Tuesday, January 26, 2021

it needs an initiator

                                              Author:Clodomiro Esteves Junior
Image: The way forward (here)

what makes things move. 
nothing will progress to develop on its own

a way forward that maintains the inertia
will need less force
to relax at cruising speed

it needs an initiator 
to start the ball rolling
with lots of energy
a rare breed indeed 

(44 words)

MSJadeli at d'Verse - quadrille 120 - way


  1. Think you need some external force my friend! Cheers.

  2. Love the idea of "it needs an iniator" --- life's journey is never at standstill when you think about it. But oh yes...sometimes we need a push from somewhere or someone or something.

  3. Quality leaders are rare indeed, and to be treasured.

  4. There is always somebody that has to start... (for good and for bad)

  5. We are definitely in need of some inspiration...

  6. Just like the Big Bang, and now look at us! I like your philosophical yet logistical poem, Hank.

  7. Without a propelling force, there's no way forward. We could use a positive force in the world just now.