Sunday, January 17, 2021

. "I'm in charge, don't you ever forget it" she scowled!

                                                                                  Attribution: Manuel Martín Vicente
Image: Nice to be Organised (here)

Gigi assembled her planners, her calendars, her pens, 
pouches, and post-its before her on the desk and stood 
over them like a general surveying a map.

"I'm in charge, don't you ever forget it" she scowled!
"I'm in no mood to play games" she added looking down
the line to detect anything out of place, any smirks on 
their faces to belittle her efforts and her authority

Once she sensed some rebellious intent from the left corner 
of the room. She quickly pulled up the little guy who turned 
out to be the informal leader. That's the way it should be - to
nip it in the bud. At other times she showered praises on those
mostly at the centre of the room.
"Credit must be given where credit is due", she muttered softly.

Five minutes to the hour, she stopped. She was done for the 
day. She would resume again tomorrow. She had been on the
roleplay mode for over a week now. 

The play is fast approaching the opening night!

Dyland's at MLMM's - first line Friday