Sunday, June 30, 2013

An Island Paradise

The Sunday Whirl
The given words:

Bear in mind that
A bend of the road
Or a fallen bridge
May not be such
An obstacle

A meadow in heaven’s
Likeness is a savior in a
Lane of peace a likely
Retreat from
Birds of prey

It may not rock the
Unstable nature of a
Wild imagination but
Can well be a catalyst

An island paradise
Is still within reach!

Written for Brenda's hosting of Sunday Whirl Wordle #115 and Poets United's : Poetry Pantry #156

Don't Play Mickey with me !

 Image:1 In front of the Disney Castle. Azhar, Hafidz and Azlin

Image:2 At the Shark Encounter Azhar and my Loving Wife Shadah

 Image: 3 Azlin at Back from the Future

Image:4 Azhar at the Peter Pan attraction
Location: All images at the Anaheim Disneyland, LA from Hank's Collections

Was originally christened by Walt
as Mortimer Mouse
But his wife Lilian thought
Mickey was more appropriate
Following his visit however
to Warner Brothers studios
Mickey Rooney claimed
Walt had named it after him

Mickey Mouse was not alone
He had friends around
There’s Minnie Mouse
his girlfriend, Pluto
his dog Donald Duck and Goofy
And he is an official mascot
since 1955 of Disney

A runaway success Mickey
received nine Academy
nominations. What’s more on
his 50th anniversary
in 1978 he even had a star dedicated
to him at the Hollywood Walk of Fame

A life with cartoons is such a joy
and one with Mickey is so therapeutic
What if there was no Mickey
And there is no Disney
Youngsters will not be saying
‘Don’t play Mickey with me!’

Written for Mary's hosting at d"Verse Poetics - It All Started with a Mouse

Friday, June 28, 2013

The Dusk in Rain

                                                                                        Attribution: Julian Herzog
Image: Sunset over Bavaria
Source: Wikimedia Commons (here)

Fading shades of light
Darkened in the distance in
colors of brilliance

The dusk in light rain
advanced faster leaving the
birds chirping alone

The heavens engulfed
Shadowy signs of life made
a graceful exit

The horizon did
accept the setting sun to
retire the night

Written for Chev’s CARPE DIEM special #44with prompt  -  the dusk in rain

Thursday, June 27, 2013

What happened to the Dinosaurs?

                                                                                   Attribution: Claire H
Image: Dinosaur Mounts
Source: Wikimedia Commons (here)

What happened to the carefree days
    when time stood still and childhood
    innocence governed ways of laughter
    but disappeared even before it started

What happened to the environment
    now long polluted choking the
    waterways and the green-house effects
    spelled danger above

What happened to the neighborhood
    unsafe except for gangland packs
    roving the streets made easy for them
    and law enforcement rendered ineffective

What happened to the growing up years of
    physical activities for sporting
    prowess now acquiesced taken over
    by FB and on-line preferences indoors

What happened to all the grown-ups
    embattled to survive in trying times
    of economic hardships and exploitation
    perpetrated by big business

What happened to the ever mystifying question
   left unanswered on the whys and wherefores
   of disappearance of dinosaurs which could
   have been an unending supply chain (chuckles) of meat

What happened, people?

Note: Wonder if this has semblance of an anaphora
Written for Victoria's hosting at d'Verse, Listen to this - anaphora

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Piercing Night Calls

                                                                  Attribution: Jodelet Lepinay
Image: A Cicada Leaving its Moult
Source: Wikimedia Commons (here)

That sacred moment
Melts the quiet of twilight
Sudden piercing highs

As suddenly it
turns melodious, layered
lingering but firm

Oblivious of the
encroaching dark, an eerie
ensemble beckons

Loudest insect cry
Mating game or distress call
All sounding the same

An orchestra for
the long haul throughout the night
Morbid in nature

Written for Chev's CARPE DIEM #232 with prompt - cicada

A Face of Innocence

Image: Face of a Child
Source: Courtesy of Peggy Goetz

It’s all about face
An image so sacred
A portrait of one
Where there are no takers
To others on earth
Even identical twins are different

In physical looks
A person is one and only
No two persons resemble another
How so unique
How so sublime

The wonder of nature
Providence has a hand
But let nature take its course
The individual
Is unto himself
It’s his domain
It’s him to savor
It’s him to take cognizance
A look in the mirror

The portrait of a mother’s pride
And no one to dispute!

