Friday, May 30, 2014

Menacingly dark

                                                                          Attribution: Jen from Blog it or Lose it
Image: Photo prompt above courtesy
of Georgia at Mindlovemisery

A shadorma comprises six non-rhyming lines
and the syllable pattern is 3-5-3-3-7-5. 

Clouds gather
Menacingly dark
way beyond
Expected cold showers to
lash the whole night through

Hey, taxi!
Never seem to hear
If one can
beat the rain
better alternative is
home snugly in bed

Have light snacks
then proceed straight home
Night life are
Activities virtually
dead, at a standstill

Note: Memories of days gone by of  rushing home
from work amid heavy showers on some days

For Georgia's hosting at Mindlovemisery Menagerie
#10 with photo prompt where we are to write on memories
and shared with d'Verse OpenLinkNight

Swooping eagles dare!

                                                                                         Author:  vastateparkstaff
 Image: Swooping eagles  (here)

Up on the highlands
Basking in pure mountain air
Swooping eagles dare

Reflecting desire
Gliding like clouds in slow drift
Of help to mankind

Good intentions like
glistening lake waters will
shine in memory

For Chev's CARPE DIEM  #481  -  helpful

Lighting ways to Nirvana !

                                                                                                  User: MGA73bot2
Image:  Misty Sunrise  (here)

ribbon of colours
streaks across the endless sky
dance of the spirits     -  Celestine
illuminating dark nights
with warmth  of regal being  -  Hank

ribbon of colours
streaks across the endless sky
dance of the spirits     -  Celestine
hand in hand appeasing souls
kept alive in moods of love    -  Hank

ribbon of colours
streaks across the endless sky
dance of the spirits     -  Celestine
ever the likely partner
lighting ways to Nirvana    -    Hank

Note: To complete Celestine's haiku of 5-7-5
with an additional 7-7 to make a Tan Renga

For Chev's CARPE DIEM Tan Renga Challene  #37 - ribbons of colors

Thursday, May 29, 2014

The School Holidays!

Image:1 Norman and Kimie fooling around under the coconut tree

Image: 2 Kimie and Norman at the Water-fall

Image: Kimie and Norman atop the Water-fall

A respite awaited for! An occasion felt for by most as it interjects in between. It divides the year into two more or less. School holidays for two weeks to savor. There are at other times for instance the one at the end of year. That would stretch for almost six weeks, the ultimate. But nothing like one in mid-year. It is akin to a rest in between takes short enough to rest a little but not too long to lose the momentum

Yippee! It is here!
It will be on for two weeks
Starting yesterday

The first stop is the Club. Not too early in the morning but just about when it is turning a little warmer. A spot of swimming is in order. It has been said swimming is a total thing. The coordination of muscles to movements is perfectly timed and balanced. The beauty is the breathing sequence is invoked keeping pace with the gliding moves. All muscles are working in tandem, facial when breathing, hands and legs in progressing forward and the stomach usually neglected comes into play naturally. A two- hour stint is about enough to unwind a little and then off to the cafeteria for some snacks

Water is soothing
Balanced movements of muscles
One feels light and trim

The Mall provides a healthy environment later in the day or early the following day. Time to look around for new products or games or even books not available at the libraries. The kids (read:  grand-children) are aware of what are lacking in their arsenal. They know the latest games. They pick and choose for which Gramps would be at a loss to comprehend but just to pay

Variety of shops
Items procured to relate
with in cyber-space

Some revision exercises in the evenings for two hours or so completes the day. Uneventful two weeks of light activities just so to keep them occupied. It was different when Gramps was their age before. The variety of distractions nowadays  would  keep creeping every minute. Parental guidance is a real thing!

Youngsters bombarded
with lots of distractions need
parental guidance

Note: A Haibun, a Japanese form comprises a prose together 
with  a micro poetry ( in this case a haiku set)

For Bjorn's hosting at d'Verse: MTB, where one is to write a haibun

At great sacrifice!

