voices, Four Riddles, Echoes  -  Lewis Carrol

By way of wants
The yearnings of a reality
That's not how it had all begun
The wonders of scarcity

The three whispers awaiting solutions
Unlimited wants
Unlimited yearnings
Unlimited restrains
Care for a show?

Answers to get the wheel moving
Scarcity of all whims
Creating demands unsurpassed
Grinds the solution to the brim
Able to feed them in the past

Reflecting on the resolutions
Adam Smith leads the way
Born of  the Wealth of Nations
Held spell-bound, held sway
Right on with the actions

Principles and theories
Come into play in absolute terms
Not creating worries
But providing answers for all seasons

Economics had been fun
Satisfying unlimited wants!

Sanaa's at d'Verse Poetics : carrol crush saga

Sunday, March 6, 2022

Will he take the Risk?

                                                                      Author: Photo by Jonah Reenders
Image:  These shoes are 
made for Walking (here)

A lot is expected of his being
Stepping into someone's shoes
None to be ashamed of the call
For one is the chosen one

The only concern is whether its
size fits the one who grabbed it
It is heavy on the shoulders should
the realization be unduly ignored

None can be reassured to be comfortable
if the shoes are too big to step into
Many find it daunting and frightfully true
but the wisdom unfortunately comes too late 

Carrie's at Sunday Muse #201

Friday, March 4, 2022

Old habits die hard

                                                                                                   Author: Tom Adriaenssen
Image:  Happy With an Old Habit (here)

Old habits die hard
Scant attention with whims to discard 
One can act with due regard
But many do not act smart

Undoing of ingrained suffering
By virtue of gathering strength
Be rid of silliness long-standing
To lessen the gap to reduce length

Breaking a habit is selective
Is no mean easy but rather
Needs strong resolve to be effective
Once decided never to falter

Avoid cycle of tryouts
Stay true to a reformed self
Deserving  then of a shout-out
Having triumphed above all else

JadeLi  at d'Verse OLN 311