Wednesday, May 2, 2012


Image: Sir Winston Churchill
Sourced through Wikimedia Commons (here)

‘Blood, toil, tears, and sweat’
Patriotic words  to whip up
The British resolve

German offensive
Had prompted Churchill’s classic
Words in Parliament

The words rang out loud
‘We shall fight on the beaches’
Go it alone, just!

Men would remember
The British Empire of
Their Finest Hour

Written for Haiku Heights # 143 with prompt - Hour


  1. def one of the more inspirational moments...speeches given...there are a few like that...given with such passion and in such a time that they resonate...ever forward...

  2. Yeah one speech that still rings out today
    As with words he surely had a way

  3. Hank, I agree that Churchill's speeches stand with the best, but there's this rankling feeling. They always say "we" when they mean "you, the lower classes." The upper classes got posh jobs in embassies and shuffling papers, just like the wars today fought by the US. Little GWB going AWOL and getting away with it... just my take. Still, a wonderful piece, just an observation! Peace, Amy (old leftie hippie pacifist)

  4. I'm not a lover of war but, I'm also a lover of freedom. Without our forces to keep our nations free, where would we be?
    Nicely said Hank

  5. A lovely tribute. k.

  6. Awesome set of haiku. especially in this time of the year.

    Would like to introduce and invite you to my new haiku challenge "Tackle It Tuesday". Come on ... feel free to be part of it.

  7. Reminder of the inspiration and the men of the times!! Nicely done for this week's prompt. :)
    Bewitching Hour

  8. Churchill's speech to Parliament on the eve of World War II is one of the most inspiring pieces of literature in history: short and powerful!

    In This Sacred Hour