Written for Peggy's hosting at Real Toad's with prompt -  About Face

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Chirpings of a Male Chaffinch

                                                                          Attribution: AnemoneProjectors
Image: Male Chaffinch whose Chirping Grew Louder
Source: Wikimedia Commons (here)

Darkness bids good-bye
The stillness of the evening
is slowly transformed

It comes as whispers
In tandem with increasing
lights, it progresses

A sudden build up
A crescendo of chirping
Madness in welcome

Written for Leo’s Haiku Heights #259 with prompt – crescendo 

The Slick and Sly

                                                                   Attribution: Richard Holcomb
Image: Modern Day Street Hustlers
Source: Wikimedia Commons (here)

Slick and sly, smiling
to himself confidently
He stood unobserved

Sizing up the crowd
with a cursory glance he
worked out his move

Seeing a likely
dope he was quick to react
with his weapons drawn

Ensnared the poor thing
did not have a chance. Victim
of  the smooth talker

Note: Following grapeling's comments this is what
Wiki had to say of senryu:

"Senryū tend to be about human foibles
while haiku tend to be about nature,
and senryū are often cynical or darkly
humorous while haiku are more serious."

Very fine difference but I'll remember it, thanks grapeling!

Written haiku set for Mrsupole's hosting at Theme Thursday with prompt – smooth 
and shared with d’Verse OpenLinkNight week #102

Monday, June 24, 2013

A Maid's Concern - MF

Image: Courtesy of Grandma's

Madam left her purse and she
was going shopping.She would
not be happy without her card
Numbed with fear the maid
rushed out just in time

(140 characters)

Grandma aka Linda at Grandma's Goulash, Succinctly Yours week #118
challenged us to write a Micro Fiction in not more than 140 characters with
the image above and to include the word - numb

Needling the Conscience

The given words are:

It was all in a mess, He was trying hard to reach for
answers at the scene of the crime

He stepped on the gas. He diligently traced his tracks at the
edge of the forest where it was most foul. He was trying
his best to garner evidences relating to the files on the case

Not wanting to succumb to the lies propagated by the
body of people siding with the witnesses he moved on

Complex in its make-up a pale comparison to
those in its class but just as amazing he checked
on the hard facts

He tried to put forth assumptions goading them on till
blue in the face but acceptance was still difficult to assail

Holding on to good principles he hoped for the
break through to wrap up the loose ends. He searched
himself till he could not anymore

He had to give way to his conscience!

Sunday, June 23, 2013


                                Stanley Kubrick for Look Magazine,1949
Image: Courtesy of Tess' Mag

The others are now nicely paired off
Alone on dance night is not an option
Check! Adopt an approach that is soft
That’s how to win over a fair lady’s attention

Plain unlucky for my regular date is not here
But just as well, for it’s time now to put to test
Have I lost my touch and how do I appear
What’s the best approach to test my prowess

Alone by any chance? No! I’m with someone else
Say, can I join you?  No!  I’m not disintegrating
I must create sympathy, appear deprived and helpless
You have a light? Yes! That’s  a classic opening!

Written for Tess' Magpie Tales #174, shared with Poets United's Poetry Pantry #155 and Marian's hosting at Real Toad's Open Link Monday

Saturday, June 22, 2013


                                                        Attribution: D Sharon Pruitt
Image: Feeling Blue
Source: Wikimedia Commons (here)

Racking one's brains on just what to do
Taking more than what one can chew
One gets bogged down
Not without a frown
Bitter pill to swallow makes one feel blue

She was innocently and totally in the dark
When all the while hubby was on the lark
Bitter pill to swallow
When she got to know
For the kids' sake it was swept under the rug

Kelvin is hosting for Poetics at d'Verse with 'to bring in the idioms in poetry'

Friday, June 21, 2013

Rainy Season

                                                                                  Attribution: Andre Karwath
Image: Primulas
Courtesy: Wikimedia Commons (here)
Note: The image may not jive with my offering but it looks cool!

