Sunday, November 30, 2014

hopefully to right human failings

                                                                               Bond of Union, 1956, by M. C. Escher
Image:  Courtesy of Tess' Mag 248 (here)

Bjorn's given words:
dyadic  - relating to or based on two; twofold
profess  -  To affirm openly; declare or claim
carnalize - debase through carnal gratification
dingy  - Shabby, drab, or squalid.
holly  -  the foliage and berries, used especially
for Christmas decoration.
alee -  upon or toward the lee side of a vessel;
away from the wind
benison  -   an utterance of good wishes,
a spoken blessing

Is it proper to have a peek into
a dyadic representation of man’s
mind, a mind bifurcated of two
separate wholes but layered?

Professing a stance to carnalize
on banal weaknesses is to stoop
so low on a human frame

Dingy in preference is no 
validation of intentions and no 
amount of holly cheer in any 
direction alee or otherwise  can 
alleviate evil desires of a 
twisted mind

It runs smack against a profusion
of a priest’s gentle benison to remind
and hopefully to right human failings

For Bjorn's hosting at lqw Wordle #13 and
Tess' at Magpie Tales # 248

jugular core of business acumen and ethics

Image:  Picture prompt Courtesy of
Mindlovemisery's  (here)

Sunday Whirl Wordle
The given words:
able breeze scattered gaze plain 
bent  splendor gathering rattle 
harvest skin secular 

Looking at the illusion and to be able to 
breeze through a scattered gaze is plain 
to the eye but difficult  to fathom

Won the Korean currency is bent to gain 
international splendor upon a gathering
of strength befitting the hardy and hard-
working fervor of its people

It is beginning to rattle other growing 
economies through its ability to harness
and harvest the benefits of international 
commerce.They penetrate right through
the skin to lodge in to the secular and
jugular core of business acumen and ethics. 

They got over the stigma of inferior quality 
of products and are now worthy  successors 
to the Japanese who have lately sagged and 
lagged behind in their competitive advantage 
and are instead trailing from the rear

For Mindlovemisery's Menagerie with
the picture prompt # 83 and
Mary's at Poets United's Poetry Pantry
# 229 and Brenda's Sunday Whirl Wordle #189

the more you'll get back in return

Image:  Courtesy of Grandma's Goulash (here)
The Vagabond said to the Chef.....

Don't hesitate to give
some food to the poor
But I have a family to feed
Don't worry,the more you
give the more you'll get
back in return

(140 characters)

For Linda at Grandma's Goulash Succinctly Yours
week #193 - to write a Micro Fiction of not exceeding
140 characters and to include the word - hesitate

Saturday, November 29, 2014

West Virginia missed her son

                                                                              Attribution: ABC Television
Image: TV Grab of  'An Evening with John Denver' (here)

Note: West Virginia is taken as a cue from his song
Country Road. In fact John Denver lived much of his
life in Aspen, Colorado. The Colorado state legislature
even adopted "Rocky Mountain High" as one of its
state songs in 2007  -  Wiki

A shadorma
a non-rhyming six-line poem of 3/5/3/3/7/5 syllables
(inspired by John Denver’s song, Country Road)

Country road
Memories of old
Snuffed his soul
West Virginia missed her son
Sweet shrill voice no more

The sedoka
a non rhyming six line poem of  5/7/7/ 5/7/7 syllables
(often used for writing love poetry)

Memories of her
Will forever haunt his being
Cause of parting so trivial

Autumn leaves drift down
Like young lovers in a spat
Warmth of ground ushers amends

For Bastet's MindLoveMisery’s Menagerie
BJ’s Shadorma & Beyond  - and Sedoka and
Gabriella's at dVerse OpenLinkNight for

The Exodus Repeated

                                                                              Attribution: Ivan N Kramskoi
Image: Crossing the Red Sea (here)

Red Sea opened up
Big obstacle surmounted
But Pharoah's men drowned

Brown and gold littered
the ground waiting for snow-fall
Yearned for White Christmas

Melodious chirpings
Drifted towards distant lands
Followed migration

For Chev's CARPE DIEM # 615 -  exodus

Friday, November 28, 2014

When greens meet the eyes

                                                                                      Attribution: Sarah Quareshi11
Image: Japanese Garden Greenery (here)

