Monday, February 1, 2021

It happened quite suddenly

                                                                                    Author: Paul Friel                                                           
Image: Regal Bearing (here)

I had always wanted to relate the experience. It happened quite suddenly.
I never would have thought it could happen in front of my eyes.  

Hank's grandy pointed to the sky. Hank had seen it on YouTube but not 
in real life. It was a slow glide first in large circles. Then progressively 
moving towards the centre. It was poetry in motion.

Some others stopped and looked up too. Suddenly, it seemed to stop in mid-air. 
Some fowls on the ground scurried making strange noises. In a split second,
it swooped down barely 40 feet away and up with a struggling chicken, not 
a chick gripped at its feet. It was a real privilege to witness. It was no larger
than the chicken itself but flew away with ease.

Eagle Nest of old
Pride of place national bird
Up high in the sky

Frank's at d'Verse- Haibun Monday - eagle


  1. When you see one in real life, you realize that yes, they are big enough to carry away a chicken.

  2. They have a massive wingspan and the talons are razor sharp. There are golden eagles here and the bald eagle. The bald eagle is easier to spot due to their white head. So, glad you saw one Hank, they are majestic.

  3. wow what a sight to behold, you described it so vividly!

  4. How blessed to witness the eagle going out to lunch! Thanks for sharing the story.

  5. That chicken never had a chance Hank! :)

  6. What a thrill this must have been to witness!

  7. Excellent in eveery sense of the word Hank.


  8. Yep. They can sure snatch one up and fly off with ease.

  9. That had to be an impressive sight, Hank.