Apologies: On the road for the weekend. Will return comments in time

the rainy season
a paper lantern in hand
I walk along the veranda

of opportunity lost
never so lonely


the rainy season
a paper lantern in hand
I walk along the veranda

thinking of good times before
how I crave for more


the rainy season
a paper lantern in hand
I walk along the veranda

knowing I captured her heart
am walking on air

Written for Chev's CARPE DIEM The Tan Renga Challenge #3

Thursday, June 20, 2013

The Haze

                                                                                          Attribution: SpLot
Image: The downtown Singapore skyline in haze
Source: Wikimedia Commons (here)

Apologies: On the road for the weekend. Will return comments in time

Getting on with it
Things had been on a roll with
harmonious happenings

Same cannot be said
of  local haze position
Threw everything off tangent

Outdoor events were
cancelled. Visibility 
was bad. Health hazard warnings

Note: The haze situation had worsen. In Malaysia some schools given option
to remain closed for a few days. Some sporting events were cancelled. In
Singapore there were flight delays. Forest fires in Sumatra had contributed
to this. It led to a spat between government officials of Singapore and Indonesia  (here)

Written for d’Verse Form for All:  The Princess' poem for her Secret Love,
where Sam is hosting with a new form, the sedoka. It has a 5-7-7 syllable count

Wednesday, June 19, 2013


                                                                                 Attribution:  Challiyan
Image: A Kingfisher
Source: Wikimedia Commons (here)
Note: Its colors rock and that caught my eye

A moment ago we were in warm embrace
We thought we would have struck an ace
With great anticipation
We rocked our passion
Sadly it turned out to be somewhat misplaced

Somehow I had only eyes for her
Had to draw on what I could muster
Did my big sway
Every which way
It worked me out to be quite a rocker

I wound not be overly excited
I tried it before and had it flaunted
It rocked for a while
And then it went wild
And it got everyone so flustered

Written for Peggy's hosting at Poetry Jam with prompt - rock

Tuesday, June 18, 2013


Image:1 Disney World's Magic Kingdom, Florida. My loving wife, Shadah, daughter 
Azlin and son Hafidz. Youngest son Azhar, still a tiny tot then in the pram

Image:2 Disney World's Epcot Center, Florida. My son Hafidz with Epcot's 'Golf Ball' in the background

                                                                            Attribution: Benjamin D Esham
Image:3 Fireworks at Epcot Center, Disney World
Source for image 3:  from Wikimedia Commons (here)

A sudden boom momentarily, a quiet and darkness
Then the skies lighted up, an umbrella of colors engulfed the night
Just as sudden a few more followed sprinkling myriads of goodness
Evoking effects of noise, smoke, floating materials and light

Rocketed upwards flames and sparks of euphoria
Into the air to explode in variety of sizes, shapes and flavor
Accompanied with whoops of joy and shouts of hysteria
A family fare in all innocence to rally around together

Sophistication in fireworks management was not obscure
Aerial fireworks launched with compressed air rather than gunpowder
The display shell exploded in the air using an electronic timer
Put to good use in the Disney’s Epcot night time spectacular

Compressed air launch was logical and a better alternative
Ensured greater accuracy in height and timing of activities
Disney the largest consumer of fireworks in US perspectives
The fireworks were used to accompany their many festivities

All well and good to be able to enjoy such offerings
Injuries and accidental fires occurred, even premature explosions
For both ground or aerial fireworks came with risks of sufferings
Remember the San Diego botched display that went up in 15 seconds!

Besides the noise what about environmental pollution
Potential health risks, hazardous by-products, debris and acid rain
We are still lucky fireworks are not done on a daily occurrence
Nor are fireworks factories accidentally obliterated and flattened!

Written for Tony's hosting at d’Verse OpenLinkNight week 101

A Flower

                                                                                                  Attribution: Laitche
Image: Shoobu, a Japanese iris
Source: Wikimedia Commons (here)

Breath-taking landscape
Stable of wonders in land
of the Rising Sun

Shoobu offerings
Tenacity to survive
on its own spirits

Japanese iris
Bright summer mornings exude
brilliance of colors

Written for Chev's CARPE DIEM #224 with prompt - shoobu

Monday, June 17, 2013

Hasu (Lotus)

                                                                                           Attribution: John Perry
Image: Lotus Flower
Source: Wikimedia Commons (here)

Revered by billions
The National flower of
The Sub-continent

Endearing, regal
Beautiful ambiance, serene
natural setting

All encompassing
Brand names, places, music a
popular icon

Written for Chev's CARPE DIEM #223 with prompt - Lotus and shared with Real Toad's Open Link Monday

Sunday, June 16, 2013


                                                                         Attribution: WTS Photographer
Image: Louis Armstrong 
Source: Wikimedia Commons (here)

Sunday Whirl: The words given are:
anything,crazy, cave,chattering,cut,giggle,load

Man and his plaything
Have trumpet will travel
A cut above the rest
A legend in his time

A frog in his throat
The shattering boom of his voice
Splits the air, just crazy

Hello Dolly! Oh, Hello Dolly!