Rainbow of colors
Inkling of Spring’s Paradise
When greens meet the eyes

Distrust of strangers
Paradise in the offing
Smooth passage of time

Insist on good thoughts
Sleeping well without malice
Paradise in dreams

For Chev's CARPE DIEM # 614  -  paradise

One is blessed being in the race

                                                                                                   Attribution: Ms Jones
Image: Almost Traditional Thanksgiving Dinner (here)
(Tender, juicy roast turkey - the main attraction - with old-fashioned 
gravy, cranberry sauce, mashed potatoes, baked green beans, sweet 
and sour cod, steamed rice, achara (pickled green papaya relish)
apple crisp, punch and soda)

Note: In keeping with Thanksgiving 
to write a poem on being thankful

The breaking dawn strikes early
Cool and smooth as  mountain air
As in spring bright and breezy
Never a kind moment to spare

A thought for the homeless
Not with families but still not alone
Resigned to feeling hopeless
Such inequalities riding the storm

Is it not a privilege not in their shoes
Healthy,wealthy and wise seeking solace
To feel out the freedom to choose
One is blessed being in the race

A cushy job paying well to survive
To afford trappings to raise a family
Given to having privileges for a good life
And least of all not being a turkey

For Brian's hosting d'Verse MTB  - Thanksgiving 
Turkey with a side of Poetry and
Susan's at Poets United's Midweek Motif with -  gratitude

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Waiting for the shadows to out fox!

                                                                              Attribution : Seth Whales
Image: A Red Pillar Box bidding its Time (here)

Note: To write a childlike fantasy poem
even going into realms of nonsensical mode

Real Toads - the given words:
fly race skew waiting shadows clouds strangers
scaling relief horizon contour hopeful dirt
(we are supposed to use 3 words but being a
nonsensical poem it gives a lot of leeway to
use all the words)

3WW - the given words:
distrust tolerant hopeful

To fly slowly into a rabbit hole
A race in time astride a red pillar box
Skewed thinking with the toe
Waiting for the shadows to out fox

Swimming in the clouds with strangers
Scaling the cupboard with an elephant
Offering comic relief to a court jester
Hugging a crocodile on the horizon

Tracing the contour of a tangerine
Gleefully running to offer some dirt
Distrust for a nun atop a submarine
Tolerant kangaroo hopeful for a flirt

For Anthony's hosting at d'Verse
Poetics in a not so Real World
grapeling's at Real Toads and
Thomg's hosting at 3WW

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Life was destined to progress

                                                                                      Attribution: Jonathan Billinger
Image: Moss and lichen on Granite (here)

Bjorn’s given words:
frangipani  -  flowering plants primarily deciduous
silurian - geologic period typified by beginnings of
life on land with appearance of moss and lichens
inchor -  fluid flowing in the veins of the gods.
mikado -  monarch in Japan's constitutional monarchy
mise -  a legal proceeding upon a writ of right
oscine -  songbirds with highly developed vocal organs.

Never one to anticipate
Of a spectacle unduly common
Greenery as far as the eyes
Could see
A sea of frangipani
That bathed the landscape

A far cry from the beginnings
From  the Silurian age
When life on earth bore
No complications

Life forms had just made appearances
Of simple moss and lichens
Perhaps the blessings of the gods
With inchor of golden fluid
Flowing glowingly in their veins
And just as blue blood
That had taken refuge in the
Mikado’s regal being
No mise of any kind to stifle
The orderly cycle of life on earth

Even with oscine creatures
Extending a hand
With a handy rendition  of sweet
Evergreen melodies
Life was destined to progress
Through the Ages

For Bjorn's word games at #lqw Wordle #12

Monday, November 24, 2014

Of fleeting moments

                                                                                       Attribution: InvictusOU812
Image: A double Rainbow

Colorful visions
Stretching across heaven’s high
Of fleeting moments

Natural wonder
Girl’s dream grabbing for herself
Present for her dad

Not to be outdone
Boy’s yearnings to grab it first
To entice a girl

Chev's CARPE DIEM Time-glass #11  -  rainbow

Sunday, November 23, 2014

Fluttering and floating

                                                                            Attribution: Lambtron
Image: Executing a pirouette (here)

