Sunday, May 27, 2012


                                                      House at Dusk 1935 by Edward Hopper
Image:1 Courtesy of Tess' Mag 119

Know thy neighbors, love thy neighbors
Love the way you love yourself
Not like cuddling a neighbor like a cute kitten
when she’s really a cute little kitty
Like you’ll be bashed up by the loving hubby
or a jealous boyfriend who likes to keep things
all for himself. Love them for the occasional chats
Or to humbly borrow a pint of milk for the baby who
just can’t wait for you to nip over to the grocer’s
or the 4-step ladder that you left at your mother’s house
but you need to change the bulb right now, pronto!
Love him for good advice on the stocks,
don’t  hound him when it’s down but
rather sheepishly admit you’ve been
careless – overtrading , bad analysis or
just plain whims or whatever
Love him for the golf partner that you need
by being ok! for a gimme
Love him for all you want for yourself
but not to fall ‘for being with the Jones’
for which behind every successful man is a woman and
so also it’s true the other way around
Not being able to locate your wife while shopping at the Mall

Don’t loudly exclaim ‘I’ve lost my wife’ in jest for the good
neighbor nearby might just retort, ‘is it good or bad?’

Written for Tess' Mag #119


  1. An excellent write, and I loved the ending.

  2. not able to locate your wife while shopping in the mall is very funny. what about cell phones? that's house people talk to each other in the mall these days anyway :)

    funny, i saw the neither good nor bad theme in this also

    neither good nor bad

  3. Great minds think alike,Tammy! That's what I've been told! I've not got on to your post yet. My attempt got a 'cannot locate...' response. Will try again. Thanks Ma'am!


  4. haha lots at play here and yeah know they neighbor but don't necessarily love them or like them, avoid some haha, loosing a wife in the mall is also an easy task.

  5. A very fun read. Lots of info in this and loosing your wife at the shopping mall might be considered.. careless?
    LOL Yes, call her on the cell phone. She's probably not even noticed you're missing if she's >>> Shopping!

  6. haha yeah just watch how close you love that neighbor that could get you into trouble..a.nd i def dont put much stock in the jones'...smiles.

  7. I'll have the golf partner who will allow me a gimmie, maybe two!!!

  8. wow! that was a good story.


    Pareng Hank, thank you very much! you know what I mean... hehehe...

  9. well crafted ~ wonderful ~ ^_^ namaste

  10. Quite a twist at the end. You kept us on our toes. Fine write, indeed.

  11. Community and neighbours are some of the best things in life , Hank, (apart from the annoying ones ) , thanks.

  12. Hank, that ending made me laugh. Am I bad for that? Very well done.


  13. I love this POV from the people who are living there and I really enjoy how your statements are very balanced. Great writing Hank! :)

  14. Love the way you love yourself...yes...

  15. Good work! Loving thy neighbour is not always easy though, is it?