The roof caved in
And the giggle faintly audible
The chattering stopped
The moonshine boys took a breather
They stopped loading their barrels
in the wake of his mesmerizing tunes
A musical scoop, an extravaganza
Anything and everything

Sock it to them, Satchmo
They sensed a heavenly evening

Written for Brenda's Sunday Whirl : Wordle #113

Saturday, June 15, 2013

Beauty in Danger

                                                                         Attribution: Kabelleger/David Gubler
Image: A freight train plowing through snow drift, Norway
Source: Wikimedia Commons (here)

Undulating terrain
Of pure white as far as the eyes could see
In the cool mist of the morning
Blanketing the countryside
But hardened on the tracks
Not burdened lately
By vibrations of the Iron Horse
Now menaced with abundance of snowfall
For the week that was
Of beauty in tranquility

A lone freight train
Plowing through the snow-drift
Speeding and pitting its strength
Through slush and nature’s goodness
A penchant to madness
Volatile in consequence
Imminent danger thrown to the wind
But still insisting on arriving in time
Of ferrying its weight
To reach its destination
Of beauty in responsibility

Risks taken against nature’s rights
Testing man’s prowess in his fight
Of wanting to keep to his schedule
Was it not beautiful?

Written for Fred's  hosting at d’Verse's Poetics: Beauty is Everywhere

Morning Glory

                                                              Attribution: F J Gualtiery-Kaldari
Image: A Morning Glory
Source: Wikimedia Commons (here)

Creeper of a kind
Climbing tenaciously of
parasitic sway

Morning dew sprinkles
on purple charms faithfully
with brilliant sparkles

Not cultivated
But a survivor no less
Holding out its own

Written for Chev's haiku at CARPE DIEM #42 with prompt - morning glory

Thanks and Good-bye!

                                                                                  Attribution: Ben Coombs
Image: Going Away for a Journey by Sea
Source: Wikimedia Commons (here)

Most saddening to be seeing
An inspiration to me
Now no more bidding of being
Just a last hurrah to keep in memory
Time to Say Goodbye!

Thanks Keith for overseeing
I may not have been frequent
But enjoyed moments connecting
It was fun thanks a million!

Carry on Tuesday #210 ably managed by Keith announced its
last run datelined June 09, 2013 with a fitting prompt - Time to Say Goodbye!

Friday, June 14, 2013

Cowboy Country - Limericks

Image:1 Cowboy Boots and Stirrups

Tough life through the nights till morn
Open country and but don’t get us wrong
Quick on the draw
Not really folklore
Many find it tiring and sleep with their boots on

Image:2 A Lariat

A lariat is all I need to avoid hunger
A  life line in all activities around here
Many reasons
For its presence
Such as bringing them calves down is no bother

Image:3 Branding

You ain’t goin’ anywhere pesky critter
Hah! Got you now runnin’ helter skelter
Brandin’ sure is fun
Lassoing on the run
Gonna press them hot irons on your rear

Image:4 A Cowgirl

Hey baby, rarely one sees a cowgirl around here
Come over here, gonna join us men for some beer
Ain’t you somethin’ ?
Pretty lass in jeans
We men appreciate your company, do you hear?

Marge Bednar is hosting at Real Toads to write on Cowboy Poetry with pics
courtesy from Merri Melde of Equestrian Vagabond


                                                                                   Attribution: xlibber
Image: Ripples in the Lake
Source: Wikimedia Commons (here)

Rippling muscles seek
comfort in heady picture
of male perfection

But rippling muscle
disease is a crippling,
muscle affliction

Better yet, rippling
water surface enhances
serene river gait

Written for Leo's Haiku Heights with prompt - ripples

Thursday, June 13, 2013

A Rondelet

                                                                        Attribution: Christof Berger
Image: The Glacier Perito Moreno, Argentina
Source: Wikimedia Commons (here)

Go blaze the trail
The young are bent on getting there
Go blaze the trail
No stopping when young hearts declare
Struck with a challenge seems all fair
Yes! It is more than just a dare
Go blaze the trail

Go blaze the trail
Go blast your way for all you care
Go blaze the trail
Sure! Fault the saying ‘it is there!’
Just go provoke a tiger’s lair
Feeling great as you are aware
Go blaze the trail

Note: I've chosen to make a double so I can continue dancing the 
tune twice instead of stopping at 7 lines.