The given words:
flutter pirouettes spills forgotten moments decision
resolute neglected cloudy children stains miserable

She kept looking into the glass window
Imagining herself as the prima donna
Fluttering and floating as the falling snow
Executing pirouettes in forms from afar

Just as agile she could take the spills
Forgotten but moments of her affliction
Resolute and brave with strong wills
She was to insist for a strong decision

She had neglected it for far too long
An issue no more as cloudy as before
Read it on the ‘net it could be done
Negative thoughts were just a damper

Children charted out their own destiny
Parents did understand and gave support
Stains on thoughts could sow infamy
Been miserable so enough of the rot

Should then able to whirl with the flow
Just a simple surgery to make it even
Others born with ten dainty little toes
Couldn't understand why she had eleven

For Brenda's hosting at Sunday Whirl Wordle #188 and
Mary's at Poets United's Poetry Pantry # 228

Saturday, November 22, 2014

Treading refined path

                                                                 Attribution: Life Science Databases
Image: Circling through the Transformation (here)

Attesting to seek
Feelings of newness in self
Change for the better

Yearnings to improve
Converting spiritual self
Towards Nirvana

Treading refined path
Attaining a transformed self
Spiritual solace

For Chev's CARPE DIEM #610 - transformation

Friday, November 21, 2014

Need we ask for more!

                                                                      Still Life with Fruit by Severin Roesen 1852.
Image: Courtesy of  Margaret (here)    

Blessings of nature
Insisting on us making choices
Fruits galore
Need we ask for more

Fruiting all season
But there are seasonal ones
Again providing more choices
Need we ask for more

Why should there be fruits
What if there are no fruits
Shouldn’t it be just greenery
A world without fruits
It is difficult to fathom

There has to be fruits
How else does one munch
If there are no fruits
How else does one spit out the pits
If there are no fruits
How else the grocers have a
semblance of fruit business
If there are no fruits
It is difficult to fathom
Need we ask for more!

For Margaret's hosting at Real Toads -  Artistic Interpretations

Thursday, November 20, 2014

Quality time With the Family

                                                                                                         Attribution: Fae
Image:  Being near and together (here)
Extending a hand in friendship
Such a noble idea to effect change
Wanting to seal a relationship
In an ambience befitting acclaim

Far yet within striking distance
Attesting to madness of desires
Life’s tests that impinge on cadence
A wonderful offspring he had sired

Debating within him for impact
What then is the consideration
With loved ones feeling relaxed
Relishing salads for fat reduction

For Bjorn's hosting at d'Verse  on Defamiliarization MTB
where we are to present the familiar in a new way so 
it feels new . One way is to take something ordinary 
and not to mention what it is until the very end

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Extending a wealth of kindness to those blessed

                                                                                       Attribution: Primus von Quack
Image: Dusk in Steveston, British Columbia (here)

Red Wolf Poems Wordle #31:
To use the given words and to include
the phrase 'every song must end'
The given words:
grit spirit raw pulsing dying Bodhisattva
void legerdemain parasites reflected dusk

legerdemain: cunning deception or trickery
Bodhisattva: a being that compassionately
refrains from entering nirvana in order to
save others and is worshiped as a deity 
Real Toads:  youth and age

Youth and age at opposite ends of the spectrum
Surviving with true grit of the untested and young
but balanced by the spirit of the experienced soul

Raw nerves employed of activities physical in nature
pulsing at fast rate of adrenalin flow of the young

Matched by the aged afflicted with chronic diseases
sometimes dying but ever willing to act like the
deity Bodhisattva stalking with a pure heart
extending a wealth of kindness to those blessed

Mankind is not conveniently compartmentalized
age-wise though for the void in between may well be
filled by elements prone to legerdemain tendencies
The parasites of society are reflected in ills
of human failings

The dusk of the day brings to a finality of the day’s
failings to hide in the darkness of nights and to
commence the next day their nefarious ventures
unless and until restrained or cut short by the arms
of the law.

Only then will humanity be spared though
invariably sufferings of the deprived would still
be sustained for another day
But poetic justice or justice as a whole will
ultimately triumph as Providence is a fair
Equalizer so that is how eventually
‘every song must end.’

