Thursday, May 31, 2012


                                                                      Guitar 1932 Pablo Picasso
Image:1  The Cubism form
(Picture: Courtesy of d'Verse)

Image:2  Guernica 
(Picture Credit : Google images from Wiki)

Fragmented objects
Cubism, overlapping,

Bombed out Guernica 
Picasso in his quest to
depict a war zone

Exhibited in
many places and brought home
on Franco’s demise

Pablo Picasso Quotes:

"Computers are useless. They can only give you answers.
Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once we grow up.
Every positive value has its price in negative terms... the genius of Einstein leads to Hiroshima.
Everything you can imagine is real"

Written for d'Verse FormForAll

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Make a Wish

Image:1 Courtesy of Google images

‘Make a wish’, quickly!
Only when one is lucky
To spot the tailings..

A Shooting Star

In the still of the night
A light breeze lazily passes by
Brushing my  cheeks lightly
A wisp of my hair flailing on top
What can be more peaceful
Looking up the night sky
As if in collusion bids a common stance
All quiet nothing disturbs
Except for the slight movements
Of rustling leaves on the quiet
Suddenly, ‘ make a wish, make a wish’
Excitement fills the air
From around me, some distance away
Camouflaged by the shadows
Young lovers warm in embrace
Alive in an instance
Aware of nature’s sudden entrance
Long tailings bright in the silent night
A ‘shooting star’ for all its glory!

Submitted for Chev's Haikublog Tackle it Tuesday with prompt - shooting stars

Monday, May 28, 2012


Image:1 Courtesy of Grandma's Goulash

It is a privilege
To walk in the corridors of power
Many do a good job
To benefit the people

Sadly, a few abused it
With dire consequences

(140 characters)
Counted through Design215

Note: Grandma's Goulash presents a picture (above) and a word 'privilege' for this week's Micro Fiction to be written not exceeding 140 characters.

Written for Grandma's Goulash Succinctly Yours Week #62 and d"Verse OpenLinkNight week 46

Limericks 11

Madeleine Kane at provides the first line and we are to continue. These are my postings at the specific dates

kaykuala says:
May 27, 2012 at 2:17 am
A fellow was planning to wed
A lass who was playing hard to get
Try as he might
All that he had
Excepting him the rest she grabbed


kaykuala says:
May 24, 2012 at 10:55 pm
There are foods I won’t touch on a bet
Sensational, exotic or whatever you get
Taste is my bother
It affects no other
But I enjoy food the way it is prepared


kaykuala says:
May 19, 2012 at 11:21 pm
A fellow who tried to persuade
A charming lady who had it made
That he’s God’s gift
But hard to believe
Quick exit he did and to just fade


kaykuala says:
May 13, 2012 at 3:29 am

A gal in an overpriced store
Is a show off and just a bore
Hopes to ensnare
But gets nowhere
Not getting what she hopes for

Sunday, May 27, 2012


                                                      House at Dusk 1935 by Edward Hopper
Image:1 Courtesy of Tess' Mag 119

Know thy neighbors, love thy neighbors
Love the way you love yourself
Not like cuddling a neighbor like a cute kitten
when she’s really a cute little kitty
Like you’ll be bashed up by the loving hubby
or a jealous boyfriend who likes to keep things
all for himself. Love them for the occasional chats
Or to humbly borrow a pint of milk for the baby who
just can’t wait for you to nip over to the grocer’s
or the 4-step ladder that you left at your mother’s house
but you need to change the bulb right now, pronto!
Love him for good advice on the stocks,
don’t  hound him when it’s down but
rather sheepishly admit you’ve been
careless – overtrading , bad analysis or
just plain whims or whatever
Love him for the golf partner that you need
by being ok! for a gimme
Love him for all you want for yourself
but not to fall ‘for being with the Jones’
for which behind every successful man is a woman and
so also it’s true the other way around
Not being able to locate your wife while shopping at the Mall

Don’t loudly exclaim ‘I’ve lost my wife’ in jest for the good
neighbor nearby might just retort, ‘is it good or bad?’

Written for Tess' Mag #119

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Joy of Sharing

 Image:1 Making signs of togetherness

Image:2 Mindful of Sharing togetherness

Exudes vibrations
Of emotional delight
And festive gaiety

The joy of sharing
With someone dear to our heart
A togetherness

Feelings of love, a
blissful state of wanting to
give than to receive

Sealed the fate of grief
The sorrow of feeble minds
That succumbed writhing 

Written for Haiku Heights #146 with prompt - Joy 

Thursday, May 24, 2012


Image:1 Goldfinger was the first Bond film to win an Academy Award . A  financial success, recouping its budget in just two weeks and is hailed and still being acclaimed as one of the best films in the entire Bond series.
Image:2 Honor Blackman (born 22 August 1925) an English actress, acted as Cathy Gale in The Avengers (1962–64) and as Bond girl Pussy Galore in Goldfinger  (1964).