Written for Tony’s hosting at d’Verse Forms For All  -  a rondelet

Hotaru (Firefly)

                                                                      Attribution: ESA/Hubble & NASA
Image:1 Luminous Galaxies glow like Fireflies in the Night

                                                                           Attribution: @yb_woodstock
Image:2 A firefly
Source: Wikimedia Commons (here) and (here)

Winged beetles, never
ending flickers fill the cool
sea-side swamp areas

Rare phenomena
Glowworm lavae becomes a
firefly as adult

Locally known as
kelip-kelip, a night time
tourist attraction

A sly mating game
or to hoodwink a likely
unsuspecting prey?

Written for Chev's CARPE DIEM #221

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Taue (Rice-planting)

                                                                                    Attribution: IRRI Images
Image: Padi stalks ready for harvesting
Source: Wikimedia Commons (here)

Most widely consumed
Second highest to maize in
world-wide production

Maize meant for other
purposes but rice is for
human consumption

Culture and regions
spawn dishes, wines and
desserts of all kinds

Obesity  is
serious concern though but rice
reigns as staple food

Written for Chev’s CARPE DIEM #220 with prompt Taue (Rice-Planting)

The Prince

                                                                                            Attribution:  Cary Bass
Image: A Cuban tree frog
Source: Wikimedia Commons (here)

Chuckles! I have reached this far
That was quite a long climb
But this pesky flower is in the way
Despite making it in record time

It is a pretty flower, a beauty indeed
But my desire is stunted I am left flustered
I must get across for I have a date to keep.
The evil is afflicting me hard and I’m all frustrated       

I have been through a serrated existence
Time is fast moving and my chances in deep abyss
Fading by the minute the curse is an irritant
A flower between me and that all important kiss

Shared  with 3WW with words chuckles, evil and serrated and Poetry Jam
all about flowers

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

The Sound Barrier

                                                                         Attribution: Ensign John Gay US Navy
Image: An FA-18 Breaking the Sound Barrier
Source: Wikimedia Commons (here)

Jets in formation
Magical spectacle and
sonic booms thundered

A crack of the whip and a noticeable sound
Is it a breaking of the sound barrier?
It is! A loop near the tip of the whip causes
the sound but not the tip of the whip though

In aerodynamics parlance this occurs when an object
moves from a transonic to a supersonic speed

Thus we have unwittingly been breaking the sound
barrier all along. But Yeager did it big time then with
his rocket powered plane over the Mojave
way back in 1947
Like the jets in formation, he did it with a thundering boom!

Written for d'Verse OpenLinkNight  week#100

Monday, June 10, 2013


                                                                                                Attribution: Rodeine
Image: Land Iguana
Source Wikimedia Commons (here)

A lineage traceable
To the times long gone
Of the age when planet
Earth was the playground
Of creatures of gigantic
Size now extinct

A distant cousin of the era
Of the dinosaurs still persisting
To survive in modern times

An anachronism of history
Carrying the likes of similar
Looks of the fearsome

Others had changed, adapted
and carried the evolution process
through. Look at primates and
just see where are we now... just where is your destination?

Written for Theme Thursday with prompt - destination and shared with  Real Toads Open Link Monday 


                                                                             Charleston Farmhouse Door
Image: Courtesy of Tess' Mag

Rustlers were again on the prowl
Gone was his coveted prized cow
Left in the corral it was safe it seemed
Sadly in the morning it went missing

Won Mother of the Year blue ribbons
The envy of other settlers around
Could have fetched a little fortune
And life would have taken a good turn

His prized bull was luckily not taken
Safe and secured when it happened
It was in the farmhouse to be fattened
Blessed with the hand of Providence

He would have to start all over again
A process that takes quite some time
But now he  must always remember
He could do it with a locked farm door

Written for Tess' Magpie Tales #172 and shared with Real Toads Open Link Monday

Sunday, June 9, 2013

Micro Fiction - Sunflower

Image: Courtesy of Grandma's

We follow the movement
of the sun all day. I sport 
sunglasses on the hub of my 
nose for style and protection. 
So, anyone here to object?

