Saturday, February 27, 2021

Limericks Fare

Image:  A Careful User (here)

A fellow who telecommuted
Was he doubly fast when he tweeted
Thumb worked on the HP
Crossed the road in a jiffy
Pallbearers later had him hoisted

A weird fellow who tended to brag
Could never readily hold him back
His random boasts
Didn’t come close
As his exploits were just a drag

A woman who always seemed game
Had a fearful reputation to her name
A guy who tried to get fresh
Was on the behind thrashed
She was of a black belt Tae Kwon Do fame

MLMM's Lucky Dip - Limericks

Friday, February 26, 2021

wings of change flapping

                                                                                              Author:Marcel Burkhard (User:Cele4)
Image:  Skimming the Surface   (here)

the 12 given words:
wings neared lake drift glided water surface 
rippling, arc composed settled nest

wings of change flapping
as they neared the lake
the drift grew intense upon returning
they glided forcefully instead

skimmed the water surface
rippling the calmness of the morning
a familiar technique in place
forming an arc before diving in

composed in attitude searching
in the clear expanse of the reservoir
settled safely in the nest having
taken their first tryout wanting more

MMT's the Whirligig #307

Tuesday, February 23, 2021

Providence is a fair Equalizer

                                                                                                  Author: Basile Morin
Image: The Young and the Old (here)

I am the bud and the blossom, I am the late-falling leaf  -  Paul Dunbar’s The Paradox:

All the world’s a stage of which are enacted
seven parts. Two parts are of uncanny similarity
but paradoxically different. The infant at the
beginning and the second childhood at the end
for 'I am the bud and the blossom' says one  
and sadly 'I am the late-falling leaf' says the other

The infant is helpless, dependent on minders
for every need. But showered with love and affections
bubbly and cute is adored and cuddled in all innocence

The second childhood is just as dependent on minders
But that’s where it ends. 

Existing in the misery of dementia where personal 
hygiene has gone asunder. Aged and spent devoid 
of memory, dehumanized and degrading unkempt
to say the least. Planned obsolescence of humankind
sans everything!

Why is this so? Is it nature’s way to ensure those with
debilitating afflictions the late falling leaves are accorded 
the love and affections due to them just as one is 
bubbly and cute? (even though they are a misery 
to themselves and their minders! )

Maybe so, it is so!
Providence is a fair Equalizer.

There is no denying it!

Note: Acknowledging the wisdom of the Bard

Laura at d'Verse Poetics - the resolution of opposites/

reaching for the sky

Image:  STOP - to reach for the sky or
to proceed forward (here)

reaching for the sky
outward bound for a change
contending on the sly
with touch of fame

others may not be alarmed
in a world of competitive spirit
cornering the market by elements
unfriendly going by their habits

no fear 
play by the ear
(44 words)

De at d'Verse  - Quadrille
Nekneeraj's at MlMM's Photo Challenge #355

Sunday, February 21, 2021

What's new Pussycat?

                                                                                               Source (here)
Image: Some ladies are privileged

What's new Pussycat?
a black cat and a sexy black lingerie
it may turn out to be a lethal combination
in certain circumstances

a piece of garment 
hidden from view
seen only by the wearer 
or some amourous individuals
privileged and in private

the black cat can then turn cuddly
meowing lithe and playing her cards well

what with the ongoing lockdown
it opens up rare opportunities
a Yoko Ono sleep-in perhaps
it can go in varied directions

Happy pandemic
for all newly married couples
stay together, stay safe!

Shay's at The Sunday Muse  #148

Thursday, February 18, 2021

to mourn a failed encounter

                                                                                          Author: Luisisthebeast
Image: A Loving Couple (here)

11 of 12 given words:
mourn chipped soap mark draw work mail catalog  
threadbare (poor or shabby in appearance)
mend broken 

to mourn a failed encounter
chipped at the edges 
will need more 
than just soap and water

it will be off the mark
to draw an inspiration
from those who enjoy blissfully
a relationship that works 

a mail-order bride from 
a catalog of pretty faces
may not be revealing
the threadbare concoction
to mend a broken soul 

MMT's The Whirligig  Wordle #306
Bjorn at d'Verse OLN #284 - live

Sunday, February 14, 2021

idiocy in communication

                                                                                     Author: Laurel Burch
Image:: Sulking beauty (here)

idiocy in communication
imposed by the pesky lockdown
it got out of fashion
florists were out of town

social media provided the vehicle
virtual bouquets were sent
complete with pictures and words
courtship took on a new turn

holding hands as a first move
was a thing of the past
hands handy on keyboards
seemed more sensuous
the reach was wider
and not to worry it did last

young lady it was no way to sulk
rules imposed which made it sad 
social distancing no freer as a lark
being happy with smartphones and iPads

a letdown to young lovers in a big way 
perhaps even fewer kissings
exposed to the new normal to their dismay
not aware of what they had been missing!

Happy Valentine!

Carrie's at Sunday Muse #147
Michael's at MLMM's - the story of love

Thursday, February 11, 2021

the light had dimmed

                                                                                             Author: Eddie Kips
Image: A Slow Walk Home (here)

the 12 given Wordle words:
father came front door faces light 
star own tragedy near lock believe

many years ago specifically 
it escaped his mind
but fresh in memory his loving father
was ever so thoughtful

there was always something 
in his hands when he came home 
through the front door

faces lit up with high expectations
it was something to eat and share
or a present not for anything specific
but reasons cooked up to justify it

fast forward a decade perhaps
the light had dimmed 
the star no more bright
even for his own birthday 
it needed reminding

he could not get over it
the tragedy consumed his gentleness
nothing violent but he was lost

now a quick change in personal traits
no more the jovial person
that the neighbors encountered
in that quaint village 
but a near hobo needed to be shown home
to be in his locked room

believing that better times 
would favour him again
for his mind is still sanely clear
sadly though faint whispers of her name
in soliloquy could be heard 
Mom was always there for him

MMT's Sunday Whirligig Wordle #305
Grace at d'Verse  Meeting the Bar - setting

Tuesday, February 9, 2021

I am no host do you hear!