 Image:3 A judo exponent

 Image4: With Patrick McNee in The Avengers' TV series

Image:5 A song she recorded with Patrick McNee in 1964, "Kinky Boots", was a surprise hit, peaking at No.5 in 1990 After her appearance in Goldfinger, she recorded a full album of songs, "Everything I've Got".
{Picture Credits: From Google Images)

Goldfinger was the third film in the James Bond series and also the third to star Sean Connery as James Bond.

Honor Blackman was older than Sean  and at 38 she was the oldest actress ever to play a Bond girl. 

Honor Blackman as Pussy Galore:  Blackman was selected for the role of Pussy Galore because of her role in The Avengers and the script was rewritten to show Blackman's judo abilities Concerned about censors, the producers thought about changing the name to "Kitty Galore", but they decided "if you were a ten-year old boy and knew what the name meant, you weren't a ten-year old boy, you were a dirty little bitch. Blackman took delight in embarrassing interviewers by repeatedly mentioning the character's name. Whilst the American censors did not interfere with the name in the film, they refused to allow the name "Pussy Galore" to appear on promotional materials and for the US market she was subsequently referred to by the title 'Miss Galore'

(all of above info from Wiki) 

(I am taking the stance of reflecting on the sensational Honor Blackman ever aware of the stream of consciousness of the person  and not on a philosophical slant of the prompt, Honor) 

Judo exponent
To show her Judo prowess
Script was adjusted

Her reputation
As Gale in The Avengers
earlier,sealed the deal

As Pussy Galore
Oldest to play a Bond Girl
But no less pretty

On completion she
recorded a full album
"Everything I've Got".

Written for Poets United Think Tank Thursdays with prompt #98- Honor and d'Verse Stream of Consciousness

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

What is a Frog?

Image:1 An ornamental looped braid or cord ( picture courtesy of Google images)

A Frog is:
1. An aquatic or terrestrial amphibian with long hind legs adapted for leaping.
2. A wedge-shaped, horny prominence in the sole of a horse's hoof.
3. A loop fastened to a belt to hold a tool or weapon.
4. An ornamental looped braid or cord with a button or knot for fastening the front of a garment.
5. A device on intersecting railroad tracks that permits wheels to cross the junction.
6. A spiked or perforated device used to support stems in a flower arrangement.
7. The nut of a violin bow.
8. Informal hoarseness or phlegm in the throat.
(from Wiki)

A croaking sound an
amphibian, melodious
music after rain

Also part of the
horse’s hoofs or fastened to a
belt to carry things

Button or knot to
fasten Mao-like front jacket
Railroad track device

Device in flower
arrangement and nut
of a violin bow

Clearing the throat and
we have not even talked of
leapfrog or frogman

And what about the
delicacy that tastes more
like chicken, frog legs

Written for d'Verse OpenLinkNight week45 and Chev's Tackle it Tuesdays with prompt - Frog

Monday, May 21, 2012

A Tetractys

Image:1 Courtesy of Google images

He did?
Worries me!
Semblance of care
Difficult to maintain easy but just
Get it over with, discipline is sought
Guidance a choice
Face the wrath
Beat it!

Note: Tetractys,  a poetic form invented by Ray Stebbing, consists of at least 5 lines of 1, 2, 3, 4, 10 syllables (total of 20). Tetractys can be written with more than one verse, but must follow suit with an inverted syllable count (courtesy of Real Toads, here)

I’ve chosen to write a Double Tetractys of 1, 2, 3, 4, 10, 10, 4, 3, 2, 1 

Written for d'Verse OpenLinkNights

Sunday, May 20, 2012


Image:1 Poster for the film Trapeze with Burt Lancaster, Tony Curtis and Gina Lollobrigida
(Picture Credit: From Google Images)

                                                          The Circus with the Yellow Clown
                                                                              Marc Chagall 1967

Image:2  Courtesy of Tess' Magpie

Life is high trapeze
Swinging with uncertainties
Swaying with the wind

Life is whimsical
Clowning with lighter moments
Happy with laughter

Life is seriousness
Fighting hard for survival
For shelter and food

Life is all romance
Two hearts together as one
Never growing old

Written for Tess' Magpie #118

Wednesday, May 16, 2012


Image:1 A gory sight that can happen anywhere just because some people insist in getting their way on the road. This picture is from google images. I was not anywhere near it!
(Picture Credit: Google images)

Red colored sports car
cut in fast in front of me,
I jammed in the brakes

A few cars behind
did the same but luckily
that no one got hurt

Surely some had cursed
‘He will be a statistics
only pray for him’

RPB pining
hopes of change in behavior
Salvation bodes well

Defensive driving
for peace-loving  citizens
is the right answer

Process note:  A common occurrence of road bullies in the making. Their RPB, their  Recurrent Pattern of Behavior will invariably result in a nasty pile-up. They will continue to speed, to take chances on the road, to weave in and out of long lines. We have to watch out and accommodate them to avoid an accident.  It is waiting to happen.