                                                                                        Artist: Bonaventura Peeters
Image: The Great flood  (here)

Carried a burden
Shared knowledge to save others
At great sacrifice

Noble endeavor
No hesitation to help  
sustenance to life

Note: Hunter-boy had knowledge of a great flood
To reveal it would turn him to stone. He revealed it
anyway at great sacrifice to himself but to save lives

For Chev's CARPE DIEM #480

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Being Unfair to a Best Friend

                                                                                      Attribution: Jennifer Rensel
Image: Paintbrush and Colors  (here)

For 3WW with words:
Feisty  Meddlesome Stab 
For Poets United's Midweek Motif  -  Best friend

What is it of a best friend
Not all the time by your side
Though ever willing to give a helping hand
Extending empathy a shoulder to cry on

What is it of a best friend
Feisty little darling in good times
Meddlesome sometimes and an irritant
But a joy to be around with

What is it of a worst kind of best friend
Sneaking with a  Brutus’ ploy
To stab in the back
Or a Casssius’ stance
Of ever suspicious character

But one of a best friend
Who is more than all that!

Extending inspiration
Stroke by stroke in richness
Colorful in softness
Fulfillment of gaps and emptiness
An answer to writer’s block intruding
Just one waiting to be picked
Of various types and stature
Not answering back
Nor biting when angered
To be dipped and splashed freely
When required
Without nary of  objections
Ever willing
To capture my imaginations
In hues rich of color
Though often times
I was guilty of letting it alone
seething with neglect

My paint brushes
A best friend
Always by my side!

For Susan's hosting at Poets United and
For Thomg's hosting at 3WW

Of Radiance so Apparent

                                                                                           Attribution: David Prasad
Image: President Abe Memorial (here)

Allegory Persona Warmth Luminous Messiah Vitiligo
Glass Plate Door  Pernicious Epochal  Shadow

An allegory of form
Depicting a persona
Of warmth like no other
Of radiance so apparent
A luminous figure
Messiah in stature

None of vitiligo in its making
But colorless in all of its bidding
Not nebulously choked
But clear as glass

The door towards one people
Devoid of pernicious intentions
Served on a plate of opportunities
Epochal in its nature
Relevant to the American dream
Beyond a shadow of doubt

Anthony's set of 12 words to be used in a poem
at d'Verse's Poetic: Haphazard fashion

Monday, May 26, 2014

Was he in a trance?

                                                                                Author: Frank Dicksee
Image: The Famous Balcony Scene (here)

The 10 chosen wordle words are:

Fig Trance Blush Pressure Sheath 
Seep Spiral Bell Balcony Honey

A fig of his imagination
Or was he in a trance
He sported a blush
A sheepish kind of blush

No, he was not to pressure himself
Neither would it be wise
to keep himself sheathed in
Get out of your cocoon!
He whispered to himself

It might seep through though
But as long as it did not
spiral out of control
he should be safe

He had been through this before
He calmed himself
Bells might ring warnings
in his mind
The balcony separating them
was not an obstacle
He should overcome
He should try

I'm equipped with my guitar
in my heart, prepare for the serenade!
He whispered to himself
He was his confident self

Honey, your Romeo is coming up!

(Whew! courtship the old
fashioned way was still valid!)

For Mindlovemisery Menagerie Wordle #10

Sunday, May 25, 2014

Heaven’s wrath

                                                                                              Attribution: BukanDas
Image: Before the Thunderstorm (here)

Tilus a Micro Poetry comprises
a syllable count of 6-3-1

Dark and gray skies above
Hidden cause

High waves lashing the shore
Heaven’s wrath

Tires  stuck  in the mud
Life’s trouble

Big roar of the lion
Patience wears

Note: Writing to a new Poetic form of Kelvin SM called Tilus

For Chev's CARPE DIEM #11 - Little Ones

Saturday, May 24, 2014

Let's Dance! - MF

Image: Courtesy of Grandma's Goulash

Banish all inhibitions
Throw away all shyness
Let's show them a thing or two
We have our own specialty
No one else can beat us!
let's dance!

(140 characters)

Note: To write a Micro Fiction of not exceeding 140 characters based on
the given picture above and to include the word of the week  -  banish

For Succinctly Yours week #166 at Grandma's Goulash

Minutes to closing time!

                                                         Attribution: Colin Brown
Image: Aftermath of a bank robbery showing
the exploded red dye on some abandoned 
stacks of 20's (here)

Minutes to closing time
Tellers busy counting cash
Is still a long line.
Banking hall is safe place

Others clearing their tables
Storing up for the night
Suddenly a commotion - trouble!
Freeze! ... 'you move we shoot!'

They got their loot
They rushed to the exit
No one got hurt
All over within minutes!

(53 words)

Note: This is supposedly about a safe place but still it is not!

