Sunday, January 31, 2021

Hopes dashed it smacked at his girl's happiness

                                                                              Author: Dominicus Johannes Bergsma
Image: An Addict's Craving knows
no Bounds but goes in all Directions (here)

A likable guy for whom all are proud
Very well mannered full of humour
Well dressed not outwardly loud
Ideally suitable as his daughter's partner

She was lauded for landing a big fish
Mommy all agog right from day one
Fitted the bill to a tee for everyone's wish
Waiting for the big day to rightly come

Dad making preparations all in earnest
Amidst all the enthusiasm it came to a stop
Dashed hopes smacked at his girl's happiness
On discovering he was a convicted drug lord

Michael's at MLMM's Sunday Writing Prompt
- discovering the past


  1. The things hidden behind closed doors can sure put a stop to the good once found out.

  2. Better to find out early before things got too rooted.

  3. Best to find out early on. Loved the read Hank.