Just as an employee, who puts his hand in the till , given half a chance he’ll swipe anything. If once caught he should be sacked. His RPB will not change. He will continue to frequent  jail time and promotes himself for bigger jobs as he progresses with age.

Submitted for Haiku Heights #145 with prompt - pine -

Tuesday, May 15, 2012


 Image:1 The 1999 movie that won critical acclaim for Producer, Director Anderson and actor Tom Cruise

 Image:2  A tough magnolia flower

Image:3 A canopy of flowering pink magnolias in Manhattan's Central Park in early spring
(Picture Credit: Google images)

An ancient flower,
evolved before bees appeared
Carpels are tough to

avoid damage as
pollination by beetles
Named after Magnol

a French botanist
State flower of Louisiana
and Mississippi,

the ‘Magnolia State’
Anderson’s film, starring
Cruise and Robards, won

critical acclaim
Was Robard’s last appearance
All Wiki said so!

Additional note: (source: Wiki)
 It is named after French botanist Pierre Magnol.
Magnolia is an ancient genus. Having evolved before bees appeared, the flowers developed to encourage pollination by beetles. To avoid damage from pollinating beetles, the carpels of Magnolia flowers are extremely tough. Fossilised specimens of Magnolia acuminata have been found dating to 20 million years ago, and of plants identifiably belonging to the Magnoliaceae dating to 95 million years ago  (here)

Written for  Chevrefeuille's Tackle It Tuesdays Day 2 with prompt - Magnolia and

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Gauguin's World

 Image:1 Snapshot of a younger Paul Gauguin

 Image:2 Self Portrait in later years

 Image:3 The Meal aka The Bananas 1891 ( courtesy of Tess' Magpie)

 Image:4 Two Women on the Beach

 Image:5 A Road in Tahiti

Image:6 Tahitian Women Under the Palms
(Picture Credit: All from Google Images)

The South Seas Chronicler mused
Laid back basking in the sea breeze
Caressing his cheeks in mid morning
Without a care in the world
The surrounding greenery affording
The shelter needed to stimulate
his mind.  Reflecting he ventured
back. This was Gauguin’s world
Tahiti, blissful in all its goodness
Near enough to what Eve had left
Undisturbed. It would have been heavenly in the 1800’s
Fodder for the mind, guiding the hues
of colors painstakingly on canvas
He was not short of subjects, of scenic views
Of still life, of human kind, of models
The village belle, the voluptuous
The big fat Mama in colorful dress
And the youngsters waiting for their meals
His mind went viral and we’re all the richer
Masterpiece, after masterpiece
Of post-impressionist kinds
The production line at full speed

But wait up! What happened when
The colors dried up and the canvas were all used
He couldn’t possibly rush downtown
For his supplies. He couldn’t possibly mix
His own colors from local sources
Replenishment from ships were rare
How did he manage? I just wonder!

Written for Tess' Magpie Mag 117 and Real Toads OpenLinkMonday

Saturday, May 12, 2012


"Let the Wild Rumpus Begins...." Apologies to Brian! There's none of Sendak's here but some wild themes relating to Tonto's head-dress is def wild! . It's too good to pass off ( this is earlier posted in HH)

Image1: One of the first pictures released of the new Tonto (Johnny Depp) on the left and The Lone Ranger (Armie Hammer). Shooting is currently underway in New Mexico. Worldwide release is slated for early 2013

Image2: The classic duo of old, Tonto (Jay Silverheels) and the Lone Ranger (Clayton Moore)
(Picture Credit: Google Images)

A remake is due
The Lone Ranger and Tonto
For release next year

Tonto the sidekick
Is given a bigger role
Starring Johnny Depp

Armie Hammer is
The Lone Ranger the masked one
Shooting underway

Yes! 'Kimosabe' 
'Hi-yo, Silver away!' Wow!
What fun, memories!