Prompt: To write in 53 words or less about a safe place
For Margaret's hosting of Mama Zen's Challenge #1 at Real Toads

Friday, May 23, 2014

A flutter of wings

                                                                 Author: curimedia
Image: Pigeons

Sunday Whirl with 14 words:
pigeons, mate, flutter, stuck, laugh, smile, face
need, meeting, north, treat, squeak, report, survey

Columbidae specie they seek
Pigeons known to mate for life
In spring and summer they peak
Breeding all year is rife

With a flutter of wings
Or stuck snugly in nests
Hidden at tops of buildings
A laugh and a smile in jest

Making faces perhaps singing
Constantly heard in the rafters
Can be imagined in their cooing
Deep in their throats of guttural purrs

To serve the ever crying need
Of fledging young squabs fighting
Clamoring for a feed
Within the dark cold ceiling

Trafalgar Square vendors
Meeting requests of tourists
With bountiful packets on offer
A  treat to delightful squeaks

Perched on heads and shoulders
Awaiting for the bird seeds
Many hungry beaks as contenders
Jostling all over for their bids

But beware and mindful of reports
Of surveys that had been done
Especially with cold winds from the north
Spread of bird flu and H1N1

Transcending across borders
Of epidemic proportions
Spread fast by air travelers
With a cure still not apparent

For Brenda’s at Sunday Whirl Wordle #162

Foreign Fields of Poppies

                                                                                      Attribution:  Dave Hitchborne
Image: Beautiful to look at  (here)

in a foreign field
the wind still invokes their names
the blood red poppies     -   JRB's

pretty to look at but such
devastation on young lives  -  Hank's

in a foreign field
the wind still invokes their names
the blood red poppies   -   JRB's

pittance for peasants but drug
barons get to keep the spoils  -   Hank's

For Chev's CARPE DIEM where one is to add to
JRB;s haiku of 5-7-5 with an additional 7-7 lines to
complete a Tan Renga

Thursday, May 22, 2014

Nero and Rome Burning

                                                     Illustration: M de Lipman
Image: Nero Playing his Lyre while Rome burns (here)

3WW with words:
massive ruins strains

Which version was the correct story
Nero motivated by an insane whim
Sent out men to set fire to the city
Massive breakout brought Rome to ruins

Nero watched amid strains from his lyre
Safe from his palace atop the Palatine Hills
He could watch the consequence  of his  ire
Nonchalantly playing with such thrills

The other version had Nero in Antium
The fire was an accident and quickly spread
He organized rescue work and rehabilitation
A hero and not gloating over the mishap

For Thomg's hosting at 3WW

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

K-Pop Sensation

                                                                             Attribution: Aaron Y - photoren
Image Rain aka Jung Ji-Hoon  (here)

Came on strong agile
lithe alluring pop icon
Sensation called Rain

Accomplished dancer
Singer songwriter  model

Encroached Hollywood
Reputedly top fifty
handsome guys last year

Note: Rain made his Hollywood debut in the Wachowski Bros'
'Speed Racer' and went on to play the lead in 'Ninja Assassins' - Wiki

For Mary's hosting at Poetry Jam - prompt Rain

Monday, May 19, 2014

The Generation Gap - MF

Image: Courtesy of Grandma's

We are not sulking
We just feel we need
to be away from grandma
for today.For no apparent
reason she was acting
strange and grouchy
at home

(140 characters)

Linda's hosting for a Micro Fiction not exceeding 140 characters
at Succinctly Yours week #165 Grandma's Goulash with word
of the week  -  grouchy

Sunday, May 18, 2014

It is not what you want!

                                                        Artist: In a New York Restaurant - Edward Hopper 1922  
Image: Courtesy of Tess' Mag #220 (here)

It is not what you want
It is what you can get!

Ok, let's set the scenario

Greenbacks oozing out of his ears
He has assets overseas
His bank accouns never seems to dry up
You are a joint account holder
You have access to his accounts
Not all but one of the lucrative ones
And he had not withdrawn the signing privileges yet
He provides in addition a regular monthly allowance
He pays for your purchases

Let's see, what else?

A Porsche in the garage for your own use
A mansion to stay in
A holiday retreat by the sea
A posh apartment in New York
all in your name!

Presents galore on birthdays,Valentine's
Or even surprises on flimsiest of excuses
Holidays overseas according to your fancies

So! what else do you want?

Ok, don't tell me
Not now!