                                                                          Author:Ellie Burgin on

 Image:  Insistence on living (here)

Standing alone in semi-darkness
Tenacity is my bother
Despite losing a few petals
Confidence helps me to hold out

I am no host do you hear!
No pesky fungi spores 
Need land on me
Do not spoil my existence

You animal!  oops!
You are neither animal, plant nor bacteria\
You had better decide
What are you anyway
To think you have your own kingdom

So what?
You can't even move
Or grow on your own steam
You are nearer to a living dead

I am no host do you hear!

Note: Hank having fun here.
Never knew fungi can be fun, yes!

Sarah at d'Verse Poetics  -  having fun with fungi
MLMM's Photo Challenge #353

Monday, February 8, 2021

keen relationships that are most enduring

                                                                                          Author: Author Satndy
Image: Cozy Being with Friends (here)

at times of hardships and inconveniences
looking forward to thinking of good times
time to embrace the right form of alliances
in keeping with the good faith of having friends

keen relationships that are most enduring
that are difficult to find and not sustaining
(44 Words)

Merril at d'Verse Quadrille 121

this paragon of beauty

                                                                                 Author: Susie Clevenger
Image: Natural Woman -  Digital Collage Art "Covid Creations"(here)

The 12 given words:
inward grave stirring resolute union 
string invitation late keeping rich 
paragon (something that is the very best). 

an inward-looking stance
grave in its stirrings 
of a chirpy lot

birds of a feather 
resolute in its union
of a string of invitations 
from both ends

though late in the day 
in keeping with the rich choices
not to mention the good taste
of this paragon of beauty
still not being successful 
in extending 
its glutton's set of musings

they failed miserably 
in all attempts of flattery 
to shake her confidence

Sunday Muse $146
MLMM's Wordle # 226

Thursday, February 4, 2021

enraptured comprehending so feeble

                                                                  Author:Clara Taggart MacChesney
Image: Age of Innocence (here)

that innocent look of an angel
leafing and reading slowly across
enraptured comprehending so feeble
not wanting to appear lost

demure and forlornly stable
reacting to one so disappointing
why are they not readily able
but to a flare-up in an eye of a blink

why aren’t humans all angels
so sincere and helpful to all
have a world in entirety central
to be devoid of faults walking tall

to forgive and forget is apt
angels do that all the time
but humans not one to adapt
stained and soiled in grime

Lillian at d'Verse OLN - in my circle

cradled by the buoyant sea breeze

                                                                                                Author:Jason Hollinger
Image: Misty and deserted beach (here)

roaring down the beach 
at the height of winter waves 
mist clouds                             © Jane Reichhold 

roaring down the beach
on converted motorbike
free from corrosion

at the height of winter waves
chased by thrilled seagulls 
freedom on a lark

mist clouds
cradled by the buoyant sea breeze 
amidst heavenly cool retreat

Chevrefeuille's Carpe Diem #1843-troiku-challenge

Tuesday, February 2, 2021

brought back home in body bags!

                                                                                    Author:User: W.wolny
Image: Fallen Newsman - Hiding but not Hidden (here)

staccato bursts of gunfire
intimidating to those in the vicinity
and bombs in the distance
frightening to those under siege
melodious to the marauders
embedded with a detachment
seeing action before his own eyes

the newsman and photographer
unarmed, untrained, unseen 
unaccounted for when fallen
but who could only sigh and hope
that the next sniper’s target
would not have him at the crosshairs

as did some of his colleagues
who had been there earlier
unfortunate enough to be seen
and later picked up still in camouflage
but wet, bathed red with his own blood
unsung, unknown, unidentified 
but just another to add to the growing number
forgotten victims of human conflict
who were not supposed to be there
they who dared to be in the front
just so for the benefit of those
back home sitting sipping coffee
comfortably in front of the idiot box

waiting eagerly for the latest
from those with pads or cameras
whose numbers are increasingly
brought back home in body bags!

when civilian casualties
are the prize called for and termed
as collateral damage
by the powerful and the price
to pay for as a consequence of
human conflict it reflects
the intensity of intentions the
insensitivity of emotions and
sadly the failure of conscience
of humanity

Bjorn at d'Verse Poetics - war poetry

Monday, February 1, 2021

It happened quite suddenly

                                                                                    Author: Paul Friel                                                           
Image: Regal Bearing (here)

I had always wanted to relate the experience. It happened quite suddenly.
I never would have thought it could happen in front of my eyes.  

Hank's grandy pointed to the sky. Hank had seen it on YouTube but not 
in real life. It was a slow glide first in large circles. Then progressively 
moving towards the centre. It was poetry in motion.

Some others stopped and looked up too. Suddenly, it seemed to stop in mid-air. 
Some fowls on the ground scurried making strange noises. In a split second,
it swooped down barely 40 feet away and up with a struggling chicken, not 
a chick gripped at its feet. It was a real privilege to witness. It was no larger
than the chicken itself but flew away with ease.

Eagle Nest of old
Pride of place national bird
Up high in the sky

Frank's at d'Verse- Haibun Monday - eagle