Process Note: To explain Tonto's head-dress:
Johnny Depp looks unrecognizable. He was actually inspired to update Tonto's look after seeing a painting by artist Kirby Sattler. "I looked at the face of this warrior and thought: That's it," Depp recalls. "The stripes down the face and across the eyes . . . it seemed to me like you could almost see the separate sections of an individual, if you know what I mean."Depp says the lines of paint on the face represent the cross-section of a man's emotional life.
 "There's this very wise quarter, a very tortured and hurt section, an angry and rageful section, and a very understanding and unique side. That makeup inspired me."
Sattler's painting also inspired Tonto's headdress. "It just so happened Sattler had painted a bird flying directly behind the warrior's head. It looked to me like it was sitting on top, "I thought: Tonto's got a bird on his head. It's his spirit guide in a way. It's dead to others, but it's not dead to him. It's very much alive." (Wiki as quoted from Entertainment Weekly)

Written for Haiku Heights #144 with prompt - Mask and d'Verse Poetics: Sendak & the Wild Things

Thursday, May 10, 2012


Photo Credit: Courtesy of Google images

What’s the snag, buddy?
I don’t know, somehow I feel uneasy
What about?
It’s  technology. It’s meant to assist and make things simpler
That’s worrying me
Good is bad?
Yes! For my birthday yesterday, the kids bought me a cell phone
Not bad! I mean it’s a good thing and many happy returns…..
Thanks, But I got the jitters! It’s a touchscreen or whatever…
Great! You get the latest that’s making the rounds
That’s the whole point!
It struck the daylights out of me!. The computer is foreign to me
But this is a cell phone, you said?
Yes, but it’s just the same. I don’t own a cell phone. So they thought why not get me one.
Aren’t you happy?
Of course, I am!
What’s the hang-up then?
I don’t even know how to send messages
You mean texting?
Yes, whatever you call it. And now this… touchscreen…! I don’t even know where to start!  Thanks to technology!

Process notes: There are friends from our generation who refused to be bothered to learn. They are happy to use the fixed line to communicate. The computer is such a fright and they just observe from a safe distance. 

Written for d'Verse Machine Dreams with prompt - technology


Image:  from Google

It is always there
But I would just crave for more
That is news to me

It is on the News
It is in the newspapers
More for your liking

But it would get stale
The moment that you hear it
You just ask for more

Is that why the news
Gets repeated all the time
It seems likely so

Written for Poets United ThinkTankThursday #96 with prompt - news

Tuesday, May 8, 2012


                                                                 Raindrops by dariavelma

Picture Credit: Courtesy of Google images

Tiny pearly white
Heaven sent little droplets
Casting a wide net

Raindrops a falling
Savior undoubtedly with
Providence’s presence

Precious outpourings
Nurturing the greenery’s
Luxuriant luster

Extending life’s wants
Unfaltering turbulence
In stormy weather

Still, good credentials
Sustained its usefulness on
Life’s feeble podium

Monday, May 7, 2012

A River

                                                   Image:  River Irwell by R.A.D. Stainforth

Picture Credit: Courtesy of Tess' Magpie

Doses of sincere opinions
Transparent in their stance
The sense of touch was all they needed
They extended their verdicts
The blind men  and the elephant

They were now called upon again
They could tell us a thing or two
Of how they ‘viewed’ a movement
Their philosophy of a flowing body of water
The blind men and the river

It’s now telepathic the blind men said
Devoid of a physical touch
They sensed  their ‘view’ through remote
Honed through skillful experience

A river was  peaceful,
serene in its flow said one
No, it’s lazily lethargic and slow
said the other. It’s secretive,
dungeons full of mysteries  below
A river had given life, sustained life
Hydro electric power, Omega-3 power
said the quiet one
Wait a minute, I’ve ‘seen’ different
said another, the fury unleashed to Man and property….
destruction all the way

Rivers conjured myriads in our minds
The philosophical one countered
I could see it, I could see it
Akin to Man in his dealings

Written for Tess’ Magpie #116 

Thursday, May 3, 2012


                                                               Image: Make a Wish by feainne

Picture Credit: Courtesy of Ella at Real Toads

How I wished I had wings to soar above
I would be free searching with ease at last
For a fertile valley for the dirt farmer down below
Feeding the hungry not a problem any more

How I wished I had 4 hands two on each side
I could then accomplish more working like mad
Doubling my productivity for King and country
Standing tall as a contributor quite happily

How I wished I had bags full of greenbacks
Equitable distribution of income was what we lack
To pass on to those deprived already with anger
Which any good government should really bother

How I wished I had 4 eyes with 2 at the back
Shooting from behind would be a dastardly act
I could preempt attempts to bump me off easy
Of cowards crouching would be acts of  futility

How I wished I could dream on with foolery
As someone gullible enough might just worry
That we could solve problems of the Universe
Without taking up arms against those defenseless 

Written for Poetry United's Think Tank Thursday #95 with prompt - wish and Real Toads with prompt - dirt farmer

Wednesday, May 2, 2012


Image: Sir Winston Churchill
Sourced through Wikimedia Commons (here)

‘Blood, toil, tears, and sweat’
Patriotic words  to whip up
The British resolve

German offensive
Had prompted Churchill’s classic
Words in Parliament

The words rang out loud
‘We shall fight on the beaches’
Go it alone, just!

Men would remember
The British Empire of
Their Finest Hour

Written for Haiku Heights # 143 with prompt - Hour