Thursday, January 14, 2021

nothing beats the come hither look

                                                                                                Author: Wiki edit2 
Image: Blue and Green Eyes (here)

bewitching naughtily playful
a pair that looks good
I'm conveniently placed in front
looking ahead
not at the back or I'm dead

I'm two dainty eyes doe-like beady
glassy misty hazy squinting and dreamy
almond-shaped blinking

I can appear differently
not just black as many expect
also sexily so they say
in blue black brown and green
because I'm coloured 
or I can just remain closed

but be forewarned though 
for sometimes sharp as spears
and piercing I can kill
greatness of Providence
for all the blessings
eyes to see with emotions
for different moods and occasions
sadness excitement with laughter
and happiness all bringing tears
in friendly banter

but nothing beats the come hither look
a bane to many young hearts
and also to the stronger sex who
pathetically succumb
with just one look
from the weaker sex
who invariably remain stronger

Grace at d'Verse MTB - personification and imagery


  1. "glassy misty hazy squinting and dreamy
    almond-shaped blinking" wow! and the last stanza is just awesome!

  2. Loved the read Hank, excellent write.


  3. Yep, the eyes can send a message, for sure. That come-hither look can be lead to chaos!

  4. I love the closing lines and the acknowledgment of the strength of women! Nice to read you, Hank. Stay safe!

  5. Eyes express so much that we don't say, or even don't know that we say...

  6. Hank .... love that you reminded readers just the stronger species is! LOL

  7. Sometimes it just takes that single glance to tell you how things will have to be,