Friday, January 22, 2021

lost in the clouds up on mountain high

                                                                                                    Author: Alexthomascv
Image: On a Cloudy Day (here)

lost in the clouds up on mountain high
stuttering unselfishly where eagles cry
sought the solution to correct the morrow
gritting his teeth not to succumb to sorrow

down deep  the abyss of the bottomless pit 
finding hard to saunter around or to even sit
entertaining penance of wrongs of yesteryear
a realization mournfully of the lingering fear

mustering courage listlessly tugging for strength
an uncanny episode deja vu browsing at length
remembering it fizzled in the shadows quietly
inaction with less worry the solution eventually

not to worry sick but to stamp out the depression
it worked before not much hurt but still a solution

newepicauthor at MLMM's challenge #174
 - up where we belong
Sanaa's at d'Verse's  OLN - open link #282


  1. I resonate so strongly with this one, it's a brilliant idea to be outdoors when depression looms. I love the mountains!💝

  2. Thanks for adding your lovely poem to this challenge.

  3. Sometimes just a change of scene can bring forth a whole new solution or perspective

  4. Depression is tough but the great outdoors does help.

  5. Hiking, the forest, simply walking outdoors ~~ therapy. Thinking of you today .....

  6. Great use of rhyme and form and it fits the prompt. Now, I have this song looping in my head.

    Love lift us up where we belong
    Where the eagles cry
    On a mountain high

  7. Great verse Hank, I long to get outdoors as I once did. But will have to have patience and hope until such times.
    Take care.

  8. The Earths natural beauty can have an uplifting affect on the soul.
    I long for the great outdoors...