Tuesday, January 19, 2021

her heart failed to see the overtures

                                                                                                              Author: Vivaystn
Image: Not as Simple as it Looks (here)

what was the drift?
his mind declined to answer
sadly it had happened again

he let slip the open chance
he tried to keep his chin up
in vain efforts of maintaining
some form of authority

he could not even wrap it up
there was no finality
when given the chance
he could have tried

he towered over the rest
when at his best
but he burned the
goodness this time around
he could only manage to
breathe out some light greetings
before he began to stammer

his heart was open ever so expecting
her heart failed to see the overtures
his mind cluttered and his words muddled
she could guess his attempts 
his body language said so
the ring was safely in his grips
but still in his pocket!
to think this was the second attempt
he could not make the connection

why was it so difficult to pop
the six-million dollar question
and slip it on?.

Merril at d'Verse Poetics - connections


  1. Oh this was thrilling. I could see him a bundle of nerves.


  2. So intriguing, holding interest from beginning to end!


  3. I hope he managed to say something, and I hope she understood--and they connected!

  4. So hard to reach across the vast expanse of 'what if?' and make the connection! I too hope he succeeded...

  5. Uh Oh ... what could the matter be?

  6. I hope he finds a way to speak his heart. Make the connection happen.

  7. It's a two way connection that can only be achieved by meeting halfway!💝

  8. Sometimes just have to take a breath and do it