For Nicole's hosting at Red Wolf Poems Wordle #31 and
Kerry's Midweek Challenge at Real Toads with -  youth and age

It maintains its identity by its sheer tenacity

                                                                                      Attribution: Brocken Inaglory
Image: A specimen of the Metrosideros polymorpha (here)

3WW:  notorious toxic fiery
Poetry Jam:  identity - who are you
Poets United:  health

Who are you?

It maintains its identity by its sheer
tenacity producing a brilliant display
of fiery red to yellow flowers

The Metrosideros polymorpha
in all its insistence
Notorious for holding out in all of
its intensity for its very existence
in such trying situations
of toxic lava flows

Yet it grows easily on lave
reputedly the first plant to peep
out of the fertile soil

No small wonder it is sacred to Pele
the volcano goddess in imposing its
presence in plain good health

So, here again, who are you, anyway!

Note: The Metrosideros polymorpha, is a
species of flowering evergreen tree in the
myrtle family found in Hawaii. It produces 
a brilliant display of flowers which can
range from fiery red to yellow. Many native 
Hawaiian traditions refer to the tree as sacred
to Pele, the volcano goddess The trees grow
easily on lava, and are usually the very first 
plants to grow on new lava flows  -  Wiki

For Brian's hosting at Poetry Jam 
Susan's at Poets United's Midweek Motif
Thomg's at 3WW week # 402

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

To extend fellowship for sake of the other

                                                                                      Attribution: Mindlovemisery's
Image: Courtesy of Mindlovemisery's (here)

In the midst of the cold and misty morning
Still retaining tenaciously the orange hues
Likeness of golden Autumn less the shine
Shivering harboring beads of morning dew

Insisting on nearness to savor the warmth
Of togetherness reliving memories of old
Of days gone by but still fresh of moments
To cherish together steadfast within the fold

Relentlessly the years seem fast moving
A couple holding hands humming in unison
Thoughts of precious moments of sharing
Tugs the conscience at signs of disagreements

Being together sacrificing one’s comforts
To extend fellowship for sake of the other
The best there is for happiness without efforts
Certainly a convenient and accepted formula

For MindloveMisery's Menagerie Photo
Challenge #35 -  flowers in the snow

Monday, November 17, 2014

Prestidigitation of a kind to happen naturally

Image: Courtesy of Tess' Mag

The given words:
toadstool amber
prestidigitation  -  sleight-of-hand
obsidian  -  naturally occurring volcanic glass
formed as an extrusive igneous rock
lapis-lazuli  -  deep blue semi-precious stone
scabious  -  of the honeysuckle
family of flowering plants

Sitting on the bench at the bus-stop
Like an elf on a toadstool looking out
At the empty highway expecting some
miracle of a kind to happen naturally

It was on amber for far too long waiting
for green to appear but it never did come
There was no change and the highway
remained empty for some while waiting for
prestidigitation of a kind to happen naturally

Was it the obsidian based rock used in its
construction that made it that very risky
To take corners even at reasonable speed
if at all was pushing the luck too far
Apparently lots of lapis-lazuli kind were
embedded in the levels beneath the surface
It made this a valuable stretch of road

It also contributed to the strange sparkles
These suddenly blinded even careful drivers
They could not explain beautiful rays darting
out from the road surface just before the crash

The scabious dotting the sides did not help
to make this a safe and friendly encounter
An expectation of a kind to happen naturally

For Bjorn’s #lqw wordle 11 
Tess' Magpie Tales # 246 and
Kerry's Open Link Monday
at Real Toads

Sunday, November 16, 2014

That is all that he had asked for

                                                                                                 Attribution: cyclonebill
Image: Toasted rye bread with smoked 
potatoes, mayonnaise and chives (here)

The given words:
lingering toasty palate fresh hints
sex tends subtle mix yields soul

The lingering toasty taste of a
simple toast on his palate
That is all that he had asked for

Fresh from being rescued
from the jaws of death
when he was found in the alley

That was the last he remembered
when he was  on the way
back to his hotel

With no hints of the impending
mayhem he was caught in the
cross-fire between rival gangs
This was their fight for territorial rights
to control the booze and sex trade

It tended to be a subtle mix 
They were providing a relationship
to that of providing a service
It was creating a business with
yields far beyond the related risks
with law enforcement

Even though he was knocked
senseless he overheard their debates
now stored in his subconscious

Should he tell the police of their
plans or keep silent to cover his butt
In his sorry state of soul searching
he was still debating!