Ok, for all that I can manage to get for you
I don't want to beat around the bush
You are through with him

But when am I getting my %
My advance payment
Being your trusted attorney!

For Tess' Magpie Tales

Saturday, May 17, 2014

The Hindenberg Disaster

                                                                                       Attribution: Gus Pasquarella
Image:  The Hindenberg engulfed in flames (here)

Sunday Whirl Wordle #161
Below, 8 out of the 10 words given:
alabaster altitude chaos disaster
force graphic people plastic 

Uneventful Trans-Atlantic crossing
Safely from Germany onto American soil
But about to descend slowly prior to landing
Lakehurst was subject to bad weather turmoil

Massive alabaster-like and airborne
At an altitude in throes of stormy weather
Force of winds in varied directions
Made landing a delicate manoeuver

Shifting of some hydrogen gas and water
Were made into specific compartments
Amid chaos but part of stabilizing measures
Effected to maintain a proper balance

But all it took a spark to court disaster
Plastic-like a graphic tragedy unleashed
Showering ignited debris of light structure
Thirty-five of people on that day perished

For Brenda's hosting at Sunday Whirl

An Italian fare special!

Image: 'Stairs' courtesy of MM  (here)

A shadorma comprises six non-rhyming lines
and a syllable pattern of  3-5-3-3-7-5.

Trudging up
Tired feet slowly
Flight of stairs
Looking for
their favorite Al Fresco
Time for a cuppa!

Bright sunshine
Yearnings for pasta
But homely
An Italian fare special
Thinking of Mama

For Bastet’s hosting  at Mindlovemisery’s
Menagerie  #8 with the above  photo prompt

Friday, May 16, 2014

Putting Trust on the Line

                                                                                                  Author: khyri
Image: Chihuahuan Raven in Flight (here)                              (CCA-SA2.0 Generic)

let the ravens come
let them smile as they pick the flesh
from the battlefield  -  Managua's

they thrive riding on conflicts
with no qualms picking the spoils  -  Hank's

let the ravens come
let them smile as they pick the flesh
from the battlefield  -  Managua's

those who enjoy dirt and scum
are the real opportunists  - Hank's

Note: To add 2 lines to Managua's haiku
resulting in a Tan Renga of  5-7-5-7-7

For Chev's CARPE DIEM  Tan Renga Challenge #35
- let the ravens come

Thursday, May 15, 2014

Feelings get offended - A Tilus

                                                                                       Attribution: Lisa Brewster
Image: Anger (here)

Tilus: A Micro Poetry
A form created by Kelvin comprising
a syllable count of  6-3-1

1. Feelings get offended
    Crying out


2. Running in circles and
    appeared lost


3.  Jilted and abandoned
     Gritted teeth


4,  Great to be successful


Gay's hosting at d'Verse: MTB  -  Tilus

Diamonds in the Sky

                                                                       Author: NASA/JPL- Caltech UCLA
Image: Glittering diamonds (here)

3WW -  absurd groan weak

How absurd to think
diamonds in the sky is just

Groan of homeless seen
but not heard the deprived had
often lost its voice

Weak heart is virtuous
Triggers off a warning no
more on the war-path

For Thomg's hosting at 3WW

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Most elegant ten-letter word

                                                                                         Attribution: BrokenSphere
Image: An Unlikely Pyramid (here)

Most elegant ten-letter word there is
Apparent but sometimes sadly missed
May be disregarded or totally ignored
Or abused by those inconsiderate lot
But those who appreciate it
Will be one to most benefit


A word commonly seen
Most admired by those who put value to it
Binds the bond of sincerity
Between two people or of many
Even naturally known sworn enemies
A Mouse Cat and a Dog
Are found to co-exist
And physically resting together
To form a pyramid
An unlikely feat
But it did!

Gabriella's hosting at Poetry Jam  -  Friendship

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Dignified in stature

                                                                                    Attribution: Yathin Krishnappa
Image: One's personality cannot be like this (here)

To stake a claim nonchalantly
Without recourse seemingly
Live a life the way one feels
To keep oneself on even keel

Rights unquestionably guaranteed
Keeps one’s welfare in good steed
Try to avoid the clutches of vultures
Waiting to impose their sordid cultures

Know when to shut one’s gap
And take pains from getting a rap
When called upon state opinions
Not be harassed by bullying minions

Dignified in stature always blessed
Maintain high esteem at its best
Accorded due respect of a being
Not forsaken but to clean living

Note:  Question: 'who are you and whom do you love'
           Answer:   I'm me, loving me!