(139 Characters)

Grandma’s Goulash at Succinctly Yours week# 116 challenged us to 
write a MicroFiction in not more than 140 characters based on the picture above
and to include the word - hub

Volcanic Eruption

                                                                                                 Attribution: gnuckx
Image: Mount Etna Eruption
Source: Wikimedia Commons (here)

The Wordle words given were: spewing,jet,page,steps,park

Note: The word ‘spewing’ gave the impression of lava
ash spurting out from a crater. The recent Pavlov volcano
eruption in the Aleutian peninsula inspired this wordle

A rumbling to life was felt blowing
Across the northern lights shimmering

An eruption plume was seen in the distance
Jets of hot lava were spewing in abundance
All out from a fiery hot crater
Accompanied then with a thunderous roar
That well shook the ground yards below
Where satellite images showed a lava flow
Reminiscent from a page in history
Of impending destruction of previous many

Spilling out down the northern side  
Threateningly towards a park astride
A small stream resting in all innocence
Where at 15,000 feet above sea level an ash plume
Was hovering and steps were taken to alert pilots of hazardous
Conditions in the area to curb crazy maneuvers

Residents from afar observed an incandescent glow so bright
With a dash of beautiful colors at the summit during the night.

The long stretch of heightened activity remained
On orange alert status for many days thence

Written for Brenda's Sunday Wordle #112 Shared with One Single Impression #276 with prompt - dash 
and Mary's hosting at Poets United's Poetry Pantry #153

Friday, June 7, 2013

Seeing Double

                                                                                                Attribution : Copyleft
Image: 1 Double Yolks Egg

                                                                             Attribution: Erin Silversmith
Image: 2 Cup Mushroom Doubled
Source: Wikimedia Commons (here) and (here)

Pleasant experience
of seeing double, persons
who appear alike

But  two separate
individuals with their

Twins share wonderful
times. But are there silly fights
and disagreements?

Or share similar
pain, love and emotions when
even far apart.

Written for Karin's hosting of Entwined Poetics at d'Verse where twins are the focus

Of Moral Fiber

                                                                                    Attribution: J J Harrison
Image: Spout after water droplet caused by surface tension
Source: Wikimedia Commons (here)
(Picture of the Day)
Note: The image is reminiscent of the saying, 'nila setitik rosak susu sebelanga'
(translation: a drop of color taints the purity of a jar of milk) which is relevant in moral matters

Of exemplary
moral fiber, epitome
of honor for Man

A guiding light in
pursuit of a good cause as
expected in Man

Sadly the same is
not true of those immoral
with shady dealings

Written for Leo’s Haiku Heights # 254 with prompt - moral

Thursday, June 6, 2013

Stormy Encounter

                                                                                          Attribution:  C E Price
Image: Stormy Weather, Dark Clouds
Source: Wikimedia Commons (here)
Process Note: A press report of a storm warning was used as the base text.
I had it truncated, 'cut up' and re-arranged. It turned out to be disjointed before
words were inserted in between to make it presentable.

His resolve was expected to weaken
into a hurricane of emotions
It could spawn in his heart tornadoes
of feel to cause flooding of tears of despair
outwardly seen as a storm surge  
before it lost its strength

They were in effect leading to a
confrontation for a large section of his soul

He was in control however despite storm warnings
haggling for his love amid storm conditions
expected somewhere close to his insides
It was a resurgent of the area of disaster
within a clear-headed self in a day and a half.   

Rains and winds swept northward into his head
Seeking refuge on the shelf of safety and
were not expected to lose steam
It closed the road to any redundant reconciliation
that yanked at sympathetic ears and the mind that
frequently were flooded with denial during
heavy uplifts of stormy encounters  

Soaked unsparingly in part and skidding along
swirling waters damaging  to his reputation
he reluctantly moved on!

Charles is hosting at d’VerseForms For All : Dada poems with Scissors. 
We are to select a text and get it cut up and rearranged to form a poem.