For Brenda's hosting at Sunday Whirl #187 and
Mary's at Poets United's Poetry Pantry #227

Saturday, November 15, 2014

The lonely heart yonder hurts

                                                                                Attribution: Rob Hannawacker
Image: A Lonely Scrub Jay (here)

mystic purple flames
arise from the spirit’s stalks
chill my autumn heart                 Panchali's

For my  loved one from afar
Pining for love’s memories         Hank's

             *   *   *

mystic purple flames
arise from the spirit’s stalks
chill my autumn heart                  Panchali's

Chirpings above tells me
The lonely heart yonder hurts      Hank's

Note: To complete Panchali's 5-7-5
haiku with a 7-7 for a Tan Renga

For Chev's CARPE DIEM Tan Renga Challenge
#59 with Panchali's 'mystic purple flames'

Thursday, November 13, 2014

Slimy but not a crook

                                                                                            Attribution: macropile
Image:  A Common Snail (here)

Slow darting ‘feelers’
leaving silvery  trails and
yummy with frog  legs

Outer shells extend
protection but just for birds
known to gobble whole

Slimy but not a 
crook while soft and fleshy but
neither is sexy

Little Creatures #12  -  snails

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

A foodie enjoys it all!

                                                                              Artist: Jan Davidsz de Heem
Image: With A Glass And Oysters

Red Wolf Poems: Still life image above
3WW  the given words:
crucial yearning malignant 
Poetry Jam: dream 
d'Verse: Poetics: Food for thought

There he is he had readied himself
A perfect stance to experience the ultimate
Earlier on a Dutch friend had shown him

Pick a good one and roll it on cut onions
That he was told
Hold it by the tail and looking up
Raise it above the nose
Slowly lower it to an open mouth
It is crucial to keep still
And that’s it!
Just take little bites
Until you bave gulped all
That’s how you take herring
Raw herring!

Of course, you could have them
cut into little pieces
Served on a plate atop the cut onions
But that defeats the whole purpose
Raw herring ought to be taken standing up
That’s where all the fun is!

A yearning for things raw and edible!

Done sushi before which
comprised raw edibles too
But it gets to be too much glutinous rice
One gets full in no time
So oysters are just perfect
To be slurped down with a silent ‘swoosh’
How so smooth it goes down the throat

A foodie enjoys it all!
It is a dream!

But wait up!
Be mindful though
Eating raw invites some risks
Tiny worms remain malignant
in the system
Die-hard sushi lovers are known
to be carriers of such parasites!

Thomg's hosting at 3WW # 401
Irene's at Red Wolf Poems #225
Sumana's at Poetry Jam and
Abhra's at d'Verse Poetics:

Monday, November 10, 2014

The cold was not a deterrent

                                                                                Attribution: Claire Evans
Image: The Winter snows (here)

The Haiku

Winter cold creeps in
Small animals scampering
Stocking their larder

The Prose

Activities picked up at Autumn's end. The impending cold imposed
hibernation tendencies. Living creatures snugly close to each other.
Fun for kids outside. Parents to catch up on tinkering in the house.
Never a dull moment even though snowing. The cold was not a deterrent

(total of 55 words)

For Chev's CARPE DIEM   -  In Kamishibai Extreme #1
to write a haibun (haiku + prose) in not more than 55 words
on the Winter Feeling

Sunday, November 9, 2014

I've known him that long to fall for it!