For Marina's hosting at d"Verse where one
is to ask 'who are you and whom do you love'

Swept off my feet

                                                                                         Attribution: Martin Stranka
Image: Courtesy of Mag # 219  (here)

Was Swept off my feet
By a handsome Prince Charming
It did not come neat

On my back lying
And that was how it ended
But still off my feet

Care to make a dare
Meant to be good or bad luck?
Not standing on air!

For Tess' Magpie Tales

Monday, May 12, 2014

Wooing the lady of his dreams!

                                                                                         Attribution: Garry Knight
Image: They walked past (here)

Wooing the lady of his dreams
Certainly not a piece of cake
Started on his own for a while
But it dropped like a ton of bricks

Then he begged his sister for help
Help she did for she laughed it off
Pranks on her he now regretted
His best friend's help the next choice

Pointed out the girl of his fancy
His friend rightly then asked for time
The task he said was not that easy
The day of reckoning awaited then

He saw in the distance his friend
With the girl hand in hand at last
He could not hide his excitement
But upon reaching they walked past

For Kerry's hosting at Open Link Monday at Real Toads

girth is bursting

                                                                                             Author: Fitness FreakLA
                                                                                                                                         (CC-BY-SA - 3.0)
Image: Outdoor exercise is better

Been told many times
by his doctor no less that
he had to shed off

His girth is bursting
at the seams and dieting
is insufficient

He must sacrifice
Time is precious so is health
He must exercise

For Chev's CARPE DIEM #465  -  sacrifice

Sunday, May 11, 2014

objects of his dreams

Image: Courtesy of Sunday Whirl Wordle #160

Sunday Whirl
With words:
axe clumsy dreams glass land listen
name rub settle shattering sky vanish

an axe to grind
but clumsy in his dealings
had hoped to find
objects of his dreams

with glasses  in his hands
and an uncanny talent
a job he could land
if they could just listen

he could name names
with whom he rubbed  shoulders
to settle in and rise to fame
to the consternation of others

Worked with shattering speed
To gain a foothold
The sky is the limit
To garner aspirations for his soul

Had worked with such relish
Lest all should unwittingly vanish

For Brenda's Sunday Whirl

Saturday, May 10, 2014

The Rodovia dos Imigrantes

                                                                                      Image by Loggan 11
Image: The Highway (here)

The Rodovia dos Imigrantes (Immigrant’s Highway) inaugurated
in 1974 is an engineering feat. The highway connects the city of
São Paulo to the Atlantic coast It was built above the lush tropical
forests. For just a short stretch of 58.5 km it has 44 viaducts,
7 ‘high strutting’ bridges and 11, some extremely long tunnels

A shadorma comprises six non-rhyming lines
and a syllable pattern of  3-5-3-3-7-5.

3              Brazilian
5              Immigrant's highway
3              Snakes along
3              lush forests
7              Connects Sao Paulo to sea
5              Engineering feat

Note: A shadorma but with a different
photo from the one provided

For Bastet's shadorma photo prompt at
Mindlovemisery Menagerie

Friday, May 9, 2014

burnt a hole in his pockets

                                                                                                    Author:  Herbert T
Image: What are we waiting for...let's party! (here)

3WW -  burn hue moral

The Boy who burnt a hole in his pockets
Sat wondering on what exactly happened
With faraway looks eyes watery in its sockets
Assuming the ocean’s waves comprehend

Likened to his cat’s tongue lapping incessantly
Hues of leisure and pleasure with friends
Who faithfully helped themselves to his money
Leaving him all by himself to lament

The Boy who burnt his fingers
Trying out new things that such friends bought
Despite advice against from his elders
Conscience contending his mind to wrought

The Boy who burnt his bridges
From old relationships not worth a dime
Moral now being careful in accepting feelers
From those kinds who pose as friends

For THomg's hosting at 3WW

Thursday, May 8, 2014

The IWSG to the Fore!

Image: Courtesy of Alex's (here)

What insecurity plagues you today? How can we help? A  burning question from Alex!

First off, it’s most noble of Alex and team to venture out to help the insecure many in blogosphere.  Hank for one is most happy to participate. Came in late into IWSG but looking into what is on offer it is most opportune and educational. Not schooled in the rudiments of Poetry and creative writing for  Hank IWSG is a whiff of freshness. Hank would like to delve into some aspects of Poetry writing which had been playing in his mind.