Image: Courtesy of Tess' Mag

Bjorn's given words:
skyclad  -  the practice of ritual nudity in Neopaganism
cotyledon  - first leaves to appear from a germinating seed.
myg  -  Myg of the planet Lythyl is a fictional superhero  
boutonniere  -  a spray of flowers worn in a buttonhole.
pone -  unleavened maize bread 
dram  - a small drink of whisky or other spirits:
phonograph -  a gramophone (given word ponograph
could not be found and substituted with phonograph)

   “Make no mistake it is not my nature
to be caught skyclad in the buff in the open

       I'm clad in the Stars and Stripes 
today prompted by strong patriotism 
    on this auspicious Veterans Day

     It might appear flimsy and loosely 
draped over my olive smooth and perfumed 
skin.  I would love to throw open emulating a 
cotyledon and surprise everyone and you’ll 
                  ogle all you want

     For I am fully clothed under these wraps 
in hotpants. But still it’ll leave some of the DOM 
panting salivating at the mouth. No, I’ll not do that
            for the veteran’s sake but just stay 
                 home in quiet anticipation

      I’m waiting for my Myg who is normally 
formally dressed complete with a boutonniere but
      not for long when I’m through with him

     Instead we’ll have a few drams to liven up 
things just a little and skipping the pone for later.

      There’ll be soft jazz in the background, no not
 from the phonograph which is just for show but the 
real thing to set him up. If you detect an evil smile in 
     me it is because I’m a vixen going for the kill!

       He’ll fall for it I've known him that long to fall 
for it. After all it had been 48 hours since we’ve first 
                met and that’s long enough!"

For Bjorn's Weekly lqw Wordle #10
Tess' Magpie Tales # 245 and
Magaly's Open Link Monday at Real Toads

That all will turn out nice and well?

                                                                                 Attribution: Karlis Dambrans
Image: The Ubiquitous Smartphone (here)

Sunday Whirl's given words:
fervor thread mud thorns shine suicide
rose crocus birds crossroads owl night
MlmM's:  unforgiven

It is with such fervor that friendly
discussions are sustained in sequential
threads that one can enjoy continuity
of facebook and more so in cell phone

Mindful though of the mud
flung or sharp remarks like thorns
piercing to take the shine off
such current conveniences

It is also plain suicide to innocently
post revealing selfies under the false
impression others appreciate one’s 
charms as a red rose crocus yellow or 
birds of many colors

Youngsters are at the  crossroads
It is just unforgiven to think that
all will turn out nice and well not
forgetting it can turn owlish coupled
with sleepless nights if such personal  
matters get  into the wrong hands

For Brenda's hosting at  Sunday Whirl's Wordle #186
Mary's at Poets United's Poetry Pantry # 226
and Mindlovemisery's Menagerie #80 

Friday, November 7, 2014

quenching thirsts of grounds below

                                                                                                 Attribution: Audrey
Image: Beads of Raindrops  (here)

early morning
silence before the rising sun
raindrops on a branch                          -  Georgia

chills of the night eagerly
dancing with light cold drizzle              -  Hank

early morning
silence before the rising sun
raindrops on a branch                          -  Georgia

dripping slowly pearly white
quenching thirsts of grounds below     -   Hank

For Chev's CARPE DIEM to complete a
Tan Renga  Challenge #57 with a 7-7 to
Georgia's Early Morning haiku of 5-7-5 

Thursday, November 6, 2014

Candle light dinner and romance

                                                                                              Attribution: Smarthur80
Image: Candlelight dinner (here)

The Red Wolf Wordle with given words:
candle demands fireplace elaborate
tolerate  shallow slack wine silver letter 
exasperate perforate incinerate

Had designs of a candle light dinner and romance
With someone who had just come into her life
He had suggested privacy serenity and warmth
Away from the madding crowd and strife

She had agreed but felt safer at her place than his
No demands were made otherwise so it was agreed
There was no fireplace though but he did not insist
She would decide to think then to serve his needs

A special dinner but not to be too elaborate
Table setting should be formal with everything right
Ambience of a quiet evening  that both could tolerate
One look at the table setting and everything was set

He should be thinking of food and nothing else
She realized the danger of coming on too strong
The impression to keep things shallow not to slack
With sultry jazz music playing in the background

For a light dinner  with white wine on warm evenings
With lighter foods like shrimp or salads as appetizer
Light main course of Tarragon Chicken perhaps the thing
The silverware set but not necessarily though to the letter

But when came the big day she was exasperated
Her dress had ended perforated torn and all in tatters
Where was he she was fuming not wanting yet to incinerate
The audacity to say he would be in the morning for breakfast

Note: Misky Ma'am,
This is a tough nut to crack. I could not
get it done in the present tense as suggested. 

For Misky's hosting at The Red Wolf Wordle #30

Their bidding in a pioneering flight!

                                                                                    Attribution: NASA Emmett Given
Image: Payload Control Room Space Flight Center (here)

3WW given words:
devastate plummet gossamer

They heard the news and they were devastated
Over 700 of the privileged few had taken the offer
They had paid sterling pounds 150,000 per head
But then they heard the news of the disaster

They were not ordinary people but icons of society
Household names who had made their mark in life
Stephen Hawking Lady Gaga Bieber Pitt and Jolie
For an exciting journey anticipated not yet realized

After Friday night’s fatal test flight, which killed one pilot
When the craft plummeted to earth broken and burnt out
About 3% of them lost their desire to be included
And had cancelled their bidding in the pioneering flight

A glimmer of hope shrouded in a gossamer of events
It  may set back the shine in the immediate future
But those with money to throw around are not concerned
To reserve a seat on space tourism’s early venture

For Thomg's 3WW week 400

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Pebble Beach Golf Links

                                                                                             Attribution: Metallion
Image: 1  Pebble Beach 7th Hole (here)

Pebble Beach Golf Links is a golf course on the 
west coast of the United States, located in Pebble 
Beach, California. Widely regarded as one of the 
most beautiful courses in the world, it hugs the 
rugged coastline and has wide open views of 
Carmel Bay, opening to the Pacific Ocean on 
the south side of the Monterey Peninsula - Wiki

Image: 2   My son Azhar with his Beautiful
Up-Swing (the club is parallel to the ground
at the top of the swing)

First public course to be selected in 2001
As the #1 Golf course in America by Golf Digest
Hosted six majors, a PGA and five US Opens
Plus the 2019 US Open is on the cards

The 2000 US Open where Tiger was the Champ
For the total  of 272 one to be remembered
Was a massive 15 strokes difference
Chalked up by Tiger to the first runner-up

Pebble Beach appears non-obtrusive not disturbing
But current objections against further development
Where enhancing its golf interests was found wanting
Smack against voices of environmental protection

For alan's hosting at Poetry Jam  -  pebbles

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Sensing to explode!

                                                                                                  Attribution: Stuart
Image: Threatening black clouds (here)

Clouds one’s mind strangely
Nebulous of feel so tight
Sensing to explode

Clouds moving above
Billowing reality
Seeing images

Gather one’s strength then
Threatening black clouds waiting
to impact deluge

For Chev's CARPE DIEM Time Glass # 9  -  clouds
and Kerry's hosting at Open Link Monday at Real Toads

Monday, November 3, 2014

Without batting an eye-lid!

                                                                                           Attribution: Dick Blick Art
Image: Courtesy of Tess' Mag (here)

The given words from lqw Wordle:
bat  wail  ghoul ogre  zombie  werewolf  succubus

Without batting an eye-lid
The soldiers can advance at a leisurely pace
Despite long piercing wails in the distance
The desolation on the ground forgotten

Stepping over burnt out stumps
Not really looking down
Not thinking of ghoulish souls
who succumbed from sniper’s bullets
or later from the inferno that engulfed them
And the curse of chemical weapons that followed

The soldiers advanced real slow
Everything in its wake destroyed
The townspeople perished where they stood
All those who died never had a chance

The ogre like spectacle would
ultimately appear as long-haired zombies
Bent on avenging their painful demise
when their skins melted like liquid glue
Slowly tugging on them to wrest away
what little life there was still
clinging on their being

They could choose to  reappear as a
transformed werewolf with long trailing hair
and sharp twin canine teeth protruding
at each corner of their mouth

Or better yet the young maidens who had missed
all the fun now return as the sex-crazed succubus
getting on to the able-bodied handsome hulks at will

You soldiers will not stand a chance
You’ll be pulverized
ravished like virgins by the spirits
Even armed with a gun you are
finished what more with flowers
and leaves thinking these
are enough to win them over

They are now spirits and you are now vulnerable!

For Tess' Magpie Tales # 244
Poets United's Poetry Pantry #225 and
lqw Wordle week #9