1. Colloquial Terminology
Hank is wondering on acceptable word craft.  Usage of words ought to have some semblance of respectability and propriety. It should reflect some formal use and sounds proper to the ear. Some words might be construed as appropriate to use and others should be avoided.  Hank had used the phrase ‘ night of boozing’  which could be written alternatively as ‘night of drinking’ or ‘night of heavy drinking’ if emphasis was needed.  Or sometimes even the simple ‘ok’ as an expression .

Is it therefore acceptable under normal circumstances to use ‘boozing’, ‘ok’ and a few others?  Somehow  a colloquial expression  appears out of sync

2. Writing In  Lighter Vein
Pat Hatt who writes It's Rhyme Time gets away with it. Writing in a fun way and whimsical in nature one looks forward to Pat’s awesome humor.  Not many can do it with such finesse and Hank looks forward to Pat’s blog everyday!  It is not Pat if ‘rhyming ass’ is not mentioned at the bottom of his posting. It’s Pat’s trade mark! But in some writings (not Pat’s) the ‘f’ word is used
Wonder if it is appropriate and acceptable

3. Meter and Emphasis in Sonnet Writing
Recently Tony invited us at d’Verse to write on sonnets and he provided 3 variations of sonnet forms. After reading through some of the postings one realizes the meter count and the ‘ta Dum’ flow counts a lot in making it smooth reading. It’s somewhat technical  and confusing to the unaccustomed. Is there a YouTube video on this?

Submitted for Alex's IWSG

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Unsteady movements

                                                                          Attribution: US National Archives
Image: The Resident Cat having its fill (here)

Unsteady movements
Awareness slowly lost in
time and directions

Slurred sounds mouth dribbling
as saliva and speech mixed
A torture to speak

Night of boozing, stoned 
struggling to go home, wisdom
too late in coming

Celestine is hosting at CARPE DIEM with prompt - stone

Longing for her beau

                                                                                            Attribution: Alicia Harvey
Image: Glassy Blue Eyes (here)

Mirrored through glassy
eyes blinking incessantly
Longing for her beau

Ordinary day
There was no indication
What prompted the tiff?

He is now long gone
She, lost and wondering, can
she turn the clock back?

For Chev's CARPE DIEM Ghost Writer Week 2

Monday, May 5, 2014

Bane of Players

                                                                    Author: Unknown, 1908
Image:: A Soccer Player

The 10 out of 12 given words:
 Seal Erratic Reserve Sprain Chimerical
Anguish  Lonely Tower  Chill Abate

It had been noticed lately
Erratic play dogged him
It sealed his fate

Warmed the bench
Chimerical in his contention
of being a talented player
but the anguish of a reserve
got on to him

A sprain of his ankle
Was the excuse given
Fodder for his fans
Though he thought it was minor

He cut a lonely figure now
He saw himself towering over the rest
But it was not to be
A chill ran down his spine unabated
He could only lament

For mindlovemisery's Wordle #6 and Kerry's hosting
Real Toads's Open Link Monday

Sunday, May 4, 2014

Arise blackbird!

                                                                               Artist: Salvador Dali 1960
Image: Chair with Wings

Sunday Whirl Wordle #159
with words:
arise blackbird wings eyes dead broken 
free life light see night moment  

Arise blackbird!
Your wings spanning across
Eyes dead-set staring ahead
Broken only by the glints of light
So apparent in the morning sun
You are free of life’s shackles
But movements denied

Arise blackbird!
Detach yourself from the chair
Ensnared through no fault of your own
See for yourself
A night of reckoning
Precedes the freedom
of the morning after

Arise blackbird!
The moment of truth
To enhance your being
Untie your inhibitions
Decide on your destiny
Double your efforts
Man of the hour!

For Tess' Magpie Tales #218 and
Brenda's Sunday Whirl #159

Saturday, May 3, 2014

Lights of the Nights

                                                                                          Attribution: Nevit Dilman
Image A Lone Firefly (here)

All lighted up but
it looks so ordinary
when so viewed alone

Light below the tail
Illuminating heavens
above, heavenly

Flickers in dark of
nights a spectacle often
yearned but rarely seen

For Chev's CARPE DIEM Special #90 -  glow worms